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The new image of the CitiDirect® Card Management System The CitiDirect® Card Management System has received a make over. We have completed many changes to the look and feel of the system


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Looking back,Looking forwardnewsINSIDECitiDirect ManagementSystem, What s New inRelease for the Gold with JWOD! Citibank s Fiesta Party!GSA SmartPay 2003At a GlancegovernmentCitigroup GlobalTransaction ServicesSUMMER 2003As we reflect upon the past five years, we see manyaccomplishments that you have helped us to achieve. The Ad Hoc Reporting you the abilityto choose from 400+ data elements and create yourown customized reports and spreadsheets. Socio-economic and 1099 Reporting tools that provide you with automatic andcomplete reporting on data like 1099 status, small minority-owned and woman-owned businessspending. Unsurpassed number of merchantsthat accept your Citibank Visa or MasterCard Purchaseand Travel Cards has grown by over 13 million since1998. More than 800,000 ATMs around the globecan be used to get cash by using your Citibank TravelCard 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Citibank Electronic Reporting givesyou a simple and timely electronic delivery mechanismfor all your standard paper reports in a completelysecure Internet-based environment. continued on page three 2003 Citicorp. All rights Cards GovernmentServices News is published by Citibank Commercial Cards, a business unit of Citibank, and is intended foruse by the clients of its card issuingaffiliates. This publication may not be reprinted without the expresswritten consent of Citibank, USA, issues commercialcards in the Citibank Canadaissues commercial cards in a registeredtrademark of MasterCard InternationalIncorporated. VISAis a registeredtrademark of Visa and VisaInternational. SKILLCRAFT is aregistered trademark of NationalIndustries for the Blind. CITIBANK,CITIMANAGER, CITIGROUPand theUmbrella Device are trademarks andservice marks of Citicorp or itsaffiliates and are used and registeredthroughout the is proud to be here participating in the 5th Annual GSA SmartPay Conference. When we think that this is year FIVE, we can not believe that timehas flown by so fast! Much has been accomplished. In the past five years wehave processed over 80,000,000 of your credit card transactions, answeredover 4,400,000 calls, set up more than 1,000,000 card accounts and havemade nearly 1,700,000 changes to your cardholder accounts. commercial cardsSPECIAL CONFERENCEEDITIONThe new image of theCitiDirect CardManagement SystemThe CitiDirect Card ManagementSystem has received a make have completed many changesto the look and feel of the system we started by replacing theblack background with whiteand switching the left verticalnavigation bar for a horizontalmenu bar in the upper portionof the screen. Here are a fewhighlights making yournavigation easier. A link to the CitiManager Website is now on the lowerleft corner in the footer ofeach page. The first page a user sees is now the CitiDirectHome page rather than the InBox. Navigating back to the Home page can be accessedfrom any page by clicking on the Home link in theupper right or lower right of the screen. Horizontal scroll bars in most cases have been eliminated. Release is here and we are looking forward to showing you the updates! We have rolled out an enhanced version ofCitiDirect Card Management System earlier this month andwhile you are here at the 5th Annual GSA SmartPay Conferenceplease take the opportunity to join us at one of our hands-onsessions to learn about all the new features. Card ManagementNew features and enhancements have been made toCard Management. We know many of you rely on theCitiDirect Card Management System for your accountset ups and changes. We hope these enhancementswill make it easier to do your job. A new edit feature eliminates the possibility of accountsbeing assigned to the wrong unit when performinghierarchy moves on existing cardholder accounts. Additional search criteria are now available helpingyou pinpoint the accounts you want to see more quickly. Navigation improvements making your searchesmore efficient. Inquiry and InBox Statements A new indicator titled Approval Indicator is availablesignifying a transaction has been reviewed. Expanded search criteria facilitating searches thatare more precise. Inquiry Disputes This has been renamed Dispute Log and additionalsearch criteria elements have been added. Many changes have been made allowing you tocommunicate more effectively with us. Cardholderscan even submit sales draft through the Inbox Statement Transaction Detail screen. ASC Management For those agencies using the Reallocation feature,there are many new features. Enhancements now allow the insert of new sub-fielddefinitions on the ASC Sub-field Definition screenwithout affecting existing business rules. Modifications can be made to sub-field definitions, , changes from numeric to alphanumeric, fillcharacter can be changed, etc. The fill character nolonger needs to be the same data type as the sub-field. Additional user entitlement groups now allowspecific ASC Management access for FinanceManagers and other Finance Officials. CitiDirect Management SystemWhat s New in Release sFiestaParty!Join us for great food and music with lots of room to dance, mingleand enjoy yourself with other attendees and your friends at Citibank!The party will have two exciting venues for you to enjoy: an old west Home on the Range theme on the plaza level, and a Mexican Fiesta Streets of Laredo theme on the river level. So bring your ten-gallonhat, your cowboy boots or your Mexican serape to share thespirit with Citibank! Citibank PayTM Citibankdebit card that accepts electronicdeposits for cardholders. It can beused for payments for invitationaltravel, relocation and travelreimbursements. While the five years have breezed by,our commitment remains strong to continue servingyour organization by moving forward. This year sconference gives you the chance to attend sessionson 23 different topics. There are sessions from thosethat have just taken on agency program coordinatorresponsibilities and for the seasoned veteran. Ourenhanced version of the ad hoc reporting tool, whichwill be even easier and more comprehensive, iscoming soon. Attend one of the hands-on sessionsand you will see a preview. TheCitiDirect Card ManagementSystem continues to incorporateyour suggestions. Citibank OnlineStatements and payment functionsare another coming attraction. With a few clicks of your mouse,you will be able to view your TravelCard statement and send a payment to us. Thank you for your support and business over thepast five years. We look forward to giving youexcellent service and products for the next five encourage you to attend and participate in asmany sessions as possible in order to take fulladvantage of everything the conference has to a great week! Looking back,Looking forwardcontinued from first pageVillita Assembly Hall401 Villita StreetTuesday, August 19th7 pm 11 pmRiver Levelof the Gonzalez Convention CenterCitibank Session RoomsCitibank Welcome CenterCitibank Technology Demonstration RoomCitibank Hands-on Training RoomIt is our pleasure to again have NationalIndustries for the Blind (NIB) participatingin the Citibank Welcome Center at this5th Annual GSA SmartPay one-on-one with a representative ofthe JWOD Program at our welcomecenter to get answers to your specificprogram questions. Continue yourlearning and join Citibank and NIB for anin-depth training session on Thursday at 8:00 in room 007 C & D on the River Javits-Wagner-O Day (JWOD) Program is aunique Federal procurement program that generatesemployment and training opportunities for more then37,000 Americans who are blind or have other severedisabilities. Despite the passage of the Americanswith disabilities Act (ADA) this group of individuals is facing an unacceptably high unemployment rate of over seventy percent. Together our continuedpromotion and support of the SKILCRAFT brand andthe JWOD Program will help to increase employmentopportunities of choice for individuals across the the conference to learn more about the JWOD Program and how NIB can support federal and military purchase card education, ! Go for the Goldwith JWOD!Growing and managing yourPurchase Card program withCitibank and the Javits-Wagner-O Day Program(JWOD) has just become a lot easier! Citibank isoffering two unique opportunities for you to get moreinformation to distribute to your cardholders on best valueSKILCRAFT and JWOD products, simplemethods for purchasing, and materials to support your online and classroomtraining YOU HAVE A "POP-UP BLOCKER"?The Internet has become a gold mine for marketers and we have allexperienced the annoying pop-up advertisements during one of ourInternet sessions. There is software that is available that will restrictthese pop-up advertisements from occurring and disrupting yourexperience in your various Internet explorations. The design of theCitiDirect Card Management System uses pop-up boxes rather thancreating an entirely new screen in the browser. If your desktop haspop-up blocker software enabled, you will not be successful in navigatingthrough the various features and functions of the CitiDirect CardManagement System. Please keep this in mind if you experiencedifficulty while using the CitiDirect Card Management :Bridgette D. JenningsCitigroup GlobalTransaction cardsAt aGlanceEvent / SessionDateTimeLocationCitibank s Fiesta PartyTuesday, August 19th7:00 pm 11:00 pmVillita Assembly Hall, 401 Villita StreetAcross S. Alamo Street from theHenry B. Gonzalez ConventionCenter and behind the Hilton HotelCitibank Welcome CenterMonday, August 18th 1:00 pm 4:00 pmRoom 003 B on the River LevelTuesday, August 19th 12:00 pm 5:30 pmWednesday, August 20th 8:00 am 5:30 pmThursday, August 21st8:00 am 1:00 pmCitibank Technical Monday, August 18th1:00 pm 4:00 pmRoom 003 A on the River LevelDemonstration CenterTuesday, August 19th 12:00 pm 5:30 pmWednesday, August 20th8:00 am 5:30 pmThursday, August 21st8:00 am 1:00 pmCitibank Roundtables Located on the River LevelTravel Card Best Practices RoundtableWednesday, August 20th8:00 am 9:50 amRoom 007 A D(Double Session)Purchase Card Best Practices Roundtable Wednesday, August 20th10:00 am 11:50 amRoom 007 A D(Double Session)Citibank General Sessions Located on the River LevelTravel Card Program ManagementTuesday, August 19th1:30 pm 2:20 pmRoom 007 A & B Thursday, August 21st8:00 am 8:50 amMerchant AcceptanceTuesday, August 19th1:30 pm 2:20 pm Room 007 C & D Purchase Card Program Tuesday, August 19th2:30 pm 3:20 pmRoom 007 A & B ManagementThursday, August 21st11:00 am 11:50 amCitibank PayTM Debit Card Tuesday, August 19th2:30 pm 3:20 pm Room 007 C & D Best Practices for Payments Tuesday, August 19th3:30 pm 4:20 pm Room 007 A & B and CollectionsFleet Card Best PracticesTuesday, August 19th3:30 pm 4:20 pmRoom 007 C & D Techniques for Establishing a Tuesday, August 19th4:30 pm 5:20 pm Room 007 A & B Successful Audit Process NEWWednesday, August 20th3:30 pm 4:20 pmCitibank Support: A TrainingTuesday, August 19th4:30 pm 5:20 pmRoom 007 C & DGuide for the New A/OPC NEWWednesday, August 20th4:30 pm 5:20 pmDisputes: Resolution Without DelayWednesday, August 20th1:30 pm 2:20 pm Room 007 A & B Thursday, August 21st9:00 am 9:50 amGrowing Your Program with Wednesday, August 20th1:30 pm 2:20 pm Room 007 C & D Expanded Use Opportunities NEWThursday, August 21st11:00 am 11:50 amPreventing Fraud and Misuse Wednesday, August 20th2:30 pm 4:20 pmRoom 007 C & D in Your Card Program EXPANDED(Double Session)Paper Reporting Wednesday, August 20th 2:30 pm 3:20 pm Room 007 A & B Electronic ReportingWednesday, August 20th4:30 pm 5:20 pmRoom 007 A & B Thursday, August 21st10:00 am 10:50 amNational Industries for the BlindThursday, August 21st 8:00 am 8:50 amRoom 007 C & D Citibank and Visa PresentationThursday, August 21st9:00 am 9:50 amRoom 007 C & D Citibank and MasterCard Thursday, August 21st 10:00 am 10:50 amRoom 007 C & D PresentationCitibank Hands-On Training Sessions Located on the River LevelCitiDirect Card Management System, Tuesday, August 19th1:30 pm 3:20 pmRiver Room 001 A & B Hands-on Training for the New UserWednesday, August 20th8:00 am 9:50 am Wednesday, August 20th3:30 pm 5:20 pm(Double Sessions)CitiDirect Card Management System, Tuesday, August 19th3:30 pm 5:20 pmRiver Room 001 A & B Hands-on Training for the Wednesday, August 20th1:30 pm 3:20 pm Experienced UserThursday, August 21st10:00 am 11:50 am(Double Sessions)Citibank Electronic Reporting System, Wednesday, August 20th 10:00 am 11:50 am River Room 001 A & BHands-On Training NEWThursday, August 21st8:00 am 9:50 am(Double Sessions)CitiDirect Card Management System, Wednesday, August 20th6:00 am 7:50 amRiver Room 001 A & BHands-on Training for the NavyNow a Double SessionCitiDirect Card Management System, Thursday, August 21st1:30 pm 3:20 pmRiver Room 001 A & BHands-on Training for Veterans Affairs(Double Session)Citibank Electronic Reporting System, Thursday, August 21st3:30 pm 4:20 pmRiver Room 001 A & BHands-On Training NEWCitiDirect Card Management System, Thursday, August 21st4:30 pm 5:20 pmRiver Room 001 A & BHands-On Training NEWGSA SmartPay 2003Share the Spirit of Success with CitibankCitibank Training Sessions will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

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