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IHI Open School Courses: FAQs

Still have questions? Email us at openschool@ihi.org. Open School IHI Open School Courses: FAQs Q: What does it cost to take the IHI Open School courses?


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Still have questions? Email us at Open School IHI Open School Courses: FAQs Q: What does it cost to take the IHI Open School courses? The courses are completely free to students, professors, and residents and are available by subscription to professionals, who can earn continuing education credits. Faculty and managers who require their students or staff to complete the courses should consider a group subscription, which includes the Educator s Toolkit and Team Tracking Tool (learn more below). Q. What steps do I need to take to sign up for and start taking Open School courses? To access the open school online courses, you must first register on with a full profile. Then, you can go to to begin your learning. If you are a professional and have not yet subscribed, you will be asked to subscribe here before entering the courses. IHI charges a modest annual fee for health professionals and groups. Q: Why am I being asked for a passcode while trying to access open school? If your organization has purchased a subscription, your group s administrator will give you a passcode that you must enter to be included in your group s report. You can enter it here: #/validatePasscode. If you are a student, professor, or resident and were not provided a group passcode, please complete your full profile to gain access to the online courses. Q: What do the course numbers mean? We hope you ll find our course numbering and titling system easy to navigate. We ve differentiated three levels of learning: 100 level, which is introductory content appropriate for all learners; 200 level, which builds on 100-level courses or looks at specific health care topics; and 300 level, which involves applied learning through real-world projects. This video explains more about how to navigate the courses. Q: I m using the Open School courses to teach my students/staff. What advice do you have for integrating the courses into my curriculum? We recommend downloading our free Faculty Guide: Best Practices in Curriculum Integration. For group subscribers, we also recommend the Educator s Toolkit, part of the online Dashboard (preview the Educator s Toolkit at ). IHI Open School Courses: FAQs | Still have questions? Email us at The Toolkit provides general guidance as well as ready-made teaching materials (slides, homework assignments, exams, lesson plans, reading lists, and more) for all 13 courses in the Basic Certificate. The Basic Certificate is a great place to begin for a well-rounded introduction to quality and safety (learn more below). If you assign courses, please keep your contact information up to date so that we may keep you informed of any important updates! Q: What are your rules for sharing the content? Am I allowed to modify it or republish it? The Institute for Healthcare Improvement owns the information on In fact, the entire contents and design of are protected under US and international copyright laws. Here s what you are allowed to do: You may look at online, download individual articles, print or email pages of content and download tools to your personal or handheld computer for later reading or use, and even print a reasonable number of copies of pages for yourself or your colleagues. Here s what is prohibited: You must not remove any copyright notices from our materials. We reserve all our other rights. Among other things, this means you must not sell our information, rewrite or modify it, redistribute it, put it on your own website, or use it for any commercial purpose without our prior written permission. Q: How can I use the Open School s reporting feature to track my students or staff members learning? The online Dashboard for group subscribers offers many tools to help you manage you group subscription, including the Educator s Toolkit and Team Tracking Tool. The Team Tracking Tool provides a snapshot of current subscription uptake, overall course completion and continuing education numbers, and subscription expiration/renewal information. This video provides a tour of the online Dashboard. If you are an administrator for a group subscription, access the Dashboard by logging in to and clicking the Dashboard tab. If you would prefer to use the old reporting system with date filters, please use this link to access the old interface. Please note: Open School learning reports refresh overnight, so any new data from today will appear in your reports tomorrow. If a participant does not appear in your reports the following day, he or she may have entered the group passcode incorrectly. Please have that person go to and enter your group's 8-digit passcode. The learner will then appear in your reports after the next overnight refresh Q: Which courses are in the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety? The Basic Certificate includes 13 courses, covering the essentials of quality, safety, the Triple Aim, person-centered care, and leadership. The certificate courses are indicated with an asterisk(*) to make them easy to identify among the broader curriculum. The 13 courses in the Certificate are: QI 101 105, PS 101-105, TA 101, PFC 101, & L 101. Here are titles of those courses: IHI Open School Courses: FAQs | Still have questions? Email us at Improvement Capability Patient Safety QI 101: Introduction to Health Care Improvement PS 101: Introduction to Patient Safety QI 102: How to Improve with the Model for Improvement PS 102: From Error to Harm QI 103: Testing and Measuring Changes with PDSA Cycles PS 103: Human Factors and Safety QI 104: Interpreting Data: Run Charts, Control Charts, and Other Measurement Tools PS 104: Teamwork and Communication in a Culture of Safety QI 105: Leading Quality Improvement PS 105: Responding to Adverse Events Triple Aim for Populations Person- and Family-Centered Care TA 101: Introduction to the Triple Aim for Populations PFC 101: Introduction to Person- and Family-Centered Care Leadership L 101: Introduction to Health Care Leadership Q: How often do you update IHI Open School courses? We are required to review courses at least every three years for continuing education purposes. We also seize every opportunity to implement iterative improvements whenever we feel there s an opportunity to improve the learning experience. If you assign our courses, we encourage you to keep your contact information up to date so that we may keep you abreast of any important changes. We also encourage you to review courses you assign to make sure you re up to date on all the latest content. Note: In August 2016, we made changes to our online courses and the Open School website, shortening the Basic Certificate from 16 courses to 13 courses, re-titling several courses, and updating the content throughout with high-quality video and the latest thinking on health care improvement. You can read all about these changes, which were beyond the typical scope of our updates, at The first document, "Course Updates Guide," maps the old courses to the updated courses. Q. How do I purchase a group or individual subscription? Information about subscriptions can be found here. You can use the links in the top-right corner to purchase a subscription. Q. How do I generate a certificate or obtain CE for a completed course? Certificates for courses that have already been completed can be found at the Certificate Center. You must fill out an online survey and claim credits within one year of course completion. Click here for detailed instructions.

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