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Part No. 45-200 D170 (Rev. S) AM SERIES AIR …

27 W ovements 3 Mounting This product can be installed in any orientation. Mount the motor to a solid metal base plate that is mounted to a stable, rigid operating


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Text of Part No. 45-200 D170 (Rev. S) AM SERIES AIR …

Registered Trademark/ Trademark of Gast Manufacturing Inc. Copyright 2017 Gast Manufacturing Inc. All Rights 9001 CERTIFIEDModel 2AM ShownModel 4AM ShownModel 6AM ShownModel 16AM ShownAM SERIES AIR MOTORSOperation and Maintenance Manual Part No. 45-200 D170 (Rev. S)Thank you for purchasing this Gast product. It is manufactured to the highest standardsusing quality materials. This manual includes general safety instructions for operation under normal conditionsand for operation in hazardous conditions. Please follow all recommended maintenance, operational and safetyinstructions and you will receive years of trouble-free READ THIS MANUAL COMPLETELY BEFORE INSTALLING AND USING THIS PRODUCT. SAVE THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE AND KEEP IN THE VICINITY OF THE Information: Operating Pressure LimitsLubricated ModelsPressure1AM100 psi / 7 bar1UP80 psi / bar2AM100 psi / 7 bar4AM100 psi / 7 bar6AM100 psi / 7 bar8AM100 psi / 7 bar16AM100 psi / 7 barLL and NLP ModelsPressure1AM80 psi / bar1UP65 psi / bar2AM80 psi / bar4AM80 psi / bar6AM80 psi / bar8AM80 psi / bar16AM80 psi / barProduct Use Criteria: Non-hazardous conditions: Operate at ambient temperatures up to 250 F (121 C). Hazardous conditions: Operate at ambient temperatures up to 104 F (40 C). Protect unit from dirt and moisture. Use ONLY compressed air to drive motor. Air lines connected to motor should be the same size or the next size larger than the inlet port for efficient output and speed con-trol. Protect all surrounding items from exhaust air. Bearings are grease packed. Use Gast #AD220 or a detergent SAE#10 automotive engine oil for lubricating. Motors are to be used in commercial installations only. This symbol appears on labels of air motors that are designed for use in hazardous atmospheres. These air motors comply with the applicable standards and specifications and meet the requirements of the guidelines of the Directive 2014/34/EU. They are intended to be used in zones 1 and 2 where explosive atmospheres are likely to occur. Air supply, directional control valve and pressure regulator should be selected based upon the air consumption of the motor. 2017, Gast ManufacturingWe reserve the right to make any alterations which may be due to any technical improvementsPrinted in the USA2Your safety and the safety of others is extremely have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your product. Always read and obey safety is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. The safety alert symbol and the words DANGER and WARNING will preceed all safety messages. These words mean: m DANGERYou will be killed or seriously injured if you don t follow WARNINGYou can be killed or seriously injured if you don t follow safety messages will identify the hazard, tell you how to reduce the chance of injury, and tell you what can happen if the safety instructions are not SYMBOLSHazard. Possible consequences: death or severe injuriesHazardous Situation. Possible consequences: slight or mild injuriesDangerous Situation. Possible consequences: damage to the drive or the environmentImportant instructions on protection against explosionImproper environment, installation and operation can result in severe personal injury and/or damage to personnel must perform all work to assemble, install, operate, maintain and repair air personnel must follow: These instructions and the warning and information labels on the motor. All other drive configuration documents, startup instructions and circuit diagrams. The system specific legal regulations and requirements. The current applicable national and regional specifications regarding explosion protection, safety and accident the following checklist prior to starting installation in a hazardous area. All actions must be completed in accordance with Directive 2014/34 for installation in hazardous areas:______Read air motor label to check that motor has been designed for use in a hazardous application: Hazardous zone Hazardous category Equipment group Temperature class Maximum surface temperaturesExample:Model designation: 1UP-NRV-10Year manufactured: 2003 Gast Mfg. +1 C <Ta <+40 CBenton Harbor, MI USATelephone: * Legend:II: Equipment group II2: Equipment category 2G: Gas atmospheresD: Dust atmospheresc: Constructional safetyMax. surface temp. 275 F/135 CAmbient range (Ta) +1C to +40 C (34 F/104 F)______Check the site environment for potentially explosive oils, acids, gases, vapors or radiation______Check the ambient temperature of the site and the ability to maintain proper ambient range:Non-hazardous conditions: 34 F/1 C to 250 F/121 CHazardous conditions: 34 F/1 C to 104 F/40 C______Check the site to make sure that the air motor will be adequately ventilated and that there is no external heat input ( couplings). The cooling air may not exceed 104 F/40 that products to be driven by the air motor meet ATEX that the air motor is not installation is your responsibility. Make sureyou have the proper installation WARNINGInjury HazardInstall proper guards around output shaft as stream from product may contain solid or liquid materi-als that can result in eye or skin eye protection when installing this to follow these instructions can result in serious injury or property damage. 2017, Gast ManufacturingWe reserve the right to make any alterations which may be due to any technical improvementsPrinted in the USA3MountingThis product can be installed in any orientation. Mount the motor to a solid metal base plate that is mounted to a stable, rigid operating surface. Use shock mounts to reduce noise and vibration. Install a pressure regulator or simple shut-off valve to control the direction of the motor airflow. A single rotation motor will operate properly only in one direction. Single rotation motors require a sound absorber to be connected to the air port. Remove the plastic shipping plugs from the ports. Save plugs for future use during a 5-micron filter in the air line before the connection to the motor. Next install an air pressure regulator to control motor speed and lubricated operation: Air motors with an LL or NLP designation in the model number can operate with or without lubrication. For optimal service and life, lubrication is automatic air line lubricator should be installed in the air line as close as possible and no more than 18 inches (1/2 meter) from the air motor. Install the lubricator level with or above the air motor so that the oil mist will blow directly into or fall down into the the oil reservoir to the proper level with Gast #AD220 or SAE 10W high detergent or non-detergent motor oil. For food processing applications, White Rex 425 food grade motor oil is FDA approved. Adjust lubricator to feed 1 drop of oil for every 50 CFM of air while the unit is running, or 1 drop of oil per continuous minute of run time. Do Not overfeed oil or exhaust air may become the compressed air connection with low pressure air to remove any dirt from the line before connecting to the the proper sized fasteners. For the most efficient output and control of speed, use air lines that are the same size as the motor inlet port if the connection is less than 7 feet (2 meters). For longer connections, use the next pipe size larger than the motor intake port. Connect lines to motor in the proper reversible motor will work equally well in both directions. Connect a 4-way valve with piping to both air ports of motor to make reversing possible. Connect the sound absorber on the exhaust air port or valve not add any thrust to the end or side of the shaft when making not use a hammer on the shaft or the drive shaft will make assembly easier. Use a puller for removal of pulleys, couplings and pinions on the motor shaft. Check that the tension on the belt pulley matches the manufacturer s specifications. Do not exceed the maximum radial and axial forces on the shaft. If the motor shaft is connected to the part to be driven without a coupling, check that the radial offset and axial force effect will not cause only belts with < 109 electrical leakage resistance to prevent static electrical problems. Ground the motor. AccessoriesA muffler is shipped with the air motor (except 16AM) but is not installed. Consult your Gast Distributor/Representative for additional filter recommendations. Install a moisture trap and 5 micron filter in the air line ahead of consumption data at various speeds and pressures are available from your Gast Distributor/Representative or the WARNINGInjury HazardAir stream from product may contain solid or liquid materi-al that can result in eye or skin Not use cumbustible gases to drive this hearing protection. Sound level from motor may exceed 85 db(A).Failure to follow these instructions can result in eye injury or other serious all connections before starting motor. It is your responsibility to operate this product at recommended speeds, loads and room ambient temperatures. Do not run the motor at high speeds with no load. This will result in excessive internal heat that may cause motor starting torque is less than the running torque. The starting torque will vary depending upon the position of the vanes when stopped in relation to the air intake a pressure regulator and/or simple shut-off valve to regulate the motor s speed and torque. This will provide the required power and will conserve air. Open the air supply valve to the motor. Set the pressure or flow rate to the required speed or torque. Adjust the lubricator to feed one drop of oil for every 50-75 CFM ( M3 per minute) of air moving through motor. Check the oil level daily. The gear reducer does not need lubrication. 2017, Gast ManufacturingWe reserve the right to make any alterations which may be due to any technical improvementsPrinted in the USA4Operate the motor for approximately 2 hours at the maximum desired load. Measure the surface temperature of the motor on the casting opposite the pipe ports. The maximum surface temperature listed on the motor is for normal environmental and installation conditions. For most air motors, the maximum surface temperature should not exceed 275 F/135 C. Do not continue to operate the motor if the measured surface temperature exceeds temperature listed on the motor. If your measured temperature does exceed listed value, consult with your Gast Distributor/Representative for a WARNINGInjury HazardDisconnect air supply and vent all air eye protection when flushing this stream from product may contain solid or liquid materi-al that can result in eye or skin this product in a well ventilated Not use kerosene or other combustible solvents to flush this to follow these instructions can result in eye injury or other serious is your responsibility to regularly inspect and make necessary repairs to this product in order to maintain proper Lubricated OperationUse Gast #AD220 or a detergent SAE #10 automotive engine oil for lubricating. Lubricating is necessary to prevent rust on all moving parts. Excessive moisture in air line may cause rust or ice to form in the muffler when air expands as it passes through the motor. Install a moisture separator in the air line and an after cooler between compressor and air receiver to help prevent moisture LubricationShut the air motor down and oil after every 8 hours of operation. Add 10-20 drops of oil to the air motor intake LubricationAdjust inline oiler to feed 1 drop of oil per minute for high speed or continuous duty usage. Do not overfeed oil or exhaust air may become contaminated. Check intake and exhaust filters after first 500 hours of operation. Clean filters and determine how frequentlyfilters should be checked during future operation. This one procedure will help assure the motor s performance and service this product to remove excessive dirt, foreign particles, moisture or oil that occurs in the operating environment will help to maintain proper vane performance. Flush the motor if it is operating slowly or only Gast #AH255B Flushing Solvent. DO NOT use kerosene or ANY other combustible solvents to flush this Disconnect air line and Add flushing solvent directly into motor. If using liquid solvent, pour several tablespoons directly into the intake port. If using Gast #AH255B, spray solvent for 5-10 seconds into intake Rotate the shaft by hand in both directions for a few You must wear eye protection for this step. Cover exhaust with a cloth and reconnect the air Restart the motor at a low pressure of approximately 10 psi/ bar until there is no trace of solvent in the exhaust Listen for changes in the sound of the motor. If motor sounds smooth, you are finished. If motor does not sound like it is running smoothly, installing a service kit will be required (See Service Kit Installation ).Check that all external accessories such as relief valves or gauges are attached and are not damaged before operating the sound Remove the sound absorber (for non-lubricated operation, inspect muffler every 90 days. To avoid excessive clogging of muffler element, change frequently).2. Clean the felt You must wear eye protection for this step. For lubricated operation, add 3-4 drops of Check the air Listen for changes in the sound of the motor. If motor sounds smooth, you are finished. If motor does not sound like it running smoothly, installing a service kit will be required (See Service Kit Installation ). is your responsibility to follow proper shutdown procedures to prevent product Turn off air intake Disconnect air supply and vent all air Disconnect air Remove air motor from connecting Remove the Wear eye protection. Keep away from air stream. Use clean, dry air to remove condensation from the inlet port of the For lubricated operation, add a small amount of oil into the intake port. Rotate shaft by hand several times to distribute Plug or cap each Coat output shaft with oil or Store motor in a dry (Please note current regulations) Parts of the air motor or air powered gear motor, shafts, cast iron or aluminum castings, gear wheels as well as rolling contact bearings may be recycled as scrap metal. 2017, Gast ManufacturingWe reserve the right to make any alterations which may be due to any technical improvementsPrinted in the USA5Estimated Ball Bearing Life of Air MotorsAir Model ModelShaft Speed in RPBall Bearing Life Hours L101AM10,00028,0001UP6,00014,0002AM3,000 30,0004AM3,00014,0006AM3,0006,5008AM2,00 08,00016AM2,00015,000Based on running pressure of 60 PSI and coupling connection to motor load. The direction, magnitude and location of applied loads to the motor shaft will change expected bearing life. Driving the motor with wet dirty compressed air can reduce expected bearing life. The above are life estimates not warrantied minimum AND WORM REDUCERS - OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONSGeneral Information: The product nameplate specifies all information required when ordering parts or requests for information. The type of lubricant required for unit is also specified on the Use Criteria All worm gear reducers require that the air motor be mounted so that the inlet and exhaust ports are at a 90 angle to the centerline of the reducer output shaft. Gear reducers are NOT self-locking. If a brake is required for safety, as in the case of air pressure failure, etc., contact your Gast Distributor/Representative. Some worm gear reducers may be shipped with a plug in the top pipe plug. The plug must be removed and the breather plug installed for proper Gear Reducer SpecificationsModelGR11GR20GR25Speed Range (Reducer Output Shaft) to 400 RPM30 to 300 RPM20 to 200 RPMGear Reduction15:110:115:1Maximum Allowable End Thrust With Zero Overhung Load. (Re-ducer Output Shaft)100 lbs/45,4 kg200 lbs/90,8 kg @300 RPM to 800 lbs/363,2 kg at 30 RPM250 lbs/113,5 kg @200 RPM to 800 lbs/363,2 kg at 20 RPMMaximum Allowable Overhung Load With Zero End Thrust. (Reducer Output Shaft)100 lbs/45,4 kg @ 333 RPM to 200 lbs/90,8 kg at RPM200 lbs/90,8 kg @ 300 RPM to 600 lbs/272,4 kg at 30 RPM200 lbs/90,8 kg @ 200 RPM to 600 lbs/272,4 kg at 20 RPMLubricationUse a 300 ssu at 100 F/38 C turbine quality lubricant Gast #AG292A, Gulf Harmony 53, Shell Tellus 33, Socony DTE heavy medium or Humble Nuto horizontal operation, remove both plugs and add oil to top hole until other hole vertical operation, fill to overflow point of upper most hole. Check the oil level in spur gear reducers which have been stored or not operated for a period of time. Gear motors require proper lubrication. Insufficient oil level can cause loss of performance, damage or failure of the gear reducer. 2017, Gast ManufacturingWe reserve the right to make any alterations which may be due to any technical improvementsPrinted in the USA6Change output shaft direction of worm gear reducers1. Remove drain plug and drain oil from Remove end cover and seal cage cap screws. While supporting output shaft, remove end cover and shims from unit. Keep shims with Remove output shaft and seal cage together from extension side. Keep shims with seal Insert seal cage, shims and sub-assembly into housing from the side opposite from which they were Insert seal cage cap screws and tighten with light Assemble end cover with shims. Insert end cover cap screws and tighten with light Turn high speed shaft in both directions to check that gear train is running Cross-tighten seal cage and end cover cap Gear Reducer Series A-FGear Reducer SpecificationsAll output shafts are in the standard MotorRatioAG8034AM20:1AG8054AM40:1AG8074 AM60:1AG8096AM10:1AG8116AM20:1AG8168AM20 :1Service, Parts, or RepairFor service, parts or repair of the worm gear reducer, contact the manufacturer listed on the No. 45-200 D170PL (Rev. S)TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDEProblemReason and Remedy for ProblemLow TorqueLow SpeedWon t RunRuns HotRuns Well Then Slows Down Dirt or foreign material present. Inspect and flush. Internal rust. Inspect and flush. Low air pressure. Increase pressure. Air line too small. Install larger line(s). Restricted exhaust. Inspect and repair. Motor is jammed. Have motor serviced. Air source inadequate. Inspect and repair. Air source too far from motor. Reconfigure setup. 2017, Gast ManufacturingWe reserve the right to make any alterations which may be due to any technical improvementsPrinted in the USA7WARRANTYGast finished products, when properly installed and operated under normal conditions of use, are warranted by Gast to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase from Gast or an authorized Gast Representative or Distributor. In order to obtain performance under this warranty, the buyer must promptly (in no event later than thirty (30) days after discovery of the defect) give written notice of the defect to Gast Manufacturing Incorporated, PO Box 97, Benton Harbor Michigan USA 49023-0097 or an authorized Service Center (unless specifically agreed upon in writing signed by both parties or specified in writing as part of a Gast OEM Quota-tion). Buyer is responsible for freight charges both to and from Gast in all cases. This warranty does not apply to electric motors, electrical controls, and gasoline engines not supplied by Gast. Gast s warranties also do not extend to any goods or parts which have been subjected to misuse, lack of maintenance, neglect, damage by accident or transit EXPRESS WARRANTY EXCLUDES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED BY ANY LITERATURE, DATA, OR PERSON. GAST S MAXIMUM LIABILITY UNDER THIS EXCLUSIVE REMEDY SHALL NEVER EXCEED THE COST OF THE SUBJECT PRODUCT AND GAST RESERVES THE RIGHT, AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION, TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE IN LIEU OF REPAIR OR WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, however arising, including but not limited to those for use of any products, loss of time, inconvenience, lost profit, labor charges, or other incidental or consequential damages with respect to persons, business, or property, whether as a result of breach of warranty, negligence or otherwise. Notwithstanding any other provision of this warranty, BUYER S REMEDY AGAINST GAST FOR GOODS SUPPLIED OR FOR NON-DELIVERED GOODS OR FAILURE TO FURNISH GOODS, WHETHER OR NOT BASED ON NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY OR BREACH OF EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY IS LIMITED SOLELY, AT GAST S OPTION, TO REPLACEMENT OF OR CURE OF SUCH NONCONFORMING OR NON-DELIVERED GOODS OR RETURN OF THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR SUCH GOODS AND IN NO EVENT SHALL EXCEED THE PRICE OR CHARGE FOR SUCH GOODS. GAST EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE WITH RESPECT TO THE GOODS SOLD. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTIONS SET FORTH IN THIS WARRANTY, notwithstanding any knowledge of Gast regarding the use or uses intended to be made of goods, proposed changes or additions to goods, or any assistance or suggestions that may have been made by Gast extensions of warranties by the customer shall remain the customer s IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING THE SUITABILITY OF GAST PRODUCTS FOR CUSTOMER S USE OR RESALE, OR FOR INCORPORATING THEM INTO OBJECTS OR APPLICATIONS WHICH CUSTOMER DESIGNS, ASSEMBLES, CONSTRUCTS OR warranty can be modified only by authorized Gast personnel by signing a specific, written description of any Manufacturing2300 M-139 HighwayBenton Harbor, MI 49023Ph: 269-926-6171Fax: 269-927-0808Gast Group LimitedRoom 3502-3505No. 1027 Chang Ning Road, Zhaofeng PlazaShanghai, China 200050Phone +86-21-52415599Fax +86-21-52418339Gast Group 11, The I O CentreNash RoadRedditch, B98 7ASUnited KingdomPhone +44 (0)1527-504040Fax +44 (0)1527-525262 Registered Trademark/ Trademark of Gast Manufacturing Inc. Copyright 2017 Gast Manufacturing Inc. All Rights 9001 CERTIFIEDMAINTENANCE RECORDDateProcedure PerformedFor repair parts ordering information and exploded product view, visit our website or call us at the number listed have Gast Authorized Repair Facilities throughout the world. For the most up-to-date listing, contact one of our sales offices below:

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