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City of Bellevue Submittal Requirements 1 The Bellevue standards for plans and drawings are necessary for clarity, for readability, and for permanent


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City of Bellevue Submittal Requirements1The Bellevue standards for plans and drawings are necessary for clarity, for readability, and for permanentstorage. Please follow these standards as you prepare your FOR PLANS AND DRAWINGSSets of Plans -- Submit the sheets un-stapled and grouped with the like sheets together; , architectural, civil, etc. Permit Processing will assemble the plan sets for Plans -- Several plans can be combined. If you have any questions about combiningplans, contact the appropriate permitting authority in the Permit Center ( , Building, DevelopmentServices, Transportation).Type of Paper for Plans -- Relatively heavy, blueprint quality, standard drafting paper or copybond. Tissue paper, graph paper, posterboard, cardboard, and similar materials cannot be Size -- For most plans, select one of the following sizes: 18 x 24 , 24 x 36 , or 30 x 42 .For short plats and boundary line adjustments, 18 x 24 . For final plats, 18 x 22 . For signpermit drawings, 8 1/2 x 11 or 8 1/2 x 14 is preferred. For single-family nonsensitive clearingand grading, 11 x 17 (refer to sheet #20). For small building projects, 11 X 17 will be acceptedas long as the detail is sufficient and readable. Be consistent; don t mix sizes of drawings(exception:maps for recording). Do not attach information with clips, tape, or Block -- Put title information on all sheets except the cover the following: project name, drawing title, sheet number and revision column, projectaddress, and name, address and phone number of the Quality -- The drawing should be easy to read, with all lines and letters dark enough toprovide good contrast with the paper. Brownline prints, pencil drawings (including corrections oralterations), and microfilm copies of plans cannot be -- Be consistent and indicate your scale using a bar symbol ( for plan reproduction integrity).All site drawings are to be in a scale of 1 = 10 , 1 = 20 , or 1 = 30 . Plats, short plats andboundary line adjustments may be drawn at a smaller scale, such as 1 = 50 , 1 = 60 , or 1 = 100 .Architectural building plans and elevations are to be 1/8 = 1 or 1/4 = 1 , with 1/6 = 1 or1/20 = 1 for larger structures. In certain cases, staff may approve use of a smaller scale beforeplan Arrow -- Include on all site and site-related Map -- include on the site plan. The vicinity map covers the project site and surroundingstreets and property within a minimum of 600 of the site. Copies of a city map can be made from theStreet Atlas in the self help area of the permit Copies of Plans -- Blueline or blackline prints and photocopies are acceptable. Brownlineprints cannot be

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