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PermeOx Plus - Panther Technologies

PermeOx® Plus Calcium Peroxide (CAS NO 1305-79-9) Introduction PermeOx® Plus is an economical and effective oxygen-generating compound for use in odor control, metals removal and bioremediation.


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________________________________________ ________________________________________ _____________________________________ PermeOx Plus Calcium Peroxide (CAS NO 1305-79-9) Introduction PermeOx Plus is an economical and effective oxygen-generating compound for use in odor control, metals removal and bioremediation. It is a specially formulated form of food-grade calcium peroxide (patent pending). PermeOx Plus provides a passive, in-situ approach to delivering oxygen to enhance bioremediation. Successful bioremediation depends on proper mix of nutrient, oxygen, and microbes. Often the limiting factor of aerobic degradation of contaminants is oxygen availability. PermeOx Plus releases oxygen so that indigenous and/or supplemental aerobic microbes may degrade organic containments more rapidly than via natural attenuation. Formula CaO2 MW (100% product) is CaO2 + 2H2O Ca(OH)2 + H2O2 2H2O2 O2 + 2H2O Description White granular material One pound of CaO2 yields 3 liters of O2 Specifications Calcium peroxide, % % min Active Oxygen, % % min Typical application rates are 2 to 6 pound/cubic yard soil Uses Bioremediation - hazardous wastes into soil/sludge composting Petroleum hydrocarbon remediation Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Control Creosote remediation Partially halogenated hydrocarbon remediation Typical Properties Solubililty Practically insoluble in water Soluble in acid pH of a 1% slurry at 25 C, approximate to Loose Bulk Density, approximate lb/cu ft 45-65 Odor/Appearance None/Yellow/White Powder Standard Containers Fiber Drums, polyethylene lined 30 lbs and 100 lbs ( kg) IBC-Polypropylene sack, polyethylene lined 2000 lbs (905 kg) Page 1 of 2 PermeOx Plus Technical Data ________________________________________ ________________________________________ _____________________________________ Page 2 of 2 PermeOx Plus Technical Data Shipping PermeOx Plus 75% to 80% is shipped in the above standard containers. It is classified by DOT as Oxidizer and containers carry the yellow oxidizer label. Safety/Handling/Storage Calcium peroxide is among the safest to handle of peroxide compounds. It represents no significant hazards with regards to skin contact, inhalation, or ingestion. Airborne dust is irritating to eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. Calcium peroxide should be handled in well ventilated, dust controlled areas. When handling large quantities, the use of dust mask, goggles, and gloves is recommended. Calcium peroxide is an oxidizer, thus contact with combustible materials (paper, cotton, organics, wood, leather, reducing agents, and other oxidizers) should be avoided. Calcium peroxide is not flammable but will contribute oxygen to feed a fire. Contamination, heat, and humid conditions will enhance and accelerate decomposition. Fires involving calcium peroxide are best controlled by using large quantities of water. However, unlike most oxidizers, decomposition is endothermic. Calcium peroxide should be stored in a clean, dry place. Do not expose to heat sources or high humidity. Store away from combustible materials. Keep containers closed when not in use. Handle spills by dilution with water. (Refer to MSDS for more detailed information) Customer Service To place orders, obtain general information or technical support, please call our Regional Distributor: Panther Technologies, Inc. 220 Route 70 East, Suite B Medford, NJ 08055 Tel (609) 714-2420 Notice The information contained herein is, to our knowledge, true and accurate. However, we make no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, except that FMC products discussed herein conform to the chemical description shown on their labels. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as permission or recommendation to infringe on any patent. No agent, representative, or employee of this company is authorized to vary any of the terms of this notice.

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