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substantially correspond to a: violation of state law. It is the courts responsibilty to determine a PACC Code according


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Revised 10-19-2010Ordinance Violation PACC CodesListed below are a few examples of charges that MAY substantially correspond to aviolation of state law. It is the courts responsibilty to determine a PACC Code accordingto the Ordinace Violation charge. Contact your city Attorney's office for CodeModified UCRAssault & unlicense minor to Motor Vehicle PBT to the Person Person- Obscene at Suspended/ less than $ to display valid to Transfer to Stop & Identify after PI Pretense Statement of Identity at a traffic stop Phone Lic Plate/ (unlawful use)Invalid u/100 (u/200) Larceny" "Lic- Viol of Restricted In (purchase,comsumepossess under 21)No (operate with out security)No Operators (or licence not valid)Obstructing by while intoxicated under (bac 02-07)Operate while while intox while impaired by intox in of Stolen (only with commercial vehicle)Retail Fraud Fraud & Conc Stolen (less than $200)Stray Obstructing of TO MSPIf arrest prints have been submitted to MSP to builda Criminal History on the following charges, pleasenotify MSP at: remove the arrest of PeaceCareless drivingExpired Licence PlatesHarrassmentPossession of paraphernaliaPreliminary Breath Test (PBT) RefusalFail to obey lawful comand of police officerInterfer w police officerTampering with propertyUrinate in publicFalse Statement to OfficerFalse Information to a P. a Drug House ProwlingOpen Intox in Public PlaceSexual Conduct Performed in Motor VehiclePossession of a prescription drug (not a crime unless it is a controlled substance, like Vicodin.(See for the prescription drug violations)Loiter/Drugs

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