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LAW 553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/18 v1 Page 3 of 6 3. IF YOU PAY LATE OR BREAK YOUR OTHER PROMISES a. You may owe late charges. You will pay a late charge on each


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Buyer Signs XCo-Buyer Signs XPersonal, family, or household unlessotherwise indicated belowYou, the Buyer (and Co-Buyer, if any), may buy the vehicle below for cash or on credit. By signing this contract, you choose to buy the vehicle oncredit under the agreements in this contract. You agree to pay the Seller - Creditor (sometimes we or us in this contract) the Amount Financedand Finance Charge in funds according to the payment schedule below. We will figure your finance charge on a daily basis. The Truth-In-LendingDisclosures below are part of this Number Contract Number RETAIL INSTALLMENT SALE CONTRACT SIMPLE FINANCE CHARGE(WITH ARBITRATION PROVISION)553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/18Buyer Name and Address (Including County and Zip Code)Co-Buyer Name and Address (Including County and Zip Code)Seller-Creditor (Name and Address)businessagriculturalUsed Car Buyers Guide. The information yousee on the window form for this vehicle is partof this contract. Information on the windowform overrides any contrary provisions in thecontract of Translation: Gu a para compradores deveh culos usados. La informaci n que ve en elformulario de la ventanilla para este veh culoforma parte del presente contrato. Lainformaci n del formulario de la ventanilla dejasin efecto toda disposici n en contrariocontenida en el contrato de LAWFederal law and the law of the state of the Seller s address shown in this contract apply to this the Seller makes a written warranty, orenters into a service contract within 90 daysfrom the date of this contract, the Seller makesno warranties on the vehicle, except asdescribed below for used vehicles. Making nowarranties means that the Seller is selling thevehicle as is not expressly warranted orguaranteed and without any implied warrantiesof merchantability (except as described below)or of fitness for a particular provision does not affect any warrantiescovering the vehicle that the vehicle manufacturermay USED VEHICLES ONLYThe Seller hereby warrants that this vehicle will be fit for the ordinary purposes for which the vehicle is used for 15 daysor 500 miles after delivery, whichever is earlier, except with regard to particular defects disclosed on the first page of thisagreement. You (the purchaser) will have to pay up to $ for each of the first two repairs if the warranty is PURCHASER:SIGN HERE ONLYIF THE DEALER TOLD YOU THAT THIS VEHICLE HAS THE FOLLOWINGPROBLEM(S) AND THAT YOU AGREE TO BUY THE VEHICLE ON THOSE TERMS:ATENCI N COMPRADOR: FIRME AQU SOLAMENTESI EL VENDEDOR LE HA DICHO QUE EL VEH CULO TIENE EL/LOSSIGUIENTE(S) PROBLEMA(S) Y QUE USTED EST DE ACUERDO EN COMPRAR EL VEH CULO BAJO ESTOS T RMINOS:1. 2. 3. XXNew/UsedYearMakeand ModelOdometerVehicle Identification NumberPrimary Use For Which PurchasedLAW 553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/18 v1 Page 1 of 6Buyer Signs(Date)Co-Buyer Signs(Date)Late Charge. If payment is not received in full within 10 days after it is due, you will pay a late charge of5% of the part of the payment that is late. Prepayment. If you pay early, you will not have to pay a Interest. You are giving a security interest in the vehicle being Information: See this contract for more information including information about nonpayment,default, any required repayment in full before the scheduled date and security As Follows:Number ofPaymentsAmount ofPaymentsWhen PaymentsAre DueYour Payment Schedule Will Be:ANNUALPERCENTAGERATEThe cost ofyour credit asa yearly dollaramount thecredit willcost you.$AmountFinancedThe amount ofcredit providedto you oron your behalf.$Total ofPaymentsThe amount youwill have paid afteryou have made allpayments asscheduled.$Total SalePriceThe total cost ofyour purchase oncredit, includingyour downpayment of$is$Monthly beginningFEDERAL TRUTH-IN-LENDING DISCLOSURESITEMIZATION OF AMOUNT FINANCED1Cash PriceACash Price of Motor Vehicle (including accessories, services)BSales TaxCPrior Credit or Lease Balance paid toDOther EOther FOther GOther HOther Total Cash Price (A through H)2Total Downpayment =Trade-inGross Trade-In AllowanceLess Pay Off Made By SellerEquals Net Trade In+ Cash+ Other(If total downpayment is negative, enter 0 and see prior credit or lease balance, item 1C, above)3Unpaid Balance of Cash Price (1 minus 2)4Other Charges Including Amounts Paid to Others on Your Behalf(Seller may keep part of these amounts):ACost of Optional Credit Insurance Paid to the InsuranceCompany or $Disability$BOther Optional Insurance Paid to Insurance Company or CompaniesCOptional Gap ContractDOfficial Fees Paid to Government AgenciesEGovernment Taxes Not Included in Cash PriceFGovernment License and/or Registration Fees(Identify)GGovernment Certificate of Title FeesHOther Charges (Seller must identify who is paid anddescribe purpose)tofortofortofortofortofortoforto fortofortofortoforTotal Other Charges and Amounts Paid to Others on Your Behalf5Amount Financed (3 + 4)If the Amount Financed exceeds $55,800 or if the motor vehicle is primarily for commercial use, the Amount Financed is alsothe Final Cash Price Balance and the Total of Payments is also the Time Balance .OPTION:You pay no finance charge if the Amount Financed, item 5, is paid in full on or before, Year. SELLER S INITIALSInsurance. You may buy the physical damage insurance thiscontract requires from anyone you choose who is acceptableto us. You are not required to buy any other insurance to any insurance is checked below, policies or certificatesfrom the named insurance companies will describe the termsand the insurance you want and sign below:Optional Credit InsuranceCredit Life:BuyerCo-BuyerBothCredit Disability:BuyerCo-BuyerBothPremium:Cred it Life $ Credit Disability $ Insurance Company NameHome Office AddressCredit life insurance and credit disability insurance are not requiredto obtain credit. Your decision to buy or not buy credit life insuranceand credit disability insurance will not be a factor in the creditapproval process. They will not be provided unless you sign andagree to pay the extra cost. If you choose this insurance, the costis shown in Item 4A of the Itemization of Amount Financed. Creditlife insurance is based on your original payment schedule. Thisinsurance may not pay all you owe on this contract if you make latepayments. Credit disability insurance does not cover any increasein your payment or in the number of payments. Coverage for creditlife insurance and credit disability insurance ends on the originaldue date for the last payment unless a different term for theinsurance is shown Optional InsurancePremium $ Insurance Company NameHome Office AddressType of InsuranceTe r mPremium $ Insurance Company NameHome Office AddressType of InsuranceTe r mOther optional insurance is not required to obtain credit. Yourdecision to buy or not buy other optional insurance will not bea factor in the credit approval process. It will not be providedunless you sign and agree to pay the extra want the insurance checked SignatureDateXCo-Buyer SignatureDate$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ (1)$ $ $ $ $ $ (2)$ (3)$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ (4)$ (5)Returned Check Charge: You agree to pay a chargeof $ , plus actual charges assessed by a financialinstitution, if any check you give us is dishonored.(Year)(Make)(Model)OPTIONAL GAP gap contract (debt cancellation contract) is not required to obtaincredit and will not be provided unless you sign below and agree to pay the extra charge. If you chooseto buy a gap contract, the charge is shown in Item 4C of the Itemization of Amount Financed. See yourgap contract for details on the terms and conditions it provides. It is a part of this Mos. Name of Gap ContractI want to buy a gap Signs XLAW 553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/18 v1 Page 2 of 6Buyer Signs XCo-Buyer Signs XLAW 553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/18 v1 Page 3 of 63. IF YOU PAY LATE OR BREAK YOUR OTHER PROMISESa. You may owe late charges. You will pay a late charge on eachlate payment as shown on page 1 of this contract. Acceptanceof a late payment or late charge does not excuse your latepayment or mean that you may keep making late payments. If you pay late, we may also take the steps described You may have to pay all you owe at once. If you breakyour promises (default), we may demand that you pay all youowe on this contract at once. Default means: You do not pay any payment on time; You give us false, incomplete, or misleading informationon a credit application; You start a proceeding in bankruptcy or one is startedagainst you or your property; or You break any agreements in this amount you will owe will be the unpaid part of theAmount Financed plus the earned and unpaid part of theFinance Charge, any late charges, and any amounts duebecause you Debtor s Liability for Failure to Return Vehicle: If you arein default, we may send you a notice of default. It is unlawfulto fail to return a motor vehicle subject to a security interestwithin 30 days after receiving notice of default. A notice ofdefault may be mailed to the address on the contract. It isyour responsibility to keep the listed address failure to return a motor vehicle subject to a securityinterest is a class 6 felony. Assuming there are noaggravating circumstances, and you have no prior felonyconvictions, the maximum penalty is years in prison anda $150,000 You may have to pay collection costs. If we hire anattorney to collect what you owe, you will pay the attorney sfee and court costs as the law allows. You will also pay anyreasonable collection costs we incur as the law We may take the vehicle from you. If you default, we maytake (repossess) the vehicle from you if we do so peacefullyand the law allows it. If your vehicle has an electronictracking device, you agree that we may use the device to findthe vehicle. If we take the vehicle, any accessories,equipment, and replacement parts will stay with the any personal items are in the vehicle, we may store themfor you at your expense. If you do not ask for these itemsback, we may dispose of them as the law you can get the vehicle back if we take it. If werepossess the vehicle, you may pay to get it back (redeem).We will tell you how much to pay to redeem. Your right toredeem ends when we sell the We will sell the vehicle if you do not get it back. If you donot redeem, we will sell the vehicle. We will send you awritten notice of sale before selling the vehicle. We will apply the money from the sale, less allowedexpenses, to the amount you owe. Allowed expenses areexpenses we pay as a direct result of taking the vehicle,holding it, preparing it for sale, and selling it. Attorney feesand court costs the law permits are also allowed any money is left (surplus), we will pay it to you unless thelaw requires us to pay it to someone else. If money from thesale is not enough to pay the amount you owe, you must paythe rest to us unless the law provides otherwise. If you do notpay this amount when we ask, we may charge you interestat a rate not exceeding the highest lawful rate until you What we may do about optional insurance, maintenance,service, or other contracts. This contract may containcharges for optional insurance, maintenance, service, orother contracts. If we demand that you pay all you owe atonce or we repossess the vehicle, you agree that we mayclaim benefits under these contracts and cancel them toobtain refunds of unearned charges to reduce what you oweor repair the vehicle. If the vehicle is a total loss because it isconfiscated, damaged, or stolen, we may claim benefitsunder these contracts and cancel them to obtain refunds ofunearned charges to reduce what you IMPORTANT AGREEMENTS1. FINANCE CHARGE AND PAYMENTSa. How we will figure Finance Charge. We will figure theFinance Charge on a daily basis at the Annual PercentageRate on the unpaid part of the Amount Financed with a daycounted as 1/365th of a year (or 1/366th in a leap year).b. How we will apply payments. We may apply each paymentto the earned and unpaid part of the Finance Charge, to theunpaid part of the Amount Financed and to other amountsyou owe under this contract in any order we How late payments or early payments change what youmust pay. We based the Finance Charge, Total of Payments,and Total Sale Price shown on page 1 of this contract on theassumption that you will make every payment on the day it isdue. Your Finance Charge, Total of Payments, and Total SalePrice will be more if you pay late and less if you pay may take the form of a larger or smaller finalpayment or, at our option, more or fewer payments of thesame amount as your scheduled payment with a smallerfinal payment. We will send you a notice telling you aboutthese changes before the final scheduled payment is You may prepay. You may prepay all or part of the unpaidpart of the Amount Financed at any time without penalty. Ifyou do so, you must pay the earned and unpaid part of theFinance Charge and all other amounts due up to the date ofyour YOUR OTHER PROMISES TO USa. If the vehicle is damaged, destroyed, or missing. Yo uagree to pay us all you owe under this contract even if thevehicle is damaged, destroyed, or Using the vehicle. You agree not to remove the vehicle fromthe or Canada, or to sell, rent, lease, or transfer anyinterest in the vehicle or this contract without our writtenpermission. You agree not to expose the vehicle to misuse,seizure, confiscation, or involuntary transfer. If we pay anyrepair bills, storage bills, taxes, fines, or charges on thevehicle, you agree to repay the amount when we ask for Security give us a security interest in: The vehicle and all parts or goods put on it; All money or goods received (proceeds) for the vehicle; All insurance, maintenance, service, or other contractswe finance for you; and All proceeds from insurance, maintenance, service, orother contracts we finance for you. This includes anyrefunds of premiums or charges from the secures payment of all you owe on this contract. It alsosecures your other agreements in this contract. You will makesure the title shows our security interest (lien) in the will not allow any other security interest to be placed onthe title without our written Insurance you must have on the agree to have physical damage insurance covering lossof or damage to the vehicle for the term of this contract. Theinsurance must cover our interest in the vehicle. If you do nothave this insurance, we may, if we choose, buy physicaldamage insurance. If we decide to buy physical damageinsurance, we may either buy insurance that covers yourinterest and our interest in the vehicle, or buy insurance thatcovers only our interest. If we buy either type of insurance,we will tell you which type and the charge you must pay. Thecharge will be the premium for the insurance and a financecharge computed at the Annual Percentage Rate shown onpage 1 of this contract or, at our option, the highest rate thelaw the vehicle is lost or damaged, you agree that we may useany insurance settlement to reduce what you owe or repairthe What happens to returned insurance, maintenance,service, or other contract charges. If we get a refund ofinsurance, maintenance, service, or other contract charges,we will subtract the refund from what you Signs XCo-Buyer Signs XSERVICING AND COLLECTION CONTACTSYou agree that we may try to contact you in writing, by e-mail, or using prerecorded/artificial voice messages, text messages, andautomatic telephone dialing systems, as the law allows. You also agree that we may try to contact you in these and other ways at anyaddress or telephone number you provide us, even if the telephone number is a cell phone number or the contact results in a chargeto S RIGHTS IN ABSENCE OF CREDIT APPROVAL:(a) You agree to furnish us any documentation necessary to verify information contained in the credit application. (b) Youacknowledge that it may take a few days for us to verify your credit and assign this contract. In consideration of our agreeing todeliver the vehicle, you agree that if we are unable to assign the contract to any one of the financial institutions with which weregularly do business pursuant to terms of assignment acceptable to us, we may cancel this contract. (c) In the event we cancelthis contract, we shall give you notice of the cancellation. Upon delivery of such notice, you shall immediately return the vehicle tous in the same condition as when sold reasonable wear and tear excepted. We agree, upon cancellation of this contract to restoreto you all consideration we received in connection with this contract, including any trade-in vehicle. (d) In the event the vehicle isnot immediately returned to us upon notice of our cancellation of this contract, you agree to pay and shall be liable to us for allexpenses incurred by us in obtaining possession of the vehicle, including attorney s fees, and we shall have the right to repossessthe vehicle with free right of entry wherever the vehicle may be found, as the law allows. (e) While the vehicle is in your possession,all terms of this contract, including those relating to use of the vehicle and insurance for the vehicle shall be in full force and all riskof loss or damage in the vehicle shall be assumed by you, you shall pay all reasonable repair costs related to any damage sustainedby the vehicle while in your possession or control of and until the vehicle is returned to 553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/18 v1 Page 4 of 6GUARANTORDATED ATDateSpouse of the GuarantorGUARANTORGUARANTY The undersigned, jointly and severally, guarantee payment of all amounts owing under this contract and the payment upon demand of theentire amount owing on this contract in the event of default in payment by Buyer named therein. The undersigned waives notice of performance,demands for performance, notice of non-performance, protests, notice of protests, notice of dishonor, notice of acceptance of this Guaranty, ofany extensions in time of payment, of sale of any of the collateral and of all other notices to which the undersigned would be otherwise entitledby law and agrees to pay all amounts owing thereunder upon demand, without requiring any action or proceeding against Buyer, and specificallywaives any right to require action against Buyer as provided in 12-1641 et seq. The undersigned agree to deliver to Seller or, afterassignment, to Assignee timely financial statements and any other information relating to the undersigned s financial condition as may bereasonably requested. The undersigned acknowledges receipt from the Seller, prior to signing below, of a separate Notice to Cosigner. Marital Community Property Joinder: The undersigned spouse of the Guarantor joins in the execution of this guaranty for the purpose of bindingthe marital property of the Guarantor, and the undersigned, in accordance with 25-214 or other applicable law. THE UNDERSIGNEDSPOUSE OF THE GUARANTOR ACKNOWLEDGES RECEIPT FROM THE SELLER, PRIOR TO SIGNING BELOW, OF A SEPARATE NOTICETO COSIGNER. DATED ATBuyer Signs XCo-Buyer Signs XLAW 553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/18 v1 Page 5 of 6ARBITRATION PROVISIONPLEASE REVIEW - IMPORTANT - AFFECTS YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS1. EITHER YOU OR WE MAY CHOOSE TO HAVE ANY DISPUTE BETWEEN US DECIDED BY ARBITRATION AND NOT IN COURTOR BY JURY IF A DISPUTE IS ARBITRATED, YOU WILL GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE AS A CLASS REPRESENTATIVE OR CLASSMEMBER ON ANY CLASS CLAIM YOU MAY HAVE AGAINST US INCLUDING ANY RIGHT TO CLASS ARBITRATION OR ANYCONSOLIDATION OF INDIVIDUAL DISCOVERY AND RIGHTS TO APPEAL IN ARBITRATION ARE GENERALLY MORE LIMITED THAN IN A LAWSUIT, AND OTHERRIGHTS THAT YOU AND WE WOULD HAVE IN COURT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE IN claim or dispute, whether in contract, tort, statute or otherwise (including the interpretation and scope of this Arbitration Provision,and the arbitrability of the claim or dispute), between you and us or our employees, agents, successors or assigns, which arises out ofor relates to your credit application, purchase or condition of this vehicle, this contract or any resulting transaction or relationship(including any such relationship with third parties who do not sign this contract) shall, at your or our election, be resolved by neutral,binding arbitration and not by a court action. If federal law provides that a claim or dispute is not subject to binding arbitration, thisArbitration Provision shall not apply to such claim or dispute. Any claim or dispute is to be arbitrated by a single arbitrator on an individualbasis and not as a class action. You expressly waive any right you may have to arbitrate a class action. You may choose the AmericanArbitration Association, 1633 Broadway, 10th Floor, New York, New York 10019 ( ), or any other organization to conduct thearbitration subject to our approval. You may get a copy of the rules of an arbitration organization by contacting the organization or visitingits shall be attorneys or retired judges and shall be selected pursuant to the applicable rules. The arbitrator shall apply governingsubstantive law and the applicable statute of limitations. The arbitration hearing shall be conducted in the federal district in which youreside unless the Seller-Creditor is a party to the claim or dispute, in which case the hearing will be held in the federal district where thiscontract was executed. We will pay your filing, administration, service or case management fee and your arbitrator or hearing fee all upto a maximum of $5000, unless the law or the rules of the chosen arbitration organization require us to pay more. The amount we paymay be reimbursed in whole or in part by decision of the arbitrator if the arbitrator finds that any of your claims is frivolous underapplicable law. Each party shall be responsible for its own attorney, expert and other fees, unless awarded by the arbitrator underapplicable law. If the chosen arbitration organization's rules conflict with this Arbitration Provision, then the provisions of this ArbitrationProvision shall control. Any arbitration under this Arbitration Provision shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (9 1 ) and not by any state law concerning arbitration. Any award by the arbitrator shall be in writing and will be final and binding on allparties, subject to any limited right to appeal under the Federal Arbitration Act. You and we retain the right to seek remedies in small claims court for disputes or claims within that court's jurisdiction, unless such actionis transferred, removed or appealed to a different court. Neither you nor we waive the right to arbitrate by using self-help remedies, suchas repossession, or by filing an action to recover the vehicle, to recover a deficiency balance, or for individual injunctive relief. Any courthaving jurisdiction may enter judgment on the arbitrator's award. This Arbitration Provision shall survive any termination, payoff or transferof this contract. If any part of this Arbitration Provision, other than waivers of class action rights, is deemed or found to be unenforceablefor any reason, the remainder shall remain enforceable. If a waiver of class action rights is deemed or found to be unenforceable for anyreason in a case in which class action allegations have been made, the remainder of this Arbitration Provision shall be to Arbitrate:By signing below, you agree that, pursuant to the Arbitration Provision below, you or we may elect to resolve any dispute by neutral, binding arbitration and not bya court action. See the Arbitration Provision for additional information concerning the agreement to Signs X Co-Buyer Signs X Buyer Signs XCo-Buyer Signs XHOW THIS CONTRACT CAN BE contract contains the entire agreement between you and us relating to thiscontract. Any change to this contract must be in writing and we must sign it. No oral changes are Signs X Co-Buyer Signs X If any part of this contract is not valid, all other parts stay valid. We may delay or refrain from enforcing any of our rights under thiscontract without losing them. For example, we may extend the time for making some payments without extending the time formaking TO THE BUYER: (1) Do not sign this contract before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces. (2) You areentitled to an exact copy of the contract you Annual Percentage Rate may be negotiable with the Seller. The Seller may assign this contractand retain its right to receive a part of the Finance COOLING OFF PERIODState law does not provide for a cooling off or cancellation period for this sale. After you sign this contract,you may only cancel it if the seller agrees or for legal cause. You cannot cancel this contract simply becauseyou change your mind. This notice does not apply to home solicitation : ANY HOLDER OF THIS CONSUMER CREDIT CONTRACT IS SUBJECT TO ALL CLAIMS AND DEFENSES WHICH THE DEBTORCOULD ASSERT AGAINST THE SELLER OF GOODS OR SERVICES OBTAINED PURSUANT HERETO OR WITH THE PROCEEDS HEREUNDER BY THE DEBTOR SHALL NOT EXCEED AMOUNTS PAID BY THE DEBTOR preceding NOTICE applies only to goods or services obtained primarily for personal, family, or household use. In all other cases, Buyer willnot assert against any subsequent holder or assignee of this contract any claims or defenses the Buyer (debtor) may have against the Seller, oragainst the manufacturer of the vehicle or equipment obtained under this and Other Owners A co-buyer is a person who is responsible for paying the entire debt. An other owner is a person whose name is on the title to the vehicle but does not have to paythe debt. The other owner agrees to the security interest in the vehicle given to us in this owner signs here Date Address You acknowledge an express intent to grant a security interest in the vehicle and hereby waive and abandon all personal propertyexemptions granted upon the vehicle, which is the subject of this contract. NOTICE: BY GIVING US A SECURITY INTEREST IN THEVEHICLE, YOU WAIVE ALL RIGHTS PROVIDED BY LAW TO CLAIM SUCH PROPERTY EXEMPT FROM PROCESS. IF THE BOX IS CHECKED, THIS CONTRACT IS SUBJECT TO A BROKER FEE PAID BY THE SELLER agree to the terms of this confirm that before you signed thiscontract, we gave it to you, and you werefree to take it and review it. You confirmthat you received a completely filled-incopy when you signed INSURANCE REFERRED TO IN THISCONTRACT DOES NOT INCLUDELIABILITY COVERAGE FOR BODILYINJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGECAUSED TO Arizona Department of FinancialInstitutions regulates the Seller and canbe contacted at 2910 North 44thStreet,Suite 310, Phoenix, Arizona 85018, (602)255-4421, if you have any complaintsconcerning this THE REST OF THIS CONTRACT FOR OTHER IMPORTANT TERMS AND Signs DateSeller Signs Date TitleXCo-Buyer Signs DateLAW 553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/18 v1 Page 6 of 6YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ ALL PAGES OF THIS CONTRACT, INCLUDING THE ARBITRATIONPROVISION ON PAGE 5, BEFORE SIGNING assigns its interest in this contract to(Assignee) under the terms of Seller s agreement(s) with with recourseAssigned without recourseAssigned with limited recourseFORM NO. 553-AZ-ARB-eps (REV. 1/18) 2018 The Reynolds and Reynolds CompanyTHERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO CONTENT ORFITNESS FOR PURPOSE OF THIS FORM. CONSULT YOUR OWN LEGAL COUNSEL.

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