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“No Bowl” Design - Luber-finer

Top 5 Fuel System Facts 1. Fuel Characteristics Have Changed:During the past several years, diesel fuel characteristics have undergone numerous changes that can have a …


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No Bowl DesignFuel / Water SeparatorTotalTec Filters Offer ExcellentReplacement ValueMore Efficient Filtration- Durable, leakproofconstruction reduces risk of failure due to cracks and Installation- Reduces downtime and the mess associated with changing plastic bowl fuel Hassle To Stock - Eliminates the need to order and stock separate filters and plasticbowl add-on components. The Driving Force inHeavy Duty FiltrationLuber-finer, a division ofChampion Laboratories, Inc. is a global manufacturer ofheavy duty filtration provides premiumfiltration solutions for all fleets and on-highway, as wellas all off-road applicationssuch as heavy construction,mining, agriculture, the oiland gas industry and combines ground-breaking research and development with award-winning lean manufacturing,marketing and customer support for all your filtrationneeds. Luber-finer has been a trusted name in filters since1936, providing high efficiency performance in the mostdemanding work heavy duty, off-highwayconstruction to light truck and automotive, Luber-finer'sentire product line of filters is designed to keep your vehicles and equipment running cleaner, you choose our innovative new TotalTec FuelFilters or any of our lube, air, fuel, hydraulic or coolant filters, you can always counton Luber-finer for high-quality,performance and want to be your "Total"Filter Supplier! All-Metal Housing to withstand higher pulse fatigue and provide higherburst strength High Performance Media for more dirt holding capacity and 99% filtering efficiency "No bowl" Construction provides a hassle-free alternative to standardfuel/water separators Easy Turn, User-friendly low torque valve Sensor Port for proper OEM sensor replacementThe Smart Solution - One Filter Does It AllLuber-finer's advanced OEM design eliminates the work and worry of fuel/water separation and fuel filter maintenance by offering a one-filter replacement solution to the plastic bowl add-on type filters. Luber-finer "TotalTec" fuel filters are universal in that they offer more water absorbing efficiency at a more affordable 5 Fuel System Characteristics Have Changed:During thepast several years, diesel fuel characteristics have undergonenumerous changes that can have a severe impact onengine operation and performance. Further changes arebeing forced by emissions regulations. Diesel fuel composition and specifications are being required tochange in order to comply with these regulations. These changes include restrictions on certain fuel components, such as sulfur. Also with the increases in fuel costs, alternative fuels such as bio-diesel are becoming more and Debris in Diesel Fuel:When dieselfuel comes from the refinery, it is clean and free from any particulates. However, as it is transported and stored, dirt and sludge can form which causes problems for engine fuel management systems. In addition, with theadvanced technology being used by today s engine manufacturers, fuel system injection pressures haveincreased and mechanical tolerances within fuel injectionsystem components have been reduced. Additionally, diesel fuel is increasingly being used as a coolant fortoday s advanced diesel engines operating at dramaticallyhigher temperatures. This can thermally stress the fuel. This thermal stress, along with an increase in recirculationfuel temperature, is often responsible for fuel degradationand the formation of particulate sediments which cancause expensive premature component in Diesel Fuel:Poor housekeeping is probably the largest contribution to water in fuel problems. Waterenters bulk fuel tanks via condensation, carry-over fromfuel distribution systems, leakage through the fill cap, and spill contaminant valve or piping. This can allow significant quantities of water to be pumped into vehiclefuel tanks. As water enters the fuel management systemson diesel engines, many problems can occur such as lowpower output, engine shut down, and fuel pump and injector wear and Growth in Diesel Fuel:Water in diesel fuel can allow certain microbes to grow in fuel. Their waste products contribute to the overall particulate contamination. Particulates become trapped intank walls, fuel lines and system components. The result is dirty fuel tanks, clogged lines, and plugged and Maintain a Luberfiner Fuel SystemMaintenance Program:The development of a viable scheduled maintenance program and the use of good quality fuel filters are vital to protecting your offers a complete line of filtration products tomaintain and protect your fuel system and equipmentinvestment. If you have questions, please feel free to contact a Luberfiner : 800-851-3641 INT L.: South 4th Street, Albion, Illinois 62806-1313A UCI CompanyLuber-finer is a registered trademark of Champion Laboratories, Inc. Champion Laboratories is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 registered. Fuel Filter Tech Tips1. Utilize good, clean, quality Eliminate possible sources of contamination at bulk fuel-storage Monitor fuel-storage for water, bacteria or fungus. Treat appropriately with scheduled preventive Drain vehicle fuel tanks on a regular interval. Remember, this should be done at least 24 hours after the vehicle has been Never use gasoline or alcohol alone as a diesel-fuel Do not blend used oil with diesel fuel. It can cause increased wear of injectors and plug filters, and form carbon deposits on piston To help minimize the condensation and water accumulation in vehicle fuel tanks, top off with fuel at the end of the Luber-finer fuel filters are designed to last beyond the recommended change interval. If a fuel filter does not last as long as the change interval, it can generally be attributed to excessive contaminants and/or water. Always remember to drain fuel/water separators SizeAbsoluteMicronRatingAll1"-1430LFF801 2LFF8011LMB900Caterpillar1"-145LFF5823BL FF8707LMB900Caterpillar1"-14 5LFP440FLFF8030LFF9003LFF903L900BLMB900C aterpillar1"-142LFF2749LMB900Caterpillar 1"-142LFF3347LMB900Caterpillar7/8" X 142LFF4783Cummins1"-1415LFF5002LFF8000LF F90013LFF9013L900BLMB900Cummins1"-1422LF F1001LMB900Cummins1"-1422LFF1022LMB900Cu mmins1"-14 22LFF1000LFF1003LMB900CumminsM16 X X X X 10LFF3581LFF9519CumminsM85 X SPL22LFF1007Cummins 1"-1415LFF5LFF8020LFF90011LFF9011L900BLM B900Detroit1" X 1230LFP815FNLFF8010LFF9002LFF902L900BDet roit1" X 1238LFP936FLFF90012LFF9012L900BDetroit13 /16" 124LFP816FNFord1"-1410LFF5824BLFF5824UFo rd13/16" X 1815LFF8061L897BInternational1"-1415FP25 1FLFF8050LFF9004LFF904L900BLMB900Interna tional1"-1430LFF8064LFF3579L899BSPLFF357 9UInternational7/8" X 145LFF8349Mack13/16" X 1830LFP219FLFF8040LFF9005LFF905L901BMack 7/8" X 1615LFP218FMackM22 X x "-1410LFF5851LFF5851URacor1"-1430LFF5849 LFF5849URacor1"-1438LFF5850Thermo-King1" -14 10LFF1224LFF1223LFF8063LFF8063UVolvo1"-1 4 30LFF3290LFF8038VolvoM32 x Luber-finer Fuel Filters in Different Options: Standard, Bowl Style or Simply Order TotalTec Filters!Standard Fuel FilterFilter With BowlFilterW/O BowlReplacement Bowls With Sensor PortF/W Separator With DrainStandard FiltersWith Drain &Sensor Port(No Sensor)With Drain & SensorIncludedTotalTec F/W SeparatorsBowl Style F/W SeparatorsQuick reference to alternate filters. Includes standard filters, fuel water separators, filters with service parts, replacement glass bowls and mounting Fuel FilterMountingBases

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