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STEP 1: Activate the Emergency Alert System (EAS)

Aug 19, 2002 · 16 STEP 2: Send an “EDIS FLASH” Message via CLETS The Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS) provides local, …


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Text of STEP 1: Activate the Emergency Alert System (EAS)

15This section outlines the key steps that law enforcement agencies should incorporate into theirlocal AMBER Alert Plans. (These steps are also listed in the accompanying AMBER AlertActivation Guide which is designed as a quick reference in emergency situations.)STEP 1: Activate the Emergency Alert System (EAS)Once it is confirmed that all AMBER Alert criteria have been met, and there is no extenuatinginvestigative need that dictates otherwise, activation of the EAS is required. To initiate a multi-regional or statewide EAS alert, contact the California Highway Patrol(CHP), Emergency Notification and Tactical Alert Center (ENTAC), at (916) 657-8287. To initiate a more localized, regional EAS alert, contact your pre-designated local primaryradio station (LP-1) in accordance with your agency s regional EAS Plan. ENTAC is available toassist in regional alerts, if needed. Provide available summary information for the EAS message, including the name, age, sex,physical description and clothing of the victim and suspect, vehicle description, possibledirection of travel, and location and time last seen. Also include the agency s name andtelephone number for the public to call with is an example of an EAS alert message:THE RIVER CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT IS INITIATING A CHILD ABDUCTION YR OLD JAMIE SMITH, WHITE FEMALE, BLOND HAIR, BLUE EYES, 4' TALL,WEIGHING 85 POUNDS, WAS LAST SEEN WEARING A RED TOP AND BLACK IS A WHITE MALE, APPROXIMATELY 25-35 YEARS OLD, BROWN HAIRWITH A SHORT BEARD AND MUSTACHE. HE IS DRIVING A SILVER SUV, LAST SEENHEADING NORTH TOWARDS INTERSTATE 80 FROM THE ARCADE AREA. IF YOUHAVE ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THIS ABDUCTION, PLEASE CALL THE RIVERCITY POLICE DEPARTMENT AT (916) 555-3456 Note: The EAS is intended to be used only in time-critical circumstances in whichlocal television and radio programming should be pre-empted by the emergency should use proper discretion when deciding to activate the EAS in response to achild An AMBER Alert16STEP 2: Send an EDIS FLASH Message via CLETSThe Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS) provides local, state, and federal lawenforcement agencies with a direct computer link to media outlets and the public law enforcement agencies can route text messages to EDIS via CLETS. The followingare instructions for sending an EDIS text message intended for immediate broadcast. Send a Be-On-the-Look-Out (BOLO) Administrative Message via CLETS to all lawenforcement agencies statewide using the Users Group Code 4500. The text must start withthe words EDIS FLASH . The subject should contain the words CHILD ABDUCTIONALERT and city of occurrence. Include the following information in the message, if available: Name, age, sex and physical description of the victim Description of clothing Location and time last seen Description of possible suspect(s) Last known direction of travel and possible destination Investigating law enforcement agency name and telephonenumber for the public to call with information Name and telephone number of the agency contact personfor the mediaThis broadcast will be distributed to California criminal justice agencies in the AMBER Alertbroadcast code, the Nevada Highway Patrol, Oregon State Police and the OES. The mediastatewide also will receive this message and decide whether or not to air the alert. (Guidelinesfor such decisions can be pre-established in each agency s AMBER Alert Plan.)Following is an example of an EDIS FLASH message:E 001 4500EDIS FLASHSUBJECT: CHILD ABDUCTION ALERT (RIVER CITY)REQUEST MEDIA BROADCASTS IMMEDIATELYTHE RIVER CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT IS INITIATING A CHILD ABDUCTION ALERT. WEARE REQUESTING THE PUBLIC S ASSISTANCE IN LOCATING A 9 YR OLD WHITE NAME IS JAMIE SMITH. SHE HAS BLOND HAIR, BLUE EYES, IS 4' TALL AND WEIGHS85 POUNDS. SHE WAS LAST SEEN WEARING A RED TOP AND BLACK PANTS. POLICEBELIEVE SHE WAS ABDUCTED BY A WHITE MALE, APPROXIMATELY 25-35 YEARS OLD,BROWN HAIR WITH A SHORT BEARD AND MUSTACHE. HE IS DRIVING A SILVER SUV,LAST SEEN HEADING NORTH TOWARDS INTERSTATE 80 FROM THE ARCADE YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL (916) 555-6543 DETECTIVE STEVE HILL, RIVER CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT AT (916) 555-3456FOR FURTHER Notes:If EAS has been activated in response to an AMBER Alert, an EDIS FLASH message should alsobe sent. EDIS provides the media with printed text, unlike EAS, which transmits only audiomessages that may require text following the words EDIS FLASH will be relayed to the media and the public exactlyas it was entered. Also, these words should not be preceded with multiple spaces, a quotationmark, asterisk, or other not include in the message any confidentialinformation intended for law enforcement use testing and training purposes, the words EDIS TEST should be used instead of EDISFLASH to avoid triggering various automatic-alerting systems. Also, include a statement suchas THIS IS ONLY A TEST in the body to ensure that the message is not misinterpreted as anactual AMBER addition to the steps outlined in this Manual, law enforcement agencies should continue totransmit a BOLO Administrative Message via CLETS in the prescribed format to initiate animmediate regional law enforcement response to reported missing person cases, in accordancewith Penal Code section 14205(a).STEP 3: Create a Child Abduction Poster on the InternetAs soon as photos or sketches of the victim, suspect and/or vehicle are available, create aposter on the EDIS Web Site for direct access by the media and the enter data on a poster: Access the EDIS Web Site at: SelectPost Image (Victim, Suspect or Vehicle), as appropriate. Enter your agency s pre-assigned EDIS User ID and password. Enter all available information in theappropriate data fields on the templateprovided. (Remember that thisinformation will be read by the media andthe public; use plain language and avoidlaw enforcement abbreviations, codes,etc).Do not enter any confidentialinformation intended for lawenforcement use import an image to a poster: Click Browse located on the Post Imagescreen. This will display a pop-up dialog18Name: Nicole Timmons Age: 10 Abducted from: City of Riverside Last seen: 8/19/02, 9:00 PM White Female - Height: 4'6", Weight: , Hair: Brown, Eyes: Hazel Clothing: Light Blue Powerpuff t-shirt, yellow shorts, flip flops. DOB: 10/15/91 Reported to: Riverside Police Dept. Case: Other information:She was discovered missing from her bedroom under suspicious circumstances. Missing from 5669 Durango Street, in the City of Riverside. Suspect is Glen Park, white male, date of birth 03/03/34, 6'2", red and grey hair, blue eyes. Associated vehicle is blue and white 1982 Dodge Pickup truck, license 6L02265, with grey primer and a dent near the driver's side mirror. Persons with information please contact:Riverside Police Dept. - 909-961-3229 Reported to: Riverside Police Dept. 8/20/02, 7:25 AMPosted Tue Aug 20 14:10:00 2002 by Office of Emergency Services (satcom)The Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS) is a service of theGovernor's Office of Emergency Services, Dallas Jones, help locate thisAbducted Childbox listing various files in your computer from which you may import an image. Double-clickon the file containing the image to be imported. The file name will be shown in the ImageFile to Post data field. (Note: Images must be in JPEG or GIF format and may not exceed250 KB.) The image will be uploaded automatically when you submit the template form. Click Post Image located at the bottom of the screen. A draft of the poster containing theimage and information will be displayed. Carefully review the poster for accuracy. Click OK, if the information is accurate (or press Cancel to correct any information).The poster has been added to the EDIS Web Site. This willgenerate EDIS and CLETS messages notifying law enforcementand the media that the poster is available. The poster will alsobe accessible to the public at your agency does not have an EDIS user account or isotherwise unable to create a poster on the EDIS Web Site, youmay e-mail your image(s) and data to CHP s ENTAC This process should be coordinated withENTAC at (916) FlyersTRAK (Technology to Recover Abducted Kids) is a proprietary image-based system used todisseminate flyers on missing persons cases, similar to fax. TRAK is currently available inCalifornia to over 350 city, county, state and federal agencies, plus certain media outlets andairports. Even if your agency has created the poster on the EDIS Web Site, it is still advisable tocreate a TRAK flyer for statewide dissemination. For agencies without TRAK equipment, theCHP s ENTAC is available to provideassistance in creating and distributingTRAK flyers on missing or abductedchildren. For assistance, call ENTAC at(916) 4: Initiate Alert Updates/Cancellations, as appropriateAny updates or cancellation of an AMBER Alert should be sent to all affected agencies on atimely basis. Transmit the appropriate information via CLETS in the form of an EDIS FLASH,using the same format as in Step 2. Original EDIS messages cannot be modified once they aretransmitted; therefore, any corrections or updates to the messages require a new include new images or information on a poster stored on the EDIS Web Site, repeat Step 3to create a new poster; posters stored on the Web Site cannot be modified. Law enforcementand the media automatically will be notified when new posters are created. Posters will beretained on the EDIS Web Site for up to four weeks, as specified by the user during the postercreation enforcement and the media should handle updates or cancellations with the same priorityas the initial alert. For assistance in canceling an AMBER Alert, agencies should call the CHP sENTAC at (916) AlertCalifornia's AMBER AlertActivation Steps for Law EnforcementConductpreliminary investigation and determine if situation meets AMBER Alert of possible child under agency's normal "missing persons" Emergency Alert System (EAS) Regional Activation:Contact Local Primary (LP-1) Radio StationMulti-regional, Statewide Activation: Contact the CHPENTAC (916) 657-8287Radio and television stations interrupt normal programmingto broadcast EDIS FLASH Message via CLETS to user group code "4500"Create Child Abduction Poster on the Internetat the EDIS Web site: (User ID/password required)1234EDIS Text Message:- Transmitted to California law enforcement agencies, Nevada Highway Patrol, and Oregon State Police- Automatically relayed to media outlets and others that have subscribed to EDIS message forwarding services- Posted on EDIS Web site at (available to the public)Update / Cancel Alert as Appropriate- Send updated information or cancellations as EDIS FLASH Messages via CLETS (repeat step 2)- Send updated information / images to the EDIS Web site as a new poster (repeat step 3)EDISMessageEAS Bulletin20

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