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VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009 ENERGY now 1 energynow As more renewable energy projects come on line around the country, transmission infrastructure is expanding. In Texas, clean renewable energy will soon arrive where


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VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009 ENERGY now 1energynowAs more renewable energy projects come on line around the country, transmission infrastructure is expanding. In Texas, clean renewable energy will soon arrive where it is needed as the state begins to build the largest transmission construction project in history. Lone Star Transmission, an FPL Group subsidiary in Texas, will build, own and operate transmission facilities as part of the project. The Public Utility Commission of Texas has awarded seven companies a portion of a $5-billion transmission project to bring West Texas wind power to such regions as Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. The comprehensive plan will add more than 2,300 miles of new transmission upgrades that will significantly improve the transmission system in West Texas, where wind energy is plentiful. Lone Star Transmission will construct approximately 250 miles of the transmission line. The company also will construct three substations to integrate wind energy into the Texas power grid. When finished, the 345-kilovolt line will transport enough electricity to power more than million homes. Our goal was always to be part of the transmission solution in Texas, said Vice President of Transmission Development Jolly Hayden, and our team was instrumental in ensuring that a cost-effective and beneficial approach was taken. Lone Star Transmission is planning several open houses later this year to seek input about the transmission line routing. The company is committed to sharing information on the project progress with landowners, elected officials, and representatives of counties, school districts, cities, local businesses and state and federal agencies. Following public meetings and an official hearing, construction is expected to begin in 2011 with completion planned by 2013. Not only will the new transmission help us get electricity where it s needed, but transmission is an economic lever, said Jolly. It will spur other economic development and provide additional benefits to businesses and residents throughout Texas. Lone Star Transmission is part of large Texas project to deliver clean energy2 Leadership Perspective: Only one No. 1 / Rules of engagement and business principles / FPL Group, other agencies align storm command systems 3 Tax software ups accuracy / Wind development booms / Nuclear fleet ready for summer4 Positioned for continued growth / FPL Group Connection 5 Employees give survey communication feedback / Stars banquet honors employees / Professionals build skills6-8 Theresa s tips for better health / FPL-WELL goes on the road / Health plan is adjusted / Corporate Safety, FPL-WELL partner / Plan now to take your vacation / Midyear review provides coaching opportunity / ZERO Today! safety tips to come / Recognizing Zero Today! / 60 years of safe flying9 Giving back to Texas communities / Switchyard enhances reliability / Seabrook readies for renewal / Briefing builds relationships 10 Stephanie Brienza supports quality culture / NRC shares positive reviews / Tech upgrades improve Care Center operations11 Service Anniversaries / Remembrances12 The Big Picture: PDC celebrates Star statusVol. 1 No. 4A publication for and about FPL Group employeesInside This IssueContinued on page 3Lone Star Transmission, an FPL Group subsidiary, will construct approximately 250 miles of transmission line that will deliver electricity from the many wind farms in Texas, like the one pictured, to the state s customers. A recent American Wind Energy Association study shows that Texas wind farms can generate more than 7,000 megawatts of McGrath Executive Vice President Engineering, Construction and Corporate Services Leadership Perspective: Only one No. 1Based on last year s Employee Engagement Survey results, my team and I decided that one of our key initiatives was to begin the journey from a reactive, firefighting culture to a proactive culture. With better project management and upstream planning, we can eliminate the controllable events that ignite fires. While it is true we cannot totally eliminate all uncontrollable events, we need to make them the began the journey to reduce firefighting by es-tablishing seven Rules of Engagement. The first one is Only one No. 1 Learn to prioritize. Each of us has to know our top priority and take account-ability to bring it over the finish line things done proactively also requires a trusting environment that fosters transparent communications and lets employees feel safe in asking about the vital statistics of a project the who, what, where, when, why and how. It also requires having everyone do the right thing with no personal agendas. Staying in front of the issues, planning for critical milestones and deliverables, determining who should be involved, and developing a plan that ensures every project team member understands his/her role and responsibility will help us with this culture all have a personal responsibility to work together and create a more proactive culture that will reduce waste and drive value for the company. It s a long journey, but we are on the right , Construction and Corporate Services reduces firefighting by following rules of engagement and business practices. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Only One No. 1 Learn to prioritize. Everyone s time is valuable. Mess up Fess up. Request for action requires vital stats Who, What, Where, When, Why, How. Active listening Clarify message. If you have questions, ASK! Follow up: Results, feedback and PRINCIPLES Live by the Rules of Engagement. Challenge convention. Deliver of engagement and business principlesFPL Group, other agencies align storm command systemsFPL employees each year learn new processes, technologies and techniques as they prepare for the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. One change helps employees respond better to storms that impact its customers: The company has adopted the Incident Command system is a standardized, on-scene, incident management system that is flexible and scalable to any emergency event, large or small. It already has been put into use by firefighters, hazardous materials teams, rescuers and emergency medical teams. The Incident Command System, said Brian Hanrahan, director of emergency planning, provides a common framework within which all organizations, including FPL Group, can work together more efficiently and can be more effective in serving the needs of our communities during emergency situations. During this year s dry-run exercise, representatives from external agencies were invited to observe FPL s response to mock Hurricane Alpha. They viewed FPL s emergency processes at work and saw how the company has aligned its storm-response organization with the Incident Command System structure now used by federal, state and county emergency responders. This structure enables all of us to have a common language between organiza-tions, said Jim Glass, manager of emergency preparation and restoration support, so we can better work together and respond more quickly in a coordinated fashion to any emergency situation. 2 ENERGY now VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009Senior Director of Employee and Customer Support Irene White (facing camera, right) explains FPL storm proce-dures to visitors during this year s dry run at the company s General Office Command Center in development booms One priority of the Obama administration has been an increased focus on renewable energy and energy independence. NextEra Energy Resources is prepared to fuel that new focus with additional clean, dependable wind energy. We are the best-positioned company in this industry to meet wind and solar energy needs in the United States and Canada, said John DiDonato, vice president of Development. Our daily challenge is to execute flawlessly. Flawless execution includes coordination and a safety focus, especially in construction. At the end of March, the wind construction organization had zero Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordable injuries, said Bill Alfera, environmental safety and health manager for NextEra Energy Resources Construction. The company expects to add approximately 1,000 megawatts of wind energy projects by the end of 2009. Our wind development reach into the and Canadian markets does not happen without a great deal of talent and old-fashioned hustle, said John. Our teams are working hard to ensure that we meet our goals of enhancing the company s leadership position in renewable energy. Nuclear fleet ready for summer When summer arrives, demand for electricity peaks as air conditioners are turned on. That is why FPL Group s five nuclear sites have completed summer readiness preparations. Under the direction of a seasonal readiness coordinator, each plant has worked through an evaluation checklist to increase reliability. The process involves studying past maintenance issues and lessons learned. Demand is so high in the summer that we have to minimize the risk of taking any of our sites off line, said Freddie Forrest, operations corporate functional area manager. We talk about being in prevention and detection mode, and that s how we approach summer readiness. We certainly don t want to lower the amount of power a unit can generate because of an equipment issue that could have been avoided. An extra layer of prevention securing large projectiles was added to tornado-prone Duane Arnold Energy Center and Point Beach Nuclear Plant, and hurricane-exposed Seabrook Station and St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power plants. We also added evaluations, contingency plans and corrective actions for off-normal conditions, such as oil leaks and turbine vibrations, said Freddie. In mid-April, New Hampshire experienced record-breaking heat. The supplemental cooling at Seabrook Station was ready and placed into service. I m pleased to see ownership of summer readiness across our nuclear fleet, said Freddie. We re better prepared than we ve ever been. VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009 ENERGY now 3Angela Pitale, right, and Margaret Griffith, both directors in the NextEra Energy Resources Tax organization, review tables from the new tax accounting system that will simplify tax and accounting efforts for all FPL Group companies. NextEra Energy Resources Duane Arnold Energy Center in Palo, Iowa, is one of five FPL Group nuclear sites that has completed summer readiness software ups accuracy The job of a unique team of 13 NextEra Energy Resources employees is to stay current on all federal, state, local, property and sales tax regulations. They also keep up with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles related to income taxes for the company s assets. To help them maintain accurate tax records, these employees have been integrating TaxStream, a new software system, to streamline tax and accounting functions across all FPL Group companies. This is the largest installation of this system in the country, said Director of Tax Angela Pitale. After this system is installed, our team will be able to further enhance the analytical aspects of the data. This is especially critical, given legislative tax changes that have come about just this year. We keep track of tax laws for 25 states and three Canadian provinces, added Margaret Griffith, director of Tax. We have to constantly strategize, plan and analyze for each of our 500 entities, as well as work with the development and business management teams on each of the development projects. With this in mind, the team is ready to ensure another successful tax year. FPL Group ConnectionFPL Customer Service Jocelyn Rivera had relocated her workstation to a new cubicle in FPL s Miami Customer Service Care Center. Settling into the work space she shared with new co-worker Jennifer, Jocelyn quickly learned that the two shared something more. The name of Jennifer s father and her father was the same: Luis Humberto. With growing disbelief, the two Care Center representatives realized they were half-sisters who had never met. Jocelyn, Luis daughter from his most recent marriage, had the difficult task of telling her new-found sister of his passing. Luis Humberto Rivera was a great father to me, said Jocelyn, and I know he loved and adored Jennifer and her brother just as much. Duane Arnold This year, Duane Arnold Energy Center in Palo, Iowa, is the sponsor of the Freedom Festival Action Zone. This portion of the Freedom Festival is geared for children, with water wars, climbing walls, inflatable games and other hands-on activities for young people. Each year, East Iowa residents and visitors celebrate America in the Heartland during the annual Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival. Despite severe flooding, more than 300,000 area residents and visitors attended Freedom Festival last Following the company s submittal of a proposal to the Florida Public Service Commission to build the Florida EnergySecure Line, residents attended community open-house events in 11 Florida counties. The open houses were a great opportunity for Florida citizens to learn about the project and for them to learn how it will benefit their communities, said Bob Sharra, director of energy marketing and trading for FPL. An economic-impact analysis expects the Florida EnergySecure Line to generate new property taxes of more than $400 million over its projected 40-year lifespan. Read more about the proposed underground natural gas pipeline at Group The Consortium for a Healthier Miami-Dade selected FPL Group to receive The Workplace Wellness Award for its leadership in promoting health and wellness among its employees. The award recognizes FPL Group as a company that cares about the health and well-being of its employees and shows it is concerned about the health of the community, said FPL Group Manager of Employee Health and Well-being Andy Scibelli. FPL Group has become a leader in employee health and a model for others interested in developing a culture of health. The Nuclear Energy Institute last month honored Oliver Kingsley Jr., an FPL Group board member and a highly respected and successful nuclear industry leader, with the Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award. Named for the former Princeton University physics department chairman whom President Kennedy appointed as representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the award recognizes statesmanlike contributions in the nuclear field. Oliver has been a driving force in the overall success of today s nuclear plants as well as a catalyst and visionary for new plants, said Nuclear Energy Institute President and CEO Marvin Beach More than 500 visitors celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Point Beach Energy Center at the Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Two Rivers, Wis., on April 26. During the past 40 years, the center has hosted more than 900,000 visitors including more than 300,000 students who have learned about the generation of electricity and nuclear energy, toured a simulated nuclear reactor and seen solar and wind energy displays. On May 12, Point Beach Nuclear Plant employees celebrated another milestone when Unit 2 achieved 365 consecutive days of online Station Nuclear-fleet team members know that reaching safety milestones is the natural outcome of exhibiting the right safety behaviors. On May 20, the NextEra Energy Seabrook team reached 387 days without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordable injury. This is a new plant safety record and the plant s best-ever run, surpassing its previous best of 338 days set in 2007. We will continue to embrace our safety guiding principles and Zero Today!, said Site Vice President Gene St. Pierre. We re going to look out for each other and continue to take the time to ensure we are always working safely. 4 ENERGY now VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009Positioned for continued growth Clean-energy investments are positioning FPL Group for continued growth in a low-carbon future, FPL Group Chairman and CEO Lew Hay told shareholders at the company s annual meeting on May noted that companies with low carbon-dioxide emissions rates are poised to benefit if federal policymakers set a price on carbon in response to climate change. FPL Group has one of the lowest emissions rates in the sector, he said. In fact, if every utility were as clean as FPL Group, CO2 emissions from the power sector would be reduced by nearly 50 percent, and total carbon emissions would be reduced by 20 percent. That s the equivalent of removing 209 million cars from the road, or roughly 80 percent of all vehicles in the nation. Despite a challenging economy, FPL Group performed exceptionally well in 2008, delivering record adjusted earnings. FPL Group s success in 2008 contributed to the company s strong performance relative to its peers over the past seven years, as measured by both total shareholder return and growth in market capitalization. Consider this one simple fact: A dollar invested in the S&P 500 at the end of 2001 was worth 90 cents at the end of 2008, said Lew. A dollar invested in FPL Group had more than doubled to $ Read more about the annual shareholders meeting by clicking on the News Releases tab on Group Chairman and CEO Lew Hay, shown here addressing the Florida Summit of Global Climate Change in Miami last year, explained at the annual shareholders meeting that the company is positioned for continued growth in a low-carbon banquet honors employees A celebration last month at the company s Jupiter West campus near Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., honored employees who extended themselves in providing outstanding service to FPL s customers. The annual Stars of Distribution event recognized 41 employees from the North Dade, Manasota, Fort Myers, Brevard, South Broward, Boca, Treasure Coast and Palm Beach Distribution Operations areas; and the Miami-Dade Transmission Operations area. I would like to congratulate all the Stars winners for providing outstanding service and all of our employees who dedicate themselves every day to ensure Certainty in Delivery , said Al Alfonso, vice president of FPL Distribution. Your effort to provide a positive experience goes a long way in the eyes of our customers and our company. Each employee received a Stars trophy for reaching the highest level of recognition in the program by working diligently to respond to the company s customers, provide valuable support and even save lives. Top nominators were also recognized for submitting the largest number of winning stories and taking the time to nominate their employees on a consistent build skills Sharing skills and learning tools are two ways to advance career development the key driver of employee engagement. As part of this focus, FPL Group University s Learning and Development Team hosted Professional Development Day for learning and development professionals to share training techniques and to network with others from across FPL the one-day seminar held April 20 in the Juno Beach office, 73 professionals gathered to sharpen their skills and acquire new learning methods to use in their business units. The seminar included breakout sessions on topics such as How to Create a Podcast and Effective Instructional Techniques. The session on instructional design was extremely valuable, said Debbie Augustin, Care Center train-ing supervisor at the LeJeune-Flagler office. We learned how to use templates to standardize elec-tronic learning, so even trainers without technical expertise can develop electronic learning courses. Guest speaker Shirley Sillan, a top business training consultant for Achieve Global, and Jim Poppell, executive vice president of Human Resources for FPL Group, opened the day s events. Jim emphasized that trainers have a crucial role in developing employees careers to ensure the success of the company. You have several goals, but the question that lies at the heart of your work as trainers is whether you are helping to create a community of trust, said Jim. Trust is the foundation upon which our continued success depends. VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009 ENERGY now 5Professional Development Day participant Debbie Augustin, Care Center training supervisor at FPL s LeJeune-Flagler Office in Miami, was one of 73 employees who attended the one-day seminar for training managers and their staff on April 20 in the Juno Beach, Fla., Distribution employees honored at this year s Stars banquet are (l-r): Tom Gwaltney, Robert Rangel, Charles Uptgrow, Chris Garcia, Armando Greaves, John Caltabiano, John Wendel, Ralph Tabacco, Clinton Dominy, Rob Story, Jeff Hollnagel, Steve Neville, Paul Ragusa, Morais Brown, John Simone, Edgar Rubio, Pierre Heitfeld, Frank Agate, Ileana Garcia, Terry Henderson, Al Sala, Gail Annacarto, Mark Hayes, Mickey Bragman, Gabriel Audain, Ron Kuhns, Tonya Holder, David Hodgson, Nancy Starkey, Jose Escobar and Al Alfonso (Not pictured: Ward, Karl Collins, Eugene Poole, Douglas Rodriguez, Dodie Meister, Mike Blackard, Steve Pratt, Jerry Thomas, Larry Bryan, Eric Cubria and Dave Collins)Employees give survey communication feedback A random group of employees in April completed a quick online survey to measure the effectiveness of reporting 2008 Employee Engagement Survey results. Of the 800 employees who participated, 81 percent reported that they had learned their business unit s engagement survey results in a department meeting with leadership. It s remarkable that 84 percent of the respondents remembered that the main reason for conducting the engagement survey is to make FPL Group an even better place to work, said Jane Lohmeier, director of organizational effectiveness and project lead for the employee engagement initiative. That s up from 56 percent in last year s follow- up survey. The survey generated more than 300 comments that the engagement team evaluated and will use in developing future communications. We value employees taking time out of their day to give us feedback, said Jane. It tells us that employees are interested in playing a key role in our ongoing engagement efforts, and we appreciate that kind of teamwork. Visit INFPL/engagement to read more about the survey questions and responses, and ongoing corporate and business-unit engagement champion: Theresa s tips for better health Too busy to exercise? Too tired to prepare healthy meals? Anyone who uses these excuses has only to look to Theresa Fessler for inspiration. A station corrective-action program coordinator at Point Beach Nuclear Plant and busy mother of five, Theresa made full use of FPL-WELL programs to help her lose 85 pounds. She started by using the Point Beach fitness center, then enrolled in Weight Watchers at Work, completed Steps to Success and added workouts with her husband at the local YMCA, where they qualified for FPL-WELL fitness rebates. She also participated in the on-site health screenings, where she learned that her cholesterol and other results were all now at optimal levels. I love the new me, which is about half the size that I once was, explained Theresa. But most importantly, I am now physically capable of keeping up with my kids. On our last vacation, I was able to hike up the mountain with them. I wasn t able to do that before. Theresa s personal corrective action includes daily breakfast, a variety of exercise that she finds enjoy-able, lots of water, and foods with fiber. FPL Group has been much more health-oriented than our previous employer, and that support is refreshing, said Theresa. It s good that the company cares about our health. To learn more about the many FPL-WELL programs available to all employees, call goes on the road The on-site health screening at Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Two Rivers, Wis., is just one of more than 80 health screenings* scheduled throughout company locations this spring. Take advantage of one to learn more about your personal health risks. FPL-WELL offers many programs to employees throughout the country. Last year, more than 5,600 employees received free flu shots, 3,000 participated in health challenges, and more than 5,400 brochures were distributed. Ergonomic assessments were performed at 90 work sites. Call FPL-WELL at 561-694-6242 to learn more about the services available at your location. Take advantage of on-site health screenings, and don t forget to schedule your physical and other preventive services, explained Melissa Miller, director of employee benefits. Share the screening results with your doctor. It is important to regularly get all recommended preventive services so you and your physician can identify conditions early and develop a treatment plan to avoid significant health problems. All FPL Group health plans promote preventive services by waiving the deductible and offering low co-pays for preventive services. *Health screenings are sponsored by the Health and Welfare Plan for Employees of FPL Group Inc. and Affiliates, and the Retiree Benefits Plan for Employees of FPL Group Inc. and plan is adjusted Anyone who has read the news lately knows that health care costs are going up across the country. At FPL Group, we ve worked hard to slow the increase and still offer comprehensive health benefits that are competitive with other Fortune 500 companies. Midyear health plan adjustments became effective June 1 for FPL Group nonbargaining employees*. These adjustments brought us into closer alignment with our Fortune 500 benchmark. For more information about the changes, go to My HR Direct, My Benefits. If you have questions, call Employee Services at 1-800-610-8999, option 6; or send an e-mail to * Nonbargaining transition employees hired before Jan. 27, 2006, at Duane Arnold Energy Center, and hired before Sept. 28, 2007, at Point Beach Nuclear Plant, are excluded from these changes. Bargaining employees receive negotiated benefits under their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or contract. NextEra Energy Seabrook bargaining employees have benefit changes that have previously been communicated and become effective July ENERGY now VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009Theresa Fessler used FPL-WELL programs at Point Beach Nuclear Plant to lose 85 Wood (left) watches as Noel McArthur carefully takes a blood pressure reading during a recent on-site health screening at Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Two Rivers, Wis. Midyear review provides coaching opportunityThere are two ways to approach your interim review. You can treat it as something to check off a list or, you can use the interim review process to track 2009 objectives, make adjustments and hold a candid conversation with your leader. In other words, it can give you something of value. During your review, you will have a chance to share your thoughts about your role and receive constructive feedback from your leader. For leaders, the conversation is a way to encourage top performance. For employees, it s an opportunity to get better at what they do, said Rodney Miller, director of learning and development. That s why it s so important to be honest and open to feedback. You should come to the session prepared with a list of topics or questions, and leave with a plan of action. Following are some topics to consider discussing with your leader: What you have done well this year What you can do to improve your performance What support you will need to be successfulThe most effective way to build trust is to communicate openly. Use the interim review to build the relationship between you and your leader. Nonbargaining employees begin interim performance reviews this month. Go to My HR Direct, My Performance; and click on Start Interim Review to begin the 1, NO. 4 | June 2009 ENERGY now 7Rodney Miller recommends using the interim review to build the relationship between you and your Safety, FPL-WELL partner Andy Scibelli and Mark Morgan are on a mission to demonstrate how health and safety intersect in our home and work lives, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Typically, we think of health risks and behaviors in terms of medical costs, and that is certainly relevant, said Andy, manager of HR Health and Well-being. Yet, these same risk factors can impact how safely we live and work. This approach is not just the absence of disease, but creating vitality and energy. Mark, general manager of Corporate Safety and Workers Compensation, agreed. The connection between health and safety comes down to being focused on the present, he said. Health issues divert your attention from safety, and unsafe behaviors are clearly unhealthy behaviors. A great example of a successful injury-prevention program is FPL-WELL s ergonomics study at the Horse Hollow wind farm in Texas, said Andy. After a detailed analysis of body mechanics, exercises to strengthen the muscles that are most at risk of injury were taught to employees. Following its success, Horse Hollow shared the program with other wind locations. Plan now to take your vacation Everyone s busy, but vacations provide an opportunity to recharge and refocus. Because vacation is an important benefit, employees are encouraged to work with their supervisors to plan early for their vacations. Check your earned paid time off through My HR Direct, My Time; and review corporate vacation policies under My HR Direct, HR Policies. You are required to use 80 vacation hours by Dec. 31 before carrying unused vacation into the next year*. Floating holidays and purchased vacation can never be carried over to the next year. If you take the minimum of 80 vacation hours, you automatically carry over up to 120 hours of vacation. New employees hired this year and unable to use their vacation are allowed to carry over a maximum of 48 hours. * Bargaining employees should reference their contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for vacation carryover rules. Part-time nonbargaining employees are eligible to carry over up to 120 hours after using 40 hours of vacation. This does not apply to California-tenured employees. Point Beach Nuclear Plant nonbargaining employees may carry over their full year 2009 Paid Time Off (PTO) Scibelli (left) and Mark Morgan agree that health issues divert employees attention from safety. Both safety and wellness are about prevention, says ZERO Today! Recognizing ZERO Today! is FPL Group s rewards program highlighting injury- free locations and employees. Below are the locations that reached a Recognizing ZERO Today! milestone during April. View ZERO Today! safety celebrations at INFPL/Safety. Recognizing ZERO Today! locations achieving silver-, gold- and platinum-level awards will receive a specially designed, customized banner ( ) and plaque. For more information on the Recognizing ZERO Today! program, contact Corporate Safety at years of safe flyingThe National Business Aviation Association recently recognized FPL for 60 years of flight safety. Since its inception in 1948, FPL s Aviation business-unit employees have safely flown more than 77,000 hours in corporate aircraft. Of the 4,000 companies with aircraft registered with the association, only 16 have earned the prestigious 60-Year Achievement Award for safe flight operations. We re all really proud to have achieved such a commendable safety record, said Flight Operations Senior Manager and Chief Pilot Glenn Aurelius. It takes a focus on safety, dedication to professionalism and full team engagement to achieve this milestone. As one of the nation s oldest corporate flight departments, FPL operates three airplanes and two helicopters from Palm Beach (Fla.) International Airport. Sixty years of safe flying is a tremendous accomplishment, said Senior Director of Corporate Security David Noznesky, but not a surprise, given FPL s culture of safety and the professionalism and experience of our team. 8 ENERGY now VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009ZERO Today! safety tips to come June is National Safety Month, a time to spotlight accident prevention. Most accidents aren t accidental at all; they are failures our failure or the failures of others to focus and prepare. To keep safety in focus, Corporate Safety is launching the ZERO Today! safety tips in FYI News. Each week, you will find a safety tip, reminder or statistic that is intended to encourage injury prevention at home and at work. Zero-injury living and working is the right goal because even one injury is one too many. Mark Morgan, general manager of Corporate Safety, shared his thoughts on the new ZERO Today! FYI News safety tips. I m very pleased to see how employees have taken ZERO Today! to heart across the enterprise, making it their own, said Mark. And I m excited about the opportunity to help prevent injuries of our employees and their families. It takes only a second to change a life forever, so take a moment to consider how each week s tip applies to you and your family. It will be time well spent. As you go through the year, let us know if one of the safety tips influences your safety behavior or that of your family. We care about your safety. Let us know what works. Contact to share your safety is more important than ZERO Today!FPL employees Edd Ong (left) and Keith Achorn wear proper personal safety equipment as they cut drywall during a recent Power to Care Day event in Martin County, Fla. Weekly safety tips in FYI News will encourage injury prevention at home and at Manager and Chief Pilot Glenn Aurelius (left) and Senior Director of Corporate Security David Noznesky credit the aviation team s focus on safety and full engagement as reasons for FPL s 60 year flight safety record. One Year Transmission Turkey Point Substation Customer Service Revenue Protection Bradenton Meter Reading Power GenerationCentral Maintenance North RegionTwo YearsPower GenerationWind Lake BentonGold-Level AwardIntegrated Supply ChainSeabrook Inventory Services (7years)Gold-Level AwardPower GenerationCutler Plant (9 years)Wind Cerro Gordo (10 years)Silver-Level AwardIntegrated Supply ChainSuncoast Inventory Services (4 years)Customer Service Dade Meter Operations (1 year)DistributionOkeechobee Service Center (3 years) Lake City Service Center (5 years)Power GenerationCalhoun Energy Center (6 years)Giving back to Texas communities Flying kites, watching cowboys demonstrate their skills and building wind-turbine models are entertaining activities. They also meet a bigger objective one of community outreach in Texas, where NextEra Energy Resources owns and operates power plants. Giving back to the community is not only good business, but it s the right thing to do, said Matt Schafer, vice president of NextEra Energy Resources Southern part of being a good neighbor, the company recently sponsored a kite-flying demonstration for two Boys and Girls Clubs in Abilene. Information on the company s wind-energy program also was shared. Another activity in Abilene was the Western Heritage Classic Rodeo. As a sponsor, NextEra Energy Resources hosted 70 children from the Abilene Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Educational outreach is also part of the effort, and the company hosted a KidWind workshop for 85 teachers in Muenster, where the Wolf Ridge Wind Energy Center is located. KidWind shares information with teachers about wind energy so that they can return to their classrooms and instruct their students. Switchyard enhances reliability Power plant switchyards contribute to a plant s reliability. At Seabrook Station, the NextEra Energy Resources nuclear power plant in New Hampshire, that reliability will soon be enhanced through major technology upgrades. Through this work, said Tim Cooper, switchyard manager, we will improve the switchyard reliability, the availability of the electric generator and our ability to perform maintenance or future upgrades as required. The first step began when work crews constructed a 70-foot-high switchyard enclosure. It will not only protect equipment, it also provides a better environment for equipment and team members when future maintenance or repairs are required. As always, safety was the top priority as the switchyard team planned to rig, lift and maneuver a steel column that will serve as the floor support for the switchyard enclosure. The building construction is expected to be complete later this year. During the next two refueling and maintenance outages, equipment upgrades to the switchyard will be accomplished, including the installation of five new, state-of-the-art breakers. All the upgrade work is expected to be complete by readies for renewal Seabrook Station has formed a team of employees responsible for successfully managing the nuclear power plant s license renewal activities. A successful 20-year license renewal application would extend the power plant s operating license to now and the second quarter of next year, the team will gather information that will be submitted as part of the nuclear power plant s formal license renewal application. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is expected to announce its decision in 2012, after an extremely rigorous engineering and environmental review of the power plant s operations, and several public hearings. nuclear power plants receive an operating license for an initial 40-year period, with the option to renew for an additional 20 years after a successful application process. FPL s St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power plants and NextEra Energy Resources Point Beach Nuclear Plant have already received 20-year license renewals. The license renewal application for Duane Arnold Energy Center is under review. Briefing builds relationshipsFPL s Turkey Point nuclear power plant in Homestead, Fla., hosted several local officials at an operations and environmental briefing in April. The all-day discussion highlighted operations, security and environmental programs, dry used-fuel storage plans, and proposed nuclear units 6 and 7 of the South Florida power a comprehensive tour that followed the briefing, many officials said they were confident in their ability to better respond to potential questions from their constituents as a result of their visit. The conference served to educate and assure our local officials that we have a robust security program in place to protect the health and safety of our employees and our neighbors, said Site Vice President Bill Jefferson, and to answer any of their questions and concerns. Turkey Point is an important part of nearby communities. Increasing local elected officials understanding of current power-plant operations and planned projects by local elected leaders is a key component of maintaining strong community relationships. As we move closer to building units 6 and 7, explained Bill, we anticipate increased interest by the media and local and state officials who will want to visit the site in order to gain a better understanding of our operations and security programs. We welcome their visits. VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009 ENERGY now 9Site Vice President Bill Jefferson (right) describes important plant equipment to visiting officials from local communities during a tour of Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant. The officials learned about operations, security and environmental programs, dry used-fuel storage plans, and proposed nuclear units 6 and Brienza works to support quality culture What brought Stephanie Brienza to NextEra Energy Resources 15 months ago was FPL Group s reputation for process-driven quality management. Stephanie is now immersed in that culture as Power Generation division leader in Wind Central Mainte-nance. In that role, she s responsible for budgeting, project planning, scheduling, and reducing costs for all NextEra Energy Resources Wind maintenance that is scheduled across the country. The quality culture helps her develop and maintain processes that support nearly 100 Central Mainte-nance technicians at approximately 65 wind sites. My job is to support field operations to maintain all our wind sites in 16 states, said Stephanie. Through quality initiatives, we re able to identify where we can improve efficiencies in our mainte-nance activities. Maintenance work at nine new wind projects was planned and will be completed in 2009, with as many or more new wind sites on the horizon the following year. Working with a cross-functional team, Stephanie and others in Wind Central Maintenance ensure that quality standards are met and that the organization can continue to keep up with the growth in the company s wind shares positive reviewsThe Nuclear Regulatory Commission conducted public meetings at Seabrook Station and Turkey Point, St. Lucie and Point Beach nuclear power plants last month to share its assessment of nuclear plant operations over the past year with members of local NRC reported that each nuclear power plant received the best possible assessment. The vice president of each nuclear power plant also sent letters to inform key area stakeholders of the NRC assessment and how the results demonstrate FPL Group s commitment as good neighbors and community the open house, local residents learned about the NRC s inspection process, plant operations and performance. They also had opportunities to ask of attendees were Lyall Metz and his wife, Arlene, who came to the assessment meeting for St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant. Mr. Metz said he lived in the area when the St. Lucie units were built and noted, They have a great safety record. I wish they d build more, rather than depend on foreign oil. Tech upgrades improve Care Center operations FPL s Miami and West Palm Beach, Fla., Care Centers successfully completed a major technology project. The improvements, designed to continue to provide customers with the best service possible, included replacing the Automatic Call Distributor, the Interactive Voice Response Unit and other related systems that serve as the core technology of the Care Centers everyday operations. Thanks to great teamwork by both our team and Information Management, the Care Centers are operating well at required service levels, said Care Center Director Maria Gomez. The centers were temporarily closed during the improvements, causing employees to shift their work location during the upgrades. This was an unintended benefit, because we were able to bring together many of our employees who otherwise would not have had a chance to meet, said Maria. They found they had many of the same experiences and challenges. The replacement of the Automatic Call Distributor at the Martin plant backup call center was also successfully completed. During the fourth quarter, the Automatic Call Distributor and related systems will be replaced at the Care Center site in El Paso, ENERGY now VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009Stephanie Brienza updates a schedule as part of the Six Sigma processes that help her support nearly 100 Central Maintenance technicians at approximately 65 wind members (l-r) Ken Kvarda, Garland Culbreath, Wayne McMullian, George Reyes, Anthony Brohee, Ian Robson of Information Management, Ben Thompson, Mary Piligian of IM, Rebecca Fay and Teri Hall work to complete a major technology project to improve FPL Care Center Anniversaries VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009 ENERGY now 11Congratulations to the following FPL Group employees for their years of dedicated service:45 YEARSA. R. Aiken, Perrine Service Center & Storeroom J. R. Malone, Gladiolus Service Center40 YEARSW. L. Bailey, Central Broward Service Center J. D. Benson, LeJeune Flagler Office B. S. Bohan, Port Orange Service Center J. R. Carden, Juno Beach Office W. C. Chalkley, Eastern Emergency Services Santiago Cocina, General Office Emma Coll, General Office W. R. Cooper, Pompano Beach Service Center Kathleen H. Cuba, General Office Gary W. Ellis, Duane ArnoldD. R. Fowler, Brevard Service Center D. H. Hande, Ringling Service Center G. W. Jenkins, Venice Service Center M. A. Johnson, Boynton Beach Service Center Peter R. Kiernan, Juno Beach Office J. S. Lederer, LeJeune Flagler Office T. S. Mansfield, Titusville Service Center Bert McCarthy, Meter Test & Equipment Reliability R. J. McClanahan, Daytona Dispatch Center H. L. McCray, Richmond Service Center L. O. McKay, Juno Beach Office Kathleen T. Rathsack, Point BeachL. M. Rodriguez, General Office D. D. Turberville, Lake City Office R. L. Turner, Port Orange Service Center Bernard Ware, Meter Test & Equipment Reliability C. R. Wojciechowski, Northeast Service Center Louis Zorzi, St. Lucie Service Center35 YEARSRaul A. Acosta, Cutler Plant James F. Akers, Martin Plant Sonia R. Alvarez, LeJeune Flagler Office Eugene Andrews, Equipment Repair Center Victor R. Arena, Northeast Service Center J. C. Bennett, LeJeune Flagler Office W. A. Bethel, Miami Central Service Center J. E. Burke, South Dade Office Ramona P. Coates, Juno Beach Office Marilyn Dam, Brevard Service Center Ernest D. Davis Jr., Cutler Plant Timothy B. Desotelle, Point BeachJ. L. Dowling, Royal Palm Service Center W. E. Floyd, Area Office Meter Shop Lyois B. Francis, General Office Virginia Garcia, General Office J. O. Harrington, Perrine Service Center R. P. Harris, Martin PlantF. L. Howard, Walton Service Center D. W. Johnson, Ortiz Service Center W. F. Mccree, Northeast Service Center Donald A. McInnis, LeJeune Flagler Office J. R. McNeal, Juno Beach Office G. A. Miller, Miami Dispatch & Planning G. R. Phipps, West Palm Dispatch W. D. Powell, Gulfstream Service Center R. E. Reighter, Golden Gate Service Center D. J. Russell, Miami Dispatch & Planning Steve L. Sakal Jr., Industrial Service Center G. A. Schak III, Flagler Service Center M. B. Sheffield, West Palm Beach Service Center S. F. Spanik, Ormond Service Center Teresa L. Stephenson, Port Orange Service Center K. B. Suggs, Customer Service NorthJerome L. Van Haren, Point Beach W. A. Vore, Golden Gate Service Center Johnnie Washington, Riviera Plant David M. White, Gulfstream Service Center30 YEARSRobert G. Anderson, Duane ArnoldJ. J. Blair, St. Lucie Plant K. J. Brady, Richmond Service Center William F. Brannen, Juno Beach OfficeMichael R. Breault, Seabrook Station R. B. Broughton, Merritt Island Service Center Wanda B. Cantres, Fort Myers Office O. G. Carasa, South Dade Office J. D. Chesser, Juno Beach Office Leonard T. Chiocca, Jupiter Service Center Ed B. Clark, Juno Beach Office Maria I. Colimorio, Turkey Point Plant David J. Collins, Brevard Service Center D. L. Crump, St. Lucie Plant T. E. Davis, Gladiolus Service Center Michael J. De Bay, Turkey Point Plant D. W. Dean, St. Augustine Service Center Louis Didonna Jr., General Office Dollie M. Fennell, Industrial Service Center Euphemia C. Ferguson, General Office David G. French, Point Beach Luis Garcia, General Office Michael L. Goldberg, Juno Beach Office Brian C. Hall, Duane ArnoldTheresa B. Hamilton, Customer Service East W. L. Harkey III, Martin Plant James W. Hill, Seabrook Station M. C. Holland, Sarasota Dispatch J. C Hubbard, Turkey Point Plant F. V. Isabella, General Office W. A. Ivester, Wingate Service Center H. L. Jackson, Stuart Service Center Willie Jackson Jr., Riviera Plant K. A. Johnson, Walton Service Center David W. Kulsa, Cape Canaveral Plant John D. Lee, Sanford Plant G. S. Mabry, St. Lucie Plant D. R. Mahaffey, Miami Storeroom H. E. Miller, Miami Central Service Center Linda J. Morceau, Area Office Broward T. D Nguyen, Fort Lauderdale Plant Richard J. O Connor, Seabrook Station J. P. Osteen, Turkey Point Plant N. W. Peters, Clark Service Center Larry E. Pritchard, Fort Myers Plant Philip L. Prugnarola, Seabrook Station A. B. Romanowski Jr., Toledo Blade Service Center J. T. Russell, Jupiter Service Center Marta M. Sabatier, LeJeune Flagler Office J. J. Schwab, Englewood Service Center Gregory H. Sirois, Hydro Headquarters North Valjean Smith, Wingate Service Center F. M. Spath, Flagler Service Center C. D. Tyson, Industrial Service CenterM. K. Veronee, Juno Beach Office W. J. Wade, West Palm Beach Office Daniel F. Welsh, Turkey Point Plant D. C. West, Martin Plant Donald Williams, Stuart Service Center Jackie Williams, Brevard Service Center Peter J. Wladkowski, Seabrook Station G. P. Wolfe, Manatee Plant M. J. Wynn, Juno Beach Office A. M. Young, St. Lucie Plant 25 YEARSS. N. Adwell II, Ortiz Service Center Steve A. Baker, Turkey Point Plant W. T. Barkey Jr., Martin Plant Lilliam S. Beck, South Dade Office Gerald R. Boley, Customer Service East P. E. Boutin, Brevard Service Center T. C. Bradford, Boynton Beach Service Center Toni M. Brinklow, Daytona Beach Meter Service Center G. L. Brown, Meter Test & Equipment Reliability T. S. Brown, St. Lucie Plant W. E. Bryan, St. Lucie Plant M. H. Cail, Venice Service Center A. L. Carraro, Merritt Island Service Center Mark R. Celesti, Central Broward OfficeB. P. Chancey, Pompano Beach Service Center Anne M. Chesno, Seabrook Station Peter Czubko, Eastern Emergency Services Russell A. Davies, Seabrook Station Joel E. De Granda, LeJeune Flagler Office Brian M. Desrosiers, Sarasota Service Center Rae A. Dowling, Area Office West D. E. Eckmann, General Office G. L. Emigh, Broward Service Center Richard Fernandez, Northeast Service CenterD. K. Foster, St. Johns Service Center Calvin L. Gadson, Miami Dispatch & Planning Ernesto Garces, Venice Service Center Luciano Garcia, General Office S. M. Garcia, Miami Dispatch & Planning D. M. Garner, Turkey Point Plant Raymond E. Garwood, Meter Test & Equipment Reliability J. S. Gassaway, Daytona Beach Meter Service Center Richard F. Gibbons, Juno Beach Office Andreas A. Giotas, Seabrook Station Peggy A. Grant, Brevard Service Center Lisa C. Gray, Gulfstream Service Center V. S. Gutterman, Miami Central Service Center R. A. Harlan, Naples Office Carmen R. Herrera, General Office Linda M. Holotanko, Customer Service East Christopher J. Howard, Seabrook Station William J. Jahnel, Duane ArnoldK. G. Johnson, Richmond Service Center Bruce Jorgensen, St. Lucie Plant Thomas Keleher, Boynton Beach Service Center T. T. Kelliher, General OfficeDavid R. King, Central Broward Office David S. Krabbe, Wyman Fossil Plant Margaret C. Krejcarek, Point BeachR. A. Langston, Turkey Point Plant J. W. Latal, Naples Automotive Center F. D. Lawless, General Office Joseph Leon, Sanford Service Center R. J. Maine, Gulfstream Service Center C. R. Manfred, Richmond Service Center Bruce D. Martinez, Jupiter West V. K. Mattox, Miami Storeroom C. A. McCoy, Clark Service Center C. G. Montero, General Office Letha N. Morris, Juno Beach Office Nancy B. Mulshine, General Office S. A. Nelson, Broward Service Center L. W. Newell, Fort Lauderdale Plant Marjorie J. Ottilige, Turkey Point Plant David A. Parker, Juno Beach Office R. R. Parlamento, Boca Raton Service Center William J. Perez, Area Office Meter Shop M. L. Perry, Palatka Service Center Dwarka Persaud, General Office Glen Plock, Broward Service Center James R. Probst, Duane Arnold Randall J. Reicher, Duane Arnold A. D. Roark, Miami Central Service Center Ruben J. Rodriguez, Juno Beach Office John G. Rosinsky, Point Beach Alexandra Rozenfeld, LeJeune Flagler Office R. A. Salazar, Broward Service Center D. E. Sawyer, Miami Central Service Center M. L. Schmidt, Miami Storeroom D. R. Schooley, Juno Beach Office Linda D. Shuster, Fort Myers Service Center John Simone, Gulfstream Service Center Mary C. Sipiorski, Point Beach Carolyn J. Smith, General Office Mark A. Smith, Duane Arnold S. E. Smith, Physical Distribution Center J. H. Snow, St. Lucie Service Center R. S. Spiro, Royal Palm Service Center T. F. Stewart, Wingate Service CenterB. L. Striker, St. Lucie Service Center Frank J. Strizelka, Area Office Broward K. F. Teems, Port Orange Service Center Edgar Todd Jr., Gulfstream Service Center Felix Torres, Industrial Service Center Charles K. Turner, Duval Service Center Daniel A. Vargas, General Office M. D. Vojnar, Port Orange Service Center D. W. Walker, Belle Glade Service Center K. J. Washington, Meter Test & Equip Reliability P. V. Webb, Northeast Service CenterGordon B. Webber, Hydro Headquarters North M. J. Whitted, Perrine Service Center M. A. Witte, Meter Test & Equipment Reliability Michael J. Wood, Duane Arnold Maurice G. Worthen Jr., Seabrook Station S. K. Wray, Martin Plant James Young, General Office Jeffrey R. Young, Juno Beach Office T. D. Yurchuck, Cape Canaveral Plant R. A. Ziska, Palm Beach Substation SouthR. A. Arthur, 74, retired 1998, Instrumentation & Control Specialist, Fort Pierce, Fla., 1/30/2009E. L. Boatright Jr., 80, retired 1989, Current Division Coordinator, Miami, 3/24/2009Roy Buckelew Jr., 81, retired 1988, Review Center Technician, Sarasota, Fla., 4/14/2009Glenn Camp, 60, retired 2004, Distribution Supervisor, Cocoa, Fla., 4/23/2009Frank W. Cooper, 75, retired 1991, Procedure Manuals Manager, Miami, 3/8/2009N. D. Finney, 68, retired 2002, Energy Management Consultant, Pompano Beach, Fla., 2/10/2009Jacob F. Gregory, 84, retired 1987, Transmission & Distribution Supervisor, West Palm Beach, Fla., 2/6/2009Mary E. Hanner, 88, retired 1987, Telephone Operator, Sarasota, Fla., 3/24/2009M. E. Harmon, 83, retired 1989, Transmission & Distribution Supervisor, Cocoa, Fla., 3/19/2009J. I. Hendrix, 84, retired 1991, Mechanic, Palatka, Fla., 4/8/2009Donald T. Hunt, 73, retired 1992, Plant Analyst, Homestead, Fla., 3/29/2009A. L. Karnbach, 69, retired 1995, Plant Supervisor, Riviera Beach, Fla., 4/12/2009T. E. King, 73, retired 1991, Senior Record Clerk, Miami, Fla., 9/24/2008Donald F. McAfee, 79, retired 1989, Senior Engineer, Juno Beach, Fla., 2/1/2009Charles J. Mitchell, 67, retired 1995, Senior Analyst, Juno Beach, Fla., 1/24/2009John Morgan, 93, retired 1980, Equipment Repair Foreman, Miami, 4/14/2009Charles C. Parker, 84, retired 1987, Accounting Supervisor, Miami, 2/12/2009Robert J. Schuber, 58, retired 2002, Senior Plant Supervisor, Homestead, Fla., 2/17/2009Donald H. Williams, 79, retired 1998, Restoration Specialist, Okeechobee, Fla., 2/7/2009W. H. Wishard, 65, retired 1999, Major Account Manager, Sarasota, Fla., 1/31/2009Remembrances FPL Group offers condolences to the families and friends of the following employees:The Big Picture: PDC celebrates Star status FPL s Physical Distribution Center employees were honored for achieving Star status in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration s Voluntary Protection Program. This great accomplishment marked two milestones for PDC employees: they achieved Star status and they are the first FPL Group site in Florida to achieve this status. You can get VPP Star status only if every single person in the organization is 100-percent committed, said Deb Caplan, vice president of Integrated Supply Chain. Mark Morgan, general manager of Corporate Safety and Workers Compensation, praised PDC employees commitment: Achieving OSHA s VPP Star status requires accountability not only for your own safety, he said, but for the safety of those around you. ENERGY NOW: 700 Universe Blvd., Juno Beach, FL 33408Channel Manager/Editor: Kevin Duncan, (561) 694-4712Art Direction: Jim Nicholas | Photographer: Doug MurrayContributing Writers: Janice Brady, Karen Burke, Elise Campbell, Jill Campbell, Kevin Courtney, Lynn Hays, Lore Hummel, Lindsey Hunt, Danielle Mousseau, Elizabeth Murphy, Josh Santiago, Tom Veenstra Published monthly for employees and quarterly for retirees by Marketing & Communication. Call (561) 691-4712 with your story ideas, go to INFPL/newsmaker, or write via interoffice mail to ENERGY NOW, ENERGY NOW on the INFPL internal network. Back issues are available by clicking on the ENERGY NOW tab on Web sites: , , , Change? Employees should update their addresses using My HR Direct in the corporate portal (http://myfpl). Retirees should call the FPL Benefits Center at 800-208-4015 or write to: FPL Benefits Center, Box 9233, Boston, MA 02205Please recycle. 2009. All rights ENERGY now VOL. 1, NO. 4 | June 2009FPL s Physical Distribution Center employees proudly hold a Star Worksite banner at the May 5 ceremony in their honor for achieving Star status in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration s Voluntary Protection Program. The PDC is the first FPL Group site in Florida to achieve this above are (from left): Charlie Gauger, Aleida Ferris, Kirk Davis, Steven Freitas, Max Avila, Dorene Cobb, Jane Haynes, Gail Conforti, Dawn Anderson, Martha Guanarita, John Petti, Lou Petroselli, Sue Kadenbach, Deb Caplan, Murph Meenan, Darlene Fossum. Kyle Watson, Juan Hernandez, Mike Quinlan, Bob Blackburn, Mike Spitale, Tom Rutherford, Jason Massey, Dave Subburaj, Bill Johnson, Jason Hodson, Monty Auguste, Joe Miceli, Jody Meyers, Keith White. Tyrone Brown, Dee Castillos, Tommy Howser, Hugh Kavney, Doug Kennedy, Stan Smith, Jason Mills, Bill Dann, Jim Amsler, Randy Riblett, John Romeo, Chad Reynolds, Jim Walker, Brett Osborn, Tony DiRocco, Christine Nicolas, Carlos Garcia, Willie Lewis, Tom Sacconi, Ed employees (l-r) Charlie Gauger, Bill Johnson and Dawn Anderson prepare to fly the commemorative Star Worksite flag. To see more photos and watch a video of the ceremony, go to INFPL/global/events.

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