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Clerk's Guide to E-Filing in the Supreme Judicial …

This guide has been prepared by the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This information will provide basic information


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Text of Clerk's Guide to E-Filing in the Supreme Judicial …

THE SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT of MASSACHUSETTS Clerk's Guide to E-Filing in the Supreme Judicial Court for the Commonwealth This guide has been prepared by the Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This information will provide basic information designed to help guide you through the registration process for e-fileMA and provide answers to the most common questions asked by attorneys. It will also give you tips to help you avoid the most common e-filing mistakes. If you have questions, please consult the resources below or you may call or email the Clerk. Francis V. Kenneally, Clerk (direct) 617-557-1020 (main) BACKGROUND The Supreme Judicial Court for the Commonwealth's e-fileMA pilot project began on November 2, 2015. The scope of the pilot is limited to applications for further appellate review (FAR) and direct appellate review (DAR). The pilot is one phase of a multi-court e-filing project including the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County, Appeals Court, Essex Probate and Family Court and Worcester District Court. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The following is a list of frequently asked questions from attorneys who have registered and successfully e-filed. While this list is not exhaustive, it will help you access the resources necessary to e-file. Is e-filing mandatory? Not yet. As the number of attorneys who are registering and e-filing in eligible cases as part of this pilot project approaches 70%, it is expected at some point that e-filing will become mandatory for attorneys. Are there e-filing rules? Yes. Please see: How do I register? You may register for e-fileMA here: The registration page contains a large variety of helpful resources. You may also call the e-filing company, Tyler Technologies, at , Monday through Friday, 7 am to 9 pm, Central Time, if you have trouble with the registration process or have technical difficulties completing your submission. Are there any case types or documents that cannot be e-filed? Yes. The clerk's office does not accept e-filed documents in impounded cases in addition to motions to waive the filing fee and affidavits of indigency. What are the e-filing fees? The e-filing vendor charges $7 as a convenience fee for each envelope submitted. The envelope may contain up to 3 documents. There is no convenience fee charged in criminal cases and you may set up and use a waiver account for these cases. If you represent the Commonwealth or your client has previously been determined indigent, you may set up a waiver account and choose "Waiver" in the fee section before you submit your envelope. If you file an FAR application in a civil case and there is no waiver, the total fee would be $277 - $270 for the entry fee and $7 for the convenience fee. Do I have to send a copy of the application to the Appeals Court? No. E-FILING TIPS TO AVOID REJECTION This section will give you a list of the most common mistakes made by attorneys. The most common mistakes are: Failing to attach the Appeals Court decision to the FAR application. Failing to attach a certificate of service. Omitting the Appeals Court case number in the lower court case number field. Entering the wrong Appeals Court case number. Including a cover letter as part of the application or as a separate filing - cover letters are not necessary. Thank you for your participation in this pilot project. You play a vital role in our long- term goal to implement e-filing in all courts in the Commonwealth.

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