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MAKE YOUR OWN INDIAN STYLE “GHUNGROO” ANKLE BELLS All around the world people have found unique ways of creating music by putting bells and objects that jingle


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MAKE YOUR OWN INDIAN STYLE GHUNGROO ANKLE BELLSAll around the world people have found unique ways of creating music by putting bells and objects that jingle on their wrists, ankles and waists. If you ve ever seen traditional dance from India, you ve probably admired the beautiful clothing as well as the elegant hand gestures and eye movements. And you ve certainly heard the sound of the ankle bells worn on the dancers feet. The ankle bells called by several different names draw attention to the graceful footwork and the special steps of the dancers. TRADITIONAL ANKLE BELLS FROM INDIAIn Tamilnadu, India, traditional ankle bells are known as Salangai. In Kerala, they are called Chilanka. Sometimes these musical anklets are strings of bells that look like a piece of elegant jewelry. Sometimes they are fastened to a lovely string or cord. In North India, you can fi nd ankle bells called ghungroo. Most often, this type of ankle bells consist of rows of jingles sewn into place onto leather or cloth pads then buckled or tied securely onto a dancer s ankle. Young dancers have smaller anklets with 2 to 4 lines of small bells and adult or professional dancers will often have 4 or even 5 lines of YOUR OWN ANKLE BELLS Making your own ankle bells is an easy project! Here s a list of supplies that you will need: SUPPLIES For a Basic Anklet:Colorful yarnJingle bells of various sizes, shapes, colors or materialsMAKE YOUR OWNAnkle BellsAnkle bells create great rhythms as a child moves! Homemade Anklet with Braided Yarn SUPPLIES For an Indian Style Anklet:2 pieces of felt approximately 12 inches by inchesSmall strip of VelcroJingle bells of various sizes, shapes, colors or materialsNeedle and Thread For the simplest project, you can start with yarn and either fi nger-weave or braid an anklet, leaving space at various intervals to add a jingle of your choice. When it s the correct size, simply tie it into place. For ankle bells that look more like the Indian ghungroo, start with a rectangle of felt, leaving space for an overlap of about for the velco strip. Place the bells on top of your felt in the order you like. You may wish to make marks with a pen to indicate where each bell will be sewn as it helps to keep them in straight lines or in place for a particular pattern. Then sew each one into place. Next, either sew or stick the Velcro into place on the same side as the bells and check that the anklet will fasten securely. Finally put them on, dance around and have fun! MAKING MUSIC WITH ANKLE BELLS It s great to allow kids to explore sound through movement by playing with ankle bells. You can do this while playing music from India or experiment with how ankle bells sound when dancing to your favorite songs or other types of music. Kids can tap their feet or stomp in time with the music. They can also march or dance and the bells will create different rhythms that mirror their moves. Creating sets of ankle bells made with different materials or in different sizes and shapes will also allow kids to experiment with the different sounds they are creating as they dance. Want to explore more instruments or music from around the world? Check out DARIA s world music for kids website

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