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On-Demand Webinars Personal Development Business Etiquette 101 Creating a Professional Development Plan Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills


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On-Demand WebinarsA complete list of every on-demand webinar STAR12 has to offerHuman Resources How to Prevent Retaliation LawsuitsHow to Read Financial StatementsHow to Use Social Media to Recruit High-Quality EmployeesHow to Write Effective Job Descriptions ... in Half the TimeInternet & E-mail MonitoringKeys to Effective Employee OrientationKeys to Handling MySpace, Facebook, Blogging, and More at WorkManaging Employee Leave & AbsenteeismManaging Employees Who Are Stretched to the MaxNo More Bad HiresPayroll Taxes 101Practical HIPAA Compliance TrainingCreating a Plan for Preventing & Handling Workplace ViolencePreventing Discrimination, Leave & Harassment LawsuitsPromoting Sensitivity and Tolerance in the WorkplaceRecords Retention & Destruction for Human ResourcesADA & Reasonable AccommodationThe Essentials of Effective Employee HandbooksBuilding Trust & Cooperation Across Organizational LinesBulletproof DocumentationCOBRA ComplianceCollaboration Skills in the WorkplaceContractor or Employee? How to Know the DifferenceCritical Thinking & Problem Solving SkillsDealing with the Dreaded C : Conflict in the WorkplaceDelegation Skills for Managers & SupervisorsDeveloping Effective Dress Code PoliciesDeveloping Trust and Respect in the WorkplaceDeveloping Your Leadership Voice Effective Criticism & Discipline Skills for ManagersEmergency Response & Disaster PlanningHow to Effectively Communicate Employee Benefits CommunicationEthics in the WorkplaceExempt vs. Nonexempt: Understanding FLSA s Employee Classification StandardsFundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies in Today s WorkplaceHealth Savings AccountsHow to Avoid Mistakes When Reading & Signing ContractsHow to Avoid Wrongful Termination LawsuitsHow to Conduct Effective InterviewsHow to Conduct Effective Workplace InvestigationsHow to Conduct a Competitive Pay AnalysisHow to Control Workers Compensation CostsHow to Create a Cost-Effective Competitive Employee Benefits PackageHow to Create a Payroll Procedures ManualHow to Create and Present Compelling Business Arguments for Your IdeasHow to Effectively Supervise Off-Site EmployeesHow to Facilitate Meetings EffectivelyHow to Handle Tricky Employee Absenteeism ProblemsHow to Legally Terminate People With Attitude ProblemsHow to Plan Successful EventsHow to Prevent FMLA Abuse1 of 6On-Demand WebinarsCommunicating With Tact & Finesse Cost-Saving Strategies for Accounts Payable The Essentials of Active Listening Cut and Control Costs Essentials of Bankruptcy Law for Collections ProfessionalsFraud Detection & Prevention for Accounts PayableHarnessing the Power of Excel Database FeaturesHow to Collect More Money!How to Communicate Financial Information to EmployeesHow to Read Financial StatementsHow to Think Like Your Customers ThinkHow to Use Crystal ReportsHow to Use Microsoft Excel PivotTables to Easily Summarize and Analyze DataMaking QuickBooks Work for YouMastering Excel Functions & FormulasMastering Microsoft Excel MacrosRecords Retention, Retrieval & Destruction for Accounts PayableTelephone Skills for Customer Operations Emergency Response & Disaster PlanningHow to Be a Tough-as-Nails NegotiatorHow to Control Workers Compensation CostsOSHA Record-keeping ComplianceCreating a Plan for Preventing & Handling Workplace ViolenceThe Art of Striking Great Deals With Vendors & SuppliersThe Essentials of Front Desk Safety & Security Service & Sales ProfessionalsThe Art of Striking Great Deals With Vendors & SuppliersTime-Saving Microsoft Excel Tips & Shortcuts For Every UserUnderstanding, Developing, and Implementing Effective Internal ControlsWriting With Diplomacy, Tact & FinesseAccounting & FinanceHuman Resources,continued2 of 6The Essentials of Employee OnboardingThe Ins and Outs of Effective HR PoliciesThe Manager s Guide to Handling Employee ConflictTime Management TipsUnderstanding the Legal Ins and Outs of Maternity LeaveUntangle the Triangle: FMLA, Workers Comp, and ADAVariable CompensationWage and Hour Land Mines in a 24/7 Connected WorldWorkplace Wellness ProgramsWriting With Diplomacy, Tact & FinesseWriting and Enforcing Affirmative Action PoliciesOn-Demand WebinarsAvoid the Top Ten Most Common Writing BlundersBreaking Bad Communication HabitsBuilding Trust & Cooperation Across Organizational LinesBusiness Grammar Tips, Tricks, & TechniquesBusiness Proofing & Editing Made EasyBusiness Writing EssentialsCollaboration Skills in the WorkplaceCommunicating Through E-mail: Top 10 Dos and Don'tsCommunicating With Tact & FinesseConfidence & Assertiveness Skills for WomenConflict & Confrontation Skills for WomenCopywriting FundamentalsThe Essentials of Active ListeningCreating Open Communication Channels in the WorkplaceDealing With the Dreaded C : Conflict in the WorkplaceDeveloping Trust and Respect in the WorkplaceDeveloping a Perpetually Positive AttitudeGetting Results Without AuthorityCommunication Gossip and Grapevines in the WorkplaceHandling Personality Clashes in the WorkplaceThe Introvert s Guide to Building Rapport With Anyone, AnywhereHow to Create and Present Compelling Business Arguments for Your IdeasHow to Develop Effective PresentationsHow to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations In the WorkplaceHow to Handle Emotions Under PressureHow to Present Your Ideas EffectivelyHow to Reach Agreement ... When You Really Don t Agree With SomeoneHow to Remain Cool and Collected in Challenging ConversationsHow to Work Effectively with People Who Act, Think & Work SO Differently From You!Master the Secrets of Persuasive CommunicationMicrosoft Project Tips and TricksPublic Speaking Without FearSecrets of Clear CommunicationTechniques of Successful Technical WritingThe Business Grammar Crash Course The Essentials of E-mail and Business WritingTop 10 Public Speaking Mistakes & How to Avoid ThemWorking Successfully With High-Maintenance PeopleWriting With Diplomacy, Tact & Finesse3 of 6Technology Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign EssentialsGetting Started With Microsoft Project Harnessing the Power of Excel Database FeaturesHow to Avoid the WORST PowerPoint Mistakes People Make How to Build Microsoft Access TablesHow to Format Tables, Charts, and Columns in Microsoft Word How to Get Started With Microsoft Access How to Use Adobe Acrobat How to Use Crystal ReportsOn-Demand WebinarsPersonal Development Business Etiquette 101Creating a Professional Development PlanCritical Thinking & Problem Solving SkillsEthics in the WorkplaceExtinguishing Burnout & Eliminating Job OverloadHandling Information OverloadHigh-Powered Strategies for Innovative Problem Solving & Decision MakingHow to Avoid Mistakes When Reading & Signing ContractsHow to Be an Idea MachineHow to Deal With Office PoliticsHow to Use Microsoft Excel PivotTables to Easily Summarize and Analyze DataMastering Excel Functions & FormulasMastering Microsoft Excel MacrosMicrosoft Office 2010: New Features and Smart Tips, Techniques, and ShortcutsOutlook Tips, Tricks & TechniquesMicrosoft Project Tips and TechniquesMicrosoft Project : Tracking Projects and Creating Project ReportsMicrosoft Word : Manipulating and Embedding Charts and TablesMicrosoft PowerPoint Smart Shortcuts and Expert SecretsPhotoshop Fundamentals: Keys to Better Graphics and PhotosPhotoshop Fundamentals: Working With Channels and MasksPhotoshop Shortcuts and Tips for BeginnersPhotoshop Essentials: Design Effects for Intermediate to Advanced UsersPower Tips & Shortcuts for Creating Microsoft Excel Charts and GraphsSearch Engine OptimizationThe Basics of Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google, Bing, and Yaho oThe Beginner s Guide to Google AnalyticsThe Quick & Easy Way to Create Microsoft PowerPoint PresentationsSecrets of Successful BlogsMicrosoft Excel Tips & Shortcuts for Every UserWindows 7: Tips, Tricks & TechniquesiPads: Harnessing the Full Power of the Newest Must-Have Tool for Work!How to Effectively Support Multiple BossesHow to Go From Drained to EnergizedHow to Manage Priorities & TimeHow to Plan Successful EventsManaging Chaos & Pressure at WorkManaging Creative TalentProactive Career ManagementSimple, Quick, and Stress-Free Organization StrategiesStriking a Healthy Work/Life BalanceThe 7 Dos and Don ts of Building Your Professional ImageThe Extraordinary Benefits of Positive Thinking & Self-TalkThe Working Woman s Guide to Creating Balance & Letting Go of StressTime Management TipsUsing Your BlackBerry to Boost Your Productivity Technology,continued4 of 6On-Demand WebinarsManagement8 Traits of High-Integrity LeadersBad News Performance ReviewsBuilding Better Team CommunicationBuilding Trust & Cooperation Across Organizational LinesBulletproof DocumentationCreative Strategies for Training the Unmotivated or Reluctant LearnerCreative Team-Building Ideas & ActivitiesDelegation Skills for Managers & SupervisorsDeveloping Your Leadership Voice: How to Be an Effective Communicator Who Gets ResultsEffective Criticism & Discipline Skills for ManagersEmployee Engagement 101Entrepreneurial Thinking for EmployeesGroup Goal-Setting & Project PlanningHow to Be a Super Sales CoachHow to Be an Inspirational LeaderHow to Boost Morale Through CommunicationHow to Conduct Effective MeetingsHow to Effectively Lead Interdepartmental Work TeamsHow to Effectively Supervise Off-Site EmployeesHow to Facilitate Meetings EffectivelyHow to Give Effective Performance Feedback to EmployeesHow to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations in the WorkplaceHow to Hold Highly Effective Virtual MeetingsHow to Keep Your Employees Engaged & InspiredHow to Make Sure You Keep Your Best and BrightestHow to Manage a Virtual TeamHow to Revive the Classroom ExperienceImplementing Job Rotation and Cross-Training for Your TeamImproving Mediocre Employee PerformanceKeys to Improving Employee AccountabilityLeadership Skills for Women in ManagementLow-Cost & No-Cost Ways to Motivate EmployeesMaking Difficult, Dry Subjects Interesting & Easy for LearnersManagement Skills for Today s Busy Administrative ProfessionalsManaging Cross-Generational TeamsManaging Employees Who Have Rotten Attitudes or Lousy People SkillsManaging Temporary Workers, Contractors & ConsultantsMotivating Your Sales Team to Aim High and Think BigPreparing High-Potential Employees for LeadershipPromoting Sensitivity and Tolerance in the WorkplaceRecords Management, Retention, and Destruction for Administrative ProfessionalsSetting Clear Goals & Performance Expectations for EmployeesSimple, Smart, and Low-Cost Ways to Recognize & Reward EmployeesStraight Talk for Unproductive and Underperforming EmployeesTelephone Skills for Administrative & Front-Desk ProfessionalsThe Basics of Effective Project Management & ExecutionThe Manager s Guide to Handling Employee ConflictThe Manager s Guide to Overcoming Barriers to ExecutionThe Manager s Role as Teacher and TrainerThe People Side of Project Management5 of 6On-Demand WebinarsCopywriting Fundamentals: Overcoming Writer s BlockCopywriting Fundamentals: Writing for the WebCreating a Facebook Page for Your OrganizationCreating a Social Media Strategy in 5 Simple StepsCreating an Environment of Customer Service ExcellenceCreating an Innovative CultureCritical Thinking & Problem Solving SkillsDeveloping Surveys and Questionnaires: The BasicsMarketing & Sales Management,continuedEthics in the WorkplaceGenerating Solid Sales Leads & ReferralsHandling Confrontational CustomersHow to Create Attention-Grabbing DesignsHow to Effectively Handle Customer ComplaintsHow to Find and Attract Excellent Customer Service ProfessionalsHow to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations in the WorkplaceHow to Handle Emotions Under PressureHow to Think Like Your Customers ThinkHow to Write Copy That SellsImplementing a Social Media StrategyKeys to Developing Effective E-NewslettersMaking Sense of Web Marketing for BeginnersThe Next Generation of Customer Service: Up-to-Date Tips for Keeping Your Customers SatisfiedOvercoming Sales ObjectionsProfessional Typography Tips and Tr i c ksSales Success Strategies for Prospecting & Cold-CallingSearch Engine OptimizationSecrets for Selling Over the PhoneSecrets to Building, Growing, and Managing Your Facebook Fan BaseSuper Sales Strategies: Overcoming Price ResistanceTelephone Skills for Customer Service & Sales ProfessionalsThe Essentials of E-mail and Business WritingThe Sales Professional s Guide to Using LinkedIn and Twitter The Salesperson s Guide to Reaching Decision MakersTw i t te r Essentials The Secrets of People-Centered Leadership The Supervisor s Guide to Giving On-Target Directions, Helpful Feedback, and Constructive CriticismThe Trainer s Guide to Creating Interactive Learning Games & ActivitiesTop 10 Management Survival Skills for First-Time SupervisorsTop 10 Morale Improvement StrategiesTurning Around Bad Employee Behavior6 of 6

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