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Prayer for Difficult Situations

1 Prayer for Difficult Situations Worry: Prayer to Cast Cares on the Altar Father, I am carrying the burdens of my relationships and circumstances.


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Text of Prayer for Difficult Situations

1 Prayer for Difficult Situations Worry: Prayer to Cast Cares on the Altar Father, I am carrying the burdens of my relationships and circumstances. I choose to lay down all my cares, all my worries, all the things I cannot change on our altar. Father I lay my spouse on your altar. I lay my children on your altar. Father I lay (name the circumstances that you can t change) on your altar. You are my supply and you alone can move in my circumstances. I give these to you and trust you with them in Jesus name. Fear: Prayer to Cast Fears on God Father, I confess that I have been full of fear and have not trusted and rested completely in you. Right now I choose to cast off that fear, bind the strongman behind it, and put my trust in you. I cast off fear of failure, fear of the opinion of man, fear of (name whatever other fears God brings to your mind). I confess all these fears as sin and ask you forgive me and deliver me from all my fear in Jesus name. Doubt and Unbelief: Prayer to Confess Doubt and Unbelief Father, I have not applied the faith you have given me. I have allowed doubt and unbelief to enter in. I confess this as sin and choose to turn back to you. Forgive me this sin in Jesus name. Disobedience: Prayer for Disobedience Father, I have disobeyed your word and your plan for my life. I repent and turn back to serving you alone. Forgive me this sin and wash me clean once I am your servant from this day forth. In Jesus name. Selfishness and Wrong Motives: Prayer of Repentance for Selfish or Wrong Motives Father, I repent of my selfish pride and wrong motives in healing and caring for others. I confess that my eyes move from you to me, thinking I had something to do with it. I confess that I sometimes only think of what I want or prefer. Forgive me, Lord and continue to use me for your glory and your glory only. In Jesus name. 2 A Critical and Judgmental Spirit: Prayer for Repentance for Judgment and Condemnation Father, I understand Your Word says you will judge me with the same measure I use to judge others. I also know by your word that I will be condemned with the same measure that I use to condemn others. I know it is correct to judge things as right and wrong according to your Word, but only you know the motives and the intent of another s heart. Father, I have judged others and have condemned them. This is sin, and I repent of this sin and ask you to separate this sin from me in Jesus name and put it on the cross of Jesus Christ. Unforgiveness: Prayer for Forgiveness Father, I understand that you do not forgive sin, but you do forgive people who sin. I understand that you separate and forgive the sins from those who confess and repent of those sins. The Bible confirms that Jesus bore my confessed sins on the cross and that He no longer holds them against me. I also understand that no one but Jesus deserved forgiveness and that you will forgive me of my sins with the same measure of mercy and grace that I choose to forgive others. Father, I choose to forgive (insert name). What they did to me is sin. Take this sin from them and put in on the cross. And on the Day of Judgment when I stand before our throne, I will hold no accusation against them. Father, I ask you to bless them in Jesus name. General Prayer of Repentance for Sin Father, I have not acted in accordance to your nature and I am upset with myself for these actions. They are sin. I repent and I will no longer continue to act this way. Father, take this sin from me, place it on the cross of Jesus Christ and separate it from me. Forgive me of this sin and if necessary, forgive my ancestors of this same sin as well in Jesus name. The above prayers are mostly taken from the book Healing for the Whole Man by Joan Hunter and Michael Hinson.

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