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Ultem - San Diego Plastics Inc.

UL TEM ® ULTEM® (polyetherimide) ULTEM® is an amor- phous thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) material which com-bines exceptional mechanical, thermal, …


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ULTEM ULTEM (polyetherimide)ULTEM is an amor-phous thermoplasticpolyetherimide (PEI)material which com-bines exceptionalmechanical, thermal,and electrical proper-ties. Natural ULTEM 1000 (unreinforced) isa translucent ambermaterial. The additionof glass fiber reinforce-ment to the basicULTEM , coupled withEnsinger s proprietaryextrusion techniques,provides the ULTEM with both greater ten-sile strength and rigiditywhile at the same timeimproving has many applications in medical, electronic/electrical, microwave,automotive, and aircraft industries. Excellent mechanical strengthULTEM exhibits high tensile strength at room temperature and retains a significant portion of this strength at elevated temperatures. Glass fibers further increase high-temperature strength. Outstanding heat resistanceULTEM retains its physical properties at elevated temperatures. Exceptional resistance to environmental forcesEnvironmental characteristics of ULTEM include it s stress resistance Inherent flame resistance with low smoke evolution High mechanical strength High dielectric strength and stabilityThe high dielectric strength and constant values of ULTEM make it an excellent electrical insulator UL 94 V-O Low dissipation factor over a wide range of frequencies Excellent machinability and finishing characteristicsULTEM can be easily machined with conventional metalworking tools, painted, hot stamped, printed, or metallized. Resin used in natural grade are FDA, USP Class VI and NSF compliantTYPICAL PROPERTY VALUESSpecific GravityWater Absorption, @24 hours, 73 F (23C)@Equilibrium, 73 F (23C)D792D570-%Tensile Strength, Break, 73 FTensile Modulus, 73 FElongation, Break, 73 FElongation, Yield, 73 FFlexural Strength, 73 FFlexural Modulus, 73 FIzod Impact Strength, Notched, 73 FRockwell HardnessCompressive StrengthCompressive ModulusShear Strength, UltimateD638D638D638D638D790D790D256D785 D695D695- psipsi%%psipsift-lbs/in M ScalepsipsipsiDeflection Temperature @ 66 psi, 1/4 @264 psi, 1/4 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, FlowVicat Softening PointThermal ConductivityFlammabilityD648--D696D1525D 2214UL94 F F Fin/in- F FBTU-in/hr-ft2- F-Dielectric Strength,In OilIn AirDielectric Constant,1kHz, 50% RHDissipation Factor1kHz, 50% RH, 73 F (23 C)Volume Resistivity, 1/16 D149-D150-D150-D257 ,200430,000407-822,000480,0001. 010921,900480,00015, x 10-54261. x 1017ULTEM * ,600650,0006528,000650,0001. 111422, ,00013, x x 1017ULTEM **10% 1020,1001,000,0003N/A30,000900,0001. 611428,700809,00013, x 10-5-1, x 1016ULTEM **20% ,500900,0003N/A25,000750,0001. 111030,700938,00014, x x 1016ULTEM *30% GlassReinforcedThis information is only to assist and advise you on current technical knowledge and is given without obligation or liability. All trade and patent rights should be observed. All rights reserved. Data obtained from extruded shapes material. ULTEM Sabic Innovative. *Extruded. **Injection AVAILABILITYRods:Diameters: 3/16 to 6 Length3/16 to 4-3/4 10 5 to 6 5 (only natural material)Primary Specification (Resin) (Typical)Ultem UnreinforcedASTM-D-5205 PEI0113Ultem 20% Glass ReinforcedASTM-D-5205 PEI0110G20 A99269 159MPa, 7586MPa, 208CUltem 30% Glass ReinforcedASTM-D-5205 PEI0110G30 A96299 159MPa, 224MPa, 208CPlates:1/4 to 4 thickness inclusive are 2 x 4 DISTRIBUTED BYHEADQUARTERS365 Meadowlands BoulevardWashington, Pennsylvania 15301Telephone:800-243-3221 Sales800-869-4029 TechnicalFax:724-746-9209e-mail: tubes, and special sizes are custom-produced on ISO9001:2000CERTIFIED ENSINGER WASHINGTON PA

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