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Checklist - Elevator or Dumbwaiter Inspection - …

Car vision panels & glass car doors ; 2.34 (H) Flexible hydraulic hose & fitting assemblies : 1.12: Car enclosure


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Text of Checklist - Elevator or Dumbwaiter Inspection - …

Unit TypeDumbwaiter Passenger Elevator Freight Elevator Inspection TypePeriodic Acceptance Building and Unit InformationBuilding NameUnit Identification: AddressChicago, IL ManufacturerPhone RepresentativeCapacitylbs1. ELEVATOR-INSIDE OF CAROKNGNA2. ELEVATOR MACHINE ROOM (cont.) reopening device (T) AC drives from a DC source switches (T) Traction sheaves control devices (T) Secondary & deflector sheaves & car floor (T) Rope fastenings lighting & receptacles (T) Terminal stopping devices emergency signal-lighting (T) Car & counterweight safeties door or gate (H) Hydraulic power unit closing force (H) Relief valves closing of doors or gates (H) Control valve opening of doors or gates (H) Tanks vision panels & glass car doors (H) Flexible hydraulic hose & fitting assemblies enclosure (H) Supply line & shutoff valve exit (H) Hydraulic cylinders (H) Pressure switch & operating device symbols (H) Roped water hydraulic elevators load, platform area, & data plate (H) Low oil protection power operation control Restricted opening of car or hoistway doors Maintenance records Ride control 2. ELEVATOR-MACHINE ROOMOKNGNA3. ELEVATOR-TOP OF to machine space stop switch top light & outlet & receptacles operating device space terminal stopping devices , refuge space standard railing & emergency terminal stopping devices extinguisher leveling & anti-creep devices , wiring, & ducts emergency exit of exposed auxiliary equipment & emergency identification numbering Numbering of elevators,machines,disconnects Hoistway construction means & control smoke control (IDPH only) wiring, fuses, grounding, etc. , wiring & ducts , overspeed switch, & seal , projections, recesses, & setbacks data plate clearances (T) Static control hoistways (T) Overhead beam & fastenings cables & junction boxes (T) Drive machine brake & gate equipment (T) Traction drive machines frame & stiles (T) Gears, bearings, & flexible coupling rails fastening & equipment (T) Winding drum mach & slack cable dev rope (T) Belt or chain-drive machine releasing carrier (T) Motor generator rope fastening & hitch plate (T) Absorption of regenerated power rope Checklist - Elevator or Dumbwaiter InspectionChecklist - Elevator or Dumbwaiter Inspection (Continuation)Unit ID: 3. ELEVATOR-TOP OF CAR (cont.) OKNGNA5. ELEVATOR-PIT (T) Top counterweight clearance access, lighting, stop switch, & condition (T) Car, overhead, & deflector sheaves clearance, runby & min. refuge space (T) Broken rope, chain, or tape switch (T) Final & emergency terminal stopping devices data plate & rope data tags terminal stopping devices & counterweight buffer cables safeties tension devices (H) Speed test Frame & platform (H) Slack rope device roped-hydraulic elevators (*) safeties & guiding members - including roped-hydraulic elevators (*) (H) Traveling sheave roped-hydraulic elevators (*) (T) Buffers & emergency terminal speed limiting devices (T) Compensating ropes & chains (T) Compensating chains, ropes & sheaves 4. ELEVATOR-OUTSIDE HOISTWAY (H) Plunger & cylinder platform guard (H) Car buffer doors (H) Guiding members panels (H) Supply piping door locking devices 6. ELEVATOR-FIRE SERVICE to hoistway I Operation closing of hoistway doors II Operation operation (Fire Alarm Initiating Device) Operation enclosure OK meets Parking devices NG No Good (Insert number to identify comment on form) doors in blind hoistways NA not (T) Separate counterweight hoistway (T) Traction Elevators power selection switch (H) Hydraulic elevators only control (*) - installed under and later editionsItem No. Comment Code Reference Inspection Status:Inspection Company & Inspector s InformationDate of Inspection:Company Name Code Edition: Street Address FAIL City, State, Zip Permit Req'd Inspector QEI #PASS Inspector s State License #Inspector s Signature:Revised 2-10-2011Page 2 of 2

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