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CONSENT FOR USE OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS If you want the option of sending and receiving real estate transaction documents by e-mail, federal law


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CONSENT FOR USE OF ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTSIf you want the option of sending and receiving real estate transaction documents by e-mail, federal lawrequires certain safeguards to ensure that consumers like you have the capability to receive suchdisclosures and are fully aware of the consequences of agreeing to receive documents law requires your consent to use e-mail and electronic versions of information, disclosures,contracts and other documents and records ("electronic documents") that would otherwise be legallyeffective only if provided to you in a printed/written paper SIGNATURES IN CONSUMER REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONSUnderstanding Electronic "Lingo:" "Electronic documents" include the documents you may save on yourcomputer or attach to e-mail. They can typically be printed out, but exist independently in an electronic formon your computer."Electronic signatures" are sometimes hard to conceptualize. An "electronic signature" includes any mark,symbol, sound or process that is written, stamped, engraved, attached to or logically associated with anelectronic document and executed by a person with the intent to sign. Just like you can legally "sign" aprinted document by making your mark, whether that be your cursive signature in ink or an "X," so you can"sign" an electronic document by making your mark, whether that be a high-tech encrypted or digitalsignature or just typing your name in the signature line or space on an e-mail or document on the computer- these are all electronic signatures. If you sign a paper document in ink and then scan the document andsave it on your computer, the image of the cursive signature on the stored electronic document on yourcomputer is also an electronic Right to Withdraw Consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent to receive electronicdocuments by e-mail by contacting the broker by mail or e-mail at the address provided below. The legalvalidity and enforceability of the electronic documents, signatures and deliveries used prior to withdrawal ofconsent will not be Changes to Your E-Mail Address. You should keep the broker informed of any change in yourelectronic or e-mailing address. Please contact the broker as promptly as possible by mail or e-mail at theaddress provided below regarding any such Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements. The following hardware and software are requiredto access (open and read) and retain (save) the electronic documents:1. Right to Receive Paper Document: You have the right to have any document provided to youelectronically in paper form. If you want a paper copy of any document sent to you by e-mail, send yourrequest to the broker at the mail or e-mail address provided below. Paper copies will be provided at Systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista; or Macintosh or : Internet Explorer or above or equivalentNeeded Software/Electronic Document Formats: Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent for PDF files5. Your Ability to Access Disclosures. By opening, completing, saving and e-mailing this consent backto your broker, you acknowledge that you can access and retain electronic documents in PDF Consent to Electronic Signatures and Documents:By completing and e-mailing this consent form tothe broker at the e-mail address specified below, you are providing electronic consent to the use ofelectronic documents and electronic signatures in your real estate transaction. Specifically, you areWISCONSIN REALTORS ASSOCIATION4801 Forest Run RoadMadison, Wisconsin 5370412345678910111213141516171819202122 232425262728293031323334353637383940 Shorewest REALTORShorewest REALTORS 17450 W North Ave, Brookfield, WI 53045-4337(262) 827 - 4200(262) 827 - 4114Casey Clickner ClicknerSummeracknowledging receipt of this form and consenting to the use of electronic documents, e-mail delivery ofdocuments, and electronic signatures in any real estate transactions involving you, the broker identifiedbelow and other parties. If you prefer, instead, to limit this consent to the transaction relative to a specificproperty, provide the property address or description Property:CONTACT INFORMATION:Broker Name:Agent's Name (optional):Address:E-mail Address:Party Signature (sign or type in name):E-mail Address:_______4142434445464748495051515 2Page 2 of 2Drafted by Attorney Debra Peterson Conrad; Copyright 2008 by Wisconsin REALTORS AssociationNo representation is made as to the legal validity of any provision or the adequacy of any provision in any specific transaction.

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