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Job Profile: Debtors Clerk 2 ACCOUNTABILITIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS & TASKS) to clients. Check to see whether banks are up to date before suspensions occur. Suspend services where there are failed debit orders.


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Job Profile Job Profile: Debtors Clerk 1 Job Title Debtors Clerk Department Finance Reporting structures DIRECTLY 1ST LEVEL Finance Manager REPORTING 2ND LEVEL Chief Financial Officer NUMBER & TYPE OF JOBS REPORTING DIRECTLY (1ST LEVEL) None NUMBER & TYPE OF JOBS REPORTING INDIRECTLY (2ND LEVEL) None Main Purpose of the Job To recover all monies owed to SADV. ACCOUNTABILITIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS & TASKS) 1. Phone debtors to follow up on outstanding payments Ensure that account and contact details are correct. Phone account related key contact individuals to facilitate payment. Call Bizz customers before suspension to remind of the need for payment. Follow up to ensure payment arrangements are honoured. Measurables Reconcile payments for out-standing debtors (100%) Update Debtors Schedule (100%) 2. Suspend Overdue Accounts Check payment terms/clauses before suspension. Suspend accounts where no commitment of payment is received after calls Measurables Check billing system for active overdue customers (99%) Receive monies before activa-Job Profile: Debtors Clerk 2 ACCOUNTABILITIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS & TASKS) to clients. Check to see whether banks are up to date before suspensions occur. Suspend services where there are failed debit orders. tion (100%) 3. Handle Account Queries Respond to all emailed and telephonic queries received, seeing matters through to completion. Use past correspondence to track the history of a query to establish the cor-rect person/s to speak to and to establish past actions taken so as not to frus-trate clients. Check invoices to see that clients have been invoiced correctly. Ensure customer satisfaction with results. Measurables Ensure customer satisfaction (100%) Handle customer dissatisfac-tion (100%) Account queries handled (100%) 4. Submit invoices Submit invoices that are applicable to certain debtors to the debtors. Follow the customer specific process for submission as requested by cus-tomer. ( e-mail, online portal). Use the correct system for the correct debtor. (mail system; portal or billing account). Measurables Correct submissions on debt-ors age analysis (100%) 5. Schedule monthly payments Follow up on long outstanding debtors by discussing them with manage-ment for a decision on whether to follow legal steps or to consider issues as bad debt. Update management on the standing of outstanding monies, including feedback on collections. Reconcile the age analysis. Process clients who have given one months notice for cancellation. Measurables Debtors Schedules accurately captured information (100%) Ensure debtors are managed and management informed (100%) 6. Miscellaneous & General Perform any other work related duties and responsibilities that may be as-signed from time-to-time by management Working Conditions Office bound Disability Status This job is suitable for someone in a wheelchair. Job Profile: Debtors Clerk 3 Competencies and Minimum Requirements: Knowledge, qualifications and experience Grade 12 with Accounting A Higher Certificate in Accounting or equivalent would be advantageous Knowledge and understanding of Accounting & systems processes is essential Minimum 2 years experience in debtors & collections environment Technical Skills General Computer Literacy Good working knowledge of MS office software packages. Quickbase preferable In-house computer system. Skill can be trained on the job. Debtors Control Liaises with debtors in order to collect money that is owed to the company. Financial Acumen Personal Attributes/Behavioural Competencies Solution Driven Identifies problems, analyses problems, generates workable solutions and resolves problems according to acceptable business quality standards and so as to minimise workflow disruption. Interpersonal Skills Has a set of abilities allowing positive interaction and effective working relationships. Constructively handles disputes and people issues. Has skills in the areas of relation-ship building, communication, listening, delegating tasks, providing feedback and leadership. Assertiveness States views, feelings and opinions in confident way without being aggressive. Can hold ground where necessary. Performance driven Puts in sufficient effort to meet or exceed business and customer expectations both in terms of delivery and quality. Able to act without being prompted to. Demonstrates a sense of urgency, self-motivation and ownership in work. Has a need for achievement. Achieves results. Ethics Is honest, responsible and moral in interactions with colleagues and customers. Dem-onstrates principles of decent human conduct. Adopts organisational values and is fair to all people regardless of who they are. Adopts job related standards of conduct and professionalism. Planning and Organising Provides a written account of intended future action to achieve specific objectives within a specific timeframe. This explains what needs to be done, when, how, and by Job Profile: Debtors Clerk 4 whom. Communication Skills Exchanges information, news, ideas and views to create shared meaning. Communica-tion occurs between levels, departments and employees. Uses appropriate methods of communication and transmits clear, professional messages. Checks own understand-ing. Analytical Systematically examines and evaluates data or information by breaking it into its component parts to uncover their interrelationships so as to establish trends, changes and to identify risks in order to make meaningful business decisions. Perseverance Is persistent and overcomes obstacles such as physical barriers, criticism, lack of sup-port, discouragement, heavy workloads, customer resistance or tough economic fac-tors. Possible Career Path (first step/s) Financial Manager Approvals APPROVED NAME SIGNATURE DATE Analyst Job Holder Line Manager Member of Senior Management

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