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Andy Lee 131 Donor Memo - State Representative

Andy Lee for PA 131 Prospectus Summary Local businessman and community leader Andy Lee is soon announcing his run for Pennsylvania’s 131st legislative seat.






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Text of Andy Lee 131 Donor Memo - State Representative

Andy Lee for PA 131 Prospectus Summary Local businessman and community leader Andy Lee is soon announcing his run for Pennsylvania s 131st legislative seat. After years of watching local Republican representatives fail to respond to the growing needs of their Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton County constituents, break term pledges, and refuse to work with their colleagues in the PA legislature to find bipartisan solutions to the problems facing Pennsylvanians, Andy Lee has decided to take on harmful Republican obstructionism by stepping into the race for PA 131. Andy is a proven fundraiser and tireless civic leader in his community and beyond. Biography Early Life & Family - Andy Lee was born to first-generation Scottish immigrants Francis and Elizabeth Lee in Norwich Ct, the fourth of five sons. Andy s parents taught their sons the value of hard work and service to the country and community. His brothers Joe, Will, and Stephen are all tradesmen and proud union members working in sheet metal fabrication, carpentry, and in public utilities. His eldest brother Frank Lee passed away while serving in the United States Air Force in 1979. Andy has been married for 25 years to his wife Carol. He has three children, Gabriella, Evan, Julia, and son-in-law Greg, as well as one grandson, Henry. Career & Businesses - Andy is a first generation college graduate - he graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 1987 with a Bachelor s of Science in Marketing. He immediately joined the insurance industry, where he worked as an underwriter, sales manager, and lead for giants like AIG, Aon, and Willis before joining a startup insurance firm as a senior partner 1996. In three years, he helped build that startup into a several hundred-million dollar firm. In 2000 he accepted a buyout to become an independent insurance consultant, forming Millennium Insurance Partners. Looking for a new challenge, Andy decided to enter the restaurant industry. With the help of a partner, Andy rehabilitated a rundown, disused building in an economically declining part of Hellertown, Pennsylvania into Braveheart Highland Pub & Restaurant. Since its opening in 2006, Braveheart and Andy s commitment to the community has helped spark a reinvestment and renewal in the neighborhood surrounding the restaurant. Braveheart, and its recently renovated sister restaurant Taps Tavern employ over 70 local residents, who are each paid well above the mandated minimum wage. Andy strongly believes that fairly supporting his staff is not only a moral obligation, but a wise business investment in low-turnover, high performing staff who care about the product, the customers, and the business. Civic Minded and A Proven Fundraiser - Beyond the tens of millions in redevelopment costs, investments, salaries and payments to local workers, construction firms, and vendors that Braveheart and Taps have reinvested in the community of the 131st and beyond since their founding, Andy himself has always worked hard to give back to the communities he lives in, often fundraising tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to support important causes he believes in, and that the community desperately needs. Briefly, Andy s experience with charity fundraising started in 1998 when he raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to run in the Dublin Marathon. Exhilarated by the experience, Andy realized he could put his years of experience in the private sector into raising money for good causes. Since then, he has run in the Vineman Ironman Triathlon for charity, was named the Lehigh Valley Leukemia Lymphoma Society Man of the Year, helped raise money to upgrade a local communities outdated Little League youth baseball facilities, and additionally donates thousands of dollars a year from Braveheart & Taps in contributions to local charitable organizations and events. Braveheart & Taps also support the Mercer School for disabled children and St. Luke s Rehabilitation Hospitals. Andy Lee has always been passionate about helping his community, and for the last two decades, he s proven time and time again he can marry his professional skills and his tireless commitment to doing good for those around him. Andy Lee is the candidate and Representative that the people of the 131st Legislative District deserve. The Lee Platform Andy s experience with state government is both his motivation for taking on Republican obstructionism in Harrisburg, as well as his guidance for his intended policy platform. Andy has seen far too many small businesses struggle to survive while investing in the local communities they serve - paying fair wages, hiring local vendors, and working with, not against, their communities, while getting little to no help or even attention from our government. Redevelopment Focused on Small Businesses Locally-focused small businesses are often the drivers of reinvestment and redevelopment in economically stagnant communities, and can help lead neighborhoods, cities, and entire regions into new eras and out of poverty. Too often, the burdens they shoulder and risks they take in those efforts are ignored by the state. It's time for the Pennsylvania to step up its commitment to local business owners who are helping our communities thrive again. Broadening Access to Education & Increasing Focus on Trades and Services Education is the primary path out of poverty for most Americans, but as costs soar, even State System Universities now cost upwards of $25,000/yr all costs included. Harrisburg has a duty to protect access to affordable education for Pennsylvanians. However, as a nation, we have focused too narrowly on college education as the only option after high school. Programs like union apprenticeships, technical education, and other trades options need more support to ensure students know every option available to them when they are making their decisions, and have support regardless of the educational path they choose. Protecting Access to Affordable Healthcare When Americans have access to healthcare, they can do great things - learn a new trade, start a small business, start a family, or focus on climbing out of poverty. While obsessing over partisan points-scoring, Republicans have lost sight of the promise American Dream, and making sure it's available to all Americans, not just those born into wealthy families. Protecting Those Who Protect Us Americans have become accustomed to showing respect for our first-responders and veterans but have lost sight of the fact that patriotic displays and rhetoric do little to protect our police, fire crews, EMTs and veterans. Years of short-sighted budget-slimming have left our police departments and fire crews with outdated, unreliable technology, our veterans vulnerable to homelessness and predatory financial services, and our emergency medical services struggling to keep up with demand. Emergency services and veterans are NOT a profit opportunity, they deserve robust public protection and funding for their services. Bipartisan Problem-solving For too long, Harrisburg has focused on partisan-points scoring over delivering for everyday Pennsylvanians. The ongoing budget battle is just one example of legislators using the responsibility vested in them to win cheap political victories instead of finding good compromises to move Pennsylvania forward, or even keep it on the right track. I m a doer, and will always find solutions that are right for PA, regardless of where they come from. Why the 131st? Electoral Trends - The 131st District is ready to elect a Democrat. The district has been trending strongly Democratic at the top of the ticket, which is viewed as leading indicator for potential Democratic victories down ballot. While Mitt Romney won handily over President Barack Obama in 2012 ( - ), Tom Corbett only squeaked by in the 131st in 2014 ( - ). 2016 was an outlier, bucking the Democratic trend in the 131st District, as it did across much of Pennsylvania and the country, with Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton - 2017 saw a return to the Democratic trend in the 131st, with Democratic performance of vs. Republican performance of The return to trend is demonstrated more clearly by the recent off-year election if you compare electoral performance by party from the 2013 election, which is the most recent comparable election to 2017. In 2013 Democrats captured only of the vote to the Republicans This performance swing is a clear indicator of the district s likely return to trend in 2018, despite Donald Trump s 2016 performance in the district. Note on methodology: We chose to analyze the results of the top of the ticket performance in the 131st for 2 reasons. 1-Incumbent Justin Simmons has consistently outperformed Republicans in this district. With two primary challengers, turmoil in the local GOP and bad press dogging Simmons, we expect that to diminish significantly. 2-Democratic challengers in the 131st have been poorly financed and frankly, not run particularly effective campaigns in 2014 & 2016. We don t anticipate the Lee campaign suffering the same problems in 2018. The prevailing trend in PA Legislative District 131 is distinctly Democratic. Growing anti-Trump sentiment and a continuation of increased Democratic performance in the district are likely to strengthen this trend in 2018. With the right candidate and a strong campaign, the 131st Legislative district is in play in 2018. 201220132014201520162017Democrat Percentage Top of Ticket Performance in PA-131 Fundraising Previous Democratic losses in the 131st have come on the heels of either a nation-wide 10-15% Republican wave (2010) or having been out-fundraised, and thus out-communicated by their Republican opponents (2012, 2014, 2016). As outlined before, we do not anticipate this being a problem for the Lee campaign with upwards of $150,000 in personal capacity already identified, we expect and have already begun pursuing significant institutional support to come on top of that capacity. With additional state-wide in-kind & outside spending on this important swing district, and Republicans across the state in dire need of financial support to try to fend of this wave, we anticipate out-fundraising whichever Republican we face in the General Election. A fundraising victory, plus an effective communication plan, in addition to a trending Democratic district in a Democratic wave-year portends a significant opportunity to pick up a contested state legislative seat. Conclusion Andy Lee is a strong candidate for the 131st State House District. Andy has a proven track record of success in business, and equally strong record of giving back to the community, both of which are likely to resonate with voters. He is also a proven fundraiser, who can raise the resources necessary to communicate his narrative to the voters of the 131st, strengthen the prevailing Democratic trend in the district and carry that trend down the ballot to the State House level. Andy Lee s campaign is an opportunity to invest in to take back a swing seat in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. $ $50, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300, $350, $400, Dollars Spent (Campaign & In-Kind)Expenditures by Year in PA-131

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