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FedEx Ship Manager Server

For FedEx Internal Use Only Revised 03/06/08 1 What’s New in v 8.4.6 FedEx Ship Manager® Server (FSMS) v 8.4.6 offers a variety of …


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For FedEx Internal Use Only Revised 03/06/08 1 What s New in v FedEx Ship Manager Server (FSMS) v offers a variety of new and improved features to simplify your shipping needs and speed up your processing time. Pricing Change for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground With the release, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery services will use a dimensional weight to calculate pricing for all shipments. Certain FedEx clients may continue to use the current oversize rating logic. FedEx Express services will begin to use an oversize package rating logic that is based on the greater of the package s actual rounded weight or the dimensional weight. To implement the change, the current minimum billable weight (MBW) will be replaced with a zero (0) at the customer level. This effectively eliminates the MBW comparison that is used to calculate the rate today. The Oversize charge will increase from $30 to $40 (USD) with the implementation of this change. The above pricing changes will be implemented for the following areas and include Transborder Distribution (TD) and Multiweight services: to (50 states) to Puerto Rico to Canada (International) Earned Discount Rates Version now allows Server customers to receive rate quotes that include their account-specific earned discount rates. The more services a customer uses and the higher the level of actual revenue, the better discounts the customer earns. Rate, Route, and Transit Times for Delivery FSMS customers can request the date when FedEx Express , FedEx Ground /FedEx Home Delivery expects a package to be delivered based on a given service and destination for Domestic and International and Canada shipments. pen Ship Print-As-You-Go (PAYG) int a edEx Ground Enhancements hipment Validation Prior to Confirm uture Day Shipping Extension Ex ays. edEx Express International xpanded Origins and Destinations OFSMS allows Open Ship customers to prlabel as you go when performing shipping. This service is available for Domestic shipping within theUnited States and applies to US Domestic Express, including US Domestic Express , and US Domestic Ground. F SFor FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery shipments, FSMS is now able to validate the shipment prior to confirming it. FFSMS now gives the option of extending FedGround Future Day shipping from 90 up to 120 d FEnhancements EFSMS now supports the latest expanded onal origin/destination pairs for FedEx InternatiPriority Freight (IPF) and FedEx International Economy Freight (IEF). FedEx Ship Manager Server For FedEx Internal Use Only Revised 03/06/08 2D Multi-port Routing Determination FedEx International Express customers who use FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution (IPD) Multi-port end destination routing can now determine the route prior to custom label generation. New FedEx Europe First Service to Eastern Europe FedEx offers FedEx Europe First (FEF) to and from Eastern Europe and has opened outbound shipping to Czech Republic (CZ), Poland (PL), Hungary (HU), and Slovak Republic (SK). FedEx Express Freight Service Areas The following enhancements have been made to FedEx Express Freight service areas: New service areas have been added: H0, H4, H5, H6, and H7 available for the market for domestic F1, F2, and F3 including TD and IPF/IEF Puerto inbound/outbound. Appropriate surcharges now display in the rate quote for pickup and delivery to these new service areas. Pick up and Delivery surcharges have been removed for H3. Money Back Guarantee is expanded for H3, H4, and H6. Money Back Guarantee commitment is allowed for H0 (door-to-door delivery) and to H7 (ramp-to-ramp delivery). Expansion of F1 and IPF will include to and from Oahu, Hawaii. FedEx International Ground Distribution FSMS includes two new distribution services from the to Canada. These services consolidate FedEx Ground shipments to Canadian destinations and streamline the customs clearance process. The two new distribution services are described below. FedEx International Ground Distribution (IGD) For shippers with a based FedEx account and a facility within Canada, IGD is a drop-ship option for US to Canada shipments. Using IGD, the shipper arranges delivery of their consolidated shipment to a FedEx Ground hub in Canada. FedEx Ground then breaks down the consolidation and delivers the individual shipments to their destination. FedEx International Ground DirectDistribution (IGDD) The IGDD service gives the shipper the opportunity to consolidate shipments and ship end-to-end from the to Canada using FedEx Ground service. The shipment clears Canadian customs as a single shipment and is delivered directly to its Canadian destination. IGD and IGDD services offer greater efficiency in customs handling and reduce operational costs that may be caused by undeliverable packages or customs issues. Expanded FedEx Services New Packaging Types for First Overnight Service FSMS now supports FedEx Pak, FedEx Box and FedEx Tube as valid package types with First Overnight Service. Expansion of IPD SPOC Service FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution Single Point of Clearance (IPD SPOC) service now allows FedEx customers outside Europe to send consolidated shipments from a single location in the origin country to multiple consignees in European Union (EU) countries. This service is being extended to 10 EU countries: Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Estonia (EE), Slovenia (SI), Cyprus (CY), Poland (PL), Hungary (HU), Slovak Republic (SK), Romania (RO), and Bulgaria (BG). Malta (MT) and Czech Republic (CZ) already have IPD inbound service. Expansion of MX TD Border Crossings Four new containerized freight stations are valid for Mexico Transborder Distribution (MX TD) shipments: Brownsville (HRLA), Texas McAllen (MFEA), Texas Nogales (TUSA), Arizona Eagle Pass (SATR), Texas IP For FedEx Internal Use Only Revised 03/06/08 3origin) TD hipments. in FSMS There is ow a new CSP Solution Type Information screen in of a s editin p File MaThe FSMow creates a new Fedall requirsoftware and rating files during an upgereplac m Grounumber Auto-Fields FSMEx Ground FedEx c nhannadian Shippers , FedEx customers can install m. is pplicable for FedEx Express International services. Registration in French a Close for ate. TD an automatic Close on umeric Characters e es over $500 for Canada edEx Ground iage of 500 (CAD) or above, FSMS defaults the signature gncy anada export shippers can now indicate the ge in USD, n hipment rate quote, as per the configuration selected r TDtime Fed) customers can nowbme request itht opMPS Expanded for CA and MX TD The Multiple-Package Shipping (MPS) features currently implemented for US domestic Transborder Distribution (TD) multi-piece processing and rating are also available for Canada and Mexico (s FSMS Installation Enhancements Automatic CSP Configuration The configuration method for Compatible Solution Providers (CSP) is changednthe installation program which requires the entry CSP code in order to complete the installation. Thifeature enables automatic configuration of a CSP solu antiond eliminates the separate updating and g rocess previously required. nagement and Display S installation nEx folder on the customer s desktop and places ed FedEx files and icons in this folder. The also retains routing rad , unless a new feature requires the e ent of these files. d Account NS now automatically populates the FedAccount Number in the correct field when a ustomer installs FSMS. Ecements for Ca FSMS for French Language OSWith version to run on a French language operating systeThis feature conforms to the French language laws in Quebec, Canada which require that services and solutions in Quebec province be provided in both official languages: English and French. This feature a FSMS This FSMS software version also gives a customer the option to display the software registration and installation process in the French language. FedEx Transborder Distribution CloseRequest FSMS now prompts shippers to perform TD shipments one day after the ship dshippers may choose to configurefor TD shipments using the FedEx Configuratiutility. This feature is available to Canada (CA) only and is not available for Mexico (MX) TD-enabled shippers. City Names with NFSMS now allows preceding numeric characters to bentered in the recipient City field. For example, 100 Mile House is now allowed as a city name. eclared ValuDWhen CA to US FedEx Express and Fshipments have a Declared Value for Carr$option to Direct Signature Request and no surcharge applies. FedEx Transborder Distribution (TD) shippin is excluded from this change. Declared Values in Non-Origin CurreCcurrency for the Declared Value for Carriaand export shippers can indicate the currency for the Declared Value for Carriage in CAD. For all other origins, FSMS will not enable shipment if a non-origincurrency is given. Fixed and/or Variable Handling Charges FSMS now provides the ability to add/subtract handling charges to FedEx Transborder Distributio(TD) rate quotes. From Canada origin, this adds the option to display (add or subtract) Fixed and/or Variable Handling charges to the TD US Domesticsby the shipper. The FedEx Express TD and FedEx Ground TD options will only display when the shippeis enabled for TD in the Meter configuration. Ra e, Route, and Transit TEx Transborder Distribution (TD su mit a rate, route, and transit tiouening a TD Master. w For FedEx Internal Use Only Revised 03/06/08 4t or d Driver Enhancements t w supports n nterfaces or rinters connected using USB, parallel, or network ch er or integrated labels n use the 020 Global Ship Request transaction with tab , ustomers SMS also allows shippers to print doc tab formation on international consignee labels for nd 4x9 doc tab thermal labels and can ata fields on thermal shipping labels for US omestic and International FedEx Express and s and Label Generator utility onal Priority and FedEx n d da ow print reference elds (such as number, invoice number, and ustomer reference), department notes, and the RMA reference field on their labels. TD Currency and Weight Types TD shippers can now select or default the weighcurrency type for all new TD Masters created on the same day. Printer an ew Zebra ZPLll USB Printer SupporNTo allow for future innovation, FSMS nothe Zebra ZPLII USB printers which are the fastest itheir class. Windows Print Manager and Driver Support FSMS supports Windows Print Manager andWindows printer drivers. This feature is recommended for use with high-speed ipinterfaces with appropriate bandwidth. Label and Barcode Enhancements Several label changes have been made to enhance the shipping experience. abel Customization LFSMS provides thermal labels with a inspace for customization that may be used for eithtext or graphics. Shippers who require customizedcathe new field 1249 (Custom Label Type Indicator) and ther related fields to add customized sections to othermal labels. FedEx shippers can also use the 4x8 or 4x9 doc label format to customize labels. These formats let customers add custom text, graphics, or a barcode to the shipping label. PDF Label Support SMS supports 4x8 and 4x9 DIB along with 4x6, 4x8Fand 4x9 PDF versions which are useful to cprinting on paper stock, including forms such as pick tickets or invoices with peel and stick label sections. oc Tab on Consignee Label DFinFedEx Express and FedEx Ground . This feature supports 4x6 abe configured in two ways: FSMS Configuration utilityor 020 Global Ship Request transaction with field 1374 (Print Doc Tab on Consignee Label). Configurable Reference Setting FSMS shippers can print the transaction ID and selected dDFedEx Ground services, and TD FedEx ExpresFedEx Ground, and intra-Canada shipping. Setup uses a new Reference Setting in the FSMS Configuration utility. Thermal Label Orientation bFSMS shippers can configure la el orientation for a leading or trailing edge using the FSMS Configuration utility or 020 Global Ship Request transaction with field 1375 (Label Stock Orientation). Custom Label Generator SMS includes a new CustomFfor non FedEx shipping labels. Shippers can create and print labels that contain custom non FedEx information relevant to their business and shipping. This feature supports 4x6 (doc tab and non doc tab), 4x8 and 4x9 thermal label formats. Mask Sender Account Number or FedEx InternatiFInternational Economy services, FSMS shippers caoth select to mask the sender account number on bthe international and consignee labels. This feature isavailable through the FedEx Configuration utility. Telephone Extension Numbers Shipping labels will print the recipient s telephone extension number when requested using the 020 Global Ship Request transaction with field 1277 (Telephone Extension). This option is available for edEx Express , FedEx Ground Domestic anFInternational, and FedEx Ground Intra-Canaservice. It is not available for Internet phone service. New Express Label Options edEx Express shippers can nFfic For FedEx Internal Use Only Revised 03/06/08 5 onsignee values. This contractual rvice allows shippers to prevent recipients alue. This option is available for International edEx Open Ship ipment. The 2D barcode includes both the uct Codes on Labels nd Reports rs to identify individual and retail industries. When quested, the codes are embedded in the 2D pen Ship transactions are now alidated after an edit occurs to ensure that the DG erous goods) is included in or FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shippers ndling vices equest Transaction quests and ommodity Information into how FSMS nd eter Number Returned on EOD Reply ber) in the r lly ee-form entry field 79 (Description of Contents) for document type ent Mask CI for International AWB FSMS is now programmed to mask the commercial invoice value on the shipping label and replace it withThird Party Csepurchasing at retail from seeing the wholesale v Label Buffer Option FSMS gives customers the option to receive their shipping label in the form of a Label Buffer file and thus be able to customize the label to print on their wn Express, including IPD/IDF/IED and FTransborder Distribution (TD) services. Open Ship Package Count for MPS For Multiple Package Shipments (MPS), FSMS allows shippers to include a package sequence number and total package count for pieces in a or International FedEx Express shsequence number and package count. New Electronic ProdaFSMS enables shippeproducts using Electronic Product Codes (EPC). EPCs are used primarily in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, rebarcode on shipping labels and print on the Domestic Shipment Report, US International Shipment Report, CA Domestic Shipment Report, and CA International Shipment Report. Dangerous Goods Enhancements Validation of DG Open Ship Edits Dangerous Goods Ovqualifier (accessible dangthe ASTRA barcode string. DG Listings in 1421 C Report FSMS will change the sequence of the DG listing in he Nature and Quantity of Dangerous Goods section tof the 1421 C report. FSMS Transaction Enhancements Service Type and Special Services Transaction Fwho hard code service codes and special hatext, FSMS has a new transaction 050/150 SerTypes and Special Services Request/Reply which handles supported codes and returns the brand name of the product or service, service type, packaging type, weight limits, and delivery commitments as applicable. SMS Version RFThe new 050/150 transaction also rereturns the FSMS software version number, FSMS build date, and CRS and CLS version numbers. IPD/IDF/IED Requests for Consolidated CFSMS now allows visibility consolidates IPD/IED/IDF shipments so that appropriate customs documentation is provided. This information can be requested prior to confirmation ofa shipment using the 020 Global Ship Request transaction with field 2427 (Consolidated Commodity File) and field 2428 (File Format). Hourly Upload Settings Shippers using FedEx Express and FedEx Groucan turn off the Hourly Upload (HU) process and upload on demand. This feature is not being widely documented for customers. MFSMS now returns field 498 (Meter Num007/107 End-of-Day (EOD) Close Request/Reply transaction. This information enables a multi-metecustomer to determine which meter has successfuclosed. Field for Document Descriptions The 020 Global Ship Request transaction includes a frcustomers who wish to describe theirwhen this description is not provided in the DocumDescription (field 2396) list. For FedEx Internal Use Only Revised 03/06/08 6ments be h the adult signature. e ne). g t SMS now adds the Delivery Area Surcharge (DAS) e t s. Shipping and Rating Enhance FedEx Ground Oversize Surcharge FSMS allows the Adult Signature option toused with FedEx Ground Oversize shipments. FSMS ill properly apply the FedEx Ground Oversize wsurcharge in conjunction wit FedEx Express Non-Standard SurchargFSMS now includes the Non-Standard Package surcharge in the rate quote. A $5 (USD) fee is charged for packages between 60 108 inches in length or when not shipped in a cardboard box. Rate Zone Reply For FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services, FSMS now returns the rate zone in the 120 Rate Reply transaction using field 1092 (Rate ZoFor FedEx Express, the zone is only returned if usinzone-based pricing. DAS Surcharge on Ground MultiweighFto the Multiweight Quote when it applies to thuote for a Ground MultiweighCourtesy Rate QShipment to a remote location. This additional rate does NOT apply to the Multiweight rate quote. Rate Requests The Rate request transaction must be submitted with a payment type using field 23 (Payment Type) for both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground service

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