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How to create tables in OECDStat for OECD Health ...

Title: How to create tables in OECDStat for OECD Health Statistics 2017 Author: canaud_m Created Date: 6/29/2017 6:14:07 PM


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1 OECD Health Statistics 2017 How to create tables in 1. To access the online Health database, go to via 2. Go to the theme Health in the list displayed on the left and click to access all datasets. 3. To access the data tables from OECD Health Statistics 2017, go into the datasets (for instance Non-Medical Determinants of Health, see example below), and click on a pre-defined query (for instance Body weight). The data table will automatically appear with predefined parameters (selection of all countries, all years, and all units for this chapter). 4. To modify the parameters, click on Customise > Selection, and then on Variable, Unit, Country or Year, and click on View data once done. You can also export your selection directly into Excel (Export > Excel). 5. To move the dimensions and change the table s layout, go to Customise > Layout, and click on the arrows to add/remove dimensions and to reorganise them, then click on View Data once done. 6. Additional information is available by clicking on Export > Related files from the top menu bar. You will find there PDF files available for download, such as detailed information on sources and methods for each indicator. Note that access to the Definitions, Sources and Methods for each indicator is available via the icons , displayed at chapter and variable levels. For any questions on the database or how to access it, please contact the OECD Health Division at Last revised: 30 June 2017.

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