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Leaflet L110 page 1 of 2 issued 1/3/99 CIBSE RECOMMENDED NOISE RATINGS FOR INTERNAL AREAS Concert halls, opera halls, studios …


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Leaflet L110 page 1 of 2 issued 1/3/99CIBSE RECOMMENDED NOISE RATINGSFOR INTERNAL AREASConcert halls, opera halls, studios for sound reproduction, live theatres (>500 seats).Bedrooms in private homes, live theatres (<500 seats), cathedrals and large churches,television studios, large conference and lecture rooms (>50 people).Living rooms in private homes, board rooms, top management offices, conference andlecture rooms (20-50 people), multi-purpose halls, churches (medium and small),libraries, bedrooms in hotels, etc., banqueting rooms, operating theatres, cinemas,hospital private rooms, large rooms in hotels, etc., ballrooms, hospital open wards, middle management andsmall offices, small conference and lecture rooms (<20 people), school classrooms,small courtrooms, museums, libraries, banking halls, small restaurants, cocktail bars,quality and washrooms, drawing offices, reception areas (offices), halls, corridors,lobbies in hotels, etc., laboratories, recreation rooms, post offices, large restaurants, barsand night clubs, department stores, shops, in hotels, hospitals, etc., laundry rooms, computer rooms, accounting machinerooms, cafeteria, canteens, supermarkets, swimming pools, covered garages in hotels,offices, etc., bowling alleys, landscaped and above:NR50 will generally be regarded as very noisy by sedentary workers but most of the classifications listed under NR45 couldjust accept NR50. Higher noise levels than NR50 will be justified in certain manufacturing areas; such cases must be judgedon their own Value202530354045The table is reproduced from the CIBSE guide, section A1: Environmental criteria for design (1986) with the permissionof the CIBSE, ratings listed above will give general guidance for total services noise but limited adjustment of certain of thesecriteria may be appropriate in some intrusion of high external noise levels may, if continuous during occupation, permit relaxation of the standards butservices noise should be not less than 5 dB below the minimum intruding noise in any octave band to avoid addinga significant new noise source to the more than one noise source is present it is the aggregate noise which should meet the is approximately equal to dB(A) value - 6.

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