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Handler 190 - Hobart Welders

230 Volt Handler ® 190 230V Wire Feed Welder Includes: Comfortable 10 ft. (3 m) H100S4-10 gun 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp Built-in gas solenoid valve and dual-gauge regulator with gas hose


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Text of Handler 190 - Hobart Welders

230 VoltHandler 19 0230V Wire Feed WelderIncludes: Comfortable 10 ft. (3 m) H100S4-10 gun 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp Built-in gas solenoid valve and dual-gauge regulator with gas hose Spool hub assembly accommodates 4 or 8 in. spools Sample spool of .030 in. ( mm) self-shielding flux-cored wire .030 in. ( mm) contact tips Quick Select drive roll for .024 in. ( mm) or .030/.035 in. ( mm) solid wire, and .030/.035 in. ( mm) flux-cored wire Power cord with plug Welding guide and material thickness gauge Owner s manual with installation, operation and maintenance guidelinesOffers easier fine control of the output parameters for improved arc performance with less spatter for a better beadappearance and less clean up . Spool guns enhance feedability and reduce bird-nesting associated with soft aluminum additional control box or adapter is required to connect the SpoolRunner 100 spool reference initial settings for different wires, gases, materials and thicknesses. Provides quick starting point for novices and professionals use and excellent safety feature which makes wire electrically cold until trigger is feed with adjustable tension plus easy accessibility to thread new makes it quick and easy to change polarity for solid or tubular wire. Includes convenient storage holes for spare setup quicker by offering three grooves two for different size solid wire and a third for flux-cored unit against current power transformer to ensure wire feed system from overload, no fuses to change or circuit breaker buttons to warranty on transformers, three years on electronics (drive motors, rectifiers) and one year on products with time-tested reliability since voltage selections, enhanced magneticsand infinite wire feed speed control Accepts uncomplicated, easy-to-installdirect plug-in SpoolRunner 100 spool gunIntegrated spool gun control circuitry is standardDoor chart with initial settings Built-in contactorProven built-in wire feeder with quick-release drive roll leverConvenient polarity changeover with tip holderQuick Select drive rollShort circuit protectionSelf-resetting thermal overloadSelf-resetting motor protectionHobart s 5/3/1 industrial warrantyDesigned, assembled and supported inTroy, Ohio USA251091January 2017Features BenefitsBuilt with Hobart quality and durability, theHandler 190 is a wire welding package withindustrial performance capable of operating on230/240 volt circuits. The broad output range of 25 190 amps allows you to weld 24 gauge up to5/16 inch steel. The Handler 190 is capable of running the followingwires: .023 .035 in. ( mm) mild steel or stainless steel, .030 .045 in. ( mm) flux-cored, and .030 .035 in. ( mm)aluminum. Seven output voltage settings andinfinite wire feed speed control make the unit easyto set and adjust for different materials, thicknessesand integrated spoolgun control circuitallows direct plug-infor the optionalSpoolRunner 100spool gun. The spoolgun eliminates wirefeeding problems associated with soft aluminumwire and also runs mild or stainless steel wire. Aselector switch for MIG gun or spool gun operationmakes switching guns quick and 100 spool gunCertified by Canadian Standards Association to both the Canadian and WireER70S-6(DCEP)C25 Gas Mixture75% Argon / 25% CO2 Produces less CO2 No Shielding GasRequired Good for windy oroutdoor He / Ar / CO2100% Argon**Solid WireER70S-6(DCEP)StainlessSteel(DCEP)Flu x CoreE71T-11(DCEN) Aluminum**4043 AL (DCEP)1/30 2/401/403/403/502/504 ( mm).030 ( mm).035 ( mm)4/603/505/405/805/605/50 6 / 70*7 / 50*6/906/606/50 7 / 80*7 / 60* 3/354/403 ( mm).030 ( mm).035 ( mm)5/405/404/255/605/505/407 / 90*7 / 50*7 / 40*6/806/506/40 7 / 50*7 / 40* 3/403/303/153/403/353 ( mm).030 ( mm).035 ( mm)4/504/304/306/605/355/40 7 / 50*7 / 50*7/706/507/40 1/351/30 1/401/35 .030 ( mm).035 ( mm).045 ( mm)2/402/401/254/603/503/306 / 40*6/605/355/405/504/35 7 / 60*6 / 35* .030 ( mm).035 ( mm)1/55 5/805/60 7/806/856/70 100% Argon** Aluminum**5356 AL (DCEP) .030 ( mm).035 ( mm)1/75 5/955/75 7 / 1006 / 1006/90 Settings are approximate. Adjust as required. Thicker materials can be welded using proper technique, joint preperation and multiple Voltage and Wire Speed Settings for thickness of metal being on left of slash is Voltage Setting/Number on right of slash is Wire Feed Setting.*Multiple passes may be required depending on the application and joint design. **Aluminum wire settings are with the SpoolRunner 100 spool gun attached. A spool gun eliminates many feedability issues associated with the soft aluminum wire. A push angle for the torch is normally recommended for feed roll groove to diameter of wire being used. Set tension knob setting to 3 at start. Adjust tension per instructions in the ! Do not change voltage switch position while welding. See owners manual for more speed listed is a starting value only. Wire speed setting can be fine-tuned while welding. Wire speed also depends on other variables such as stick out, travel speed, weld angle, cleanliness of metal, etc. Material BeingWeldedSteelSteelStainlessSteelSteel Aluminumwith OptionalSpoolRunner 100Spool Gun Wire TypeandPolarity SettingSuggestedShielding Gas20 30 CFH Flow RateDiameterof WireBeing Used5/16 in.( mm)1/4 in.( mm)3/16 in.( mm)11 in.( mm)16 in.( mm)18 in.( mm)20 in.( mm)24 in.( mm)CHANGINGPOLARITYDCEPElectrode Positivefor Solid WireDCENElectrode Negative for Flux-CoredWireHandler 190 Welding GuideSpecifications(SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.)Rated Output130 A, VDC at 30% duty cycle on 60 HzMax. Open-Circuit Voltage31 VWire Feed Speed Range40 700 IPM50 740 IPMat no loadCurrentRange25 190 AAmps Input at Rated Output, 60 Hz230 V KVA : 12-3/8 in. (315 mm)W: 10-5/8 in. (270 mm)D: 19-1/2 in. (495 mm)Net Weight68 lb. (31 kg)Control Panel 1. Trigger Lead Connection2. Power Switch3. Wire Speed Control4. Voltage Control Switch2341 SpoolRunner 100 Spool Gun 300796 10 ft. (3 m) cable Weld 16 gauge 3/16 in. ( mm)aluminum with the Handler 190 Rated 150 amps, 60% duty cycle For .023 .035 in. ( mm) aluminum,steel and stainless steel wire on 4 in. (102 mm)diameter spools Includes rugged plastic carrying case Shipped with three .030 in. ( mm) and three .035 in. ( mm) contact tipsH100S4-10 Replacement MIG Torch 245926Comes in 10 ft. (3 m) length with liner .035 in. ( mm) diameter Cart/Cylinder Rack 194776Designed for portable MIG large and small gas Cover 195186Weather-resistant nylon resists stains andmildew while protecting the finish of your welder. Accessories3DUTY CYCLE CURVE10204018020013010010203040506070 80 90 1006080DUTY CYCLE %OUTPUT AMPERESVOLT/AMP CURVEAMPERAGE051015202530VOLTAGE12345670 20406080100120140160180200Performance DataTrigger LeadSpool Gun Weld CableWork CableWorkpieceSpool GunHandler 190Gas Hose to Gas Regulator230 VAC Power CordIt s quick and easy to install the SpoolRunner 100 spool gun on the Handler 190. Just plug the power pin of the spool gun into the feedhead, attachthe trigger lead and flip the switch on the inside panel for spool gun operation. Install the correct wire and gas for the job and it s ready to Installation for Optional SpoolRunner 100 Spool Gun to Handler 19 0 For H100S4-10 Gun/Power Source For H100S4-10 Gun For SpoolRunner 100 Item Hobart Package Part # Miller Package Part # Hobart Package Part #Contact in. ( mm) 770174 (5 per package) 087299 (10 per package) 199730 (5 per package).030 in. ( mm) 770177 (5 per package) 000067 (10 per package) 186419 (5 per package).035 in. ( mm) 770180 (5 per package) 000068 (10 per package) 186406 (5 per package).045 in. ( mm) 770183 (5 per package) 000069 (10 per package) MIG Nozzle 770404 169715 186405Gasless Flux-cored Nozzle 770487 226190 Tip Adapter 770402 169716 in. ( mm) 196139 194010 .030/.035 in. ( mm) 196139 194011 .035/.045 in. ( mm) 196140 194012 Power Source Drive RollsQuick Select drive roll for .024 in. 261157 261157 ( mm) or .030/.035 in. ( mm) solid wire, and .030/.035 in. ( mm) flux-cored wireDual-groove, V-knurled drive roll 202926 202926 for .030 .035 in. ( mm)and .045 ( mm) flux-cored wireSpoolRunner 100 Drive RollFor .023 in. ( mm) wire 199731For .030/.035 in. ( mm) wire 186413SpoolRunner 100 Push RollFor .023 in. ( mm) wire 199732For .030/.035 in. ( mm) wire 186414ConsumablesHobart Brothers CompanyAn Illinois Tool Works Company , Ohio USAService 800-332-3281Sales 800-626-9420

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