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DO THE FOLLOWING: 1. Mark out the pothole with chalk in the shape of a square or diamond as close to the edge as possible. 2. Use a pick to remove the excess tar.


  Pothole, How to fix a pothole




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PLEASE REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING:1. Potholes more or less the size of an A4-size paper, in streets that do not take heavy traffic, may be fixed by a private Contact the Technical Services Department on 044 302 1601 and provide them with the name and contact details of the person who will be fixing the pothole, as well as the street name in which the pothole will be Purchase material from a reputable supplier. A 25kg bag covers about a square metre and costs about R70 (April 2013).4. Carry out work as per specifications on this pamphlet and with the necessary safety measures in place. These would include wearing brightly coloured clothing (preferably a safety vest), safety goggles and signage, traffic cones or flags to warn traffic of work in the road. A copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) is available at all municipal libraries for : Council accepts no liability directly or indirectly for any claims that may result from the above-mentioned repairs now or in future, and stresses that these bagged pothole repairs are temporary TO FIX A POTHOLEThe Knysna Municipality thanks you for considering fixing your own pothole at your own cost. While it is not a long-term solution, repairing a pothole prevents the road from further deterioration and that is most certainly better for our THE FOLLOWING:1. Mark out the pothole with chalk in the shape of a square or diamond as close to the edge as Use a pick to remove the excess Clean the hole with a broom or stiff brush to remove all loose If the pothole is not level inside use a pick and try to level as much as If the pothole is more than 20mm deep, loosen the gravel to a depth of about 150 mm below the surface, remove and replace with gravel up to 20mm below the surface (when adding more gravel make sure it is moist but not wet - check this by squeezing the gravel into a ball in your hand, if it falls apart add a little bit of water).6. Compact the gravel with a heavy hand tamper or mechanical compactor until firm like Remove loose material to expose a rough Apply bitumen with a brush at a rate of 1,2 litres per square Wait for the tar to break (turn from black to dark brown and become tacky). 10. Fill the hole with tar up to about 10mm above the surface and : Do not heat the cold tar artificially or add a thinning compound like diesel rather leave the bag in the sun early in the morning for it to soften and improve work ability. Clean all tools with diesel after TO FIX A

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