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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Nickel Babbitt Bar Section 01 Identification Quality Through People and Technology Info Furnished By: Amerway Inc.


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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Nickel Babbitt BarSection 01Identification Quality Through People and TechnologyInfo Furnished By:Amerway Beale AvenueAltoona, PA 16601Date Effective:01/01/2008Emergency Phone:814-944-0200Chemtrec: 800-424-9300 Product or Trade Name:Nickel Babbitt BarPerson to Contact:Terry BuckSection 02 Chem TinConstituents CAS7440-31-5%WT88-90CarcinogenNOTLV/TWA2 mg/cu m ACGIH2mg/cu m (inorganic) m (organic) m m ACGIH/OSHANickel7440-02-00-1Suspected 50 is >10 mg/L OSHASection 03Physical DataMelting Point670 FBoiling PointN/AVapor PressureNot volatileVapor Density (air is 1)Not volatileSolubility in WaterNILAppearance and ColorMetallic, faint brownSpecific VolatileNILphN/AEvaporation Rate (nBuAc=1)N/ASection 04Fire and Explosion Hazard DataFlash Point/Method UsedNot FlammableFlammable LimitsN/AExtinguishing MediaN/AFire-Fighting EquipmentIf metal is present where there is a fire, wear self-contained breathing apparatusSpecial PrecautionsNoneSection 05Reactivity DataStability:StableConditions to avoidN/AHazardous PolymerizationWill not occurConditions to avoidN/AIncompatibilityStrong acids, oxidizers, reducing agents, Decomposition ProductsAntimonial fumes at high temperaturesSection 06Spill, Leak and Disposal ProceduresAction to take for spills/leaks:Allow to solidify and collect in sealed drums for disposalDisposal Method:Return to supplier for reprocessingSection 07Health Hazard DataEye:Dust or fume will be Contact:Not a route of entry into the Absorption:Not a route of entry into the :Ingestion of dust and fume must be avoided. Antimony is toxic and dust or fume can cause nasal septal ulceration and stomachlining irritation. Tin is not regarded as toxic but excessive exposure can cause fever, nausea, stomach cramps or :Inhalation of dust and fumes must be avoided. This product, when used for welding and similar applications, produceschemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects(or other reproductive harm). (California Health & Safety Code etseq).Systemic & Other Effects:UnknownSection 08First Aid ProceduresEyes:Flush with water for 15 :Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Remove contaminated :Induce vomiting if person is conscience. Get medical :Remove to fresh air. Get medical attentionNote to Physician:N/ASection 09Special Handling InformationVentilation:If fume or dust is being generated, mechanical ventilation must be provided to maintain exposure level below TLV Protection:Only required if TLV s are exceeded. Use a NIOSH/MSHS approved respirator for toxic dust and/or Protection:Wear safety glasses near hot Protection:Not normally :N/ASection 10Special Precautions and Additional InformationStorage:Store in dry Information:No food or drink should be allowed in areas where these products are handled. Personnel must wash thoroughly after handlingthe metal before drinking eating or 11TransportationProper Shipping Name:Not RequiredUN Number:N/ANA Number:N/ADot Exemption No.:N/AHazard Classes:N/AThe information is given in good faith, but no warranty, express or implied is made.

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