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Page 24 ALCO LINE – Hirsimaki, 1993, Mileposts Pub., 128p, HD, new, $45. ALCO’s TO ALLENTOWN – Biery, 1998, The Railroad Press, 111p, SB, new, $40.


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Page 23 100 JAHRE GRAZ-KOFLACHER EISENBAHN 1960, 50p, SB, German text, vg, $15. 100 JAHRE WIENER TRAMWAY, 1868-1968 (Ger. Text) 107p, SB, good, $25. 100 TRAINS-100 YEARS, CENTURY OF LOCOMOTIVES AND TRAINS Winowski/Sullivan, 2000, Smithmark, 167p, HD,vg,$25. 100 YEARS OF CAPITOL TRACTION, STREETCARS IN THE NATION S CAPITAL King, 1972, 323p, HD, vg, $90. 100 YEARS OF STEAM LOCOMOTIVES - Lucas, 1981 Collector s Edition, Rail Heritage Pub., 278p, HD, vg/no dj, $70. 100 YEARS OF THE DISTRICT (London s District Line) Lee, 1968, London Transport, 32p, SB, vg, $15. 150 YEARS OF NORTH AMERICAN RAILROADS - Fitzsimmons, 1982, Chartwell Books, 224p, vg, $10. 1875 BALDWIN 4-4-0 Diemer, 1994, Nevada State RR Museum, 12p, $5. 20TH CENTURY - Beebe, 1962(1st), Howell-North, 180p, HD, vg, $45. 26 MILES TO JERSEY CITY (CNJ) - Komelski, 1983, Railroad Ave. Ent., 62p, SB, vg, $10. 35 YEARS-HISTORY OF PACIFIC COAST CHAPTER/RL&HS - 1972, 64p, SB, vg, $10. 36 MILES OF TROUBLE (West 1st), PTJ Books, 232p, HD, vg, $95. . SB ed., 1973, Stephen Greene Press, 43p, SB, good, $10. 400 STORY - Scribbins, 1988(2nd print), PTJ, 232p, HD, vg, $90. 400,000 MILES BY RAIL - Blanton, 1972, Howell-North, 183p, HD, good, $25. 4300 4-8-2's: SP s Mt-Class Locomotives - Church, 1980(1st), Central Valley RR Pub., 150p, HD, vg, $60. 4449, THE QUEEN OF STEAM (SP) - Brueckman, 1983, 64p, Carbarn Press, HD, vg, $25. - 23(a), 25,25,25,25,25 4-8-0 TENDER LOCOMOTIVES Carling, 1972, Drake Pub., 112p, HD, vg, $25. 4-8-4 PICTORIAL Wayner, no date, Wayner Pub., 63p, SB, good, $35. 50 BEST OF ... - Barnard, Roberts & Co., 52p, SB spiral, horiz. format, numbered: .B&O - Book One, 1977, 52p, vg, $35. Book Two, 1977, 52p, minor cover stains, $35. Book Three, 1977, 52p, vg, $35. Book Five, 1979, 52p, good, $35. .NYC - Book One, 1977, vg, $35. Book Three, 1978, 52p, good, $35. .PRR - Book 3, 1978, 52p, good $45. Book 4, 1979, 52p, good, $45. .WM - Book Two, 1978, vg, $45. 5:10 TO SUBURBIA: CHICAGO S SUBURBAN RAILROADS, 1960-1975 - Olmsted/McMillan, 1975, 152p, HD, vg, $50. 7MM NARROW GAUGE ASSOC.(Brit) - Narrow Lines Extra: #2, English Narrow Gauge Railway Drawings, Tustin, 1986/1996, 23p, plastic spine binder, vg, $25. #3, Scrapbook of Narrow Gauge Drawings, Thorne, 1996, 34p, plastic spine binder, vg, $25. #5, Welsh Highland Railway Rolling Stock Drawings, Millard/Booth, 39p, plastic spine binder, vg, $25. #6, The Irish Narrow Gauge Scale Drawings, Tustin, 1988, approx. 50p, plastic spine binder, cover crease, $35. #7, Drawings, More Narrow gauge Reprints from Narrow Lines, 1996, 27p, plastic spine binder, vg, $25. #8, Festiniog Railway Historic Drawings: Locomotives & Rolling Stock, 1997, 58p, plastic spine binder, vg, $35 #9, Buildings and Structures of Narrow Gauge Railways, 1997, approx. 50p, plastic spine binder, vg, $35. 7MM NARROW GAUGE ASSOC.(Brit) - Handbooks and Publications: #1, Getting Started in 7mm NG, $10. #2, Going Minimum Gauge, $10. #3, Getting Moving, NG Locos, $10. #4, Right Track, Narrow Lines, $10. #5, Rolling Stock in 7mm Scale, $15. #7, Small Layouts Handbook, $15. 7100, DUKE OF GLOUCESTER: THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM King, 1987, Ian Allan, 38p, SB, minor edge wear, $10. 722 MILES, BUILDING THE SUBWAYS AND HOW THEY TRANSFORMED NEW YORK - Hood, 1993, 335p, HD, a/n, $25. .SB ed., 1995, Johns Hopkins, 352p, vg, $15. 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE COMPANY - 1944, company published, 57p, HD, vg, $60. 80 YEARS OF TRANSPORTATION PROGRESS - History of the StLSW (Cotton Belt) - Anderson, 1957, 98p, SB, good, $45. 99 331 DIANA, GESCHCITE UND GESCHICTEN EINER WALDEISENBAHNLOK Tischer, 1997, 31p, SB, vg, $15. A(The): N&W s MERCEDES OF STEAM King, 1989(1st), Trans-Anglo, 176p, HD, small price sticker residue on cover o/w vg, $125. ABANDONED RAILROADS OF BEDFORD (IN) - Sulzer, 1959, 50p, spiral, minor cover stains, $35. ABC BRITISH RAILWAYS LOCOMOTIVES & OTHER MOTIVE POWER - Ian Allan, 1964, 320p, HD, vg, $10. ABC PATHFINDER RAILWAY GUIDE (FOR THE NEW ENGLAND STATES) Snow, Boston, SB: .1853, Sep 129p+ads and folg65 d-out map of Boston and New Eng. rail routes, minor age browning on some pages but covers complete and binding tight, , $75. .1890, Jan 152p, page of ads missing prior to index page, covers present but separated and edge chipped, $45 .1917, Mar 176p, covers present separated and several pieces missing around edges, complete, $45. AGE OF STEAM - Beebe/Clegg, 1957(1st), Howell-North, 304p, HD, signed both authors, dj good/interior hinge crack, $50. .2nd ed. (1972), Howell-Nprth, vg, $25. AGE OF THE MOGULS - Holbrook, 1953(1st), Doubleday, 373p, HD, dj spine faded o/w good, $25. AKRON METRO AREA RAILROAD STUDY , 15p+ six fold-out color maps + 3/1968 Supplement, spiral, vg, $15. ALASKA'S WILDERNESS RAILS, FROM TAIGA TO TUNDRA - Brovald, 1982(1st), Pictorial Histories Pub., 94p, SB,vg,$25. NEW, USED & OUT OF PRINT RAILROAD BOOKS Page 24 ALCO LINE Hirsimaki, 1993, Mileposts Pub., 128p, HD, new, $45. ALCO s TO ALLENTOWN Biery, 1998, The Railroad Press, 111p, SB, new, $40. ALGOMA CENTRAL RAILWAY Nock, 1975, A&C Black Ltd., 190p, HD, good, $75. ALGOMA CENTRAL RAILWAY STORY Wilson, 1984(1st), Nickel Belt Rails Pub. , 208p, HD, vg, $65. ALL ABOARD, HISTORY OF MASS TRANSPORTATION IN RHODE ISLAND Molloy, 1998, Arcadia Pub., 128p, SB, vg, $18. ALL ABOARD!, IMAGES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF RAIL TRAVEL - Johnson/O Leary, 1999, 132p, SB, vg, $20. ALL ABOARD, THE RAILROAD IN AMERICAN LIFE - Douglas, 1992, Paragon House, 462p, HD, vg, $15. ALL ABOARD!, THE STORY OF JOSHUA LIONEL COWEN & HIS LIONEL TRAIN COMPANY - Hollander, 1981, 253p, HD ed., $25. ALL ABOARD WITH FRIMBO - Whitaker/Hiss, 1997 Kodansha Press ed., 388p, SB, vg, $10. ALONG AN OPEN TRACK - Kochanek, 1972, North Shore Pub., 208p, HD, vg, $35. ALONG THE EAST BROAD TOP - Heimburger, 1987, Heimburger House Pub., 248p, HD, good, $100. ALONG THE IRON TRAIL - Richardson/Blount, 1938(1st), Tuttle Pub., 206p, HD, good/no dj, signed:Richardson, $40 .1966 ed., Sharp Offset, 238p, HD, good, signed: Blount, $25. ALONG THE LACKAWANNA RAILROAD Gardner, 1975, approx. 75p, spiral, vg, $35. ALONG THE LINE (Australia) #1, 1961, Traction Pub., 43p, SB, vg, $15. .#2 Richardson, 43p, SB - $15. ALONG THE NORFOLK AND WESTERN OLDEN DAYS AND NEW WAYS - Vannoy, 1992(2nd print), 90p, SB, good, $25. ALONG THE RAILS, THE LORE AND ROMANCE OF THE RAILROAD Solomon, 2000, Metrobooks, 128p, HD, vg, $10. ALONG THE RIGHT OF WAY - 1964, P&LE/NYC, Howard Fogg paintings, 60+ color plates, SB, good, $100. ALTOONA S TROLLEYS Rohrbeck, 1980, Penn. Traction Series, 71p, spiral, good, $35. AMBLE BRANCH (Brit. Colliery Docks line) Rippon, 2007, Kestrel Ry Books, 68p, SB, a/n, $20. AMERICA S RAILROAD: OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK OF THE DURANGO & SILVERTON Royem, 2002(1st), 167p, SB, good, $5. AMERICA S RURAL HUB: RAILROADING IN CENTRAL ILLINOIS LATE TWENTIETH CENTURY Changnon, 1991, 216p, SB, vg,$30 AMERICA'S WORKHORSE LOCOMOTIVE, THE 2-8-2 LeMassena, 1993, Quadrant Press, 80p, SB, vg, $30. AMERICAN & EUROPEAN PRACTICE IN THE ECONOMICAL GENERATION OF STEAM Holley, 1867(1st), about 300p w/77 plates, HD x14 format, good clean and sound copy with minimal wear, appears to have been rebound, $325. AMERICAN ASSOC. OF RAILROAD SUPERINTENDENTS, PROCEEDINGS OF ANNUAL MEETING 1952(56th), 328p, HD, good, $25. AMERICAN DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE - Roberts, 1977, Barnes & Co., HD, good, $35. AMERICAN FREEDOM TRAIN, OFFICIAL COMMEMORATIVE PROGRAM 1975, 32p, SB, good, $5. AMERICAN GEOLOGICAL RAILWAY GUIDE: GEOLOGIST S TRAVELING HAND-BOOK Macfarlane, 1879, Appleton & Co., 216p, HD, binding tight, paint stains on cover, some page edges damp stained, $35. AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVE CO., steam locomotive adv. booklets with engine photos and specs (originals unless noted): #11007, Eight Wheel Type Passenger Locomotives, 60p, title page missing, $20. AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERING AND RAILWAY MECHANISM Weissenborn, 1871, Glenwood Pub. reprint: . , 1968(2nd print), spiral, vg, $45. . , 1973(4th print), 96p, HD, minor dj tears, $50. AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVES IN HISTORIC PHOTOGRAPHS 1858-1949 Ziel, 1993, Dover Pub., 129p, SB, vg, $20. AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVES, PICTORIAL RECORD OF STEAM POWER 1900-1950 - Alexander, 1950, Bonanza, 256p, HD, minor dj wear, $15. AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVES: AN ENGINEERING HISTORY, 1830-1880 - White, 1997 rev. ed., 593p, HD, vg, $50. AMERICAN NARROW GAUGE - Krause/Duke, 1978, Golden West, 238p, HD, vg, $35. AMERICAN NARROW GAUGE RAILROADS - Hilton, 1990, Stanford Univ. Press, 580p, HD, vg, $45. .SB edition, vg, $35. AMERICAN RAILROAD CHINA: IMAGE AND EXPERIENCE Kratz, 2008, Valparaiso Univ., 71p, SB, new, $25. AMERICAN RAILROAD ECONOMICS: FOR INVESTORS AND STUDENTS Sakolski, 1922, Macmillan & Co., 295p, HD, good, $25 AMERICAN RAILROAD FREIGHT CAR - White, 1993, Johns Hopkins Press, 656p, HD, vg/minor sun fading dj spine, $85. AMERICAN RAILROAD IN LABORATORY: BRIEF DIGEST OF RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTATION CONDUCTED BY RAILROADS ARA, 1933, 544p, SB, good, $30. AMERICAN RAILROAD JOURNAL (also Steam Navigation, Commerce and Finance) complete 1860 ed. in leather binding, 1164p + 104p ad supplement, first five ad pages missing, covers worn/binding is reasonably tight,$100 AMERICAN RAILROAD JOURNAL - Golden West, HD: (1966), 124p, good, $25; , 1967/68, 96p, HD, good, $35 AMERICAN RAILROAD PASSENGER CAR - White, 1978, Johns Hopkins Univ., 700p, HD, good, $50. .two volume SB edition, 1985, vg, $35. AMERICAN RAILROAD POLITICS 1914-1920: RATES, WAGES, EFFICIENCY Kerr, 1968, Univ. Pittsburgh, 250p,HD,vg,$20 AMERICAN RAILROAD RATES Noyes, 1906; Little Brown & Co., 277p, HD, good, $20. AMERICAN RAILROAD STOCK CERTIFICATES Hendy, 1980, Stanley Gibbons Pub., 168p, HD, vg, $25. - $25,18(a),25 AMERICAN RAILROADS - Stover, 1961, Univ. Chicago Press, 302p, HD, good, $10. AMERICAN RAILWAY DEVELOPMENT ASSOC., ANNUAL PROCEEDINGS 1965(Memphis), 82p, spiral, good, $10. AMERICAN RAILWAY: ITS CONSTRUCTION, MANAGEMENT AND APPLIANCES - Clarke, 1889(1st), Scribner s, 456p, HD, spine may have been rebound, clean and tight, $150. .Castle Pub. reprint, 1988, HD, vg, $20. AMERICAN RAILWAY MASTER MECHANICS ASSOC., ANNUAL CONVENTION REPORT OF PROCEEDINGS HD: .1901, 392p+, $30; 1902, 453p+, $30; 1908, 456p+, $30; 1910, 600p+, $30; 1918, 528p+ fold-outs, $50. AMERICAN SHORT LINE RAILWAY GUIDE - Lewis, 1975, Baggage Car, 1975, 146p+supplement, SB, vg, $25. .1986(3rd ed.),240p, SB, vg, $20. .4th ed.(1991), 320p, SB, good, $25. AMERICAN SINGLE LOCOMOTIVES AND THE PIONEER - White, 1973, Smithsonian Press, 50p, SB, vg, $20. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF RAILROAD SUPERINTENDENTS ANN. MEETING PROCEEDINGS 1895(25TH), 83p+, SB, cover loose,$20 AMERICAN STEAM LeMassena, Sundance Books, HD: , Locomotives of the Northeast, 1989(1st), 256p, vg, $45. Page 25 AMERICAN STEAM LOCOMOTIVE Solomon, 1998, MBI Pub., 160p, HD, vg, $25. AMERICAN TRAIN DEPOT & ROUNDHOUSE Halberstadt, 1995, MBI, 192p, HD, vg, $35. AMTRAK AT MILEPOST 10 - Zimmerman, 1981, PTJ Pub., 80p, SB, vg, $25. AMTRAK CAR SPOTTER - Wayner Pub., SB: 1972 1st ed., Wayner Pub., 56p, good, $30. .Revised 2nd ed. (w/ Auto-Train cars), 1973, 80p, vg, $30. AMTRAK CAR (AND LOCOMOTIVE) SPOTTER - Wayner Pub., SB: Revised 3rd ed., 1976, 141p, good, $25. .Revised 5th ed., 1982, 110p, SB, vg, $25. AMTRAK CONSISTS - Wayner Publications, SB: 1976 ed., 42p, good, $35. AMTRAK EQUIPMENT ASSIGNMENTS AND MAINTENANCE ASSIGNMENT Amendment 3, Issued 4/27/80, rev. 3/1/81, , stapled, some stains on back pages, $50. AMTRAK HERITAGE, PASSENGER TRAINS IN THE EAST 1971-1977 - Taibi, 1979, 48p, SB, vg, $25. AMTRAK NORMAL TRAIN CONSISTS Issued 5/19 and 6/9/1974 by company, 99p, stapled; plus Amendment 3, Issued 10/26/80, Rev. 3/1/81, appox. 50p, some stains, as set, $85. AMTRAK TRAINS AND TRAVEL - Dorin, 1979(1st), Superior, 184p, HD, vg, $45. AN AQUAINTANCE WITH ALCO - Olmsted, 1968(1st), McMillan, 80p, good, $45. ANGELS FLIGHT (Los Angeles incline) Wheelock, 1966, La Siesta Press, 36p, SB, good, $35. ANGELS FLIGHT: BUNKER HILL S INCLINE RAILWAY Comer, 1996, Hist. Soc. Southern Cal., 158p, SB, good, $10. ANTIQUE TOY TRAINS, THE HOBBY OF COLLECTING OLD TOY TRAINS Godel, 1976, 215p, HD, two dj tears, $65. APEX OF THE ATLANTICS - Westing, 1963, Kalmbach, 167p, HD horiz., good, $70. APPALACHIAN COAL MINES AND RAILROADS - Dixon, 1994, TLC Pub., 74p, SB, vg, $35. APPALACHIAN CONQUEST: C&O, N&W, VIRGINIAN AND CLINCHFIELD CROSS THE MOUNTAINS 2002, 128p, HD, a/n, $25. APPALACHIAN CROSSING, THE POCAHONTAS ROADS - Huddleston, 1989, TLC Pub, 65p, SB, vg, $20. APPLE COUNTRY INTERURBAN, HISTORY OF YAKIMA VALLEY TRANS. CO. - Johnsen, 1979, Golden West, 129p, HD,good, $55 APPLETON'S RAILWAY & STEAM NAVIGATION GUIDE July 1872 ed., 276p, SB, corner of cover missing/some mildew spots, $75. APPRENTICED TRANSPORT - 1940, eng. aspects of psgr car trucks, wheels and brakes, Yale, 40p, soiled, $5. ARCADE & ATTICA RAILROAD - Lewis, 1972(2nd ed), Baggage Car, 104p, SB, good, $40. ARGENTINE CENTRAL - Hollenback, 1959, Sage Books, 80p, 300 copy HD edition, vg, $100. .SB ed., 1959, 80p, good, $50. ARLINGTON S LITTLE LOCAL RAILROAD (Lexington & West Cambridge,MA) Worden, 1991, 26p, SB, good, $30. ART OF RAILROAD PHOTOGRAPHY Benson, 1993, Kalmbach, 149p, HD, vg, $45. ARTHUR E. STILWELL, PROMOTER WITH A HUNCH ( RR s) - Bryant, 1971, Vanderbilt, 256p, HD, vg(dj good), $35. ARTICULATED LOCOMOTIVES - Wiener, 1970 Kalmbach reprint, 632p, HD, vg, $55. ARTICULATED STEAM LOCOMOTIVES OF NORTH AMERICA - LeMassena, Sundance: , 1979(1st), 414p, HD, good, $100. ASIAN DREAM, THE PACIFIC RIM AND CANADA S NATIONAL RAILWAY MacKay, 1986, Douglas & McIntyre, 223p,HD,vg,$35 ASSOC. OF AMERICAN RAILROADS-PURCHASES AND STORES DIV., ANNUAL MEETING 1956(13th), 276p, HD, vg, $20. ATLANTIC AND DANVILLE RAILWAY COMPANY, RAILROAD OF SOUTHSIDE VIRGINIA Griffin, 1987(1st), 152p, HD, vg, $150 ATLANTIC CITY RAILROAD, ROYAL ROUTE TO THE SEA 1877-1933 - Cook/Coxey, 1980, 176p, HD, dj good, $50. ATLANTIC COAST LINE RAILROAD: STEAM LOCOMOTIVES, SHIPS AND HISTORY - Prince, 1975(2nd print), 232p, HD,vg,$100 .Indiana Univ. Press reprint, 2000, 232p, HD, a/n, $50. ATLANTIC ERA, THE BRITISH ATLANTIC LOCOMOTIVE Evans, 1961, Percival Marshall, 94p, HD, vg, $25. ATLAS OF RAILWAY TRAFFIC MAPS - Central Freight Assoc.: .1919 ed., 19 maps, HD, some maps worn at creases, interior hinges cracked, $30. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN ENGINE, STORY OF THE WILLIAM CROOKS , Great Northern Ry, 23p, SB, good, $20. B&ORHS publications: .BALTIMORE & OHIO SUMMARY OF FREIGHT CAR EQUIPMENT: 1917-1927, 12p, no date, stapled, $10. B&O DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES : Switchers & Road Switchers 1940-1962, Liljestrand/Sweetland, 2006,48p,SB,$20. B&O Monongah Memories Alderson, 1988(1st), Barnard Roberts, 60+p, SB, vg, $25. B&O STEAM FINALE - Mellander/Kaplan/Price, Potomac : Vol. 1, 1986, 120p, HD, vg, $80. .Vol. 2, 1988, 147p, HD, vg, $40. B&O THUNDER IN THE ALLEGHENIES - Mellander, 1983, Carstens, 80p, SB, good, $20. BACKWOODS RAILROADS OF THE WEST - Steinheimer, 1963(1st), Kalmbach, 177p, HD, minor dj tears o/w good, $65. BAHNEN DER BLS-GRUPPE, GESCHICHTE UND ROLLMATERIAL 1872-1943(Ger. text) Stolz, 1989, 208p, HD, vg, $25. BAHNEN IMJURA (Ger/English) Marti, 1971, Orell Fussli, , HD, good, $20. BAHM IM BILD (Ger. text) Pospischil, HD: #5 Die Zillertalbahn, Kleindel, 1978, 96p, vg, $25. #7 Die Salzkammergut-Lokalbahn, Luft, 1979, 96p, vg, $25. BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS 1881 ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE (2nd ed.) - Lippincott, 101p, HD, vg-clean/tight, $750. BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS RECORDS OF RECENT CONSTRUCTION - locomotive sales books, original unless noted: #21 to #30 Inclusive, (original), 322p, HD, title page loose o/w tight and overall good condition,$300 #56, Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe, 1906, 43p, (1962/66 Albrecht reprint), good, $15. #72, Mallet Articulated Locomotives, 1912, 44p, 1973 Albrecht reprint, partial label on cover, $25. #76, Logging Locomotives, 1913, 60p, SB, (1973 reprint) vg, $25. .Locomotive No. 60000, Description and Results of Plant and Road Tests, 1928, HD, good, $40. .Electric Motor and Trailer Trucks, 5th ed., not , approx. 105p, hardcovers post-bound, good, $95 BALDWIN S OFFICIAL RAILWAY GUIDE - 1881 Jan., 48p, SB, water stain one corner, 3/4 cut-out on news page o/w complete, $45. BALLAD OF OLD & OTHER INFORMATION PERTAINING TO THE GALLOPING GESSE Ripley, 1981, 20p, SB, good, $25. BALTIMORE & OHIO E-UNIT DIESEL PASSENGER LOCOMOTIVES Nuckles, 1994, TLC Pub., 78p, SB, vg, $20. Page 26 BALTIMORE & OHIO DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES : Switchers & Road Switchers, Liljestrand, 2006, 48p, SB, new, $20. BALTIMORE & OHIO HERITAGE: 1945-1955 - Kraus/Crist., 1978, Carstens, 48p, SB, vg, $10. BALTIMORE & OHIO IN COLOR Morning Sun, HD: , Mainey, 2003, 128p, a/n, $45. BALTIMORE & OHIO PASSENGER SERVICE, 1945-1971 - Stegmaier, TLC Pub.: . , Route of the National Limited , 1993, 114p, SB ed., vg, $35. . , Route of the Capitol Limited , 1997, 148p, HD, vg, $50. BALTIMORE & OHIO TRANSPORATATION MUSEUM 1970, B&O Co., 32p, SB, good, $5. BALTIMORE AND ITS STREETCARS: PICTORIAL REVIEW OF THE POSTWAR YEARS - Harwood, 1984, Quadrant, 96p, SB,vg,$25 BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD STATIONS AND TOWERS ALONG THE NIAGARA DIVISION Fries, 1996, 95p, SB, vg, $30. BANGOR & AROOSTOOK-75 YEARS, 1891-1966 - BAR, 1966, 48p, SB, good, $25. BANGOR & AROOSTOOK RAILROAD: FROM POTATOES TO PULP & PAPER - Johnson, 1983, Portland Litho, 88p, SB, vg, $45. BANGOR & AROOSTOOK, THE LIFE OF A MAINE RAILROAD TRADITION - Angier & Cleaves, 2009, 309p, HD, new, $60. BANGOR & AROOSTOOK, THE MAINE RAILROAD - Angier & Cleaves, 1986, Flying Yankee Ent., 274p, SB, vg, $45. BARRY LOCOMOTIVE PHENOMENON (Brit) Blake/Nicholson, 1987, Foulis-OPC/Haynes Pub., 192p, HD, vg, $30. BEAUTY OF OLD TRAINS (Brit) Ellis, 1952, Geo. Allen & Unwin, 147p, HD, vg, $25. BEDSIDE ASPECTS OF BRITAIN S RAILWAY HISTORY Jenkinson, 1993, Back Track Magazine, 144p, HD, a/n, $10. BEFORE GUILFORD: THE D&H, B&M AND MEC RAILROADS - Cook, 1988(1st), Old Line Graphics, 128p, HD, vg, $50. BEGINNINGS OF THE NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD - Stevens, 1926, Putnam, 408p, HD, good clean copy, $85. BEHIND THE STEAM (Brit) Morgan/Meyrick, 1973(1st), Hutchinson Co., 222p, HD, good, $25. BENWICK BRANCH Paye, 1998, John Masters, 84p, SB, vg, $35. BERKSHIRE ERA: NICKEL PLATE ROAD, 1934-1958 - Rehor/Horning, 1967(1st), 160p, HD,no dj/waxy film on covers,$75. BESSEMER AND LAKE ERIE RAILROAD: 1869-1969 - Beaver, 1969(1st), Golden West, 184p, HD, vg, $85. BESSEMER AND LAKE ERIE RAILROAD IN COLOR Lorenzo/Clark, 1994, Morning Sun, 128p, HD, vg, $45. BEST OF ERIC TREACY (Brit. photos) 1994, David St John Thomas Pub., 192p, HD, vg, $25. BEST OF MAINE RAILROADS - Johnson, 1985, self published, 144p, SB, good, $25. BETHLEHEM STEEL RAILROADING Yeakel, 2008, TRP, 56p, SB, vg, $25. BIG BOY - Kratville, 1972 ed., Kratville Pub., 96p, SB, vg/some yellow highlighting, $50. BIG DREAMS AND LITTLE WHEELS (Wiscasset & Quebec) - Wiggin, 1971(1st), Little Guy Press, 103p, SB, vg, $10. BIG HEART (San Francisco Cable Cars photo essay) Van, 1957, Fearon Pub., 76p, HD, vg, $35. BIG RED TRAIN RIDE, THE TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY Newby, 1983 print, Penguin Books, 267p, SB, vg, $10. BILLBOARD REFRIGERATOR CARS Hendrickson/Kaminski, 2008, Signature Press, 224p, HD, new, $55. BILLERICA & BEDFORD RAILROAD OF MASSACHUSETTS, 1877: FIRST TWO-FOOT GAUGE RAILROAD - 1950 reprint of 1879 Railroad Gazette Pub., Railroadians of America #4, 27p, SB, good, $40. BIRNEY CAR Cox, , 118p, spiral, few teeth in comb missing o/w good, $35. BIRNEY CAR PANORAMA, A PHOTOGRAPHIC RETROSPECTIVE Kramer, 1998, Bells & Whistles, SB, vg, $20. BIRTH OF THE GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY: EXTRACTS FROM THE DIARY AND CORRESPONDENCE OF GIBBS (Brit) Simmons, 1971, Adams & Dart, 96p, HD, good, but some old tape residue on inside frontispiece and last page, $25. BISHOP S CASTLE: PORTRAIT OF A COUNTY RAILWAY (Brit) Morgan, 2003, Bishop s Castle Ry Soc., 52p, SB, a/n,$12 BLACK GOLD BLACK DIAMONDS, THE PRR AND DIESELIZATION Hirsimaki, , 1997, 176p, HD, vg, $65. BLACKFEET INDIANS (GN) Reiss/Linderman, 1995 Gramercy Books reprint, 65p, HD, a/n, $25. BLUE MOUNTAIN & READING STORY - Madeira, no date, 36p, SB, good, $10. 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COLORADO NARROW GAUGE BOOKLETS Steam in the Rockies (1963) and Train to Yesterday, Durango-Silverton together in nice hardcover binding, vg, $35. 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GHOST RAILS Cole, HD: : Electrics-Upper Ohio Valley, 312p, HD, new, $60. . : Industrial Shortlines (Ohio/Penn. State Line region), 2008, 152p, new, $60. . : The Short Line-Pittsburgh & Butler Ry, 2010, 272p, new, $60. . : State Line Legends: P&LE, Carbon Limestone, Ohio Iron & Steel, Burton Explosives, etc, 2012, 232p,$40 . : Shenango Valley Steel-Sharon Steel, etc., 2014, 352p, new, $60. . : Seamless-Babcock & Wilcox History, Tubular Products Div., 2015, 320p, $60. GIANT S LADDER (Moffat Road) - Boner, 1962, Kalmbach, 224p+maps, HD, good, $75. GILPIN GOLD TRAM, COLORADO S UNIQUE NARROW GAUGE - Ferrell, 1970(1st), Pruett Pub., 112p, HD, vg, $45. GLORY OF ELECTRIC TRAMS Gladwin, 1993, OPC, 48p, SB, vg, $10. GLOUCESTER S LOST RAILWAYS (Brit) Dale, 2002, Stenlake Pub., 48p, SB, a/n, $10. GLOVER MACHINE WORKS: Catalog C , no date but original, 30p, string bound, vg, $50. GM S GEEPS: THE GENERAL PURPOSE DIESELS Schneider, 2001, Kalmbach, 128p, SB, vg, $40. GOING PLACES: TRANSPORTATION REDEFINES 20TH-CENTURY WEST Schwantes, 2003, 419p, HD,minor scuffs o/w vg, $25. GOLD RUSH NARROW GAUGE: WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE - Martin, 1974(2nd ed.), Trans Anglo, 96p, HD, vg, $45. GOLDEN AGE OF RAILROADS (Juv.) - Holbrook, 1960, Landmark Books, 182p, HD, tight but library discard, $10. GOLDEN AGE OF RAILROADS IN NEW YORK S CAPITAL DISTRICT - Starr, 2012, 161p, SB, new, $26. GOLDEN AGE OF THE RAILWAY POSTER (Brit.) Shackleton, 1976, Chartwell Books, 126p, HD, good, $30. GOLDEN DECADE OF TRAINS: THE 1950's IN COLOR - Malinoski, 1991, Morning Sun, 128p, HD, new, $45. GOLDEN SPIKE, NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE Utley, 1992 print, Service, 58p, SB, vg, $5. GOVERNMENT REGULATION OF RAILWAY RATES - Meyer, 1905, Macmillan, 486p, HD, gd, $35. GOVERNMENT OWNERSHIP OF RAILROADS Buehler, 1939, Noble & Noble, 389p, HD, minor stains o/w good, $30. GRAND CENTRAL - Marshall, 1946, McGraw-Hill, 280p, HD, good minor dust jacket wear, $35. GRAND CENTRAL, WORLD S GREATEST RAILWAY TERMINAL - Middleton, 1999(3rd print), Golden West, 160p, HD, vg, $35. GRAND TRUNK 713 AND THE LEWISTON BRANCH (ME.) Roberetson/Davis, 1994, 50p, SB, vg, $25. GRAND TRUNK CORPORATION: CANADIAN NATIONAL RYS IN THE , 1971-1992 - Hofsommer, 2002, MSU, 230p, HD,new,$60 GRAND TRUNK HERITAGE - Hastings, 1978(1st), Railroad Heritage Press #3, 48p, SB, good, $15. GRAND TRUNK IN NEW ENGLAND - Holt, 1986, Railfare, 176p, HD, vg, $100. GRAND TRUNK WESTERN RAILROAD: A CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY - Dorin, 1977(1st), Superior, 174p, HD, vg, $65. Page 39 .SB ed., Superior Pub., vg, $35. GRANDE GOLD - Payne/Eakin, 1989, Railhead Pub, 120p, SB, vg, $20. GRANGER COUNTRY, PICTORIAL SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE BURLINGTON RAILROAD - Lewis, 1949, 200+p, HD, good/no dj, $35 GREAT AMERICAN RAILROADS, PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY Swift, 2006, Barnes & Noble, 192p, HD, vg, $10. GREAT AMERICAN SCENIC RAILROADS - Berger, 1985, Dutton, 112p, SB, vg, $10. 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NATION PAYS AGAIN (MILW Road) - Ploss, 1991(Memorial ed.), 177p+addendum, HD, minor dj edge wear o/w vg, $85. .1984 ed., 165p, SB, slight spine fade/minor crease on back, $50. NATIONAL CONSOLIDATION OF THE RAILWAYS OF THE UNITED STATES Lewis, 1893, Dodd Mead Co., 326p, HD, good, $65. NATIONAL RAIL TRANSPORTATION MUSEUM PROJECT OF CANADIAN RR HIST. ASSOC. 1961, CRHA, 18p, spiral, good, $15. NEARSIDE CAR AND THE LEGACY OF THOMAS E. MITTEN Borgnis, 1994, 166p, SB, minor edge wear/cover creases, $45. NEERHS PUBLICATIONS: #2, Atlantic Shore Trolleys, 1966, Cummings, 56p, SB, vg, $35; . The Portsmouth Electric Railway (no vol.#), 1952, 20p, SB 5x8, vg, $15. NEVADA COUNTY NARROW GAUGE - Best, 1965, 214p, HD, minor dj tears/good, $60. NEWCOMEN SOCIETY ADDRESSES: . The Story Behind A Symbol , Faricy, 1951, 28p, good, $20. . At Baltimore on December 7, 1842 - Extracts from railroad Minute Book , by White, Pres., B&O, 1943(2nd print), 52p, SB, good, $25. . Canadian Pacific , World Transportation , Crump, 1957, 28p, vg, $25. . Century of Progress-Heritage of Service, Union Pacific 1869-1969 , Bailey, 1969, 24p, good, $25. . General Wm. Mahone, Frederick J. Kimball and Others-A Short History of the N&W Ry , Smith, 1949, 29p, SB,$25 . George Gibbs, E. Rowland Hill Pioneers In Railroad Electrification , Sloan,1957, 32p, vg, $25. . George M. Pullman (1831-1897) and The Pullman Company , Harding, 1951, 44p, vg, $25,. . Henry Villard and The Northern Pacific , Macfarlane, 1954, 28p, vg, $25. . L&N, Its First 100 Years , Tilford, 1951, 32p, $25. . Lackawanna-Route of the Phoebe Snow, 1851-1951 , White, 1951, 40p, good, $25. . Maine Central Railroad, 1940-1975 , Miller, 1979, 52p, vg, $25. . Mount Washington Railway Co.: World s First Cog Railway, Mt. Washington, NH Teague, 1970, 28p, vg, $25. . New England In National Leadership 1895-First Steam RR Electrification! (NH s Nantasket Beach Branch), 1945, Palmer, 24p, vg, $25. . 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NYC ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES AND MU CARS Liljestrand/Sweetland, 2002, 48p, SB, new, $15. O&W, LONG LIFE AND SLOW DEATH OF THE NYO&W - Helmer, 1959(1st), Howell-North, 211p+map, HD, good, $25. O BRIEN S COLLECTING TOY TRAINS Stephan, Edition #5, 447p, SB, vg, $20. OBSERVER S BOOK OF RAILWAY LOCOMOTIVES OF BRITAIN Casserley, HD small format, $10@: 1958 ed., 286p, vg; 1962 ed., 285p, good; 1964 ed., 256p, dj tears; 1966 ed., 256p, vg. O ER CANON AND CRAG, TO THE LAND OF GOLD (Col. Springs & Cripple Creek District Ry.) 1904, Series 3 , 26p of color tinted photos, good, $75. OFF WITH OLD AND ON WITH THE NEW, STORY OF B&LE STEAM LOCOMOTIVES Beaver, 1954, company, 64p, SB, vg, $65. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS OF LMS WAGONS (Brit) Essery, Wild Swan Pub, SB: , 1996, 72p, vg, $35. OFFICIAL GUIDE OF THE RAILWAYS (TRAVELER'S OFFICIAL RAILWAY GUIDE) - (vg unless noted): $20: (reprints) - 1868, June (1st); 1868 June, HD, $35; 1869, June. $50: 526+p, of pages are missing, in hard covers. $140: early 1896 issue, complete but exact date missing from cover, 924p, rebound in hard covers. $275: , 680p, complete and HD, 40 pages reinforced w/clear tape. $200: March 1892 (missing front cover, HD). $300: , 894p, complete, clean and tight, HD, $300. Page 56 $200: , 928p, complete, approx 40 pages have clear tape reinforcing, HD. $100: , 1054p, front cover a nd title page missing o/w complete, damaged corners and edges, $100. $50: 1/50(spine taped). $35: 7/57,8/57,10/57,1/59,4/59,4/59(back cover missing),8/59. $10@: 1961-9. 1962-1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9. 1963-1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,12. 1964-2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. 1965-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11. $ : 1966-1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11. 1967-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. 1968-1,2,45,7,8,9,10,11. 1970-1,2,3,4,6,8,9,10,11,12. 1971-1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11. 1972-1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,12. 1973-1,2,3,4,5,7,9,11. 1974-5/6. 1975-1/2,5,6,9,10,11,12. 1976-3,4,5,6,10,11,12. 1977-1/2,5,6,7/8,10,11,12. 1978-7/8,12. 1979-1/2,3,4,5,6,7/8,9,10,11,12. 1980-5/6,7/8; 1981-11/12; 1983-7/8; 1984-11/12; 1986-1/2,6/; 1989-1/2. Freight Service ed.: 1978 5/6; 1979 1/2; 1980 5/6,7/8; 1981 3/4; 1983 7/8; 12/84; 1986 1/2; 1989 1/2 Passenger Travel editions: 5/77,12/77,12/78,3/79,12/79,3/80. OFFICIAL INTERMODAL EQUIPMENT REGISTER Intermodal Pub. Co., SB: .1971 Aug.( #1), minor stains, $35. .1980, Nov, three-hole punched, $20. .1981, Feb, bottom right corner of cover missing o/w good, $20. OFFICIAL LOCOMOTIVE ROSTER - Kerr, DPA-LTA, SB: 1995/96 ed., $15; 1999 ed., 150p, vg, $15. .1995/96 ed., 100+p, SB, vg, $20. .1999 ed., 150+p, SB, vg, $20. .2004 ed., 100+p, new, $15. .2006 ed.: , North American Major Railroads, 32p, new, $18; , North American Shortlines, 66p, new, $18. OFFICIAL PULLMAN-STANDARD LIBRARY - Railway Production Classics, spiral in HD cover: . , SP Postwar Cars, 1988, Randall/Ross, 212p, vg, $125. . , C&NW, Randall/Anderson, 1990, 194p, vg, $100. OFFICIAL RAILWAY EQUIPMENT REGISTER - .1915, Sep, covers and first four pages missing, corners dog-eared, $175. .1930, Dec, covers separated, front cover and first page badly damaged, $150. .Bi-Monthly Updates since July 1934 edition, $25 each: 1934 Sep, 26p; 1934 Nov, 27p; 1935 Jan, 48p; 1935 Mar, 68p; 1935 May, 80p. .1946, Jul, covers have moderate wear, spine reinforced with clear tape, $100. .$25@: 1987 Jul; 1992 Jan; 1994 Apr; 2000 Jul; 2007 Aug. OFFICIAL RAILWAY LIST: A DIRECTORY OF RAILWAYS IN NORTH AMERICA Smith & Cowles, loaded with advertisements, list officers and agents: .1886 ed., 210p, HD, clean and tight/good, $100. .1890 ed., Railway Piurchasing Agent Co., 303p, HD, clean and tight/good, $100. OFFICIAL RAILWAY GUIDE TO COLORADO, EAST AND WEST July 1883, 120p, 1978 reprint, SB, vg, $20. OFFICIAL REGISTER OF PASSENGER TRAIN EQUIPMENT - SB, all original unless noted: #1 (3/1943), 59p, original, good, $175. #18 (1/1953), 120p, minor cover stains o/w good, $125. #32 (3/1967), 118p, good, $50. #34 (3/1967), 118p, good, $50. #35 (3/1970), 68p, good, $40. .Nat. Ry. Pulication Co. 1980 reprints, $25@: #1(3/43), #18(1/53); #36(3/71). OHIO BRASS TRANSIT Catalog No. 25, 1948, 206p, HD, good, $150. OHIO-MIDLAND LIGHT & POWER CO. (Scioto Valley Traction)...OUR FIRST HALF CENTURY 1949, company published, 24p, SB, vg, $25. OIL LAMPS AND IRON PONIES, CHRONICLE OF THE NARROW GAUGES - Shaw/Fisher/Harlan, 1949(1st), 188p, HD, good, $65 OKLAHOMA STATE RAIL PLAN, 1992 Richards/Lamkin, 1992, OK Dept. of Transportation, 150+p, spiral, vg, $25. OLD DOMINION STEAM, C&O FOR PROGRESS - Dixon, 1988, J&D Studios, 64p, SB, good, $25. OLD MINERAL LINE (Brit) Sellick, 2003, Exmoor Press, 64p, SB, a/n, $15. OLD SWITCHBACK RAILROAD Lentz, 1946, 29p, SB, good, $15. 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PERE MARQUETTE IN 1945-OPERATING AND PHYSICAL DATA 1990 reprint by C&OHS, 79p, SB, vg, $50. PERE MARQUETTE POWER - Dixon/Million, 1984(1st), C&OHS, 244p, SB, good, $50. PERE MARQUETTE RAILROAD CO., GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF ONE OF MICHIGAN S MOST IMPORTANT RY SYSTEMS Ivey, 1970/1974 Black Letter Press reprint of 1919 original, 259p, HD, minor tape repairs/stains to dj o/w vg, $40. PERFORMANCE OF RAILROADS SINCE WWII, QUARTER CENTURY OF PRIVATE OPERATION Healy, 1985, 295p, HD,vg, $45 Peril f the Broken Rail: The Carriers, Steel Companies and Rail Technology, 1900-1945 , in Technology and Culture, April 1999, 30p, SB, vg, $10. Page 59 PERMANENT WAY Hill, East African Rys & Harbours: . , Nairobi, etc., 1976(2nd print), 582+p, HD, good, $50. . , Story of the Tanganyika Railways, 1957(1st), 295+p, HD, good, $150. PERMANENT WAY AND COAL-BURNING LOCOMOTIVE BOILERS OF EUROPEAN RAILWAYS - Colburn/Holley, 1858, New York, 168 pages, 43 full-page illustration plates concerning details of steam locomotive boilers, right of way construction and track work, and a railway map of Great Britain, HD, binding is generally tight although there is some moderate wear at edges and top pf spine, pages are complete and clean with occasional evidence of moderate foxing, $325. PETO S REGISTER OF GWR LOCOMOTIVES (Brit) : 14XX and 58XX 0-4-2Ts, Smith, 1998, Irwell, 90p, HD,a/n,$30 PHELPS S TRAVELLERS GUIDE THROUGH THE UNITED STATES; Containing Upwards of Seven Hundred Rail-Road, Canal, and Stage and Steam-Boat Routes, Accompanied By A New Map of the United States 1848, Ensigns & Thayer, 70 gilt-edge pages, HD, w/ color, foldout map in back, cover gilt is still moderately bright and binding is good, edge of pages and maps show some moderate foxing stains, $495. PHILIP R. HASTINGS: PORTRAIT OF THE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD Nelson, 2002, Pine Tree Press, 128p, HD, new, $45. PHOTO BY McCLURE: THE RAILROAD,CITYSCAPE AND LANDSCAPE (Colorado) Jones, 1983(1st), Pruett Pub., 254p, HD, vg(dj good), $50. PHOTO HISTORY OF THE PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND RAILWAY Graham, 2001(revised), CN Lines SIG, 250p, SB, vg, $100. PICTORIAL GUIDES BHI Publishing, spiral: .Bridgton & Saco River Railroad Freight Cars, Barney, 2005, 86p, vg, $18. .Freight Equipment of the Other Two-Footers, Barney, 2007, 102p, spiral, new, $25. .Maine Two Foot Gauge Forneys Barney, BHI Pub., spiral: . , The Early Locomotives, 2005, 106p, spiral, new, $25. . , The Design Comes of Age, 2006, 110p, spiral, new, $25. .Maine Two Foot Gauge Passenger Cars of the Other Roads, Barney, 2007, 102p, spiral, new, $25. .SR&RL Cabooses, Barney, 2005, 70p, spiral, $20. .SR&RL Passenger Cars, Barney, 2006, 98p, spiral, new, $25. .Work Equipment of the Maine Two-Footers, Barney, 2007, 102p, spiral, new, $25. PICTORIAL HISTORY C&O TRAIN/AUTO FERRIES, PERE MARQUETTE STEAMERS - Fredrickson, 1965 , 74p, SB, vg,$35 PICTORIAL HISTORY OF RAILROADING IN BRITISH COLUMBIA Sanford, 1981(1st), Whitecap Books, 144p, SB, vg, $35. PICTORIAL RECORD OF GREAT WESTERN COACHES 1903-1948 (Brit) - Russell, 1990, Oxford Pub. Co., 273p, HD, vg,$40 PICTORIAL RECORD OF GREAT WESTERN ENGINES (Brit) : Gooch, Armstong & Dean Locomotives; Russell, 1988, OPC, 188p, HD, vg, $40. . : Churchward, Collett & Hawksworth Locomotives, Russell, 1988, OPC, 244p, HD, vg, $40. PICTORIAL REVIEW - Gardner, SB/spiral: Central RR of New Jersey, SB ed. 24p, no date, good, $20. .Lehigh Valley , 1976, 102p, good, $35. .Reading System, , $35. .Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR: , 92p, 2nd ed.(1986), vg, $35. .Erie Railroad , 1974, vg, $35.; 1986 print, vg, $25. PICTORIAL REVIEW OF PROGRESS ON THE PENNSYLVANIA, March 1953 PRR Co., 24p, SB, good, $20. PICTORIAL SURVEY OF RAILWAY SIGNALLING (Brit) Allen/Woolstenholmes, 1991, Oxford Pub., 144p, HD, a/n, $20. PICTURE HISTORY OF B&O MOTIVE POWER - Sagle, 1952(1st), Simmons-Boardman, 82p, HD, dj tears, $35. PICTURE HISTORY OF RAILWAYS (Brit) - Ellis, 1956(1st), 150+p, HD, good, $10. PICTURE HISTORY OF THE SOMERSET & DORSET RY Atthill, 1970, 112p, HD, minor browning title pages o/w good,$15 PIEDMONT & NORTHERN, GREAT ELECTRIC SYSTEM OF THE SOUTH - Fetters/Swanson, 1976(2nd), 175p, HD, good/no dj,$80 PIGGYBACK AND CONTAINERS: RAIL INTERMODAL ON AMERICA S STEEL HIGHWAY DeBoer, 1994(2nd print),192p,HD,a/n,$45 PIKE'S PEAK BY RAIL - Hollenback/Russell, 1962, Sage Books, 91p, SB 5x8, good, $35. PIKE'S PEAK COG ROAD - Abbott, 1972, Golden West, 176p, HD, vg, $40. PINO GRANDE, LOGGING RRS OF MICHIGAN-CALIFORNIA LUMBER CO. - Polkinghorn, 1966(1st), 144p, HD w/map,good,$50 PINPRICK OF LIGHT, TROY & GREENFIELD RR AND ITS HOOSAC TUNNEL - Byron, 1978, 1978, 71p, SB, vg, $20. 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POOR'S MANUAL OF RAILROADS - all hard bound in original green covers; in addition to hundreds of pages of maps, operating and financial data, pre-1915 editions contain a multitude of advertising pages for suppliers to the railroad industry, some also contain Directory of Railroad Officials : .1868-69 (first volume issued), 444p, HD, interior hinges starting to loosen, minor cover wear, clean, $400. .1869/70, 471p + 60p of ads, HD, interior hinges starting to loosen, tape reinforcement on top and bottom of spine and corners of cover, clean, $350. .1870/71, 503p, HD, slight loosening of interior hinges and minor cover stains, o/w clean, $335. .1871/72, 592p + 110p of ads, HD, binding in good condition, tape reinforcement on top and bottom of spine and corners of cover, clean, $325. Page 60 .1873/74 ed., 739+p, hinges starting to loosen, otherwise good, $150. .1875/76, 844p + 110p of ads, interior hinges loose and spine starting to separate, dozen pages loose in binding, $200. .1876/77 ed., 877+p, rear interior hinge cracked, damage to corner of front cover, $125. .1878, 1027+p, hinges broken, covers taped on, $75. .1879, 1030+p, rear fly sheet missing, otherwise good, $100. .1880, 1077+p, of index missing, interior hinges cracked, $75. .1882, 999+p, minor hinge loosening, otherwise good, $100. .1883, 1055+p, moderate cover wear/stains, spine separated, pages loose but present, $60. .1884, 1035+p, hinges loose, moderate cover spotting and wear, $85. .1886, 1022+p, interior hinges cracked o/w clean and a nice copy, $85. .1887, 1053+p, interior hinges broken, some edge wear on covers, $85. .1888, 1022+p, interior hinges broken, $85. .1889, 1064+p, interior hinges broken, some edge wear on covers, $85. .1890, 1424+p, interior hinges broken, $75. .1891, 1439+p, moderate cover wear and interior hinges cracked, o/w good, $75. .1897, 1408+p, spine loose from covers, $50. .1898, 1412+p, interior hinges cracked, otherwise good, $75. .1899, 1528+p, interior hinges loose o/w good, $75. .1903, 1720+p, covers and spine intact but interior hinges cracked and pages separated from spine plate, $65. .1904, 1490+p, interior hinge cracked, moderate cover wear, $65. .1912, 3106p, back cover separated from binding and last page missing, $40. .1913, 1874p, good, $60. .1914, 2068p, interior hinges cracked, otherwise good, $50. .1915, 2060p, hinges broken and spine plate partially missing, $40. .1925, 1704p, rear hinge and cover loose, last page loose, moderate cover wear, $125. .1927, 2224p, binding tight, covers clean, minor corner wear, $150. 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READING: BUILDING A MODERN RAILROAD 1958, company published, 60p, SB, good, $15. READING COMPANY CABOOSES Hall, 2001, RCH&TS, 270p, HD, new, $35. READING DIESELS Woodland, Garrigues House Pub.: Vol. 1, The First Generation, 1991, 168p, HD, vg, $55; .Vol. 2, The Second Generation, 1995, 188p, HD, a/n, $60. READING RAILROAD COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE Hist. Review Berks County-1983 Fall, 180p, SB, good/minor foxing, $20. READING RAILROAD S NORTH BROAD STREET STATION , Bernhart, no date, OSP, 24p, SB, vg, $20. READING SEASHORE LINES, PICTORIAL DOCUMENTARY OF ATLANTIC CITY RR Coxey/Kranefeld, 2007, 168p, SB, a/n, $32 READING STEAM IN COLOR Plant, 1996, Morning Sun, 128p, HD, a/n, $45. READING STEAM PICTORIAL - Pennypacker, 1964, Carleton Pub., 129p, SB, good, $45. READING STREET RAILWAY COMPANY Rohrbeck, 1999, 120p+maps, spiral, vg, $25. READING TERMINAL AND MARKET: PHILADELPHIA'S HISTORIC GATEWAY - Highsmith/Holton, 1994, 95p, SB, vg, $30. 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REDWOOD RAILWAYS (NWP RR) - Kneiss, 1956(1st), 150p+maps in rear pocket, HD, good, $45. .2nd print or later, H-N, 150p+maps in rear pocket, HD, moderate dj wear, $30. REFLECTIONS: THE NICKEL PLATE YEARS - Nickel Plate Main Line, 1985(2nd print), 59p, SB, vg, $30. .Lake Erie & West. District, NKPRHTS, 59p, SB, vg, $25. REGULATING RAILROAD INNOVATION IN AMERICA, 1840-1920 Usselman, 2002, 398p, SB, vg, $25. REGULATION OF RAILWAYS, INCLUDING GOVT. OWNERSHIP CONTROL Dunn, 1918, Appleton, 354p, HD, good, $20 REMEMBER MONTREAL S STREET CARS! - Canadian Railroad Hist. Assoc., 1971, 43p, SB, good, $25. REMEMBER THE PORTLAND MAINE TROLLEYS - Robertson, 1982, 92p, SB, vg, $30. REMINISCENCES OF EXHIBITIONS (Brit model rrs ) Towers, 1993, Dodo Comm., 44p, SB, a/n, $10. RE-OPENING TO WELSHPOOL (Brit) Llanfair Railway Journal #83 (1982), 28p, vg, $10. RECORDS RELATING TO NORTH AMERICAN RAILROADS - 2001, NARA, 200p, SB, vg, $15. 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REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION ROUTES TO THE SEABOARD WITH APPENDIX Congress, 1881, 487p+ numerous fold-out charts and maps, HD, covers faded but clean and binding good, $50. REPORT ON THE TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES OF UTICA, NEW YORK City Planning Comm., 1927, 25p, SB, vg, $45. REQUIEM FOR THE NARROW GAUGE Grenard, 1985, Railhead Pub., 125p, SB, vg, $40. Page 67 RESCUED FROM BARRY Warren, 1983, David & Charles, 175p, HD, vg, $25. RETURN OF THE RAILROADS TO PRIVATE OWNERSHIP: HEARINGS BEFORE THE HOUSE COMMITTEE ON INTERSTATE AND FOREIGN COMMERCE 1919, US House of Rep., 3669p in three HD volumes, minor cover stains but complete and tight, $235. REUSING RAILROAD STATIONS Educ. Facilities Labs/National Endowment For the Arts, 1974, 79p, SB, good, $20. .Book Two 1975, 59p, SB, vg, $20. REVISITING THE LONG ISLAND RAILROAD, 1925-1975 Keller/Lynch, 2005, Arcadia, 128p, SB, vg, $15. 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SANTA FE SYSTEM STANDARDS, CHIEF WAY REFERENCE SERIES - Kachina Press, 1978, spiral bound: Vol. I, II and III, 128p each, good, sold as set, $125. SANTA FE STREAMLINED OBSERVATION CARS Boyle, 2004, TLC Pub., 76p, SB, a/n, $20. SANTA FE, THE RAILROAD THAT BUILT AN EMPIRE - Marshall, 1945, Random House, 465p, HD, minor dj wear, $30. SANTA FE TRACKSIDE WITH BILL GIBSON Stagner, 1999, Morning Sun, 128p, HD, a/n, $45. SANTA FE TRAILS - , Olmsted, 1987(1st), 144p, HD, vg, $60. SANTA FE'S EARLY DIESEL DAZE, 1935-1953 - McCall, 1980, Kachina, 272p, HD, small price sticker o/w vg, $85. SAPBUSH RUN: AN INFORMAL HISTORY OF THE BLACK RIVER & UTICA RR - O'Donnell, 1948, 156p, HD, good, $45. SASKATCHEWAN'S PIONEER STREET CARS, STORY OF REGINA MUNICIPAL RY Hatcher, 1971, Railfaire, 64p, HD, good,$40 SAVING UNION STATION, ALBANY,NY Finnegan, 1988, Washington Park Press, 107p, SB, good, $18. SAWLOGS ON STEEL RAILS, 45 YEARS-PORT ALBERNI RAILWAY LOGGING McKnight, 1997, , SB, exc, $60. 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SCIENCE OF RAILWAYS - Kirkman, 1897 ed., World Railway Pub., HD: and Forces; , Building and Maintaining; of Trains; Business; Business; , Express and Mail Business; Purchase, Care and Use of Material; of Rates, Private vs. Government Control; Affairs: Disbursement; Affairs: Collection of Revenue and Principles Governing It; Fiscal Affairs; Duties of Agents and Conductors, General Index. 12 volume set, good condition, $200. SCRANTON RAILROADS Crosby, 2009, Arcadia Images of Rail Series, 128p, SB, vg, $20. SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILOAD CO. MOTIVE POWER - Calloway/Withers, 1988, Withers Pub., 256p, HD, vg, $100. SEABOARD AIRLINE RAILWAY ALBUM Langley/Beckum/Tidwell, 1988, Union Station Pub., 186p, SB, vg, $100. SEABOARD AIR LINE RAILWAY: STEAM BOATS, LOCOMOTIVES AND HISTORY - Prince, 1969(1st), 268p, HD w/o dj, vg, $110 SEABOARD COAST LINE IN FLORIDA: A PICTORIAL HISTORY - Warren/Clark, 1985, Carstens Pub., 116p, SB, vg, $30. SEARCH FOR SAFETY - Union Switch & Signal Co., 1981, 199p, HD, dj good, $65. SEARCH FOR STEAM - Collias, 1972, Howell-North, 360p, HD, vg, $30. SEE BRITAIN BY TRAIN Atterbury, 1989, Auto Asoc., 120p, SB, vg, $10. SELLING TRANSPORTATION 1928-1929 1930, Richey, Electric Ry Assoc., 204p, HD, minor damp stains dj and edge of few pages o/w good, $40. SEMI-CONVERTIBLE CARS: BOSTON ELEVATED Frazier, 1963, BSRA #2, 30p, SB, 3-hole punched/good, $35. SERVICE SUSPENDED (Brit) Casserley, 1951, Ian Allan, 40p, SB, good, $12. SETTLE & CARLISLE SUNSET Harris, 1989, Ian Allan, 40p, SB, vg, $10. SEVEN RAILROADS - Haine, 1979, Barnes & Co., 271p, HD, vg(dj good), $22. SEVEN SHORT-LINES, THEIR LIVES AND TIMES Young, 1961, Starrucca Valley Pub., 23p, SB, vg, $20. SEVENTY YEARS OF THE CENTRAL Lee, 1970, London Transport, 32p, SB, vg, $15. SEVERN & WYE RAILWAY: RAILWAYS OF THE FOREST OF DEAN-PART 1 Paar, 1963, David & Charles, 173p, HD, vg, $35. 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SIGNAL BOX, PICTORIAL HISTORY AND GUIDE TO DESIGNS (Brit) Signalling Study, 1998(2nd), OPC, 248p, HD, vg,$40 SIGNALMAN S MORNING (Brit) Vaughan, 1982 print, Murray, 177p, HD, vg, $25. SIGNALMAN S REFLECTIONS: A PERSONAL CELEBRATION OF SEMAPHORE SIGNALLING (Brit) Vaughan, 1990, Silver Link, 192p, HD, a/n, $30. SIGNATURES IN STEEL (Canadian) - McDonnell, 1991, Stoddart/Boston Mills, 208p, HD, vg, $40. SILVER BANQUET I: COMPENDIUM RAILROAD DINING CAR SILVER SERVING PIECES Maffett, 1980(1st), 191p, HD, vg,$250 SILVER CITY NARROW GAUGE Ericson, 2007, M2FQ Pub., SB, vg but couple small spots where tape lifted ink, $35. SILVER HILL BOYS AND THE SECRET RAILROAD CLUB Karas, 2010, privately published, 102p, SB, a/n, $15. SILVER SAN JUAN: THE RIO GRANDE SOUTHERN - Ferrell, 1973(1st), Pruett, 643p+maps, HD, vg/dj has minor tape repairs, map in pocket, $160. SILVER SHORT LINE, HISTORY OF THE VIRGINIA & TRUCKEE RR - Wurm/Demoro, 1983(1st), Trans-Anglo, 260p, HD,vg,$75 SILVERTON STORY Olsen, 1962, 28p, SB, good, $12. SILVERTON TRAIN, A STORY OF SOUTHWESTERN COLORADO S NARROW GAUGES - Hunt, 1959(rev. ed.), 71p, HD, good, $25. SIMPLE MODEL LOCOMOTIVE BUILDING, LBSC S TICH Evans, 1972 print, Model & Allied Pub., 268p, HD, vg, $50. SITUATION IN FLUSHING (MI) Love, 1965, Harper Rowe, 266p, HD, dj good, $15. SIX AXLE QUARTET - Amrine, 1980(2nd print), Galliard Press, 96p, SB, $25. SIXTY YEARS OF THE BAKERLOO Lee, 1966, London Transport, 24p, SB, vg, $15. SIXTY YEARS OF THE NORTHERN Lee, 1967, London Transport, 28p, SB, vg, $15. SIXTY YEARS OF THE PICADILLY Lee, 1966, London Transport, 25p, SB, vg, $15. SKUNK RAILROAD, FORT BRAGG TO WILLITS Crump, 1964(1st), 64p, SB, - $15,15,15, SKY ROUTE TO THE QUARRIES, HISTORY OF THE BARRE(VT) RAILROAD Gove, 2004, 97p+, SB, new, $21. 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UNITED STATES RAILWAY ASSOCIATION PRELIMINARY PLAN FOR RESTRUCTURING RAILROADS IN THE NORTHEAST AND MIDWEST REGION PURSUANT TO THE REGIONAL RAIL REORGANIZATION ACT OF 1973 only- Light Density Lines Study and Railroad Marine Operations , , 327p-820p, SB (no adjunct maps); + Supplement to Appendixes D-2, D-3 and K, May 1975, 61p, SB, both vg and as one lot, $75. UP CLEAR CREEK ON THE NARROW GAUGE, MODELING THE C&S - Brunk, 2007 (3rd print), Benchmark, 277p, HD, new, $56 UP-COUNTRY LINE (Boston, Concord & Montreal) - Mead, 1975, Stephen Greene Press, 64p, HD, vg, $20. UP TO DATE AIR BRAKE CATECHISM Blackall, 1899, Henley & Co., 230p, HD, good, $20. .1916 ed., Henley Pub, 411p, HD, minor cover soiling o/w good, $25. UPPER MERRIMACK VALLEY TO WINNIPESAUKEE BY RAIL Heald, 1999, Images of America/Arcadia, 128p, SB, vg, $15. UPTOWN-DOWNTOWN: A TRIP THROUGH TIME ON NEW YORK S SUBWAYS Fischler, 1976, 271p, HD , vg(dj good), $35. 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YESTERDAY AND TODAY: HISTORY OF THE C&NW RY SYSTEM - Stennett, 1981 reprint, 205p+f/o map, SB, good, $35. YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW, ONTARIO NORTHLAND RAILWAY Williamson, , O-N Trans. Comm., 16p, SB, good, $25 YORK COUNTY TROLLEYS Penn, Traction Series, Rohrbeck, 1978, 89p, spiral, good, $20. YORK RAILWAYS CO.(PA) 1886-1939 Rohrbeck, 1970, 40p+ f/o maps, SB, good, $30. YEALMPTON BRANCH (Brit) Kingdom, 1974, Oxford Pub. Co., 136p, SB, vg, $15. YELLOWSTONE BY TRAIN: RAIL TRAVEL TO AMERICA S FIRST NATIONAL PARK Waite, 2006, 168p, SB, vg, $22. Page 82 YET THERE ISN T A TRAIN I WOULDN T TAKE - Middleton, 2000, IU Press, 256p, HD, a/n, $25. YORK COUNTY TROLLEYS Penn, Traction Series, Rohrbeck, 1978, 89p, spiral, vg, $20. YOU CAN T BEAT THE TRAIN: OVERVIEW OF HIGHWAY-RAIL GRADE CROSSING SAFETY IN NORTH AMERICA, 1830-2009 McKnight/Fry, 2015, St Louis Mercantile Library, 134p, HD, new, $25. YOUNG RAILROADERS BOOK OF STEAM Dorin, 1977, Superior Pub., 32p, SB, good, $10. ZEPHYR: TRACKING A DREAM ACROSS AMERICA - Kisor, 1994, Adams Pub., 338p, SB, vg, $10. ZEUNERT S SCHMALSPUR BAHNEN #13, 1995, 96p, SB, vg, $20; #15, 1995, 96p, SB, vg, $20. **************************************** **************************************** ***************************

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