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CEO Job Description - The Elizabeth Foundation

CEO Job Description October 2012 Introduction to The Elizabeth Foundation The Elizabeth Foundation is a national charity for very young deaf children and their


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CEO Job Description October 2012 Introduction to The Elizabeth Foundation The Elizabeth Foundation is a national charity for very young deaf children and their families (0-5yrs), with head quarters based in Portsmouth. Founded thirty one years ago by Elizabeth s parents, the charity has grown from a small self help group, to the nationally and internationally respected organisation that it is today. Throughout its history The Elizabeth Foundation has been passionate about new born hearing screening, early diagnosis, the importance of good early intervention and early years education for the children, combined with the best help, support and education for the families. The Elizabeth Foundation works closely with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Audiology Department, helping to deliver the new born hearing screening programme and paediatric audiology clinics for the area. The children leave The Elizabeth Foundation as rising fives, with excellent spoken language skills, and great listening ability. Nearly all children enter their local mainstream school. While retaining a strong focus on this core work, the charity s objectives provide the Trustees with the scope to diversify if appropriate. The Elizabeth Foundation has a satellite Family Centre in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The CEO is accountable to the Board for the activities and financial stability of both Centres. Both Family Centres are rated as Outstanding by OFSTED. Objectives Protecting the Ethos of The Elizabeth Foundation You will ensure that the spirit of The Elizabeth Foundation is nurtured and maintained, always placing the child and their family at the hub of the entire Organisation. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, you will guard the charitable objectives and philosophy of The Elizabeth Foundation and ensure that these inform all it does. This specifically includes The Elizabeth Foundation s aural oral philosophy of communication for deaf children, as it is the belief of The Elizabeth Foundation, that it is the right of every deaf child to be given the opportunity to learn to listen and talk. The Elizabeth Foundation helps support families, and you will ensure that a happy, informal and friendly atmosphere is maintained in the Family Centres while maintaining high standards of professionalism. Leadership and Strategic Planning You will lead the senior management team of The Elizabeth Foundation (see organisational chart). Working with the Director of Children and Family Services, you will ensure that our strong aural oral philosophy continues to thrive and be successful, and be mindful of the professional development of the teaching and nursery staff, as well as matters relating to new and ever changing technology and practise. Working together with our Director of Business and Resources, you will have overall responsibility for the operating and financial stability of the organisation, and for monitoring income generation including charitable fundraising, publicity activities, and funds earned from services and contracts. Alongside the Chair of Trustees you will have overall responsibility for ensuring that the Board of Trustees is well constituted and supported, and receives the reports and information needed to achieve effective governance and good decision-making. You will ensure that The Elizabeth Foundation develops strategic thinking, and uses short and long term planning effectively and with the agility to respond to new opportunities or threats. You have ownership of, and responsibility for strategic planning activities. You will ensure that the Board of Trustees can maintain a clear understanding about the business/operational/cultural risks that might effect The Elizabeth Foundation, and how these risks should be responded to in real time. You have ownership and responsibility for business risk management. You will lead the recruitment and appointment of key members of staff with Board approval, and have overall responsibility for all significant staffing decisions and actions. You will receive reports and assurance from the senior management team as necessary to allow you to assist the Board of Trustees in ensuring that The Elizabeth Foundation remains solvent, able to fulfil its financial obligations, and able to provide service continuity for beneficiaries. Governance, charitable and company duties Reporting to the Board of Trustees, you will oversee the running and continued development of the charity and its services; encompassing governance, strategic planning, quality standards and good practise, management of a small team, finance (treasury and resources), income generation and promotion of the charity. You will ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document, Charity Law, Company Law, and any other relevant legislation or regulations including requirements in respect of safeguarding children and vulnerable people. You will ensure that The Elizabeth Foundation s charitable assets including buildings and grounds are protected and maintained to a high standard. Ambassador for The Elizabeth Foundation You will gain, as soon as possible, a thorough understanding about all the activities that The Elizabeth Foundation undertakes and why. You will become educated about the work of The Elizabeth Foundation, understand it, believe in it, and be able to promote the charity s services to all audiences. You will use your knowledge and understanding to lead the overall development of The Elizabeth Foundation, including change and evolution whilst always keeping within the boundaries of the ethos of the charity. At all times you will be an ambassador for The Elizabeth Foundation s work, making sure that the good name, intellectual property and values of the organisation are safeguarded. You will be able to communicate with families and children affected by deafness, and will also be able to carry out an ambassadorial role at the highest level when required to represent The Elizabeth Foundation in professional or public forums. You will act as official Spokesperson for The Elizabeth Foundation when required, ensuring that the Chair and Board of Trustees are kept fully informed as appropriate. Key Relationship Management You will take responsibility for identifying key relationships that The Elizabeth Foundation holds or should hold. You will especially maintain the special relationship we share with the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Audiology team, as we work closely to deliver their newborn hearing screening programme and paediatric clinics. Some relationships you will hold yourself as CEO, and others will be held by The Elizabeth Foundation s senior managers, other members of staff, and members of the Board of Trustees; but you will maintain an oversight and ensure that these relationships are appropriately maintained and developed on behalf of the charity. To develop the charity s public profile and foster relationships with government, statutory, voluntary and private bodies, individuals and other external stakeholders.

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