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Data Sheet Tel: 0511-86738588 Fax: 0511-86739955 Website: 70W 9XXnm Uncooled Fiber Bundled Laser Diode Module TY-9XX+ Specification Functional parameters are tested on condition that the heat sink temperature is 25 degree, contact resistance of the component and the heat sink is smaller than 1CM2K/W. Key Parameters: z Based on single emitter combination laser module z High output power 70W z High stability z 385um fiber core with SMA905 z Standard central wavelength 915nm/940nm/975nm z 400/440um specialty fiber is optional z RoHS compliance Application: z Lighting z Welding SkyEra delivers low cost diode laser is bundled from single emitter with less than 385um fiber core diameter, seamless connection with 400um fiber, all of these leads to lower cost and higher reliability. Specialty fiber is optional for different market in order to ensure uniform energy distribution of output beam. Aiming beam and high precision constant-current driver is optional to meet customer demand. The performance and aging tests have been performed upon the production line to guarantee reliable, stable and long lifetime of provide customers with high-quality, high cost performance products is the company s goal. Parameter Min Typ Max Unit Conditions Output Power 70 W Centre Wavelength 905 915 925 nm 930 940 950 965 975 985 805 808 811 805 808 811 808 40W/50W Spectral Width nm Threshold Current A Operating Current A Operating Voltage V Convention Efficiency 47 % Wavelength Turning vs. Temperature nm/ C Slop Efficiency W/A Storage Temperature 30 70 C Non Condensing Operating Temperature 15 55 C Fiber Bend Radius 30 mm Numeric Aperture Fiber Length M Protection Tube mm Core Diameter 380 m 7*125 m Combination DaTe l : 0 52. DUnit 3. Iz z z z z z z z ata Sh11-86738imension D:MM InstructionsAvoid eyes oESD protectifor transportPlease connemax solderinDrive constaOperate undGood heat dOperating teStorage temheet 8588 iagram s or skin exposuon is requiretation and stoect pins by song temperatunt current poder rated currissipation is remperature isperature is Fax: 0ure to direct oed for transpoorage. older when oure at 260 C ower supply brent and ratedrequired; s 15 ~55 C C; 30 ~ C 700511-867or scattered rortation, storperating currand a duratioby laser and ad power; 0 C. 39955 radiation; age and operent is over 6Aon less than 1avoid surge wWebration; short A; solder poi10 seconds ;while workingbsite: www circuit protent should be g; betweeclose to the pins is reqroot of pins w m quired with a

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