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The Flo-Lab Experience

PARKS FLO-LABpowered by Sonova Tops in Testing Capabilities Parks Flo-Lab is the noninvasive vascular system that provides exactly what you need for optimum patient care and efficient


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PARKS FLO-LABpowered by SonovaTops in Testing CapabilitiesParks Flo-Lab is the noninvasive vascular system that providesexactly what you need for optimum patient care and efficientoperation. The Flo-Lab outpaces the competition where it matters Doppler sensitivity, product reliability, and systems are engineered for the best performance possi-ble, using Doppler technology we invented over forty years agoand have continuously improved. Flo-Lab performs a full rangeof lower arterial, upper arterial, and venous studies, providingcomplete vascular diagnostic services for your Studies in Less TimeParks customers know that the choice of a vascular systemshould be based on the most difficult patients where theFlo-Lab s unmatched sensitivity results in better Flo-Lab feature is designed to help you perform fasterstudies on all of your patients, even those with severe ll immediately appreciate the combination of the ParksDoppler the most accurate in the world and the most flex-ible, user-friendly interface of any vascular to UseThe Parks Windows-based Sonova software is a quantum leapbeyond any other vascular diagnostic software. Engineered forthe real world, it streamlines every step of testing and givesyou instant access to all your patient is the most intuitive, easy-to-use software for vasculartesting. Even if you have no computer experience, you canstart doing patient studies with Sonova right away. All Sonovafunctions can be performed using the mouse, keyboard, wire-less remote, or optional touchscreen the right vascular system for today s demanding environment is a Parks, we ve always listened to what our customers say and have kept your wishlist at the top of our to-do list. The result is the Flo-Lab 2100-SX a system thathelps you perform your job faster, easier, and with greater satisfaction, and thatenables you to provide better diagnosis and care for your technology, engineering, and ease of use combine to make Parks Flo-Labthe best performing vascular system available. Add Parks service and sales support tops in the industry and you ll see why the Flo-Lab experience has kept us #1 forforty when you re looking for a vascular system, look to the leader in performance,usability, reliability, and service. After a demo in your lab, you ll agree with Parks customers worldwide the Flo-Lab is what a vascular system should Flo-Lab Experience888-503-1177PARKS FLO-LABpowered by SonovaFlexible and Configurable for the Way You WorkThough the Flo-Lab is by far the easiest vascular system touse, it s not a one-size-fits-all system with a limited set of standard protocols. The Flo-Lab and Sonova give you full control over advanced capabilities that will save you hours inthe long run. Custom protocols and examination reportsbenefit your patients with fast, accurate diagnosis, and meanyou ll spend less time performing exams and preparing Data Access and NetworkingNetworking and data integration are the future of hospital andlaboratory information technology and the Flo-Lab is poisedto fit perfectly into this environment. Through the power ofSonova software, the Flo-Lab provides complete networkingcapabilities for any clinical environment, from the small lab to themulti-facility hospital system. The flexibility of the Flo-Lab goesfar beyond the examination Flo-Lab can be connected for workstation or full networkaccess, and Sonova supports all major data standards for infor-mation exchange. With capabilities for DICOM, HL7, and XML,as well as all popular image formats, the Flo-Lab is a team playerin any network for the Long RunThe system you choose is only as good as the company thatstands behind it. Parks Doppler sensitivity and diagnostic performance made us a leader in the business; our reputationfor customer support and service is why we ve stayed , trouble-free service is your number one requirement, and it s our top The Flo-Lab YourselfMaking an informed buying decision depends on using theinstrument which is why we encourage you to actually use theFlo-Lab first. It s the only way to really understand how easythe Flo-Lab is to learn and operate. So go ahead and try thecompetition then call us to experience the Flo-Lab on the Parks Flo-Lab to give the best performance possibleon all diagnostic vascular examinations. With the Flo-Lab, you cando the following studies for the widest variety of vascular LowerDopplerSegmental PressuresVolume Pulse Recording (PVR) Exercise/Reactive HyperemiaLower DigitsPenilePulsesArterial UpperDopplerSegmental PressuresVolume Pulse Recording (PVR)Exercise/Reactive HyperemiaUpper DigitsAllen TestRaynaud s Test Cold Sensitivity(with Infrared Thermometer)Thoracic OutletPulsesVenous Doppler LegsDoppler ArmsVenous RefluxLimb Measure888-503-1177For over nineteen years, Parks has set the standard for vasculartesting software. Sonova, the program that runs our currentgeneration of Flo-Labs, continues that leadership. Sonova repre-sents a natural evolution in the development of vascular soft-ware, but its features and capabilities are anything but for the Real WorldSonova has been designed from the ground up with the vascular technologist in mind, bringing a host of changes andnew capabilities that make your job easier. Major advances areapparent immediately when you see Sonova, from the intuitiveuser interface to customizable test sequences to graphicalpatient and compliance it s the dozens of subtle features that really make the difference in getting your job done. You ll truly appreciate the small touches that have gone into Sonova when you usethe program day to Studies, Done Your WaySonova s Custom Sequence feature brings a new level of customization and efficiency to your vascular testing. It letsyou define exactly the order of data acquisition, with thepower to jump between different tests. Any sequence can bebuilt with a fast, one-time setup, then called up to use at anytime. Each technologist using the system can have a stored setof test sequences, or standardized tests for your lab can bedeveloped to ensure consistent testing from day to Parks DopplerPerformance at Your FingertipsSonova provides more than top-leveldiagnostic performance. Ergonomicengineering, intuitive software, unclut-tered test screens, and convenient usercontrols all contribute to making theFlo-Lab the easiest-to-use system avail-able. When you combine ease of usewith Parks premium performance, thechoice is simple: the Flo-Lab is themost useful, most efficient system youcan VascularDiagnostic SoftwareExam typePatient name(searchable for pre-vious studies)User-definablecustom fieldsSonographer s notes(spell-checked Notesfields are availablethroughout Sonova)Hospital orPractice logoUser-defined history categoriesUser-definedimpressions libraryfor each readingphysicianUser-defined custompage footer fordiagnostic criteria orhospital/practiceinformationPrimary indicationincludes appropriateICD-9 codePatient medicalrecord numberICAVL or ACRlogos available foraccredited labsUser-definedpatient historyfieldsMedical staffDate/time stampPhysician s signatureline automaticallyinsertedPatient name, ID,and date/time fieldsare searchableShown here are many of the useful itemsyou ll find in a Sonova addition to a clear and concise repre-sentation of patient study results, Sonovaprovides all patient, exam, and lab datarequired for vascular lab Reports888-503-1177Networking & Data ExchangeThrough the power of Sonova software, the Flo-Lab providescomplete networking capabilities for clinical environmenst fromthe small lab to the multi-facility hospital system. The Flo-Labcan be connected into various network configurations, andSonova supports all major data standards for Sonova makes sharing data easy, it also supports criticalpatient privacy requirements by incorporating HIPAA-compliantprotocols for accessing patient Workstation ConfigurationThe Flo-Lab supports workstation access for remote dataentry, reporting, or printing. Workstation access means thatanother computer connected to the Flo-Lab (either directlyor through a network) can exchange information with the system. Essentially, the Flo-Lab operates as a server, withaccess to its data available both at the Flo-Lab console or InteroperabilityThe growth of information technology in clinical environmentshas greatly increased the requirements for exchanging datathroughout the organization. Diagnostic and treatment systemsneed to share all types of clinical data with administrativedepartments, primary care doctors, specialists, and Sonova s optional networking capabilities, single or multipleFlo-Labs can be connected to a server for printing, file storage,and retrieval. Any computer on the Sonova network can be usedto enter patient demographic data or access previous patientexam reports. This organization-wide coordination of datastreamlines staff workflow and improves the continuum of StandardsDICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) isthe most common standard for hospital scans, and the capabilityfor DICOM data exchange is an important feature for any diagnostic instrument. As an option, Sonova can export data inthe DICOM file format for compatibility with existing patientcare databases, meaning that vascular diagnostic data can beintegrated into your patient electronic medical , or Health Level Seven, is an international standard forexchanging and managing clinical patient care data. It definesprotocols for exchanging clinical data among diverse healthcareinformation systems, allowing organizations to transfer databetween disparate sources and create integrated informationmanagement is available with optional HL7 and XML export capabili-ties, allowing the Flo-Lab to provide reports that are readable byany other system that supports these industry can also export report data in many other formats,including the following: PDF BMP JPEG Paradox (native) Dbase CVS DIF ASCII (tab delimited) Microsoft Excel Text Rich Text Format (RTF) Microsoft Word HTML ServerWorkstation888-503-1177Customer ServiceChoosing the right company is just as important as choosing theright vascular system. In a field that s seen numerous companiescome and go leaving behind customers with expensive or nonexistent service and support Parks has been a leader forover 40 years. Over time we've earned a reputation for cus-tomer support and service that s or not your Flo-Lab is in warranty, the Parks cus-tomer support team is there to help make sure you candepend on it for years of service, with a minimum of down-time and hassle. Telephone technical support is provided freeof charge for as long as you own the Opportunities Parks training ensures that you ll get the maximum return onyour purchase. Your Flo-Lab experience starts with on-siteinstallation and in-service training tailored to meet the needsof your laboratory staff. On request, your Parks representativewill provide an additional service orientation to your each Flo-Lab, Parks establishes a $1,000 CME trainingaccount and provides a CME approved textbook. Your trainingaccount may be used by physicians and/or sonographers foryour choice of advanced education in vascular can choose from among several options: on-site education,Internet-based training, off-site education, or Service and SupportThe Flo-Lab can pay for itself in a short time by allowing youto perform and bill for many vascular diagnostic tests in yourown lab or clinic. Using the Flo-Lab rather than your higher-cost imaging system not only improves your profitability, butproduces better vascular the table below to estimate the amount of time (in months) required to pay off your Flo-Lab investment.*Assumes 20 days per on the expected usage of your system and reimburse-ment amounts for the exams you perform, you can calculatethe payoff time for your Flo-Lab purchase using the simple formula below:Cost of Flo-LabExams/day X 20 days/month X $/examYou ll find the Flo-Lab to be an excellent investment not onlyfor your patients health but for your bottom our Website at click the CPTReimbursement Calculator link to create an interactive reporton payments for diagnostic procedures in your on InvestmentCharge Studies per Day per Exam1234MONTHS TOPAYOFF*$75201075$10015854$12512643$150 10533888-503-1177Physical and Electrical Data Height: 55 inches Width: inches Depth: 30 inches ISO 500 D power supply: 120 V AC, 60 HzCertificationsInternational Standards: EN 60601-1-1, EN 60601-1-2,EN 55011 Class BCSA: Class 1 equipment; complies with UL Std. Medical is an ISO-13485 certified ModalitiesDoppler Pencil probes High frequency 8 MHz continuous wave (CW) directional (nominal) Low frequency 4 MHz CW directional (nominal)Pneumoplethysmography Volume Pulse Recording (PVR) Bilateral pneumoplethysmography (volume pulse recording) Modes: AC coupled (arterial mode pulsations only) DC coupled (venous mode gross volume changes) Calibration: PVR user selectable calibrated pulse PPG Bilateral photoplethysmography sensors Modes: AC coupled (arterial mode pulsations only) DC coupled (venous mode gross volume changes)Handheld Precision Infrared Thermometer (optional) Response Time: approx. sec Repeatability: degree FCuff Inflator Two speed inflator: user programmable Auto or manual deflation: user programmable Linear cuff deflation: user programmable User selectable inflate channel a, b, c, or a & b BP memory: 20 positions with auto ABI calculation Maximum pressure: 300 mmHgChart Recorder Type:Thermal-array Paper: White, unprinted thermal paper One- or two-channel: user programmable Front panel controls: 5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, and stop Zero/cal2100-SX Software Microsoft Windows XP Sonova Vascular Diagnostic Software2100-SX Computer HardwareThe Flo-Lab incorporates a non-dedicated, full functionIBM compatible Pentium class computer. This makes computer service and upgrading simple and part of our commitment to leading edge performance,Parks continually evaluates and selects computers fromthe computer industry leaders for use with the your Parks representative to list the computer specifications shipping with Flo-Labs are subject to change as we continually improve the Flo-Lab. For a complete list of current specifications,contact your Parks sales representative or visit our Website at optional handheld IR thermometerperforms cold sensitivity testing forRaynaud s Thermometer888-503-1177Parks Medical: A History of InnovationParks Medical Electronics, Inc. is the world s most experiencedmanufacturer of Doppler ultrasound systems. Established in1961 as Parks Electronics Laboratory, the company was foundedby Loren Parks to manufacture plethysmographs of his owndesign a design that remains unsurpassed for performance andis still imitated by competitors world-wide. The Parks productline included impedance plethysmographs, mercury strain gageplethysmographs, hearing testers, EKG telephone telemetry, andexercise EKG telemetry in the years before 1965, Parks had introduced its first Doppler, and within afew years invented and was manufacturing the first directionalDoppler. In the forty years since these developments, Parkshas continued to be the top innovator in the industry, intro-ducing more than thirty different Doppler devices and consis-tently manufacturing the most sensitive directional the introduction of the Flo-Lab system in 1985, Parksbrought to market the first fully integrated vascular diagnosticinstrument for hospitals and laboratories. Now in its sixthgeneration, the Flo-Lab combines the unmatched sensitivity of Parks Dopplers with continuous technological improve-ments for greater ease of use, faster studies, and better diagnostic , the Parks reputation is built on dependability as well as innovation. Our customers know us for designing andmanufacturing instruments of exceptionally good performanceand reliability, as well as our outstanding customer Right Choice for Your Vascular LabParks customers know that the choice of a vascular systemshould be based on the most difficult patients where the Flo-Lab s unmatched sensitivity results in better diagnosis in lesstime. An informed buying decision depends on using theinstrument which is why we encourage you to actually usethe Flo-Lab when we demonstrate it in your lab. It s the onlyway to really appreciate how easy the Flo-Lab is to learn the Flo-Lab, you ll experience: hassle-free operation higher quality exams studies in less time years of trouble-free s ease of use and advanced capabilities will save youhours in the long run making the Flo-Lab not just a betterinstrument, but a better schedule a demo in your lab, call888-503-1177Behind the Parks Advantage

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