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Including an introduction to Die Casting Specifications: NADCA 207-2003 NADCA 207-2006 Die Casting Tooling Grades


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Including an introduction to Die Casting Specifications:NADCA 207-2003NADCA 207-2006Die Casting Tooling GradesPre-tested to give you peace of mindAt Bohler-Uddeholm we pre-test our Charpy V-notch toughness levels at our mills in order to ensure that we meet or exceed applicable specifications. By taking this additional step you can be assured that our material will consistentlymeet your expectations for Bohler-Uddeholm products. Our testing means thatcustomers could consider eliminating additional qualification testing. Keep a sample for future reference and simply test for toughness after heat will save you time and and development play a strategic role at Bohler-Uddeholm. We knowthat in depth process and material research is the basis for producing the highest quality products. In order to keep up with the constant demand forimproved materials, Bohler-Uddeholm maintains a close intensive cooperationwith universities and research centers and supports the exchange of informationat all levels. The knowledge of our technical experts who are engaged in fundamentalresearch ultimately results in superior value to our customers. Our researchactivities yield the most modern high performance Tool Steels and High SpeedSteels produced by means of Powder Metallurgy production techniques,Aluminum-Alloyed Tool Steels, Nitrogen Alloyed Tool Steels, Electro-Slag Remelted(ESR) and Vacuum Remelted (VMR/VAR) Tool Steels and special products. Heat Treatment AllianceIn an effort to continue to add value in our dealings with our customers, we have now created an alliance of world-class heat treaters to support us in ourcommitment to supplying the World s highest quality tool steels. This alliance will allow us to supply the highest quality steel and assure our customers that the best heat treatment practices are being utilized to enhance the characteristics of our this partnership we deliver: Enhanced customer serviceJoint technical supportJoint problem solvingAn unmatched commitment to quality!HEAT TREATINGMETAL FINISHING NADCA 207-2003introduced two acceptance levels for AISI H13 for the DieCasting Industry: The Premium Leveland The Superior Level NADCA 207-2003The Premium criteria for H13 material under the NADCA 207-2003Specification does not deal with the steel making practices or the forgingpractices of the steel manufacturer. Rather the specification calls forimproved levels of cleanliness, a reduction in micro and macro banding,and for certification of impact toughness levels at an 8 ft-lbs. average witha 6 ft-lbs. single minimum value. Combined with NADCA recommended vacuum austenitizing and pressurized gas quenching choosing steels thatmeet this specification can lead to success in production in the W302 ISOBLOCmeets the Premium CriteriaforNADCA W302 ISOBLOC (Premium H13)This premium H13 grade is an electro-slag remelted (ESR) steel,and with thisprocess the steel has excellent uniform toughness for hot work ISOBLOC is recommended in applications where there is short termdemand on the die material, and heat checking and hot wear are not major factors in the life of the Level NADCA 207-2003When dealing with superior grade H13, the steel making process needs to include secondary refining, either ESR (electro-slag remelting) or VAR (vacuum arc remelting). Additionally the specification calls for improved levels of cleanli-ness, a reduction in micro and macro banding, and for certification of impacttoughness levels at 10 ft-lbs. average with 8 ft-lbs. single minimum value. Thistype of manufacturing technique combined with NADCA recommended vacuumaustenitizing and pressurized gas quenching can lead to success in productionwhere high volume production or critical performance in the die-casting process is required. Uddeholm Orvar SuperiorandBohler W302 Superiormeet the SuperiorCriteria for ORVAR SUPERIOR (Premium H13) This H13 was developed to meet the highest criteria for any remeltedH13. This steel is produced by a special melting and refining technique in order to give mechanical properties with maximum isotropy and iscertified to meet a minimum average Charpy V-notch test result of 10 ft-lbs. at 44-46 HRC. Suitable for a wide variety of hot work applications, including tools for high pressure die casting, hot extrusionand press forging. Orvar Superior is produced to meet the criteria upto 18 inches in W302 SUPERIOR (Premium H13)This remelted H13 is produced via special melting, refiningand forging techniques to possess excellent toughness,making it suitable for demanding hot work applications indimensions 18 inches and greater in thickness. This material iscertified to meet a minimum average 10 ft-lbs. Charpy V-notch at44-46 HRC. It is recommended in the larger applications where the maximumproperties in an H13 are required. 207-2003While H13 is good for most general applications in die casting, alternative gradesare available that can address specific needs within the die casting 207-2006combines the specifications for Premiumand SuperiorLevelsof H13 from NADCA 207-2003, and adds additional controls for otherhot work tool steels. All of the alternative grades must be Premium Level of H13is now referred to as NADCA Grade A , and TheSuperior Levelis referred to as NADCA Grade B .Bohler W302 Isobloc meets the requirements ofGrade A Uddeholm Orvar Superior andBohler W302 Superior meet the requirements ofGrade B .Grade C: NADCA 207-2006 In applications where higher temper resistance isrequired, to minimize the loss of hardness at elevated temperatures, there are hot work tool steels available to improve the die s performance. These grades arebased on a chemistry, but they have been enhanced to improve perform-ance as a die casting Dievarand Bohler W403 VMRmeet the requirement ofGrade C and are included withinNADCA 207-2006specification. UDDEHOLM DIEVAR Dievar is a high performance chromium molybdenum vanadium alloyed hot worktool steel which is manufactured using the very latest in production and refiningtechniques. Its unique chemistry and manufacturing process offers an unparalleledcombination of resistance to heat checking, grosscracking, hot wear and plastic deformation. Dievar iscertified to a minimum, average Charpy V-notchimpact toughness of 14 ft-lbs. (19 J) and a minimumunnotched impact toughness of 220 ft-lbs. (300 J)per testing procedures defined in the NADCA docu-ments. For larger cross sections, follow our guidelines for heat W403 VMR Using Vacuum Arc Remelting along with chemistry modification to a type alloy, this grade has excellent uniformity in terms of mechanicalproperties and hot wear resistance. Using a hardening temperature of 1885 F asa standard practice, it can meet the toughness levels of a Superior H13, but havebetter hot wear resistance. This grade can be special ordered from our mill. 207-2006 Grade D: NADCA 207-2006 In applications when high toughness is required,due to gross cracking or heat checking issues, but temper resistance is not ascritical, an H11 type alloy can be considered. These hot work tool steels have acapability requirement of 14 ft-lbs. minimum average Charpy V-notch toughnessat 44-46 HRC. These grades are also required to be remelted, which furtheradds to the overall uniformity of the W300 Isobloc and Uddeholm Vidar Suprememeet the requirements of Grade D and are included within the NADCA 207-2006 specification.*These grades are special order from our E: NADCA 207-2006 This category of hot work tool steels containsthose grades which have been modified to enhance the characteristics of theH11 type alloy. Therefore, these grades are modifications to that alloys con-tained in Grade D. Further enhancing the toughness of the H11 family, thesegrades contain some of the toughest hot work tool steel grades. Modificationsto the refining process through enhanced remelting, and the chemistry changesmake this W400 VMR and Uddeholm Vidar Superiormeet the requirements of Grade E and are included within the NADCA207-2006 W400 VMR Using Vacuum Arc Remelting along with chemistry modification to a standardH11 type alloy, this grade has excellent uniformity in terms of mechanical properties. Using a hardening temperature of 1810 F as a standard practice, it can meet Charpy V-notch toughness values for capability at 44-46 HRC of18ft-lbs. Our internal testing shows even higher values making this the toughesthot work tool steel we produce. UDDEHOLM VIDAR SUPERIOR Using pressurized ESR for remelting, along with chemistry modifications to astandard H11 type alloy, this grade has capabilities much like that of DIEVAR in toughness criteria. *This grade can be special ordered from our Tooling Material ChoicesUDDEHOLM QRO 90 SUPREMEQRO 90 Supreme is a premium remelted hot work tool steel with very goodstrength and hardness at elevated temperatures. It has excellent heat transfercharacteristics. It is used in smaller dies for brass casting, or in small dies inaluminum die casting where the temperatures run high during production, andcracking is not a concern. BOHLER W360 ISOBLOC W360 Isobloc is a remelted hot work tool steel which can be heat treated to amaximum hardness level of 58 HRC. It is recommended for use in applicationswhere hot wear resistance and/or resistance to plastic deformation is such application is in zinc die casting, where a hardness higher than 52HRC is required, and inserts in aluminum die casting where erosion is the SpecificationsIn addition to specifications such as those created by NADCA, many automotiveOEM s and other industry leading organizations have crafted their own uniquespecification requirements. Bohler-Uddeholm meets or exceeds many of thesespecifications and a sampling of the specifications for which we have qualifiedmaterial is listed here. Die-Casting Specifications:Aallied Die Casting Amcan Castings LimitedBlue Ridge Pressure Castings, and Stratton Technologies Die Casting Motor CompanyGanton Technologies Motors Powertrain GroupGibbs Die Casting French Kipp ProductsMetalloyPHB Tool and DieSPX ContechToral CastProperties ComparisonDie Casting Hot Work Tool Steels USA4902 Tollview DriveRolling Meadows, IL : (800) 638-2520 2006, Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation BU100Rev:10/13/06

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