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22 Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada © 2005 Edwards, Part of GE Infrastructure, Security ESA5011KA Ionization Smoke Alarms Features • duAl IonIzAtIon chAmbEr tEchnology • form c rElAy connEctIon


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22Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada 2005 Edwards, Part of GE Infrastructure, SecurityESA5011KA Ionization Smoke AlarmsFeatures duAl IonIzAtIon chAmbEr tEchnology form c rElAy connEctIon EASy IntErconnEctIon for up to 12 unItS lEd AlArm SourcE IndIcAtor full functIon tESt button lEd opErAtIng lIght (lEd) loud 85db pIEzoElEctrIc AlArm dEtAchAblE bASE plAtE for SImplE InStAllAtIon QuIcK dISconnEct plug-In powEr connEctor locKIng KEy tAmpEr rESIStAnt low profIlE dESIgn ulc ApprovEdDescriptionThe ESA5011KA Smoke Alarm is designed to detect smoke at the very early stages of fire. Detection of products of combustion will initiate an alarm condition and sound the built-in signal. Completely self-contained, the dual ionization chamber design of the ESA5011KA provides superior quality, stability and reliability. These devices are interconnectable up to 12 units, and feature a built-in relay which activates when any interconnected device goes into devices provide life safety local warning where smoke is detected. The smoke alarm s principle value is to sound a warning signal in the presence of smoke during sleeping hours. A detector should be installed within the immediate area of all sleeping quarters. Other smoke detectors should be placed in basements, kitchens, garage, etc. for complete property and life safety anD MountingThe quick disconnect power connector saves time and money during inForMationcat. voltage100-130VAC (60Hz)Standby current20mA ACAlarm current70mA ACAlarm level85dB @ 10'-0" (3m)InterconnectionUp to 12 smoke alarmsrelay typeForm C ( )relay contact ratingMax. 10 amp 120VAC/28VdcIndicator lightsGreen LED remains on when unit is powered. Red LED flashes when unit is in alarmtest buttonElectronically tests sensitivity, circuitry and horntemperature40 F to 100 F (4 C to 38 C)relative humidity10% to 85%Single Stationmultiple Stationtypical Wiring anD installationESA5011KAResidential protection

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