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Greater Toronto Airports Authority, GTAA …

SNC Lavalin Constructors Inc.— Toronto, Ontario, Canada Greater Toronto Airports Authority, GTAA Cogeneration Plant Project Description The …


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SNC Lavalin Constructors Inc. Toronto, Ontario, CanadaGreater Toronto Airports Authority,GTAA Cogeneration PlantProject DescriptionThe GTAA Combined Cycle Power Plant wasconstructed in 2005 to provide electrical power,cooling and heating for the Lester B PearsonInternational Airport. The 112 MW power plant isoptimized to achieve low cost operation and reliablepower delivery for Toronto s main was contracted to supply two (2) OTSGs for the GTAA CombinedCycle plant. The OTSGs were built with HP and LP steam circuits, andalso included supplemental burners, Provisional SCR and CO systems foremissions control. The plant also features two (2) x 43 MW LM6000 gasturbines and one (1) steam customer selected OTSGs because they are ideally suited for acombined cycle application due to their efficient steam production andflexible operation. OTSGs are capable of extremely fast start-ups and aretypically able to supply full steam loads within 60 minutes. Since OTSGsstart from a dry condition, there is no requirement to slowly heat thewater contained within the drum. The fast start-up of OTSGs allow boththe gas turbines to reach full load and the SCRs to achieve their minimumoperating temperature much quicker than traditional drum find a better wayGas TurbineExhaustFuelExhaustFiringFeedwater TurbineOutputWeight (MW)(lbs/hr)( F)( F)( F)LM6000431,018,000Natural8521078128GasH P SteamHP SystemHP SteamLP Steam LP Total FlowPressure( F)FlowPressure( F)Heating(lbs/hr)(psia)(lbs/hr)(psia)Sur face (sq ft)174,88476070311,476179398245,970CONTR ACT SUMMARYOTSG Common BenefitsIST s unique Once Through Steam Generators are designed to run dry,eliminating the need for bypass stacks, diverter valve systems and stacksilencers. OTSGs have once through flow paths; therefore no steam drums or blowdown systems are absence of drums and the modular design and manufacture of OTSGsfacilitate easy and rapid shipment and erection of the units. Each unit at GTAA was mechanically installed on site in three to four weeks andrequired approximately 3000 installation unit consists of five modules: inlet duct, plenum, steam generatormodule, hood and the stack, which reduces erection time and cranerequirements. The use of small diameter tubes and modular constructionallow for a lightweight and compact design that is suited for projects thathave weight and size demonstrate a significant improvement over natural circulationdrum-type units. They offer high availability, high efficiency, simpleoperation, dry running, and the lowest installed and life cycle costs in the find a better way

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