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Weight Loss Log for Men - Vertex42.com

Start Weight: Start Weight: Start Date: Start Date: Goal: Goal: Weight Exe Cal Weight Exe Cal Su ChestSu M WaistM Tu ThighTu W ArmW Th DateTh FF Sa Sa Su ChestSu M ...


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Start Weight:Start Weight:Start Date:Start Date:Goal:Goal:WeightExeCalWeightExeCalS uChestSuChestMWaistMWaistTuThighTuThighW ArmWArmThDateThDateFFSaSaSuChestSuChestM WaistMWaistTuThighTuThighWArmWArmThDateT hDateFFSaSaSuChestSuChestMWaistMWaistTuT highTuThighWArmWArmThDateThDateFFSaSaSuC hestSuChestMWaistMWaistTuThighTuThighWAr mWArmThDateThDateFFSaSaSuChestSuChestMWa istMWaistTuThighTuThighWArmWArmThDateThD ateFFSa[42]Sa*Measure once a week, on the same day each 5Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 4DayWeek 5Weight Loss LogWeek 3Weight Loss LogWeek 1Week 2Measure*DayMeasure* 2009 Vertex42 LLC

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