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Accessories not shown: Decorative Half Pine Cone Valve Cover Lava Rock Black Adjustable Fireplace Hood Hardwired Wall Switch Remote Controls See-through Kits availableVENTED ONLY Decorative Log Pilot Cover Vermiculite Glowing Embers Enhancer Embers Silica Sand Front Ember Bed Burner Kits LP Conversion Kit Natural Gas Conversion KitVENT-FREE ONLY Vent-free Embers VENTED GAS LOGS VENT-FREE GAS LOGS OUTDOOR FIREPLACE GAS LOGS& GAS FIRE PITS GAS LOG ACCESSORIESArizona GlowTwilight GlowNight Glow*The Outdoor Expressions & Midnight Expressions fire pit sets ONLY include the burner and units can be customized to match or compliment any outdoor area. The Outdoor Expressions fire pitshown above has landscaping stones added around the unit. Midnight Expressions is available in 24 and30 burner FIRE S portable outdoor gasfire pits provide luxury and comfortto your outdoor living space. All outdoor gas fire pits are available in LPor natural gas and are OMNI PITSWestern Blaze DGWestern Blaze HCape Fear Oak(clean burning)Texas Charred OakStadium Series log sets include two-tier and three-tier burner log log sets give higher flameheight and more glowing embersto elegantly fill a larger SERIESVented Gas LogsRocky Mountain TimberGrand BirchBonfire BlazeBEST FIRE gas log acces sories areavailable to enhance the lookand enjoyment of our gas log sets,providing the ulti mate in fireplacecom fort and Pine ConesDecorative Wood Chip SetTWO-TIERTHREE-TIERDecorative Log & Pine Cone SetTwig Set [VENT-FREE ONLY]Platinum Embers [VENTED ONLY]Decorative Front GrateCrackling Ash with Pine Cone Receptacle[VENTED ONLY]Crackling Ash with Split Log Receptacle[VENTED ONLY]5964-G Peachtree Corners East Norcross, GA 30071 770-987-3827 2015 American Gas Log, LLC All rights IN outdoor gas logs are available in LP or natural gas. All outdoor log sets have stainlesssteel gas burners for outdoor GAS LOGSElegance,Inspired by NatureMidnight Expressions*Outdoor Expressions*Western TimberWestern SERIESVented Gas Logs CHARRED SERIESVented Gas LogsWOOD BURNING FIREPLACE GRATES (Available in Standard & Round designs. Custom sizes available.)DESIGNER SERIESVented Gas LogsVENT-FREE SERIESVent-Free Gas LogsSPLIT SERIESVented Gas LogsAmerican OakEastern VineTexas OakTexas PrideBig BubbaGrand Massive OakTexas Charred OakAmerican Oak Split DesignerCampfireLog CabinSplit Rustic Oak DeluxeSplit Mountain OakSplit Rustic OakWild FireBirchSonoma SplitCharred Oak [VF]American Chestnut [VF]Highland Charred Oak [VF]Split Rustic Oak Deluxe [VF]Split Rustic Oak [VF]Carolina Blaze [VF]Charred Hickory [VF]Manchester Glow [VF]More to offer with state-of-the-art technological designachievements. BEST FIRE spatented Ever-glo ember bedenhance ment system providesglowing embers at the heart ofthe fire for a brilliant hand-painted logsprovide genuine fireplaceelegance inspired by styles luxury and effi -ciency with distinctive designelements. The efficient burnerdesign combined with nooutside venting requirementprevents heat loss and cold airdrafts. BEST FIRE vent-free gaslogs truly have more to offercombining efficiency, warmthand comfort with LOGSVENT-FREEGAS LOGSAll BEST FIRE gas log sets by American Gas Log are manufactured in the and come complete with grate, burner, sand, embers, lava rock and fittings. Lifetime Warranty on FIRE s clean burning and efficient burner design lets you enjoy the warmth of your gas logs for onlypennies an hour. Plus the convenience of gas logs means no ashes, no sparks and virtually no air your logs are burning or not, they provide genuine fireplace elegance inspired by nature all year Measurement GuideGas log sets by AmericanGas Log, whether burningor not, provide genuinefireplace elegance inspiredby nature all year Grate Sizes 18 24 27 30 Round Grate Sizes 24 30

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