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Carpet Sales Refresher Checklist 2012 02 - …

Carpet Sales Refresher Checklist Introduction Use this checklist to verify that each D23 sales specialist and sales associate is fully prepared to sell carpet and to provide


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Carpet Sales Refresher ChecklistIntroductionUse this checklist to verify that each D23 sales specialist and sales associate is fully prepared to sell carpet and to provide excellent customer service. Sign off in the appropriate areas after the associate has accurately demonstrated the knowledge or meeting with the associate, use Knowledge Depot to verify that this associate has completed the following training classes: 4248 PK Basics for Flooring 2 - Wood, Laminate, and Carpet WBT 3128 Selling Carpet WBT 4930 The Home Depot Carpets - Value at Every Price WBT 4257 Selling In-stock Carpet RWBTKnowledge Check Use the following questions to check the associate s level of understanding in the key areas of carpet SkillEnsure that the associate can demonstrate the following:Knowledge checkSign at good and ending at best , describe the differences in our carpet brand on page 11 of the Carpet Buying Guide found in the carpet customer approaches you and says that the carpet they are looking at from your competitor includes free installation. What is the best way to convince the customer to buy from The Home Depot?Explain that The Home Depot can beat any competitor on the total project price. That is the cost of the installation, pad and carpet together. Some competitors lower one price to get customers in the door, but raise another price to make up the difference. While the competitors price for one item might be lower than THD, THD has the lowest total project price. When you add in the $97 basic installation, THD crushes the competition. Every customer shopping for carpet should have this explained to customer states that a carpet with the same look and feel at THD is much cheaper at the competitor. What do you say to the customer?Explain that the main cost factors in carpet are ounce weight and fiber type. Nylon and polyester look alike, but nylon is more durable and more expensive. Carpets with higher ounce weights are also more expensive. We will beat any competitor s total project price for a carpet with the same fiber and ounce weight. Also explain to the customer that THD associates do not work on commission and we always have our customers best interests at is the 20/12 rule for managing roll bar inventory?When a roll is down to 20 rings, reorder. When a roll is down to 12 rings, create a remnant, markdown 25%, and sign checkSign to demonstrate the difference in carpet that the associate lays out the good, better, and best carpets pads and lays a large piece of sample carpet over them. They have customers take off their shoes and walk across all three pieces and feel the to set up a measure in the MeasureComp that the associate answers all questions without skipping to use the MeasureComp Estimator Tool to create a customer that the associate enters all measurements into the system to check in/out a take-home sample board in the MeasureComp that the associate completes all fields appropriately and can correctly explain the to order a take-home sample board in that the associate can log in, completes all fields appropriately, can find the boards and place the order. Ensure that the associates are aware that sample boards are not a store checkSign offSign OffI certify that ______________________________(name of associate) has completed the required training and has the knowledge and skills to effectively sell complete carpet : ________________________________________ _Date: ________________________________Print name___________________________ HDT-00032177 2012-04

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