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10000 quiz questions and general knowledge questions and answers10000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 1 Answers1Carl and the Passions changed band name to whatBeach Boys2How many rings on the Olympic flagFive3What colour is vermilion a shade ofRed4King Zog ruled which countryAlbania5What colour is Spock's bloodGreen6Where in your body is your patellaKnee ( it's the kneecap )7Where can you find London bridge todayUSA ( Arizona )8What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow muleVodka9Who was the first man in spaceYuri Gagarin10What would you do with a YashmakWear it - it's an Arab veil11Who betrayed Jesus to the RomansJudas Escariot12Which animal lays eggsDuck billed platypus13On television what was FlipperDolphin14Who's band was The QuarrymenJohn Lenon15Which was the most successful Grand National horseRed Rum16Who starred as the Six Million Dollar ManLee Majors17In the song Waltzing Matilda - What is a JumbuckSheep18Who was Dan Dare's greatest enemy in the EagleMekon19What is Dick Grayson better known asRobin (Batman and Robin) 20What was given on the fourth day of ChristmasCalling birds21What was Skippy ( on TV )The bush kangaroo22What does a funambulist doTightrope walker23What is the name of Dennis the Menace's dogGnasher24What are bactrians and dromedariesCamels (one hump or two)25Who played The FugitiveDavid Jason26Who was the King of SwingBenny Goodman27Who was the first man to fly across the channelLouis Bleriot28Who starred as Rocky BalboaSylvester Stallone29In which war was the charge of the Light BrigadeCrimean30Who invented the televisionJohn Logie Baird31Who would use a mashie niblickGolfer32In the song who killed Cock RobinSparrow33What do deciduous trees doLose their leaves in winter34In golf what name is given to the No 3 wood Spoon35If you has caries who would you consultDentist - its tooth decay36What other name is Mellor s famously known byLady Chatterlys Lover 37What did Jack Horner pull from his piePlum38How many feet in a fathomSix39which film had song Springtime for HitlerThe Producers40Name the legless fighter pilot of ww2Douglas Bader41What was the name of inn in Treasure IslandAdmiral Benbow42What was Erich Weiss better known asHarry Houdini43Who sailed in the Nina - Pinta and Santa MariaChristopher Columbus44Which leader died in St HelenaNapoleon Bonaparte45Who wrote Gone with the WindMargaret Mitchell46What does ring a ring a roses refer toThe Black Death47Whose nose grew when he told a liePinocchio48Who has won the most OscarsWalt Disney49What would a Scotsman do with a spurtleEat porridge (it s a spoon)50Which award has the words for valour on itVictoria CrossPage 210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 1Answers51If you had pogonophobia what would you be afraid ofBeards52Who would take silk as part of their jobBarrister53Who won an Oscar for the African QueenBogart54Who sang the theme song in 9 to 5Dolly Parton55What in business terms is the IMFInternational Monetary Fund56Ringo Star narrates which children's TV seriesThomas the tank engine57Which country grows the most fruitChina58Which company is owned by Bill GatesMicrosoft59What would you do with a maris piperEat it - it s a potato60In Casablanca what is the name of the nightclubRick's61What was the first James Bond bookCasino Royal62What kind of animal is a lurcherDog 63What is the currency of AustriaSchilling64What is the Islamic equal to the red crossRed Crescent65In fable who sold a cow for five beansJack ( and grew a beanstalk )66How did Alfred Nobel make his moneyHe invented Dynamite67Who was the first man to run a sub four minute mileRoger Bannister68What are MunroesMountains in Scotland69Which car company makes the CelicaToyota70Air Lingus is the national airline of which countryRepublic of Ireland or Eire71Who discovered radiumThe Curies72What does an alopecia sufferer lackHair73Who painted The HaywainJohn Constable74Triskadeccaphobia is the fear of whatNumber 1375What is a baby rabbit calledKit or Kitten76Which country had The Dauphin as a rulerFrance77Who did Michael Caine play in the Ipcress File (both names)Harry Palmer78Who won Euro song contest Save All Your Kisses For MeBrotherhood of Man79Which country had the guns of Naverone installedTurkey80Ictheologists study whatFish81What is a Winston ChurchillCigar82Who or what lives in a formicariumAnts83What type of acid is used in car batteriesSulphuric84It s a flock of sheep what's a group of owls calledParliament85What animal would you find in a formHare86Who in books and films was the man of bronzeDoc Savage87Who was Stan Laurels partnerOliver Hardy88What kind of food is Cullan SkinkFish89What is classified by the A B O systemBlood Groups90What plant does the Colorado beetle attackPotato91Where did the Pied Piper playHamlin92To where in France do the sick make pilgrimagesLourdes93In which city was the famous black holeCalcutta94Christopher Cockerel invented whatHovercraft95Ray Bolger played who in The Wizard of OzScarecrow96Sabotage is French - What did the saboteurs useShoes - sabot means shoe97Which part of the human body contains the most goldToenails98If you had rubella what would you have caughtGerman Measles99Mohs scale hardest substance is diamond - what's the softestTalc100La Giaconda is better known as whatMona LisaPage 310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 2Answers1Who wrote the Opera Madam ButterflyPuccini2What links - Goa - Kerula - Assam - BiharIndia3Eric Arthur Blaire was the real name of which authorGeorge Orwell4Names - Baker Cook obvious what did Cordwainer doShoemaker5Which country do Sinologists studyChina6Rudy Stevens became famous under which nameBarbara Stanwyck7Which non alcoholic cordial is made from pomegranatesGrenadine8What is Orchesis - either professional or amateurArt of Dancing9Taken literally what should you see in a HippodromeHorses10Who wrote the Man in the Iron MaskAlexander Dumas11Which 1993 Disney film starred Bet Middler as a witchHocus Pocus12Who piloted the first flight across the English channelLouis Bleriot13What was the first James Bond filmDr No14What 1991 film won best film, actor, actress, director OscarsSilence of the Lambs15What was the capital of EthiopiaAddis Ababa16Aescapalious emblem staff snake Greek Roman god of whatMedicine17Giacomo Agostini - 122 Grand Prix 15 world titles what sportMotorcycle Racing18What is the largest state in the USAAlaska19Led Deighton trilogy Game Set Match What 3 Capitals Berlin MexicoLondon20Alan Stuart Konigsberg famous as whoWoody Allen21Which human rights organisation founded 1961 got Nobel 1977Amnesty International22Whose autobiography was The long walk to FreedomNelson Mandela23What was discovered in 1922 by Howard CarterTutankamen tomb24Clyde Tonbaugh discovered what planet in 1930Pluto25Who won the women's heptathlon at Seoul in 1988Jackie Joyner-Kersey26Who wrote Northanger AbbeyJayne Austin27Who ran through the streets naked crying EurekaArchimedes28Who composed the Brandeberg concertos full namesJohan Sebastian Bach29Who won the World Series in 1987Minnesota twins30What is the correct term of address to the PopeYour Holiness31In which city was Alexander Graham Bell born in 1847Edinburgh32Who composed the ballets Sleeping Beauty and The NutcrackerTchaikovsky33AG Bell opened school in Boston in 1872 for Teachers of whatThe Deaf34Benjamin Kubelsky 1894 fame as what comedianJack Benny35In the Old Testament what book comes between Obadiah - MicahJonah36Robin Williams dressed in drag for which 1993 filmMrs Doubtfire37Which chess piece could be a member of the churchBishop38Which German word means lightning war used in WW2Blitzkrieg39Broccoli belongs to what family of plantsCabbage40Who designed the first Iron ship the Great Britain in 1845I. Kingdom Brunel41Whose boat Bluebird was recently raised from Coniston waterDonald Campbell42in 1951 which (of two) car companies introduced power steeringBuick - Chrysler43Who wrote Catch 22 (both names)Joseph Heller44Which country set up the world s first chemistry lab in 1650Netherlands45What links the names Botvinik, Tal, Karpov, FischerChess World Champs46What is the national flower of JapanChrysanthemum47Bombardier Billy Wells was seen on many Rank films - whyHit Gong48Where in France do claret wines come fromBordeaux49What did mathematician John Napier invent in 1614Logarithms50What was the world s first high level programming language 1957 IBM FORTRANPage 410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 2Answers51Consumption was the former name of which diseaseTuberculosis52Which American state is nicknamed The Diamond StateDelaware53What are the Sirocco, Mistral and ChinookWinds54Who wrote about Willie Wonka and the Chocolate FactoryRoald Dahl55Who, at USA customs declared, nothing but my geniusOscar Wilde56Issur Danielovitch became famous a whoKirk Douglas57Who sailed in the Golden HindSir Francis Drake58 What was the name of the plantation in Gone with the WindTara59Who won the 1988 SuperbowlWashington Redskins60Which group believes in The Great Architect of the UniverseFreemasons61Robert Alan Zimmerman real name of whoBob Dylan62Processed Galena produces which metalLead63Who wrote Gulliver s Travels (both names)Jonathon Swift64What is a Ha HaSunken Fence65In Japan what is SeppukuHari Kari - suicide66Who discovered blood circulation William Harvey67The dunnock is another name for which common birdHedge Sparrow68If someone said they were from Hellas - which countryGreece69Who was the son of Zeus and Maia - Gods MessengerHermes70Roy Scherer jr became famous as whoRock Hudson71Who wrote Brave New World (full name)Aldus Huxley72What links Calabria, Liguria, Puglia and VenetoRegions of Italy73Which city in Rajasthan has riding breeches named after itJodhpur74Portugal has had six Kings with what first nameJohn 75What martial arts name means gentle wayJudo76Jean Claude Killy famous in which sportSkiing77Kimberlite contains what precious itemDiamonds78Who directed Dr Strangelove - 2001 - The Shining (full name)Stanley Kubrick79Rene Lalique - Art Nouveau designer worked what materialGlass80Who created the children's land of Narnia and Lion Witch WardrobeClive Staples Lewis81What animal lives in a dreySquirrel82Why is Louise Brown - born 1978 famousFirst test tube baby83The title of whose book translates as my struggleAdolf Hitler84Anna Mary Robinson - famous American painter - what nameGrandma Moses85In which country would you find the Negev desertIsrael86Which character has been played by the most actorsSherlock Holmes87In Greek mythology a Hamadryads spirit guarded whatTrees88Jocasta was the wife of Laius and the mother of whoOedipus89Who wrote The Rights of Man - and The Age of ReasonThomas Paine90What is the capital of SicilyPalermo91What was invented by Dr Edward Land in 1947Polaroid92Syd Barett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason - GroupPink Floyd93Carlo Collodi created which famous children's characterPinocchio94What is mainly extracted from pitchblendeUranium95Which connects Delft, Sevres, Wedgwood, ChelseaPorcelain96Which country introduced the worlds first diesel loco in 1912Germany97in 1656 Christian Huygens invented what type of timekeeperPendulum clock98Duvali, Dushira and Holi are religious days in which religionHindu99In what industry did John Davidson Rockefeller get richOil100The Mau Mau were terrorists in which country late 50s early 60sKenyaPage 510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 3Answers1What movie cast included James Garner, Richard Attenbourough, The Great EscapeSteve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Donald Pleasance, James Coburn, Gordon Jackson, Angus McPhee among many others2If you suffer from epistaxis what is wrongNosebleed3In which book would you find the manservant Pas PartoutAround the world in 80 days4What animals name translates as water horseHippopotamus5In Greek mythology who killed the GorgonPerseus6Which two metals are alloyed to make pewterTin and Lead7In 1899 the Eastman company in the USA produced first whatKodak 1 - hand heldroll film cam8What links - Sarte, Neitzsche, Russell and DecartesPhilosophers9In 1643 Evangalisa Torichelli invented the first whatBarometer10Which Spanish painter has first exhibition at 16 - also 4 year bluePablo Picasso11Where did the mutineers of the Bounty settlePitcairn Islands12What is the longest river in ItalyPo13What does a polyandric women have more than one ofHusband14What links Brazil, Uruguay, Mozambique and AngolaColonies of Portugal15What is the American equivalent of the Irish PoteenMoonshine16Who was the last king of Troy killed by Achilles son PyrrhusPriam17In 1911 the archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered what lost cityMachu Picchu18Who won the Superbowl in 1989San Francisco 49 ers19Who wrote the book Billy Budd also Moby DickHerman Melville20Which highwayman rode the horse Black BessDick Turpin21Barry Allen was the alter ego of which DC comic superheroThe Flash22In 1901 which brand of car was seen for the first timeMercedes23Brisbane is the state capital of which SE Australian stateQueensland24In Norse mythology what is the name of the ultimate battleRagnarok25In 1890 the first electric what opened in LondonUnderground railway26Who wrote the children's novel Swallows and AmazonsArthur Ransom27Oil seed rape belongs to which plant familyMustard28Which Norwegian politicians name became a word for traitorVidkun Quisling29What is the capitol of MoroccoRabat30What shape were the sailors plates in Nelsons navySquare Thus Squaremeal31What religion links Weasak, Dhrammacacka, and Bhodi dayBuddhist32Linus Torwalds invented and wrote whatLinux computeroperating system33The bander macaque has which commoner nameRhesus Monkey34Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be called whatRhodesia35What is the staple food of one third of the worlds populationRice36Paul Robeson the singer of old man river had what professionLawyer37Rene Laennac invented which aid for doctors in 1810Stethoscope38Jagger, Richards, Wyman, Jones, Watts, Stewart - which bandThe Rolling Stones39What digit does not exist in Roman NumeralsZero40Who was nicknames The desert Fox (both Names)Erwin Rommel41What aid to archaeologists from 197 bc was found in Egypt 1799Rosetta Stone42Which annual sporting event between 2 teams started in 1829The University BoatRace43Who was the jeweller to the Russian Court famous Easter eggsFaberge44What type of food is TaramasalataCured /smoked codroe45What links Samuel Delaney, Fredrick Pohl, Harlan EllisonScience Fiction46Randolph Crane became famous as which cowboy actorRandolph Scott47Ageusia is the loss of which senseTaste48Which Irish political parties name translates as we ourselvesSein Fein49Henry Ford used assembly line in 1908 but someone before 1901Ransome Olds50Who performed the first heart transplant in South AfricaChristian BarnardPage 610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 3Answers51What is the common name for the star SiriusDog Star52What calculating aid was invented by William Oughtred in 1662Slide Rule53Which Athenian philosopher wrote nothing - immortalised by PlatoSocrates54Who designed the WW 1 plane Camel and co designed HurricaneThomas OctaveMurdoch Sopwith55Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were born in which US stateSouth Dakota56In 1666 Jesuit Bark was used as a prevention against whatMalaria57In 1971 which USA space probe was first to orbit another planetMariner 958What links Catalonia, Andalusia, Cantabria, Galicia Regions of Spain59Ingemar Stenmark won record 85 world cup races in what sportSkiing60Who wrote the music for the ballets Firebird and Rites of SpringIgor Stravinsky61What common legal item literally means under penaltySubpoena62Who was the only person to win world titles on bikes and carsJohn Surtees63What is the oldest swimming strokeBreaststroke 16thcentury64Which European country is divided into areas called CantonsSwitzerland65Which medical tool was developed by Sanctorius in 1612Thermometer66What weapon was invented by Ernest Swinton used in 1916Tank67Which mythological King chained grapes rose water fellTantalus68Who created Tarzan (all names) in 1914Edgar Rice Burroughs69Camellia Sinesis evergreen shrub better known as whatTea70In 1901 who first transmitted radio signals across AtlanticMarconi71Who won six consecutive Wimbledon titles in the 1980sMartina Navratilova72What Italian building material translates as baked earthTerracotta73What links Buddy Holly, Lyndon Johnston, Janice JoplinState of Texas74Which eponymous character was Thane of Cawder GlaimesMacbeth75Who wrote the 39 steps (both names)John Buchan76Who won the Superbowl in 1987New York Giants77What is the food tofu made fromSoya Bean Curd viaSoya milk78Who was the son of Poseidon and AmpheriteTriton79Annie Mae Bullock became famous under which name (both)Tina Turner80What linked Armenia, Georgia, Latvia and MoldaviaUSSR81What is the state capitol of New JerseyTrenton82Who won an Oscar for best supporting actor in Spartacus 1960 Peter Ustinov83What was invented by James Dewer in 1872Vacuum or thermosflask84Who was the Roman goddess of the hearthVesta85Viticulture is the growing of what plantsVines86In 1953 what was first successfully transmitted in the USAColour Television87Who wrote the Thin Man in 1934 (both names)Dashiell Hammett88Angel falls Venezuela Highest but where second HighestYosemite USA89Whitcome Judson in 1891 invented what for fastening shoesZip Fastener90Who sold Louisiana to the USA in 1803Napoleon91Gregory Pincus, John Rock, Gerhart Domangk developed whatOral Contraceptive92The Gloucester E 28/39 first flew in 1941 - what was unusualWhittle Jet Engine93Women compete between USA and UK in Wightman Cup - SportTennis94Woolworth's - the 5 /10 cent store started in which us state 1979LancasterPennsylvania95Which actress starred in the original King Kong in 1933 (both) Fay Wray96Except Australia 1 New Zealand 1 USA all since 1870 want?America's Cup97What's missing from ale that s included in beerHops98Until 1971 what was the name of ZaireCongo99Karl Lienstater discovered which medical breakthrough in 1901ABO Blood Groups100Who is the only American president elected unopposedGeorge Washington1798 1792Page 710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 4Answers1Which countries men use the most deodorantJapan2Who played Billy the Kid in The Left Handed GunPaul Newman3What was the first credit cardDiners Club4What links Humphry Davie, Michael Faraday, Madam CuriePoisoned bychemicals work5Hippophagic society members support whatEating horsemeat6What did Britain swap Havana for with Spain in 1763Florida7What is the crime of embraceryJury Bribing8Which country made the worlds first feature film in 1906Australia Story ofKelly gang9Who wrote Gentlemen Prefer BlondsAnita Loos10What was Norman Bates hobby in PsychoStuffing birds11What was Casanovas day jobLibrarian12Where is the worlds largest gold depositoryFederal reserve bankManhattan13Why did the state of Indiana ban Robin Hood in 1953Communist rob rich14Angelo Scicilano better know as whoCharles Atlas15How did George II dieFell off toilet16What did Marlon Brando and George C Scott refuseOscars17Why was convict 2599 unusual in Pen State prison 1924Dog doing life for killing cat18What is 6 inches bigger in SummerEiffel tower19What two ingredients make the dish angels on horsebackOysters - wrapped inBacon20What was Charles Dickens last (unfinished) novelMystery of EdwinDrood21Which sea on Earth has no beachesSargasso sea22Reuben Tice died trying to invent a machine to do whatDewrinkle prunes23De Witt Wallace founded whatReaders Digest24Who is the Patron Saint of thievesSt Nicholas25According to his business card what job did Al Capone doSell second handfurniture26Humans are 10,000 times more sexually active that what animalRabbits27Shirley Schrift became famous as which actressShelly Winters28In Kansas what can a waiter not do in a teacup (legally)Serve wine29Which country has the smallest birth rateVatican City30Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemasRock around the clock31Who did the USA buy the Virgin islands fromDenmark32Who played the scarecrow in the Wiz (all black wiz of oz)Michael Jackson33What was or is a Waltzing MathildaSwagman s Knapsack34Which country was the first to introduce old age pensionsGermany35Which hats became popular with children in 1956Davy Crocket36Malden Serkiovitch famous as which actorKarl Malden37What is it illegal to pawn in New YorkAmerican flag38What hospital did Dr Kildare work atBlaire General39Collective nouns - a smuck of whatJellyfish40Who was Cleopatra's first husbandPtolemy Dionysus her brother41Who was John Dawkins better known asArtful Dodger42Which film star has his statue in Leicester SquareCharlie Chaplin43Virginia McMath became famous as which actressGinger Rodgers44What is the name of Captain Ahab's shipPeaquod45Roosevelt won the 1932 election - who lost itHerbert Hoover46Who wrote The History of Mr PollyH G Wells47What is the first day of LentAsh Wednesday48Mr Chips said goodbye - from which fictional schoolBrookfield49Who buried the treasure on Treasure IslandCaptain Flint50Which TV series was narrated by Walter WinchellThe UntouchablesPage 810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 4Answers51In which country was AuschwitzPoland52What was the first British instrumental to top the USA chartsTelstar by TheTornados53On which national flag is there an eagle and a snakeMexico54What group of animals would be in a clowderCats55What is a Sam BrowneMilitary belt56What is the chemical symbol for tungstenW57Who are the two most translated English writersShakespeare AgathaChristie58Citius Altius Fortius is the motto of what organisationOlympic59What is the main ingredient of sauce LyonnaiseOnions60Who played Miss Marple in 6 films (both names)Margaret Rutherford61From what language does the word alphabet comeGreek -alpha beta62In the nursery rhyme what is Fridays childLoving and Giving63What was the first film made in cinemascopeThe robe64Where was the battle of Hastings foughtSenlac hill65A pearmain is what type of fruitApple66What colour is the bull on an archery targetGold67What was the Rolling Stones first no 1 hitIts all over now68Name both rival gangs in West Side StorySharks Jets69In golf what do the Americans call an albatrossDouble Eagle70Which classical composer wrote the Hungarian RhapsodyFranz Liszt71When is St Swithens day15th July72What are ceps morels and chantrellesMushrooms73Which part of his body did Charlie Chaplin insureFeet74In golf what would you put in your shag bag Practice Balls75A bind is a group of what type of fishSalmon76Which author created Fu Manchu Sax Rohmer77Mrs Darell Waters (translated 128 languages) pen nameEdith Blyton78Who played the pawnbroker in the film of that nameRod Stiger79What was the first manufactured item to be sold on Hire PurchaseSinger sewingmachine in 1850s80Which letters denote Jesus Nazareth King of the JewsINRI81In France if you were served le miel what would you eatHoney82The Greek for circle of animals gives it name to whatZodiac83Who was the Roman god of agricultureSaturn84What is ikebanaFlower arranging85What nationality was Morse inventor of the famous codeAmerican86Goa used to be a colony of which nationPortugal87What does a galactophagist drinkMilk88What did God create on the fifth day (both)Sea creatures andbirds89Where was Bob Dylan bornDuluth Minnesota90In the 18th century what would a pencil beBrush91Agrippa poisoned her husband/uncle who was heClaudius92Who was the mother of Castor and PolluxHelen of Troy93What are the snaffle Pelham and WeymouthHorse bits94Walter Koenig played which part in the Star Trek seriesEnsign Chekov95Who had a hit with Devil WomanCliff Richard96What were the first false teeth made fromIvory97The jealous Athena turned who into a spiderArachne98What was the first Carry On filmCarry on Sergeant99Who was the female lead in The ShootistLauren Bacall100What is a dzoCow Yak crossPage 910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 5Answers1Hypermetropic people are whatLong Sighted2Which leader lives in the PotolaDalai Lama3What wood was the cross supposed to be made ofMistletoe4Joseph Levitch became famous as whoJerry Lewis5If you planted a bandarilla what are you doingBullfighting6What was the first Pink Floyd albumPiper at the gates ofdawn7in which city was the first public opera house openedVenice8In what Elvis film did he play a double roleKissing Cousins9The Aphrodite of Melos has a more famous name - whatVenus de Milo10Which country invented the concentration campBritain - Boer war11John Huston scored a hit with his first film - what?Maltese falcon12Stan laurel, Mickey Rooney, Lana Turner what in common8 marriages13What real person has been played most often in filmsNapoleon Bonaparte14Scotopic people can do whatSee in the dark15What is the most critical thing keeping bananas fresh transportTemperature notbelow 13 C 55F16What is the name of the Paris stock exchangeBourse17Whose music featured in The Clockwork OrangeBeethoven18What was the Troggs most famous hitWild Thing19In Japan what colour car is reserved for the royal family onlyMaroon20What city has Kogoshima as its airportTokyo21What was gangsters George Nelsons nicknameBaby Face22Whose first wife was actress Jayne WymanRonald Regan23In MASH what is Radars favourite drinkGrape Knee High24What do you give on the third wedding anniversaryLeather25What is a baby whale calledCalf26In which film did the Rolls Royce have the number plate AU1Goldfinger27Vladamere Ashkenazy plays what musical instrumentPiano28With which organ does a snake hearTongue29On what is the Mona Lisa paintedWood30What is the second most common international crimeArt theft31Count de Grisly was the first to perform what trick in 1799Saw woman in half32Who wrote Les MiserableVictor Hugo33Which bird turns it head upside down to eatFlamingo34The colossus of Rhodes was a statue of whoApollo35Who rode a horse called BucephalusAlexander the Great36To which London club did Mycroft Holmes belongDiogones37What did William Addis invent in prison Toothbrush38What is the only duty of police Gracthenvissers in AmsterdamMotorists in canals39Kleenex tissues were originally intended as what in 1915WW1 Gas maskfilters40Who invented popcornAmerican Indians41What is the colour of mourning in TurkeyViolet42For what is spirits of salt another nameHydrochloric acid43Which game is played on an oval with 18 player per teamAustralian football44In the Winnie the Pooh stories what is Kanga s baby calledRoo45Which actor is common to Magnificent 7 and Dirty DozenCharles Bronson46Who saved Andromeda from the sea monsterPerseus47What flower is the symbol of secrecyRose48What item were originally called HanwaysUmbrellas49What is Brussels best known statueThe Mannequin Pis50in which language does God Jul mean happy XmasSwedishPage 1010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 5Answers51Which flying pioneer was nicknamed the lone eagleCharles Lindbergh52Horse statue - mounted man - on two legs - how man dieKilled in Battle53Which American state produces the most potatoesIdaho54Who wrote Dr ZhivagoBoris Pasternak55Who is Charlie Browns favourite baseball player (fictional)Joe Shlabotnik56Emerald is the birth stone for which monthMay57Whose yacht was called Honey Fitz John FitzgeraldKennedy58What is the white trail behind a jet plane made fromIce Crystals59What Italian habit did Thomas Coyrat introduce to England 1608Eating with forks60Purl Plain Fisherman's Cable types of whatKnitting stitches61Why was Mary Mallen locked up from 1915 to 1938Typhoid Mary62If you were doing vaccimulgence what doingMilking a cow63For what purpose was the chow chow dog originally bredAs food or Chow64What kind of fruit is a kumquatSmall Orange65Who was the Greek goddess of loveAphrodite66What first appeared in New York World 21st December 1913Crossword67Which group of animals are called a ceteBadgers68Which herb did the Romans eat top prevent drunkennessParsley69What is the original literal meaning of the word brideTo cook (ancienttutonic)70Who ran the first marathonPhidipedes71What is the only creature that can turn its stomach inside outStarfish72What is Milan's opera house calledLa Scala73What is the oldest most widely used drug on earthAlcohol74What type of animal is a SamoyedDog75In which country did draughts (checkers) originateEgypt76Shane Fenton became famous as whoAlvin Stardust77What is the worlds most popular green vegetableLettuce78What does a racoon do before eating its foodWashes it in water79What other name is used for the snow leopardOunce80Which drink did Bach enjoy so much he wrote a cantata for itCoffee81Who invented the first safety razor in 1895King Camp Gillette82What nationality is Thor HeyerdahlNorwegian83What 3 ingredients make a sidecar cocktailBrandy CointreauLemon juice84A spunder or drift is the name for a group of what animalsSwine85What is ErseIrish Gaelic language86On oometer measures whatBirds Eggs87What did table tennis balls used to be made fromCork88If you had variola what disease have you gotSmallpox89Which playing card is called the Curse of ScotlandNine of Diamonds90Which painter did Hans van Meegeren most fakeVermeer91Which country had the first women MPs 19 in 1907Finland92In 1969 what category was added to the Nobel prizesEconomics93In which city was Bob Hope bornLondon (Eltham)94In the human body where is your occiputBack of head95Who wrote the Star Spangled BannerFrancis Scott-key96Which food did Victorians deride as little bags of mysterySausages97Which actor was dubbed the muscles from BrusselsJean Claude Van Dam98Which film star was the first to appear on a postage stampGrace Kelly99What would you expect to find in a binnacleShips compass100Which Hollywood star has made the cover of Life most timesElizabeth Taylor (11)Page 1110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 6Answers1Which Mediterranean countries orchestra is bigger than its armyMonaco2What links stags tails, pickled worms, gallstones, tomatoesOnce thought to beAphrodisiacs3Baked beans were originally served in what sauceTreacle - molasses4Where can you buy a copy of Penguin NewsFalkland Islands5Who was the hero of the old TV cop series DragnetSergeant Joe Friday6Which African country was founded by AmericansLiberia7What was Britain called - before it was BritainAlbion8What part of a frog do you rub to hypnotise itIts belly9How did multi millionaire Russell Sage save moneyNot wear underwear10How was USA president James Buchanan different from all restBatchelor maybe gay11What's involved in 20% of car accidents in SwedenA moose12What's unusual about evangelist Amy Semple McPhersons coffinContains Telephone13Who would use a swozzlePunch and Judy man14What does a tailor do with his plonkerPress suits15Churches in Malta have two whatClocks right andwrong confuse devil16Marnie Nixon what Deborah Kerr Natilie Wood Audrey HepburnDubbed in theirsinging voices17Which Italian tractor maker tried making cars in 1960sFerruchioLamborghini18What first appeared on Page 1 of the Times 3 May 1966News stories19Caruso put what in Nellie Melbas hand singing tiny hand frozenHot Sausage20What would you do with an Edzell blueEat it - it s a potato21In what month did the Russian October revolution take placeNovember22Nobody's perfect is the last line in which classic comedy filmSome Like it Hot23How did Buffalo Bill stick to one glass whisky a dayQuart glass24In 1760 what means of personal transport was inventedRoller Skates25What three counties were Eliza Dolittle taught to pronounceHertford HerefordHampshire26In Hitchcock's film The Trouble with Harry - what was the troubleHe was dead27What was the first gramophone record made fromTinfoil28What did George Washington soak his wooden teeth in for tastePort29George V1 Mozart Al Jolson Casanova - which organisationFreemasons30Who said "Its so long since sex I forget who gets tied up"Joan Rivers31St Appolonia Patron Saint of what Toothache32What is measured on the Gay-Lussac scaleAlcohol strength33A squid found in New Zealand had the biggest what ever seenEye inches34What was the first country to guarantee freedom of worshipTransylvania35which famous person invented the cat flapIsaac Newton36By law what can you not do in Minnesota with your washing linePut male femalewashing together37Why do Tibetans grow long nails on little fingersTo pick nosesefficiently38Richard Penniman became famous as whoLittle Richard39What is a snoodA kind of hairnet40Who said "men are creatures with two legs and 8 hands"Jayne Mansfield41Which European country eats the most breakfast cerealBritain42Philosopher Jeremy Bentham has a very unusual pet - whatTea Pot43What country did Italy invade in 1935Abyssinia - Ethiopia44Who sang the title song in the film GreaseFrankie Valli45What is produced in a ginneryCotton46What was made illegal in England in 1439Kissing47What was invented by Dr Albert Southwick in 1881Electric chair48In which country are you most likely to die from a scorpion stingMexico (1000 a year)49Who is the most filmed authorShakespeare over 30050Excluding religious works what is the worlds top selling bookGuinness Book ofRecordsPage 1210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 6Answers51Who sold the most albums on a single dayElvis 20 million dayafter death52What was the last item shown on British TV before WW2Mickey Mouse53What countries people had the longest life expectationIceland54Who said "I like Beethoven especially the poems"Ringo Starr55What does the entire economy of the island of Nauru depend onBird shit - Guanofertiliser56John Glen first USA to orbit earth was in which serviceUS Marine Corps57Oedipus was named after what - literal translationSwollen feet58What fish can hold objects in its tailSea Horse59Who is the most filmed comic strip characterZorro60Whose version of A View to a Kill reached 1 in USA 2 in UKDuran Duran61Which country grows the most potatoesRussia62What does a drosomoter measureDew63Which English Kings armour has the biggest codpieceHenry 864Which country was the first to abolish capitol punishment 1826Russia Czar Nicholas- Siberia instead65In law what is a co-parcenerJoint Heir66Which pop group had a hit with Silence is GoldenTremaloes67Greek mathematician cylinder enclosed sphere carved on graveArchimedes68What does a psephologist studyVoting - Elections69Where would you find line of Mars - Girdle of VenusPalm - lines inPalmistry70British call this bird species tits - what do Americans call themChickadees71Which country owns the Hen and Chicken islandsNorth island NewZealand72Who created the TV series - The man from UNCLEIan Fleming73Which film director described actors as cattleAlfred Hitchcock74Shirley Bassey sang three Bond themes - which 3 filmsGoldfinger,Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker75Barring rain - in which athletics event would you get wetSteeplechase76What colour is the flesh of the Charentais melonOrange77Who appeared on the first US postage stamps (both names)Washington - Franklin78Who was the first person elected to US swimming hall fameJohnny Weismuller79The guillotine was invented for chopping off whatHands80Which country invented the bedspringsGreeks81Whets the difference between fog and mistSeeing Distanceunder 1000yd82What did Spanish scientists fit to cows to increase milk yieldFalse Teeth83What people founded cheese making in EnglandRomans84What is the first name of Mr Toad - in Toad of Toad HallThaddeus85Atephobia is a fear of whatImperfection86What are Grapnel, Bruce, Danforth, Plough types of?Anchor87Why did Handel compose The MessiahFor Cash88Red flags flown by French ships - Joli Rouge origin of what nameJolly Rodger89in which country could you spend a KwanzaAngola90John Henry Deutchendorf famous as who (both names)John Denver91Mitre Dovetail Jig and Hack are types of whatSaw92Tracey and Hepburn first film in 1942 was whatWoman of the Year93Antimacassars were fitted to chairs - what is macasserHair oil94Jack Ketch 1663 1686 had what jobHangman95Nekal was the first type of what product (Germany 1917)Detergent96Who was the first Grand Prix driver to used a safety belt in 1967Jackie Stuart97The SF award the Hugo is named after Hugo who?Gernsbeck98Maurice Micklewhite became famous as whoMichael Caine99What do Ombrophobes fearRain100If you had a Brassica Rapa what vegetable would you haveTurnipPage 1310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 7Answers1Boob Day in Spain is what day in Britain (practical jokes played)April Fools Day 1stApril2What crime did Theresa Vaughn commit 62 times in 5 yearsBigamy - Tried 19223Who sailed in a ship called Queen Ann's RevengeBlackbeard4Saponification is the process that makes what common productSoap5Blue red green yellow four Olympic rings colour what's missingBlack6Detective Philip Marlow smokes what brandCamels7Who landed on Timor Island after being cast adriftCaptain Bligh8What is the more common name of the Chaparral CockThe Road Runner9In what language did St Paul write his epistlesGreek10Ian Fleming's house was called Goldeneye - which countryJamaica11Alfred Schneider became famous as whoLenny Bruce12A C-Curity was the original name of what common objectZip Fastener13Fidelity Bravery Integrity is which organisations mottoFBI14Who was the first black entertainer to win an Emmy awardHarry Bellefonte15Anthony Daniels played who in a series of filmsC-P3O16Of what material was the hairspring made in early watchesPigs Hair17In 1860 Napoleon III banquet - serving dishes dearer gold - whatAluminium18Which author created Dick TracyChester Gould19What is the worlds most widely used vegetableOnion20What are lentiginesFreckles21What type of animal is a vmi-vmiVery small pig22What did Mege-Mouries invent in 1870 winning a Napoleon prizeMargarine23What was Walt Disney's middle nameElias24Who would you expect to find in Castle GondolofoThe Pope25What two items make up the dish devils on horsebackBacon Prunes26What does ludo mean (literally)I Play27The Detours changed to The High Numbers then what nameThe Who28What animal was believed to be a cross camel - leopardGiraffe29An elephant has 400000 what in its trunkMuscles30What colour is ceruleanDeep Blue31Who composed the Air for the G string (init and name)JS Bach32What were Twinkletoes - Lucky Jim (stuffed cats) first to doFly across AtlanticAlcock Brown33What are kreplachJewish ravioli34The pica pica is what common birdMagpie35What male human feature was taxed in Elizabethan timesBeards36Which record company rejected the Beatles as being past itDecca37From which country does spinach originateIran38British policemen have truncheons what is USA equivalentNightstick39In DC comics Linda Lee Danvers is whose alter egoSupergirl40In what country does the cow tree grow - sap looks tastes milkVenezuela41The penny black - worlds first stamp - what was secondTwo penny Blue42Which country produces TokayHungary43Where could you legally flash your dong - then spend itVietnam currency44The Bald Eagle is Americas bird - What is Britain'sRobin45Australian Clement Wragge instituted whatNaming Hurricanes46What does Zip stand for in the American Zip CodeZone ImprovementPlan47What wood is plywood mostly made fromBirch48What is a HummumTurkish bath49In which sport are left handed people banned from playingPolo50What food was invented in a sanatorium in 1890Kellogg corn flakesPage 1410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 7Answers51What is a BellwetherLeader of flock ofsheep52What was Procul Harem's greatest hitWhiter shade of pale53Percy Shaw invented what in 1934Cats eyes54What animal produces its own sun tan lotionHippopotamus55What was a Nuremberg eggPocket watch / clock56What was the name of Isaac Newton's dog - caused fire in labDiamond57Who was eaten by dogs in the Old TestamentJezebel58In literature who is the alter ego of Percy BlakneyScarlet Pimpernel59Juglans Regia is the real name of what type of nut treeWalnut60What album cover (by the Rolling Stones) had a zip on the sideSticky Fingers61What lives in a holtAn Otter62Who is the Patron Saint of dancers and actorsSt Vitas63What is the worlds tallest grassBamboo64Who owned the newspaper in Lou Grant - Nancy MarchandMrs Pyncheron65Who reputedly first said - if in doubt tell the truthMark Twain66John Richie became famous under what nameSid Vicious67In Greek mythology who rowed the dead across the river StyxCharon68Alfred White was a famous author under which nameJames Herriot69Which acid was first prepared from distilled red antsFormic acid70Who invented doctor WhoTerry Nation71What took place on London's serpentine first time 16 June 1930Mixed Bathing72Which European city was the bride of the seaVenice73Who (not Peter Sellers) played Inspector Clouseau in 1968Alan Arkin74Where could you find the Lutine BellLloyds of London75Yabusame is the Japanese version of what sportArchery76Which Dickens novel is considered an autobiographyDavid Copperfield77Dendrologists worship whatTrees78What is the national sport of FinlandMotor Rallying79Who was Agrippa's sonNero80Peter Goldmak invented what in 1948LP record81Milton lost which senseSight82What are camel haired brushes made ofSquirrels tails83How did the Greek dramatist Aeschalys dieEagle dropped tortoiseon head84Playing card - Raymond Shaw trance - Manchurian CandidateQueen Diamonds85Eiffel designed the Eiffel tower - what was his first nameGustave86The Salk vaccine is used against what diseasePolio87If you are born between June 23rd and July 23rd what star signCancer88An alloy of Iron - Chromium and Nickel makes whatStainless Steel89Who said "Public service is my motto"Al Capone90Drakes Golden Hind was originally called whatThe Pelican91In what film did Elvis play a Red IndianStay away Joe92What did the Victorians call servant regulatorsAlarm Clocks93Which country first used the fountain penEgypt94What is the more popular name for the Londonderry AirDanny Boy95Freyr was the Norse god of whatFertility96TAP is the national airline of which countryPortugal97In which country is the port of Frey BentosUruguay98The Koh-i-Nor is a famous diamond - what does the name meanMountain of Light99A nilometer measures the rise and fall of whatRivers (originallyNile)100What was Britain's first colony (annexed in 1583)NewfoundlandPage 1510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 8Answers1Joseph Lister - first operation antiseptic - 1867 on whoHis sister2What was Black Beauties original nameDarkie3Who was the original Peeping Tom looking atLady Godiva4What element is present in all organic compoundsCarbon5What was Professor Moriarties first nameJames6Who was known as the Little Brown SaintGhandi7Who rode a horse called MorengoNapoleon at Waterloo8A skulk is a group of which animalsFoxes9Who defended World heavyweight title twice on same night in 1906Tommy Burns both1st KOs10What part of an aircraft is the empennageTail Unit11We know who wrote Little Women but who wrote Little MenLousia May Alcott12Who was the Goddess of the rainbowIris13In European city can you be jailed for not killing furry caterpillarsBrussels14Who was Olive Oyls boyfriend - before PopeyeHam Gravy15Sienna law forbids women of what name from prostitutionMaria16What do the letters MG stand for on carsMorris Garages17Who was the first actor to appear on cover of Time magazineCharlie Chaplin18Polyphemus was the leader of which group of mythical giantsCyclops19What does a pluviomoter measureRainfall20Which game was illegal in Elizabethan EnglandBowls21What nationality was OddjobKorean22What is a KnoutRussian flogging whip23What language has the most wordsEnglish24Which film star used to be a circus acrobatBurt Lancaster25The comma bacillus causes what diseaseCholera26Which country invented Venetian BlindsJapan27What is a quadrigaRoman 4 horse chariot28What is a brickfielderHot SE Aussie wind29Pupik means belly button in what languageYiddish30What is the main ingredient in BorschBeetroot31What was the name of Dr Dolittle s ParrotPolynesia32What was the name of William Tells son (the apple head boy)Walter33Laika was the first ever dog to do whatGo into space34Where could you spend a MarkkaFinland35What links a bick, throat, half swage, punching holeAnvil they are parts ofit36The Fagus is the Latin name of what type of treeBeech37If you have Chlorosis what colour does the skin goGreen38The French say Bis - what word do the English useEncore39Of what are Karakul, Texel, Romney Marsh typesSheep40What is biltongDried meat41What type of fish is Scomber ScombrusMackerel42What are brick, fontina, port salut, quargel types ofCheese43In which country did the turnip originateGreece44Tchaikovsky died of which diseaseCholera45Sam Barraclough owned which film starLassie46Which animals can live longest without waterRats47Captain Hanson Gregory Crockett created what void in 1847Hole in Doughnuts48Kaka means parrot in which languageMaori49Who wrote A Town Like AliceNevil Shute50Which fruit contains the most proteinAvocadoPage 1610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 8Answers51Ignatius Loyola founded which organisation Jesuits52Which 16th century Italian wrote The PrinceMachiavelli53A meander bend in a river, named from river meander - whereTurkey54Who tells the story in The Arabian NightsSheherazade55Alfred Jingle appears in which Dickens novelThe Pickwick Papers56Vaselina and Brillantino were alternate names which filmGrease57Chaplin ate a boot in the Gold Rush - what was it made ofLiquorice58Phoebe Anne Mozee better known as whoAnnie Oakley59What is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabetKappa60If you were misocapnic what do you hateTobacco Smoke61In sailing ship days who often acted as the ships doctorCook62An isoneph on a map joins places of equal whatAverage Cloud Cover63Bumper Harris - wooden leg - what Job on London UndergroundRide new escalators 64Who is Ivanhoe's wifeRowena65The Lent Lilly has a more common name - whatDaffodil66What would you be if you were a coryph eBallet Dancer67Whose last words were - "Clito I owe a cock to Asclepius"Socrates68What does the German word Panzer literally meanArmour69What is Frances longest riverLoire70In which month is the Munich beer festival heldOctober71What was the name of Norse God Thor's hammerMjolnir72Who ordered John the Baptists executionKing Herod73What was Walt Disney's first cartoon characterOswald the Rabbit74What medication discovered in 1928 but introduced 1940Penicillin75Who wrote Beau GesteP C Wren76Prophesied the Chalus the Greek - Die on day - did of whatLaughing cos he wasnot dead77Who is Aladdin's fatherMustapha the tailor78What American state is the Badger stateWisconsin79Why was Fred Lorz disqualified 1904 Olympic marathonHitched a lift passingcar80In China what colour does the bride traditionally wearRed81A muster is a group of which birdsPeacocks82Bohea is a type of whatTea83In which country were antibiotics first usedEgypt - used mouldybread84Which country grew the first OrangeChina85Gossima was the original name of what gameTable Tennis86Wild marjoram is also known as whatOregano87What was the name of Roses monkey in FriendsMarcel88Horse brasses - on dreyhorses - originally what purposeCharms - ward off evil89Alfred Hitchcock admitted to being terrified of whatPoliceman90What was the name of Sancho Panza's donkeyDapple91What is SteganographyInvisible ink writing92An Albert chain is usually attached to whatWatch93An unkindness is a group of what birdsRavens94A fellmonger deals in what itemsAnimal skins95What colour habit do Franciscan monks wearGrey96Nenen-Kona is sold in Russia - what do we call itPepsi-Cola97Hugh Lofting created which famous characterDoctor Dolittle98What was the name of Russian bear mascot 1980 OlympicsMischa99What ingredient must French ice cream contain by lawEggs100A kindle is the name for a group of what young animalsKittensPage 1710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 9Answers1What is the commonest symbol on flags of the worldStar2Which country is alphabetically lastZimbabwe3Smiths Bon-Bons changed their name to what after 1840Christmas Crackers4Minerva is the Goddess of whatWisdom5What type of animal is a jennetSmall Spanish horse6If you were crapulous what would you beDrunk7Where would you WedelSki slope8What is the correct name for a baby otterKitten9What colour is the gemstone peridotGreen10Sanskrit is an old language - what does the word meanPut together Perfected11In which country do they play houlani - type of hockeyTurkey12What does the name Tabitha meanGazelle13With what is spangy playedMarbles14Where did Spam get its nameSpiced Ham15The Pogues took their name from Pogue Mahone - what meanKiss my arse16What comes after the year of the snake - Chinese calendarHorse17Mosi-oa-Tunya - Smoke that Thunders - what natural featureVictoria falls18One person every 6 seconds dies from whatContaminated water diseases19Approximately 40 million of what are consumed each yearBananas20What is the worlds largest rodentCapybara21Which winter game is known as the roaring gameCurling22The first known what happened in Wisconsin 1878Organised motor race23Which 2 countries will host the 2002 Soccer World Cup finalsJapan - South Korea24In 1935 Charlton C McGee invented what in the USAParking Meter25Which French philosopher created analytical geometryRene Decartes26The length of what is approximately 1/10th circumference of earthGreat wall of China27What was the world's first computer bug in 1946A moth28What does a polythesistic person believe inMany Gods29Who founded the Greek theatreThespis30Maria Magdelana Von Losch Beyyer know as whoMarlene Dietrich31If you suffered from tantartism what would you be doingDancing Mania32Which literary prize started in 1968Booker McConnell33What links Fitzroy, Essenden, Collingswood and CarltonAussie rules footballteams34What countries people spend most private money on recreationTaiwan's35What links The Reivers, Grapes of Wrath, Humboldt s GiftPulitzer Prize winners36USA has most airports which country has second mostAustralia37In 1829 Walter Hunt invented what common itemSafety Pin38Fredrick Sanger discovered which medical life saverInsulin39Who invented punched cards used in early computing 1880sHerman Hollerith40Why did Roselin Franklin (pre discovered dna helix) no NobelShe was dead41What is a Dwarf GobyWorlds smallest truefish42What types can be saddle, plane or pivotalBody Joints431500 paces was what Roman measurementLeague44Denis Gabor of Hungary 1971 Nobel prize for what inventionHolograms45Who gave the UN the land in NY to build their HQJohn D Rockerfeller46In 1779 Abraham Darby built the worlds first whatMetal Bridge47What is the worlds oldest monotheistic religionJudaism48An aubade or alborda is a song - but what typeMourning49What sport links Castle Cup, Red Stripe Cup, Ranji TrophyCricket50What countries leader does not have an official residenceCubaPage 1810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 9Answers51Which writer coined the word Cyberspace in 1984William Gibson Neuromancer52Demeter was the Greek god of what (Ceres Roman)Harvest53What film won the 1943 Oscar as best filmCasablanca54What do ungulate animals alone haveHooves55Dr Ludwig L Zamenhof invented what 1887 PolandEsperanto56Who wrote The Picture of Dorian Grey in 1891Oscar Wilde57Who composed The Planets suit (both names)Gustav Holst58What links Doric, Ionic, Tuscan, Corinthian and CompositeClassical Architecture59What is phonetic alphabet word for UUniform60Why were women barred from original Olympic GamesMale entries nude61In which USA state is Churchill Downs racetrackLouisville Kentucky62In 1867 Lucian B Smith invented what restraintBarbed Wire63In 1961 which Henry Mancini record won Grammy record of yearMoon River64What links Willie Brant, Lech Walesa, Yasser ArafatNobel Peace Prize65Which countries government spends most in social security %Uruguay66Archaeopteryx was the first whatBird67In 1810 in England Peter Durand invented whatTin can (food)68Who was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 (turned down)Albert Einstein69What is the oldest known infectious diseaseLeprosy70A JPEG is a picture file format - what does JPEG stand forJoint PhotographicExperts Group71What is the worlds largest sea (in area)South China72Which islands wildlife is 90% uniqueMadagascar73What are truffles - highly prized as foodFungi74Which Game is Played 15 a side and scores 3 or 1 pointsGaelic Football75What was invented in 1855 45 years later than it was neededCan Opener76What links Sissinnius, Zosimus, Liberius, Sergius V1,Victor IIPopes77What is the world largest seedCoco-de-mare palm double coconut78Bristlemouths are the worlds most common whatFish79What swims at 1/8 inch an hourSperm80Trypanophobia is fear of whatInoculations Injections81Chogori is better know by what boring nameK282Colonel Jacob Schick invented what in 1928 in USAElectric Razor83What links Duke Wellington, Earl Derby, Marquis Salisbury UK Prime Ministers84In 1996 which Celine Dion album Grammy album of yearFalling into You85What weight is the lightest in Amateur BoxingLight Flyweight86Which country has the worlds biggest (on land) National ParkCanada WoodBuffalo 17300s ml87What language speakers were shot Russia and Germany 1930sEsperanto88Ronald Ross campaigned for the destruction of whatMosquitoes - stopmalaria89Who won two Nobel prizes in different fieldsMarie Curie Physics1903 Chemistry 191190Name 3rd cent BC Greek mathematician wrote The ElementsEuclid91Evidence of what alternative treatment found in 5300 mummyAcupuncture92North Fork Roe River - worlds shortest - which US stateMontana93In 1879 James Ritty invented whatCash Register94Who wrote the novel Tom Jones in 1749Henry Fielding95What links Millionaires, Metropolitans, Black Hawks, Silver sevenStanley Cup winnersIce Hockey96What country - largest earthquake of 20th cent Richter 1906 Colombia97The okapi belongs to what family of animalsGiraffe98Dimitri Mendeleyev is credited with the discover of whatPeriodic Table99What feature of a triangle makes it scaleneDifferent side lengths100Taphophobia is fear of whatBuried AlivePage 1910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 10Answers1In the Chinese New Year what year follows RatOx2Genuphobia is the fear of whatKnees3Percy LeBaron Spencer invented what in 1945 in USAMicrowave Oven4St Peter was the first Pope - Who was secondSt Linus5What 1945 film won best picture, actor, director OscarsThe Lost Weekend6What is the literal translation of pot-pouriPutrid Pot7Who did James Bond marry - character - (both names)Theresa Draco8What is studied in the science of somatologyThe Body9What was Hugh Hefner's jet plane calledBig Bunny10What profession did Handel originally studyThe Law11What European nation was the first to drink teaThe Dutch12Beaufort - the wind scale man - had what jobSailor (Admiral)13What bird is the symbol of Penguin books (children's section)Puffin14Diane Leather was the first woman to do whatSub 5 minute mile15What is Admiral Sir Miles Messervy usually known asM (Bond films)16Which part of the body is most sensitive to radiationThe Blood17What film made 58 times - cartoon, porrno, operatic, balletCinderella18Mr Chips said goodbye from Brookfield school - What subjectLatin19In which American city can you get doctorate in hambugerologyHamburger College Chicago20Which author created The Saint (both names)Leslie Charteris21What is sericultureGrowing Silkworms22What was Edison s first practical inventionTick a Tape forstockmarket23Frigophobia fear of whatBeing Cold24Which company invented the transistor radio in 1952Sony25Who is the only solo performer to win Euro song twiceJohnny Logan 1980 198726Franz Liszt was the farther in law of what composerRichard Wagner27In what town was Leonardo Da Vinci bornVinci28Who directed the Halloween series of filmsJohn Carpenter29What metal impurity makes rubies red and emeralds greenChromium30Helen Mitchell became famous as what sopranoNellie Melba31Robert Whithead invented what weapon in 1866Torpedo32Zymase and Glucose combine to form what drugAlcohol33Translated literally what does television meanFar Seeing34Not as soups what have gazpacho - vichyssoise in commonServed Cold35Who was the Greek goddess of retributionNemesis3647 people worked on a committee to produce what workAuthorised version ofBible37What book was made into the first feature length British cartoonAnimal Farm in 195438Who first said "Publish and be Damned"Wellington re HarriotWilson mistress39Edwin Drake sank the first of them in 1859 - what were theyOil Wells40Calico cloth was invented in which countryIndia41What is dittologyDouble meaning42Who played Pink in the movie The WallBob Geldorf43Rhabdophobia fear of whatBeing Beaten44Dr C W Long was the first to use what (anaesthetic) in 1842Ether45Hey Big Spender comes from what musicalSweet Charity46Jamie Farr played what role in MASHCorporal Clinger47Whets the correct name for golf club called Texas WedgePutter48Whose nickname was slowhand (both names)Eric Clapton49Which country invented the mariners compassChina50What countries international car registration letters are DZAlgeriaPage 2010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 10Answers51The name Malissa means whatBee52What was AcadiaNova Scotia (FrenchName)53Dragoon, Antwerp, Poulter, Tumbler, Horseman types of whatPigeon54What was the first frozen food available in Britain in 1937Asparagus55If you suffer from cynanthropy what do you think you areDog56What is the phonetic alphabet word for letter PPapa57What is a runcible spoonA broad Pickle fork58The artist Abbott Thayer's developed what for military useCamouflage colours59What did Francis Bacon call The Purest of PleasuresThe Garden60What is the largest single known gold object in the worldTutankhamens Coffin61 Madame Pauline de Vere first female circus performer - do whatHead in Lions Mouth62How was Alexander the Greats body preservedIn large jar of honey63Californian law no shooting any animal - moving car except whatWhale64Peter Falk plays Lt Colombo but who was first offered roleBing Crosby65What type of birds (Hugin + Munin) sit on the shoulders of OdinRavens66Where are you most likely to have a serious accidentIn your home67Melvin R Bissell invented what in 1876 in the USACarpet Sweeper68Peniaphobia fear of whatBeing Penniless69About which game has most books been writtenChess70Albert De Salvo was better known as whoThe Boston Strangler71What was the last European nation to accept the potatoFrance72Students at Cambridge - no dogs - what Lord Byron keepBear73King Mongut had aprox 9000 wife's/concubines what countrySiam - Thailand74Only approx one third worlds population uses what regularlyFork75William Tayton was the first man to do whatAppear on TV atBairds demo76Clemintina Campbell famous as whoCleo Lane77What should you give after 15 years of marriageCrystal78What is a CharollaisType of Cattle79What place is called Rapa-nui by its native inhabitantsEaster Island80Where was/is the original PenthouseIn a Real Tennis Court81What pop group took their name from a Herman Hess novelSteppenwolff82How often does a Hebdomadal Council meetWeekly83What was unusual about Tyrell's car in the 1976 Spanish G PrixSix Wheels84In what country is the Eucumbene DamAustralia New SWales85Males outnumber females by 5 to 1 in what addictionAlcoholism86For what would an Edgar be awarded or wonMystery Writing87What are salopettesSnow proof Dungareetrousers88Which society cared - plague victims when physicians left 1665Apothecaries89Domenikos Theotocopoulos born Crete - died Spain - whoEl Greco90What nation on average takes most time to eat mealsFrench91Dr F Lanchester invented what motor safety aid in 1902Disc Brakes92Halophobia fear of whatSpeaking93Arthur Jefferson better known as whoStan Laurel94Why is the city La Paz in Bolivia safe from fireTo high - Not enoughair to burn95What is the national drink of YugoslaviaSlivovitz96Agnes the girls name means whatChaste97What were the wicks in the Vestal Virgins lamps made fromAsbestos98Who is the Patron Saint of FranceSt Denis99What are you supposed to give/get for 40 years of marriageRuby100What is the Roman Numeral for 1000MPage 2110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 11Answers1What fashion did General Ambrose Burnside start in Civil WarSideburns2In what village do Tom Sawer and Huckleberry Finn liveSt Petersburg3What Opera's story is about a female cigar factory workerCarmen4E is the international car registration plate for which countrySpain (Espania)5USA has most roads what country has second mostIndia6In the Chinese calendar what year follows MonkeyChicken7What river flows through 8 countries and four capitolsDanube8What does the word Desert (from Latin desertus) translate asAbandoned9In 1848 The London Daily News carried the worlds fist whatWeather report / forecast10What is a KakapooNocturnal NewZealand Parrot11Part of the human body can expand 20 times its normal sizeStomach litres to5 litres12In the 1920s Dr Ida Rolf developed Rolfing as what alt therapyDeep Massage13Which dinosaurs name translated as speedy predatorVelociraptor14Price one kilo went from $63 to $260 in 1976 when sale illegalIvory15The island of Yap has the worlds largest whatCoins up to 12 feetacross16Which tennis player was sued by his fan clubJimmy Connors17What animal - faster horse - longer no h20 camel - see behindGiraffe18What is a chemically castrated cock calledCapon19Nessus killed Hercules - What was NessusCentaur20Eva Shain was the first woman to do whatJudge pro heavyboxing Match21Ben Franklin invented it - Britain tried it in 1916 - WhatDaylight saving Time22In which country is Mount Aspiring National ParkNew Zealand (South Island)23Alfred Wallace coined which phrase - Wrongly given to DarwinSurvival of the Fittest24Who won the first Nobel prize for Physics in 1901 - gave awayWilhelm Roentgen25What countries days include Fire day, Water day and wood day Japan Tue Wed Thu26What city has the longest metro systemLondon27Yoga (the meditation) is a Sanskrit word meaning whatUnion28What was invented 1903 - patented 1906 G C BeilderPhotocopier29Which SF author invented the idea of the com SatelliteArthur C Clark30What country consumes the most coal each yearChina31What was Hebe the goddess ofYouth32What are a Galliard, Sarabande, Morisca and CourenteDance Types33Who composed the overture Hebrides (Fingals cave) two namesFelix Mendelssohn34Tanjong Panger Container Terminal where worlds largest con port Singapore35What would an anemometer measureWind Speed36In Britain pool and snooker players call it side - what USA nameEnglish37What form modern sculpture invented Calder named DechampThe Mobile38What book featured Topsy who growedUncle Toms Cabin HB Stowe39Where - accident 1953 - motor sport killed 83 spectatorsLe Mans40James Outram invented whatTramways41If you were eating calemare - what are you snacking onSquid42Which women injured riding, eloped with a poet, dog called FlashElizabeth BarretBrowning43The Bermuda Bowl is world championship in which gameBridge44ROK international car registrations which countryKorea45USA has most cars what country has second mostJapan46All Sikhs must possess five things - one is a Kangha - what is itComb47What colour graded slope do expert skiers useBlack48Randy Newman said short people don t have whatReason to Live49To which gentleman's club did Phineas Fogg belongThe Reform50What s the only alt therapy fully recognised Western medicineOsteopathyPage 2210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 11Answers51Over 90% of the worlds total population of what gone since 1970Rhinoceros521804 J M Jacquard invented first programmable device - whatLoom (programmedpunch cards)53Sobek was an Egyptian god - in what form is he seenCrocodile54The Amati family were famous for making whatViolins55Oliver was fed gruel - its made from water and whatOatmeal56Arnold Cream was a famous (early) boxer - whoJersey Jo Walcott57Bunyon wrote Pilgrims Progress - whereBedford Jail58Who did Mork call to each week on OrkOrsen59What composer boasted "I could set a laundry list to music"Rossini60What dinosaurs name translates as three hornedTriceratops61Nacre is more commonly known as whatMother of Pearl62In the 18th century Siberia used solid blocks of what as moneyTea63In fable who pulled the thorn from the lions paw - not eatenAndrocles64Thomas Chippendale mostly worked in what woodMahogany65The USA has the most railtrack - what country secondCanada66What device did Henry Doherty patent in 1972Pooper Scooper67Earl D Biggers created which oriental detective (both names)Charlie Chan68Whose backing group was The CoconutsKing Creole69What does soviet meanWorkers Council70What is a smewA type of wild duck71Aleksei Leanov was the first to do whatSpace walk72What is the name of Moses and Aaron's sisterMiriam73The American Triple Crown - Belmont st Kentucky Derby and?Preakness Stakes74John Gore, Edward Saunders pioneered what org in AustraliaSalvation Army75What dog in ancient China was restricted to the aristocracyPekinese76Which actor wrote the book The Outlaw TrailRobert Redford77What was pirate Captain Flint's ship calledWalrus78Bartommelo Christofori invented whatPiano79What is a zigguratMesopotainianTemple tower80Daisy Hawkins original name of which Beatles hit songEleanor Rigby81Name Captain Nemo's pet sealEsmeralda82Rouget de Lisle did what to make him famousComposedMarseillaise83The Caspian Java Bali what became extinct in 19th CenturyTigers84Whose magazine is called The WatchtowerJehovah Witnesses85What does a manometer measureGas pressure86Why did the USA govt open Lincolns coffin in 1887 and 1901Check body still there87You'll Never Walk Alone came from which 1945 musical showCarousel88Which Greek philosopher wrote The Republic and The LawsPlato89EAU international car registration plate which countryUganda90Iolanda Balas - Romania - won 150 consecutive events - whatHigh Jump 1956 - 6791What county has the largest army in the worldChina92In which city is the worlds oldest museum - Ashmolian 1679Oxford93Which American state has the motto Esto Perpetua - its foreverIdaho (Gem State)94What is the correct name for The Laughing JackassKookaburra95Marilyn Munroe was the model for which Disney CharacterTinker Bell96Which insect has the best eyesightDragonfly97The Campbell-Stokes recorder measures what with a glass ballSunshine98Which country are the current Olympic Rugby Champions 1924USA99What did William Young invent in 1800Different shoes leftright100Who was La Purcelle of Voltair's poemJoan of ArcPage 2310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 12Answers1Name the actor who played Ben Casey (both Names)Vince Edwards2What links Elvis Presley, Bruce Willis, Richard GereMarried in Las Vegas3What - advertised phrase "Even your best friends wont tell you"Listerine mouth wash4Who wrote Don't count your chickens before they are hatchedAesop - Milkmaid andher Pail5Last Words I am Dying with the help of too many PhysiciansAlexander the Great6Man shall not live by bread alone - Which NT bookMatthew international car registration plate which countryLebanon8Which dinosaurs name translates as double beamDiplodocus9Which SF author wrote The Day it Rained ForeverRay Bradbury10Who said "The die is cast" (on crossing the Rubicon)Julius Caesar11Who composed Peter and the Wolf in 1936 (both names)Sergai Prokofiev12Who painted the Water Lilly Pond in 1899 (both names)Claude Monet13Magazine wrote "Fighting for peace" is like fucking for chastityKnave March 197714In what film was line A mans gotta do what a mans gotta doAlan Ladd Shane15Which famous whore said - God is love but get it in writingGypsy Rose Lee16Jenny Von Westphalen was married to whoKarl Marx17What city is closest to Copacabana beachRio de Janeiro18Who wrote the music for the film ET (both names)John Denver19In Greek legend what was Pygmalion's kingdomCyprus20What was the first penal colony in New South WalesBotany Bay21In Hamlet who is Ophelia's fatherPolonius22Guru Nanak founded which religionSikhism23What was unusual about the Gossamer Albatross aeroplaneMan (pedal) powered24What country is nearest to the North PoleGreenland25If you were in Lou Grants office what city are you inLos Angeles26Who wrote Private Lives - 1930 - Blyth Spirit 1941 (both names)Noel Coward27For which company did Elvis Costello program computersElizabeth Arden28In what Hitchcock film did Shirley MacLaine debut in 1956The trouble withHarry29The original Peeping Tom had what jobTailor30What song is sung the mostHappy Birthday31What city is known as The worlds chocolate capitalHershey Pennsylvania32What is detective Hercules Poirot's brothers nameAchille33To what family does the hippopotamus belongPig34Smith most common USA name what's secondJohnson35Who secretly married Sara Lowndes in November 1965Bob Dylan36The Mbuti tribe in Africa are the worlds whatShortest race37Grace Metalious wrote which famous novel (and TV show)Peyton Place38Who said Old age isn t so bad - considering the alternativeMaurice Chevalier39Who composed the opera Billy Budd in 1951 (both names)Benjamin Britain40What film was a California cinema showing when it went on fireThe Towering Inferno41What phantom ship is said to haunt The Cape of Good HopeThe Flying Dutchman42In which city is the worlds oldest tennis court from 1496Paris43What word appears over 46000 times in the BibleAnd44What food dishes name translates as pepper waterMulligatawny fromIndia45In 1891 what city held the first weightlifting world championshipLondon46In what magazine does Alfred E Newman appearMAD47What amateur Reached Wimbledon Semi final in 1977John McEnroe (aged18)48Who said Politics is the art of the possible 11 Aug 1867Otto Von Bismarck49What advertised phrase Born 1820 still going strongJohnnie Walker50Hugh O'Brian played the lead in what Old Western seriesWyatt EarpPage 2410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 12Answers51What dinosaurs name translates as roof lizardStegosaurus52In which country did Turkeys originateUSA53What is Radar from MASH home townOttumwa - Iowa54In Macbeth what witch speaks firstThe first witch55What fabled monster has a lions head and a serpents tailChimera56CH car international registration plate which countrySwitzerland57Who said - Give us the tools and we will finish the job Feb 1941Winston Churchill58In The Marriage of Figaro - who did Figaro marrySussanah59What state was founded by Mohammed Ali JinnahPakistan60What nationality are the most immigrants to the USAMexican61Who steals the Pink Panther in the original filmThe Phantom 62What is ChallaBread - often plaited63Cher Ami saved the Lost Battalion in 1918 what was itPigeon64Whose girlfriend was Virginia Hill - he killed her B Hills 1947Bugsy Siegel65What is the oldest known alcoholic beverageMead66In 1986 Graceland was the Grammy album of the year who sPaul Simon67Bob Cummings played which character (both names)Maxwell Smart68Complete advertising phrase from 1935 My GoodnessMy Guinness69Who said - "The bigger they come the harder they fall" 1899Bob Fitzsimmons70What is Lolita's surname in Vladimere Nabokovs novelHaze71From what country does the Elkhound originateNorway72An isohel on a map joins place of equal whatSunshine73A Regatta is a boat races - where was the original RegattaVenice74In England what would you buy or get at a Mop FairServants for Hire75Who was the little gentleman in velvet - death William IIIA Mole76From what country does soave wine originally comeItaly77Antipater of Sidon first listed what 2nd Century AD7 Wonders World78What are Limerick, Round Bend, Aberdeen and OctopusFishing Hooks79What fluid ran through the Greek Gods instead of bloodIchor80Who is Oscar, Zoroaster, Phadrig, Isaac, Norman,Henkle,Wizard of OzEmmanual, Ambrose Diggs81The Marie Celeste sailed from which portNew York82In Milton's Paradise Lost what was the lowest point of HellPandemonium (Hellscapitol)83Pat Reid wrote which book - filmed and TV oftenThe Colditz Story84How was William Huskinson killed in 1830 - first everRun over by RailwayTrain85In which country is ZugSwitzerland smallestCanton86Who was captured and kept in a cage by StromboliPinocchio87Which USA record producer played maracas Stones 1st albumPhil Spector88Who was nicknamed The Brocton BomberRocky Marciano89Name the Hotel in Arthur Haley's novel / film of same nameSt Gregory90Frank and Jesse James father had what jobMinister91What was the Grammy album of the year in 1967 (Full name)Beatles SergeantPeppers92McLean Stevenson played which character in MASHColonel Blake93Which company slogan was "We're No 2 We try harder"Avis rent a car94Who said the quickest way of ending a war is to lose itGeorge Orwell955 items a Sikh must have Comb Dagger Hair Metal Bracelet andKnee lengthundershorts 5Ks96Edward Teach became famous as whoBlackbeard the Pirate97To which dog was a statue erected in EdinburghGreyfriers Bobby98What does a Puissance event test in showjumpingHigh Jump wall99Who wrote the music to the film The Odessa FileAndrew LloydWebber100Which Dickens novel features Waxford SquearsNicholas NicklebyPage 2510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 13Answers1What is the national flower of AustraliaThe Wattle Blossom2A nudist is Spain fined 65 - 60 for being nude and 5 for whatHaving no ID papers3Adolf Hitler took nude photos of Ava Brown - What part whyArse - so she notrecognised4What links Sheffield, Edinburgh, RomeBuilt on 7 Hills5What pet did Florence Nightingale carry with herAn Owl (in herpocket)6What did the S stand for in Harry S TrumanNothing7Women 375 - 1 Men 1400 - 1 chance of doing whatLiving to 1008What colour is Octopus bloodBlue9A Rafter is a collection of what creaturesTurkeys10In Maryland it is illegal to maltreat which creatureOyster11What are the worlds smallest trees - (not Bonsai)Dwarf Willows(Greenland) 2 inch12Paul Revere was a silversmith, copper engraver and whatDentist13What fruit did Eve give to Adam in the bibleFig Apple mistranslation14Gavrilo Princip assassinated whoArchduke Ferdinand15What is the only bird that can smellEmus16Apart from man what is New Zealand's only native mammalsBats17Wo Fat was the enemy of which TV detectiveSteve MacGarett18Who entered a contest to find his own look-alike and came 3rdCharlie Chaplin19What colour is worn for funerals in EgyptYellow20What country excludes women from the graveside ritualsChina21An Arab horse has less what than other horsesBones - one vertebraless22An exultation is a group of what animalsLarks23Pertussis has what more common nameWhooping Cough24Which actress was jailed in 1982 for tax evasionSophia Loren25In what country did red onions originateItaly26March 21st to April 20th is what Star signAries27Viscum Album provides an excuse for stealing whatA Kiss (its Mistletoe)28A haboob creates whatSandstorm DesertWind29Felix Salten wrote which Disney cartoonBambi30Nephologists study whatClouds - Meteorology31Speed skating started in which countryNetherlands32What job did Ernest Hemmingway do in WW1Ambulance Driver33Betty Joan Perske is better known as whoLauren Bacall34What was the name of the Roman God of sleepSomnos35Vivaldi the composer had what other professionPriest36What is the name of the four holy books of the HindusThe Vedas37Pat Sullivan created which cartoon characterFelix the Cat38What is the national flower of MexicoDahlia39The Pindus is the main mountain range in what countryGreece40What animal always gives birth to same sex twinsArmadillo41What was the final episode of MASH calledGoodbye Farewell andAmen42Joe Yule jr born 1920 became famous as whoMickey Rooney43In what sport are Triffus, Miller and Rudolf movesTrampolining44Albert Finney turned down which role - Peter O Tool - OscarLaurence of Arabia45Douglas Engelbart invented what - we all use itMouse46Hans Christian Anderson had what job before writingActor47What colour is named after a battle fought in Italy in 1859Magenta48In Scotland what was the tawseTeachers Strap or belt 49Which authors books are most borrowed from librariesCatherine Cookson50What do you add to vegetables to make the dish salmagundiDuck or ChickenPage 2610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 13Answers51What is unusual about the nobody crabTransparent appearsNo Body52Collective nouns - what group af animals are a labourMoles53Durbarry is cream of a vegetable soup - what oneCauliflower54What is the Australian name for a long narrow ox bow lakeBillabong55Les Reed wrote which famous song for a Welsh singerIts not Unusual TomJones56What does hours d'oeurve literally meanOut of course henceExtra Dish 57Nossa Senhora da Aparecida is the Patron Saint which countryBrazil58What airline used to be called DobroletAeroflot59The Acropolis - what does the word literally meanHighest point (of acity)60What is a Dolly VardenLarge Hat61Whose last words were - "That was the best soda I ever tasted"Lou Costello62What is the common name for the astyeroideaStarfish63Jonquil is a shade of what colourYellow64Vincent Furnier is better known as whoAlice Cooper65If you were severed a dish 'belle h'elen what fruit would it bePears66Terrance Nelhams became better knows as whoAdam Faith67Dick Turpin the highwayman served and apprenticeship as whatButcher68What is the main food of the Oyster catcher birdMussels69In which cop show did Petrie and Isbecki appearCagney and Lacey70In the Bolshoi ballet what does the word Bolshoi meanBig71Which acid gives nettles their stingFormic acid72In the Hindu religion what is a MandirTemple73Which wine grape variety is most planted in CaliforniaChardonnay74A paddling is a group of which animalsDucks75From what country does the dish skordalia comeGreece76What is a geoduckClam77What is Sean Connery's real first nameThomas78What nationally was Mata Hari shot as a spyDutch79Who said - Toe err is human - But it feels divineMae West80Names - Baker - Cook Smith easy - what did a Chandler doMake Candles81Declan McManus became famous as whoElvis Costello82Robert Fitzroy captained which famous shipThe Beagle83Who said "I have no problems with drugs - only policemen"Keith Richard84Which American city was named after a British Prime MinisterPittsburgh85Spelling counts - what is the singular of scampiScampo86What plant was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbowIris87Which sailor dreamed of Toasted Cheese in Treasure IslandBen Gunn88Who played the girl on the motorcycle in a film of same nameMarianne Faithful89What writer was paid $5 for writing thanksRudyard Kipling90What sort of animal is a fennecDesert Fox91Vermicelli pasta literally translates as whatLittle worms92Ernest Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde, Ranier Maria Rilke - CommonMothers made themCrossdress93What foodwise is a Fieldlane DuckBaked Sheep's Head94When does a Bride walk up the AisleNever Aisles at sideonly95How did Marc Quinquadron die while setting a new world recordFood Poisoning ate 7snails 3 min96Why two car thieves caught trying to sell stolen car in 1976Tried to sell to owner97Billie Holiday, James Dean, Eva Peron, Janis Joplin - CommonAll were Prostitutes98What subject Ben Franklins letter to Royal Academy - BrusselsPerfuming Farts99Reginald Carey became famous as whoRex Harrison100What is a ChorizoSpicy SausagePage 2710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 14Answers1What do the quarters of a hot cross bun symboliseFour Seasons2What is the literal translation of terrapinEatable (Algonquinword)3What to a French or Spanish man is an OVNIUFO4What is it against the law to kill in Pacific Grove CaliforniaButterflies localordinance 3525Ernest Hemmingway said what would protect against allergiesHaving lots of sex6The Gettysburg Address was written on whatUsed envelopes7Collective nouns - a siege ofHerons8Who was banned from writing USA Constitution - secret JokesBenjamin Franklin9The 9 banded armadillo and humans have what in commonBoth catch Leprosy10How did Attila the Hun die on honeymoonBooze Honeymoon30 day booze up11What better name is Mary Westmacott better knownAgatha Christie12In the Bible what did David give Saul as a dowry for Michal200 Foreskins fromPhilistines13What did Dr Samuel Mudd do that your inspired "name is mud"Treated J W BoothLife imprison14How do you Rizzle somethingSun dry15If you suffered from pruritus - what would be wrongItching16Andr'e Gide the writer was expelled from school for what crimeMasturbating duringlessons17What is the most popular Saints nameFelix - 67 John 6518What type of food is a Munster plumPotato19Old superstition Wearing socks inside out protection from whatWitches20What food item did Pythagoras advise his followers to avoidBeans21What happened to the first traffic lights outside HP 1868They exploded22What was unusual - beauty contest judge Percy Moorby 1985He was Blind23What ruined Cesar Borgia's honeymoon nightMate gave himLaxatives24John Ruskin - Art Critic - Marriage collapsed when wife had whatPubic Hair25Who called himself 8th wonder of world cos of his big dickCharlie Chaplain26What given out celebrate birthday of King Bjumbal Thailand 1983Free Vasectomies27What would a nidologist be interested inBirds nests28In the 18th century what job did a fart-catcher doA footman walkbehind master29What is a young pigeon calledSquab30Around which French town is the champagne industry locatedEpernay31What country invented castanetsEgypt32Who is the patron saint of musicSt Cecilia33Whose first box office film was called Risky BusinessTom Cruise34What is the smallest state of AustraliaTasmania35What is measured by an interferometerWavelength of light36What airlines identification code is VSVirgin Atlantic37In which G&S operetta is eating a sausage roll a secret signThe Grand Duke38What emperor ordered St Peter crucifiedNero39What was the name of Ali Babas female slaveMorgiana40In which novel does the character Quebec Bagnet appearBleak House41Sarah Josepha Hall wrote whatMary had a little lamb42What is the main ingredient of faggotsLiver43Who were the first people to measure the yearBabylonians44Who voices the female hyena in the lion kingWhoopee Goldberg45Anthony McMillan became famous as whoRobbie Coltrane46Roy Thines played David Vincent in which TV seriesThe Invaders47What colour is the cap given to an England cricket playerBlue48What capital city began as the village of EdoTokyo49Whose music was on the soundtrack of When Harry met SallyHarry Connick Jr50In which sport is there a York roundArcheryPage 2810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 14Answers51In Penny Lane what is the nurse selling from a trayPoppies52Whose last words were "lets do it"Garry Gilmore53The Black Swan is native to which countryAustralia54Who said "All the world's art ain't worth a good potato pie"L S Lowrie55Collective nouns a Toc ofwhatCapercailzie56If you had podobromhidrosis what would you haveSmelly Feet57What instrument is also called the octave flutePiccolo58What type of food is coulibacRussian Fish Pie59What spice is used to make a whiskey slingNutmeg60What sort of creature is a tarantula hawkWasp - hunts spiders61Where does the spice saffron come fromThe Crocus62What tennis player had trials with Bayern Munich soccer clubBoris Becker63Which children's character was created by Mary TourtelRupert the Bear64What does the name Ghengis Khan meanVery Mighty Ruler65Who was Canada's first prime ministerSir John MacDonald66In Utmost Good Faith is the motto of which organisationLloyds of London67The Shadows first record went straight to no 1 - what was itApache68What is the most common disease in the worldDental Caries69Cirrus is a cloud type - what literal translation of its Latin nameLock of Hair70Which country was the first to make seat belts compulsoryCzechoslovakia71What do Stacey Keach and Oscar Wilde have in commonReading Jail72Mathew Webb swam the channel - where did he drownNiagara Falls73In what movie did Sinatra sing My Kind of TownRobin and the 7Hoods74Whose last unfinished novel was The Last TycoonF Scott Fitzgerald75What do callipygian people havePrettily shaped buttocks76Collective nouns a Host ofSparrows77Zubin Mehta conducted who in concertThree Tenors78Who wrote and starred in the 1922 version of Robin HoodDouglas Fairbanks79Where were the 1952 Olympics heldHelsinki80Franz Halls The Laughing Cavalier - what's the paintings real titlePortrait of a man81Cheers exterior shots featured a real bar - what's it nameBull & Finch82What flavouring is used in the Belgian beer KriekCherries83A young what is called an EyasHawk84Who was given an honorary Oscar in 1985 after 50 years actingJames Stuart85Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith was written for what instrumentHarpsichord86Which US state is known as the Nutmeg StateConnecticut87In a Gynocracy - who rulesWomen88In golf the no 10 iron is usually called whatWedge89What was the name of the Jester in As You Like ItTouchstone90What alternative scale (not Richter) measures earthquakesMercalli91A paratrichosic person has extra whatHair in unusual places92What is added to brandy to make a sidecarCointreau or TripleSec93Josip Broz became famous as whoMarshal Tito94The Pampero blows over which mountainsAndes95Which Canadian city is know as The Steel CityHamilton - Ontario96If an alloy is an amalgam what metal must it containMercury97What stretch of water separates Italy and SicilyStraights of Messina98The Althing rules in which countryIceland99Who won an Oscar for the soundtrack to Chariots of FireVangelis100Collective nouns - a Barren of whatMulesPage 2910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 15Answers1Dorethy Parker said "Scratch an actor and you will find" whatAn Actress2What animal could be Siberian or CaspianTiger3Collective nouns - an Array of whatHedgehogs4The Plains of Abraham overlook which cityQuebec5The Mariners Compass or Pyxis is whatConstellation6The Sam Maguire Trophy is played for in which sportGaelic Football7The Somers Islands has what more familiar nameBermuda8The Three Stars is the national ice hockey team which countrySweden9How did camerawoman Lee Lyon die while workingCharged by Elephant10What type of animal is a markhorWild Goat11Who received the first ever Gold DiscGlen Miller Chatanooga cho cho12What is the National Bird of IndiaPeacock13Who directed Sharky's MachineBurt Reynolds14The Weir of Hermiston - last unfinished novel of whoRobert LouisStevenson15What is the last book of the BibleRevelations16What historical event was referred to as Black 47Irish Potato Famine17What game was patented under the name SphairistrikeLawn Tennis18What organisation did C T Russell foundJehovah Witnesses19Paris and What other capital had the worlds first telephone linkBrussels20Tempera uses water and what to paint withEgg Yoke21What colour is the cross on the Greek FlagWhite22What was used before the baton was invented to conductA Violin Bow23Leslie Lynch King became famous as whoGerald Ford24Who was Andromedas motherCassiopeia25Lack of vitamin B1 causes what conditionBeri Beri26What song was The Pittsburgh Pirates anthemWe are Family Sister Sledge27Whit countries parliament is called The StortingNorway28Who directed Four Weddings and a FuneralMike Newell29Which company developed the Laser PrinterCannon30Parsley is a member of which familyCarrot31What does lager literally mean in GermanStorage32Franz Kafka wrote in German what nationality was heCzeck33Which car company produced the first front wheel drive 1934Citroen34Who produced the Tom and Jerry cartoons until 1956Fred Quimby35The name of which countries capital means good airArgentina BuenosAires36The sackbut developed into which modern instrumentTrombone37The GRA govern which sportGreyhound RacingAssociation38Which record label signed the Rolling Stones in 1991Virgin39In heraldry gules are what colourRed40Reginald Truscott-Jones became famous as whoRay Miland41What is the food of the secretary birdSnakes42What bridge links a Palace with a State PrisonBridge of Sighs Venice43The African and French marigolds are native to what countryMexico44Who is the Patron Saint of Grave diggersSt Anthony45What is Muckle FluggaRock and Lighthouseon Uist46Mary Read and Anne Boney had what job in commonPirates47Short actors stand on what wooden object - to appear biggerPancake48What is the commonest name for a pub in BritainThe Red Lion49What does the word economy mean in original GreekHome Management50Pok ta Pok started in Mexico - what modern game/sport is itBasketballPage 3010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 15Answers51George Simenon created Maigret - what nationality was heBelgian52Country singer Hank Wangford had what professionGynaecologist53Pit Straight - Lesmo Bend - Roggia Bend - which Grand PrixMonza Italy54What is a ChuckwallaLizard55Edward Whymper was the first to do whatClimb Matterhorn56What is PancettaBacon57In what film did Bruce Willis play a time travelling criminalTwelve Monkeys58Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in OlympicsNadia Comaneci59What bird is sacred in PeruCondor60What was Colombo's dog calledFang - Basset Hound61What industry would use a mordantDying - to fix a colour62Catherine the Great of Russia was born in which countryPoland63What tanker caused a severe oil spill in 1989 Exxon Valdez (Alaska)64Which soul singer was Sittin on the Dock of the BayOtis Redding65In which city would you find The Blue MosqueIstanbul66What country makes Sukhindol wineBulgaria67The minnow is the smallest member of what fish familyCarp68Lucille Le Sueur became famous as whoJoan Crawford69In which city is The Abbey theatreDublin70Which islands capital is Flying Fish CoveChristmas Island71Where in the world is Radwick racecourse situatedSydney Australia72What has a palimped gotWebbed Feet73Treifa foods are forbidden to which religious groupJews - opposite ofKosher74Which metal is the best conductor of electricitySilver75What ship was sunk in Auckland harbour in 1987Rainbow Warrior(Greenpeace)76A Myologist studies whatMuscles77Orpheus went into the underworld to rescue whoEurydice78Where on the human body is the skin the thinnestEye79Colleen McCullough wrote which best selling bookThe Thorn Birds80What would you put on your escutcheon - if you had oneCoat of Arms81The Germans call them Stumphhose - what are theyTights82Who might wear a wimpleA Nun83What is the largest country in AfricaSudan84What tree can be English, American or EurasianElm85Which dictator preferred 50,000 rifles to 50,000 votesBenito Mussolini86What was Alka-Seltzer first marketed asCold Cure87What would be happening if you suffered from canitisGreying Hair88According to the proverb which fruit tastes sweetestForbidden89What animals name literally translates as earth pigAardvark90What dance is usually performed to Orpheus in the UnderworldCan Can91What country was once named New FranceCanada92Name ship sunk by the submarine Conqueror Falklands WarGeneral Belgrano93In which country were modern banknotes first usedSweden94What was invented in the Humpty Dumpty store OklahomaSupermarket Trolley95Which country produces wine in the Casablanca valleyChile96The Air Canada Silver Broom is won in which sportCurling97Iain Stewart - dropped - looked too normal - what pop groupThe Rolling Stones98What is the main flavour of aioliGarlic99What was the worlds first passenger jet aircraftComet100What does the syrinx help a bird to doSingPage 3110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 16Answers1What member of the weasel family is over 1 meter or 3 feet longBadger2Capability Brown was a famous Landscape Gardener 1st nameLancelot3Boccaccios collection of ten stories are known as whatDecameron4What do fennel leaves taste ofAniseed5What country is the home of the Ashanti peopleGhana612 is the atomic number of which metalMagnesium7What was Beethoven's only operaFidelio8In which of Aristophanes plays do the women refuse sexLysistrata9Which Australian writer won the Nobel prize in 1973Patrick White10What is a hypocaustRoman HeatingSystem11What 18th century German soldier told very tall tales of himselfBaron Munchhausen12Which country imports the most champagneGreat Britain13Thomas Keneally wrote which book (Oscar winning film)Schindler's Ark14What is the name of the metal discs set in a tambourines rimJingles15Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Handel, Liszt, Ravel what in commonBachelors16What were China 14 Raduga 14 Himwari 3Orbiting satellites17What is a Flemish GiantRabbit18Somerset Maugham, A J Cronin, Richard Gorden - in common Not Writers - Doctors19What does Stet mean to a printerLet the Original stand20In Paris what are FD Roosevelt Stalingrad Louis BlancMetro Stations21English writer - Died Typhoid - Drank Paris water - Prove safeArnold Bennett 193122What food item in French literally means twice cookedBiscuit23What religions sacred writings are divided into the Tripitaka Buddhism24Herodotus the Greek is known as the father of whatHistory25The old French Royal family - Boy Scouts share what symbolFleur-de-lis26We have used the Latin phrase ad hoc - what literally meanFor this specialpurpose27Which dancer died in 1927 strangled by scarf on car wheelIsadora Duncan28What do astronomers call the red sky before sunriseAurora29A beast of prey sometimes called a glutton - what is itWolverine30French novelist - nearly 100 books all La Comedie HumaineHonor'e de Balzac31What is the correct name for food permitted under Moslem lawsHal-al32What country is known to its inhabitants as Suomen TasavaltaFinland33What French blue cheese (similar to stilton) is made ewes milkRoquefort34A Suffragan has what jobBishop - no parish helps other35Segmental, Primitive, Doucine, Elliptical are types of whatArch (in construction)36Who got Judas job as the twelfth apostleMatthias37Which famous horse race was won Urban sea, Carnegie, LammtarraPrix de l'arc deTriomphe38Elvis Stojko was an ice skating word champion - what countryCanada39What animals make up the Suidae familyPigs40What is the word (derived from Malay) for unhusked ricePaddy41Joel Chandler Harris wrote which series of storiesUncle Remus42We have heard of the Renaissance - what's it literally meanRebirth43In film making what does a Blimp doCovers camera reduce noise44Where would you find a WalloonSouth Belgium Native Flemish45What do we call what the Japanese call OshugatsuNew Year46Tete-beche is a familiar term in which hobbyStamp Collecting47Good King Wenceslas was the King of which countryBohemia (Germany)48Sir Jack Cohen founded whatTescos - supermarkets49What does rabbi literally meanMy Master50What port lies at the mouth of the Swan riverFreemantle (Perth)Page 3210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 16Answers51Who starred in the film Sixth SenseBruce Willis52KLM is the national airline of which countryHolland53Name the most famous English artist who painted mostly horsesGeorge Stubbs54Who were Curier Ellis and Acton BellBronte sisters pennames55What is the official title of the ambassador of the PopeNuncio56Chaconne, Rigadoon, Passepied are all types of whatOld style dances57What British birds lay only one egg during the nesting seasonFulmar or Guillemot58Who would use a Jigger, Buzz, Flagging iron, Round shaver, AdzeCooper makingbarrels59What pop group had a "Message in a Bottle"Police60If an Italian was having Pranzo what would they be havingLunch61What currency consists of 100 GroschenAustrian Schilling62In Greek mythology who created manThe demigodPromethus63Hibernia was the Roman name for which countryIreland64Mincing Lane in London is traditionally home of what tradeTea65What sport is played at Smiths LawnPolo66What are fallows, lutinos and opalinesBudgerigars67In Paris there are two islands - Ile de la Cite and whatIle St-Louise68Mapother IV is the real surname of what film starTom Cruise69Jean-Christopher Denner invented what musical instrumentClarinet70Mendavoy and Martinez are characters in which TV showNYPD Blue71Fredrick Bulsara was the lead singer of what pop groupQueen - Freddie Mercury72The Titanic has a sister ship - name itThe Olympic73What was sharkskin once used asSandpaper74What does an otologist studyThe ear and itsdiseases75What is the essential ingredient in a Mornay sauceCheese76Sardines are the young of which fishPilchard77Who wrote Oedipus RexSophocles78The Camorra was the forerunner of what organisation in the USAThe Mafia79What is a Havana BrownA Small Rabbit80What did Simon of Cyrene do in The BibleCarry Christ's cross81In what sport is a stimpmeter usedGolf - measure greenspace82Gene Hackman sheriff Big Whiskey - got Oscar - What filmUnforgiven83What countries flag red circle on green backgroundSingapore84Georgius Panayiotou became famous under what name (both)George Michael85Capers are pickled flower seeds of what plantNasturtium86In 1925 at Windsor Bookies went on strike - against whatBetting Tax87What is a doucetA Stags Testicle88What is the worlds largest sand island northeast of BrisbaneFraser island89FT (London) Dow Jones (USA) what is Japans Share Index calledNikkei90Who was the leader of the wolf pack in The Jungle BookAkala91What's the difference between sleeping gorillas and menGorillas don t snore92Nobody Does it Better was sung in which Bond filmThe Spy Who LovedMe93Halcyon is the poetic name for which birdKingfisher94Who had a hit with Sylvia's MotherDr Hook95Who composed the music for the opera The Tales of HoffmanJacques Offenbach96In the Bible from whom did David steal his wife BathshebaThe Hittite warriorUriah97The Cassegranian, Gregorian and Schmidt are types of whatTelescopes98Shakespeare - Antony, Romeo, Othello - what in commonSuicide99What instrument is sometimes called the clown of the orchestraBassoon100What world capital city is heated by volcanic springsReykjavik (Iceland)Page 3310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 17Answers1What is the main ingredient of a Maron glaceChestnuts2Only one woman's lifespan is given in the Bible - WhoSarah Wife Abraham127 Genis 233What causes the tangy smell at the seasideRotting Seaweed4In 1976 in USA 23 people got swine fever and died from whatThe Treatment5Who said "If a lie is told in the Whitehouse Nixon gets a royalty"Richard Nixon6In the 1976 Olympics who were the Yellow BananasOfficials (cos ofuniform colour)7Amuhea Princess of Medes was the wife of whoNebuchadnezzars8What Roman Emperor was killed by an overdose of laxativeNero - by an aunt9How did folk singer Roy Harper catch ToxoplasmosisKiss of life - to asheep10What was Louis 14th born with two of - that amazed everyoneTeeth11The Associated Powers - the original proposed name of whatThe United Nations12Which author published 59 new books in 1955Enid Blyton13If you had distrix what condition would you haveHair - split ends14What did the ancient Greeks use instead of soapOlive Oil15X only letter in alphabet that there is no name for who usingThe Devil16What country do Brazil nuts come fromBolivia17Why would women dislike using a West Indian DildoIts a cactus18Which country invented French fried potatoesBelgium19In 1990 there were 99 public executions Suadi Arabia - Drugs HowBeheading20Marion Barry - Mayor of Washington arrested for whatPossession of Crack21What head of Government was the first to give birth in officeBenazir Bhutto Pakistan2234% of Californian Male students 10% of Female lied to get whatSexual Partner23The sale of what counterfeit delicacy outranged the FrenchTruffles - White dyedBlack24In February 1990 160 million bottles of what were withdrawnPerrier contaminatedbenzine25What sport was deemed to violate civil rights banned New YorkDwarf Throwing From Aus 16 feet26What is Damson CheeseThick Damson Jam27What was the name of the ship that brought Dracula to EnglandDemeter28In Australian slang what is underground MuttonCooked Rabbit29PG Woodhouse books Bertie Wooster used what London ClubDrones30Why would a train spotter want to see number 4468The Mallard recordsteam train31Samuel de Champlain founded which cityQuebec32Tour de France what colour jersey best Hill Climber wearRed Polka dot33What country had an airline called RottnestAustralia34Fuggles and Goldings are varieties of whatHops35Fingal O'Flaherty Wills is better knows as whoOscar Wilde36Britain's call it sellotape - What's the brand name in AustraliaDurex37John Dunlop developed pneumatic tyres - what professionVet38Zoisite is a semi precious stone - National stone which countryNorway39The Thunderbirds boys were named after what themeApollo Astronauts40Britain's most dangerous job used to kill one person every 3 daysTrawlerman41In the Bible who did God appear to on Mount HorabMoses42What animal head appears on the badge of the RCMPBison43St John the Divine wrote which book of the BibleRevelations44Collective nouns - A Chair of what (tradesmen)Glass Blowers45Distaff is the female family side - what is the maleSpear46Who is the patron saint of GypsiesSt Sarah47In cookery how is something julienne preparedThin Strips48In Ireland what is a Gombeen ManMoneylender49In Australian slang what is a dishlickerDog50How - two thieves convicted 1984 executed in Sudan Aug 1990CrucifiedPage 3410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 17Answers51What is Samsoe a type ofCheese52A fylfot is a heraldic name for what symbolSwastika53Where would you find a howdahBack of Elephant(basket)54In what country is the language Fanti spokenGhana55What flowers name translates from the Greek as Water VesselHydrangea56Which of Henry the Eights wives was the widow of elder brotherCatherine of Aragon57The Boys from Syracuse is based on what Shakespeare playThe comedy of errors58Hathor was the Egyptian goddess of whatThe Sky59The larva of the click beetle is called whatWireworm60In Australian slang what is a ten ounce sandwichLiquid Lunch - Can ofBeer61What is the name of the largest moon of JupiterGanymede62The Mason-Dixon line separates Pennsylvania and what stateMaryland63The kinkajou belongs to what family of animalsRaccoon64What is the Hindu KushMountain Range65Caligari is the capital of what islandSardinia66Grunge music originated in which American citySeattle67The word bungalow comes from which languageHindi68What is the Japanese ShinkasenHigh speed Train69In what country are the Drakesberg mountainsSouth Africa70Name the author who created Hannibal LecterThomas Harris71Dodie Smith wrote what book (later filmed by Disney)101 Dalmatians72Venice stands on what riverThe Arno73Gary Boker Bobby Harrison Ray Rodger were in what pop groupProcul Harem74What country launched its first space rocket January 1961Italy75What have Jan Zajic and Quang Duc got in commonSelf Immolation 76In 1962 - cost 20,000 - size of a small suitcase - whatPortable computer77In France what is FramboiseRaspberry78What held up a Cricket test Match between England PakistanMouse on pitch79What was banned from New York schools in 1962Reading of Prayers80How to Handle a Woman came from which stage musicalCamelot81James Drury starred in which TV western seriesThe Virginian82Who had a hit with the song Loco-MotionLittle Eva83Who won the Tour de France 4 times 1961 to 1964Jacques Anquetil84What new domestic device was launched by Hoover in 1963Steam Iron85What was the Soviet Vostok 3 space flight the first to doSend back TVpictures86What was the first country to leave the United NationsIndonesia87What car company made the first glass fibre racing carLotus88What whisky brand was advertised with two terrier dogsBlack & White89Dorothy Cavis-Brown made news at Wimbledon - whyLineswoman - slept inchair90What did The Musician Union ban on TV in 1966Artists miming torecords91What is a travelatorHorizontal Escalator92Who wrote the novel Love Story (Both Names)Erich Segal93What job did Agatha Christies husband doArchaeologist94Britain Ireland and what country joined the EEC simultaneouslyDenmark95In Australian slang what kind if food is a mystery bagSausage96Who was Cuisine Minceur designed forSlimmers (Finecooking)97French riot police were ordered to the Rivera to deal with whatHundreds toplesswomen (1971)98Who recorded the Album In Through the Out DoorLed Zeppelin99Jan 21 1976 What linked Bahrain and Rio de Janeiro1st Concord passengerdestinations100In the 60s a Yellow Golliwog worn by a girl symbolised whatProud of non virginityPage 3510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 18Answers1What kind of creature was Sam on the Muppet ShowEagle2Who had a hit with Tiger FeetMud3Patty Hearst was kidnapped (later joined) which organisationSymbioneseLiberation Army4The Murryfield Racers play which sportIce Hockey5Quakers Natural, Prewetts Honey, California Revival - types whatMuseli6What was Paul McCartney's first solo album calledMcCartney7What company pioneered floppy discsIBM8What were Tricity Triumph, Kelvinator, Lec De LuxRefrigerators9What tennis players name meant Tall trees by still waterEvonne Goolagong10Which musical did the song Send in the Clowns come fromA Little Night Music11Where in Australia were British satellites launched in early 70sWoomera12What was Clint Eastwood's first film as a directorPlay Misty for Me13Who wrote the Science Fiction novel Slaughterhouse FiveKurt Vonnegut14What was a Royal Navy frigate accused throwing Cod War 1973Carrots at IcelandicGunboat15Who wrote the novel The French Lieutenants WomanJohn Fowles16Whose cat was sold for $153000 in an Arizona auctionAdolf Hitler's17Who wrote the play AmadeusPeter Shaffer18Jeff Lynne - Roy Wood - Bev Bevan - what pop groupElectric LightOrchestra19Where did Jim Morrison dieBath - in Paris hotel20What did the Ayatollah Khomeni ban in 1979Music on radio21Mstislav Rostropovich was a maestro on what instrumentCello22What is Kensington GoreActors fake blood23Margarita Carmen Casino became famous as whoRita Heyworth24What job does the Gaffer do in the film industryChief Electrician25What was the name of Dagwood Bumstead and Blondies dogDaisy26What short sighted cartoon character had a nephew - WaldoMr Magoo27What Shakespeare play was the basis of The Forbidden PlanetThe Tempest28Frederick Austerlitz became famous as whoFred Astair29What is a Maine Coon once thought to be extinctA 20 lb cat30What dictator was the first to be abducted prosecuted USA drugsGeneral ManualNoriega- Panama31In which EEC country is abortion still illegalIreland32What heavyweight boxer was nicknamed The Cinderella ManJames J Braddock33What is the capitol of ChechnyaGrozny34What is absinthe traditionally flavoured withWormwood35In 1829 Cyrill Damien invented which musical instrumentAccordion36At the battle of Actium who beat Mark Anthony and CleopatraOctavian - EmperorAugustus 37What links Ada - Lisp - AlgolProgram Languages38How did Joy Friedericke Victoria Adamson die in 1985Murdered in Kenya39What city stands on the river TorensAdelaide - Australia40In Hindu mythology Agni is the god of whatFire41To the ancient Greeks what was an agoraPublic meeting place /market (forum)42Tomika and Uyeshiba are the two main forms of whatAikido43Where was Napoleon bornAjaccio - Corsican capitol44Which Greek astronomer wrote the AlmagestPtolomy45The Queen has what music with her breakfastBagpipes - Started byVictoria46Baile Atha Cliath - Official name what capitol cityDublin - its IrishGaelic47In the wild what animal pollinates banana plantsBats48What colour is the Black Box carried in aircraftOrange49Taidje Khan became famous under which nameYul Brynner50Autolycus - accomplished invisible thief Greek myth whose sonHermesPage 3610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 18Answers51In the theatre what is behind Barn DoorsElectricity Sockets52Joe Yule became famous as whoMickey Rooney53Norse mythology who was killed with mistletoe by blind HodurBalder - most lovedgod54Bob Clampett created which character in 1938Bugs Bunny55Who wrote the children's classic Ann of Green GablesL M Montgomery56Gaur, Gayal, Banteng and Kouprey are types of whatWild Cattle57What is the literal meaning of CenotaphEmpty Tomb58The Yellow Kid by Richard Felton Outcault in 1896 first whatComic Strip NewYork World59What did drinkers first see on Jan 24 1935Beer Can60Allium Sativum is better known as whatGarlic61Rhapsody, Aromel, Tamella Cambridge favourite types of whatStrawberry Varieties62What arts/literary movement founded by Tristan Tzara in 1915Dadaism63Which author wrote screenplay Bonds You Only Live TwiceRoald Dahl64Dalmatian dogs are born which colour or coloursWhite - spots comelater65What did Emily Davidson doSuicide under kingshorse 191366Edward de Bono - Maltese Doctor - developed what conceptLateral Thinking67The song I Talk to the Trees comes from what musicalPaint Your Wagon68What is the capitol of GhanaAccra69In Greek mythology who was the Goddess of ChastityArtemis sisterApollo70What was Madam Curie's husbands namePierre71The USA president lives in the White House - Who Blue HousePresident South Korea72What does an aronophobe fearInternet73What links Edegra, Cavetra and ErixBrand-names forViagra74In what city is the worlds largest carpet manufacturer Kashmir75What element was named after the Greek word for greenChlorine76What hotel hosted the first Oscar ceremonyRoosevelt Hotel77The name of which Indian city means Village of Boiled BeansBangalore78James Hoban designed whatThe White House79Semiology is the study of whatSignals80What county has its map on its flagCyprus81What X rated movie won an OscarMidnight Cowboy82Lucknow is a city in India - and what other countryCanada83Mitsibushi - now cars - planes during war - literally means whatThree Diamonds84What invention was nicknamed the Noisy Serpent in 1902Vacuum Cleaner85In which sport would you find the Sag WagonCycling - it picks updropouts86What product was introduced as a cure for urinatary problemsPepsi87In New Zealand what is moreporkA Bird - call soundslike morepork88In what city was Audry Hepburn bornBrussels89In what country was the worlds first wildlife sanctuary set upSri Lanka 3rd cent BC90What word could Ernie Bilko not say without stutteringMillion91What country has a regiment of bicycle mounted soldiersSwitzerland92Who did Valerie Solernis shoot on Jun 3rd 1968 in New YorkAndy Worhole93Shakespeare character says "Blow winds and crack your cheeks"King Lear94In what Hitchcock film did the heroine find shrunken head in bedUnder Capricorn95Amaxophobia is the fear of whatRiding in a vehicle96The Bovespa is the stock exchange in which countryBrazil97What is a Dandie DinmontDog - Borders Terrier98Shoot a Waco was the original name for what drinkDr Peppers99Who wrote the satire Candide published in 1759Voltaire100Whose ghost appears in Shakespeare's Julius CaesarCaesar's GhostPage 3710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 19Answers1In which play and film does Jean Valjean appearLe Miserables2Psychologists says men who do what during sex are insecureKeep socks on3Whose is supposed to have had sex with his nanny when aged 9Lord Byron4What animal can sleep 3 years but only mates once - 12 hoursSnails5In Norway 1980 man fined for being drunk in charge of whatMobile vacuumcleaner6Louis the XVI France only two (recorded) what in his lifetimeBaths7The same Louis did not consummate his marriage 7 years - whyOvergrown Foreskin8Only 6 people died in what historic eventFire of London 16669Why could William Tell not have shot the apple with a crossbowCrossbow not known13th century10How did the Emperor Claudius dieChoked on a Feather11What country do Great Danes come fromGermany12Who said - "One more drink and Ill be under the host"Dorethy Parker13The average Britain in their life consumes 1000 lb of whatCarrots14What animal provide 50% of all the protein eaten in PeruGuinea Pigs15Jimmy Carter was the first US president to have done whatBorn in a Hospital16Who won an Oscar posthumouslyPeter Finch forNetwork17Which actor has been portrayed most on screen by other actorsCharlie Chaplain18Sergai Kalenikov holds the world record in whatPig Kissing19In California you can't legally buy a mousetrap without whatHunting Licence20Who won the best actress Oscar 1959 Room at the TopSimone Signoret21What did ancient Egyptians rub on their dicks to enlarge themCrocodile shit22Which animal has legs but cant walkHummingbird23A Paris grocer was jailed for two years in 1978 stabbing wife whatA wedge of hardcheese24Howard Hughs used to store what in large metal containersHis Urine25Which classical poet said Amor vincet omnia Love Conquers allVirgil26If you were eating fragrant meat in Hong Kong what is itDog27What country invented PhonecardsItaly28What was invented in Rome 63 bc by Marcus TiroShorthand and the &sign29What is the literal Greek translation of SarcophagusFlesh Eater30French artist Aquabouse paints cows in what materialCow shit31An Arab/Israeli band Abu Hafla - record called Humping meaningEnjoyable Gathering32First ad on Radio Luxemburg 1930s for Bible Beans - which are?Laxatives3374 year old Margaret Weldon FL 2 hole in one 2 days - unusualShe was totally blindaided hubby34In 1987 the Jockey Club disqualified a horse that had eaten whatMars Bar35A Baseball travels 9% faster in which US cityDenver - thinner air36What was Joseph Pujol - La Petomanes stage actHe farted imitatingmusic etc37James H Pierce was the last silent film actor to play whoTarzan38What said I'm never through with a girl till I've had her three waysJohn F Kennedy39Iris Somerville - killed London 1982 - Lightning struck whatMetal Support on herBra40What play is set in Venice and CyprusOthello - Shakespeare41In 1797 3 pence could buy you a good (second hand) whatWife42Between 1659 and 1681 illegal celebrate what in MassachusettsChristmas43What Saint said - Lord grant me Chastity - but not yetSt Augustine44The average Britain in their life consumes 18 lb of whatDirt bad washed food45Roller coasters originated in what countryRussia - ice on sleds46What unusual item can you buy - vending machine Paris MetroLevi 501s in 10 sizes47We've heard phrase I don t give a toss - but Tos Greek for whatBear48A Dorset shop sells bookends made from 140 mill year old whatFossil Dinosaur Shit49Every ship in the Royal Navy have customised whatZippo Lighters50What meat outsells mutton and lamb combined in SwedenHorse meatPage 3810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 19Answers51An American in Maine got a divorce cos wife fed him only whatPea Soup52How did Pope Hadrian IV dieChoked on a fly53Who said "sex appeal 50% what you got 50% they think you got"Sophia Loren54St Fiacre is the Patron Saint of whatPiles55William Buroughs coined what phrase used by Steppenwolf 1968Heavy Metal - Born tobe Wild56What TV did 44 million USA watch while 27m Eisenhower sworn inI Love Lucy57Between 15 and 20% of what disappear from shops each yearSupermarket Trolleys58French racing driver Jean Behra kept a spare what in his pocketPlastic right ear59President Roosevelt was the first president to do whatFly 1943 secret tripCasablanca60What is unusual about the number 8549176320Digits alpha order61Who said in 1951 - "I married beneath me - All women do"Lady Nancy Astor62In Iowa 1978 Judge dismissed drink driving charge - whyToo Drunk to sample631936 film started with world war and ended with space flightThings to Come HGWells64In 1984 BA stewardess called police she'd left what in cupboardHusband in Bondage65Until 1819 technically you could be hung for what in BritainCutting down a tree66What's still legal in Paraguay if the participants are blood donersDuelling67Tsar Paul I decreed death by flogging to anyone mentioned whatHis Baldness68What actress said "I dress for women - Undress for men"Angie Dickinson69The average Britain in their lifetime eats 5400 whatBags Crisps - chips70Here we go round the mulberry bush - what was original bushTree in Wakefieldprison walked round71What hath God Wrought was first message sent by Who 1844S Morse Washingtonto Baltimore72In what city 1985 was the worlds first computer museum openedBoston73What elements name comes from the Greek for light bearingPhosphorous74Astronomer Josephe-Jerome de Lalande eat what on bread butterSpiders75Skeleton is derived from Greek - what is its literal translationDried Up76Edward Hunter USA Journalist invented what term Korean warBrainwashing77A man has first at 18 then every day spent 106 days by 60 whatShaving78What links Da Vinci, Picasso, Charlie Chaplain, Ben FranklinLeft Handed79Flies and humans can both get which conditionAthletes Foot80We call them Turkeys what do the Turks call themAmerican Birds81The Audi car company created by August Horch means what LatinBear82What country has the worlds most vending machines per capitaJapan83Who said - "A woman only a woman - good cigar is a smoke"Rudyard Kipling84Hans Steininger had the world longest what - that killed himBeard - Tripped overit down stairs85In Czarist Russia it was illegal to do whatSmoke86What play has line - Shall there be no more cakes and aleTwelfth Night87A fisherman in the Arral sea had his boat destroyed by whatA Cow - USAair force dumped it88St Brigit of Ireland could do what amazing trick for visitorsBathwater into Beer89Thomas Watson in 1943 there is a worlds market for 5 - whatComputers hechairman of IBM90What product did the first commercial in the USA advertiseBulova Watches91Estimated there are 4 100 million billion molecules cubic inch whatAir92In Ohio by law pets have to carry whatLights on tails at night93The average man or woman spends one year of their life - whatOn the Telephone9480% of household dust is actually what materialDead skin95What is the best wood for making pencilsIncense Cedar96The average Britain in their lifetime eats 4907 whatLoafs of Bread97Oysters can do what - according to water temperatureChange sex98Name USA city it's illegal to have a nude shop dummy on displayNew York99A dog was arrested in Seville in 1983 for what crimeHandbag Snatching100Who starred as Daisy in The Great GatsbyMia FarrowPage 3910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 20Answers1Jacqueline Du Prey is a master on what instrumentCello2Who wrote the music for ShowboatJerome Kern3Who said sex is a bad thing it rumples the clothesJacqueline KennedyOnassis4The average Manhattan wife takes 14 minutes to do what in bedTurn off Light5Which animal sleeps with one eye openDolphin6Sandra Wes of Texas died in 1977 was buried in whatHer blue Ferrari7What happened to the man who tried to hang himself over riverRope broke drowned in river8After sex what does the female marine bristleworm doBites off eats penis9What nationality was Pontius Pilot by birthScottish - Fortingale nr Dunkeld10The average person spends 12 years of their life doing whatWatching TV11St Appolonia is the patron saint of whatToothache12Packy Ease an amateur boxer - what name become famousBob Hope13What was stolen from a Hotel Garden in Britain in 1991Onion Crop14What word comes from Arabic means reunion of broken partsAlgebra15Charles Conrad took a cassette to the moon on Apollo 11 whoJerry Lee Lewis16First feature film US TV Heart of New York what was subjectWashing machineinventors17Royal Society Prevention Accidents 1991 7500 injured by whatShopping Trolleys184000 patents for a variation of what issued since first 1838Mousetrap19A Limousine was originally what (From Limousine in France)French shepherds protective cloak20Dwight Eisenhower was the first president to hold whatPilots Licence21What does a geophage enjoyEating earth22The Reknas company - Calcutta worlds biggest exporter whatHuman (skeletons)23At least a quarter of humanity is whatShort Sighted24What first occurred at California Disneyland in March 1981Murder 25Who said "sex older women best they think its their last time"Ian Fleming26Ping Pong and Pang are characters in which operaTurendot - by Puccini271300 to 1500 it was illegal for Englishmen to have 3 what a dayMeals28Harold J Smith a Canadian changed name famed as sidekickJay Silverheels Tonto29What is special about the hooded pitohui bird (New Guinea)It s highly poisonous30In 1984 Bloomingdale's started selling 100000 year old whatGlacial ice fromGreenland31What happened to golfer Lee Travino on green 13 27 June 1975Hit by Lightning32What links elephanta, bad-i-sad-o-bistroz, oe, whuly, zondaAll winds33What tree is mentioned just once in the BiblePoplar34The average Britain consumes 14571 what in their lifetimePints of beer35What job involves walking an average 60 miles in a 5 day weekWaiter36In the UK 3% of people store what in their fridgesLive Maggots37The city council of Chico California set a $500 fine for whatExploding nuclearbomb in city38A tittiliomaniac has a compulsion to do whatScratch39Police in Winchester - got call - Man being held by wife - howHidden artificial leg40Stephano and Trinculo characters in which Shakespeare playThe Tempest41William Hurt won best actor Oscar for which 1985 filmThe Kiss of theSpiderwoman42Fescue is a generic type of whatGrass43Creed Prayer Alms Fasting Pilgrimage five pillars what religionIslam44Alex Raymond created which comic strip character in 1934Flash Gorden45What does a carpophagus animal feed onFruit46Gregorys powder is a type of whatLaxative47What does a Hafiz knowKoran by Heart48Pocahontas was baptised and given what English nameRebecca49In London 1915 what became illegal subject to 100 fineBuying a round of drinks50What is the longest river in AustraliaMurray-DarlingPage 4010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 20Answers51Who said "No sex is better than bad sex"Germaine Greer52Who won the Eurovision song contest with Jack in a BoxClodagh Rogers53Margie Belcher provided the body movements - which characterDisney Snow White54The average person spends 8 years of their life doing whatBeing ill551987 A Philadelphia Councillor bill banned carrying what in publicSnakes56Alain Boubil - Claude-Michael Schonberg music what hit showMiss Saigon57Pluto (the Planet) was almost called what nameZeus58Most lipsticks contain what unexpected itemFish Scales59It is illegal to pawn what in Las VegasYour Dentures60Slugs have four of them - whatNoses61What word in English has the most definitionsSet62John Flynn invented what service in AustraliaFlying Doctors63The Greek version of what is called the SeptuagintOld Testament64The eyes of which animal have rectangular pupilsGoat65Modern Olympics - only Greece and which country in allAustralia66What is the only bone in the body unattached to any other boneHyoid in throat67There are more than 1500 varieties of what foodRice68Mageiricophobia is a fear of whatHaving to cook69What animals eye is larger than its brainOstrich70In 1990 there were 15000 accidents involving whatVacuum cleaner71Roman men had to swear on what to testifyHolding their testicles72Why did pirate wear earringsImprove their eyesight73Under the snow and ice Antarctica is actually a whatDesert74In ancient China people committed suicide by eating whatSalt One lb will killyou75Who took out a $5000 life insurance before dying in battleGeorge ArmstrongCuster76The average Britain consumes 4907 what in their lifetimeLoaves of bread77Who said "I ve sometimes thought of marriage - then re-thought"Noel Coward78Name actor Von Ryan's Express, The Third Man, Brief EncounterTrevor Howard79In USA / Britain give finger - What do you show in ThailandSole of foot80What was the traditional ancient Persian new years day giftEggs81The French Laurousse Gastronomique 9 recopies cooking whatCamels82What common item was a sign of wealth in 19th century EnglandAn Umbrella83In Utah in 1870s what could you get from a slot machineDivorce - Papers cost$ do male butterflies like to lickStones - to get nutrients85Desire for more cows is the translation what Sanskrit wordWar - same inEnglish86Elvis Presley collected statues of what famous womanJoan of Arc87What is the most mentioned name in the BibleDavid - Jesus issecond88Tip Throat Vamp Collar Shank are parts of what objectWoman's Shoe89What is a spermologer interested inTrivia90Who is the biggest landowner in New York cityCatholic Church91What fish can blink its eyesShark92What was the first name of the cartoon character Mr MagooQuincy93It is against the law in Albania to play what on SundaysDominos94Hearts bells leaves and acorns card suits which countryGermany95Which vegetable got its name from a precious stoneOnion - Latin uniolarge pearl96On average 100 people a year choke to death on whatBallpoint Pens97In 2000 what state removed confederate flag - statehouse domeSouth Carolina98What language (not dialect) has the most characters in itCambodian99Florinzel is a character in which Shakespeare playThe Winters Tale100What is 2000 in Roman NumeralsMMPage 4110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 21Answers1Who said "This game is about beating the crap out of everyone"Bears QuarterbackJim McMahon2Who failed his entrance exams to school aged 16Einstein Zurich poly3Where are a crickets ears locatedFront legs4In 1903 Frank Hanaway was US first what in The Great Train RobberyStuntman5What is the first race in the Grand Prix seasonBrazilian6University Western Australia developed a robot to do whatShear Sheep7The word bank comes from the Italian banco - literal meaningwhatBench wheremoneylender sat8The Roman roadbuilders lacked which elementary toolWheelbarrow9The Welcome Stranger 173 lb was largest what ever found 1869Gold Nugget10In 1605 Japanese Emperor made what compulsory in schoolsLearning swimming11Who refused the Nobel Literature prize in 1958Boris Pasternak12A P Herbert editor of Punch once wrote a cheque on whatSide of a cow13What was the Acta Diurna introduced by Julius Caesar 59 BCDaily News (paper)posted in forum14What happened to women who tried to watch original OlympicsThrown off cliff15Gertrude Ederlie (USA) was the first woman to do whatSwim EnglishChannel16What is the sacred animal of ThailandWhite Elephant17The word puppy comes from the French poupee - literally whatDoll18The leach has 32 what - humans only got oneBrains19Who speak a language called MudderschprochAmish (PennsylvaniaDutch)20Frank Vos Bob Seagren Wolfgang Nordwig all held whatPole vault record 21Transylvanian people believed sleeping with what was dangerousMouth open22We have all heard Hari Krishna - what does Krishna meanDark as a cloud23In Japan what would you find in a HeyaSumo wrestlers24What modern dance was supposed to cure a spiders biteTarantella25If you had 2 eight enders in one bonspiel what are you playingCurling26A comet for the Greek Kometes literally means whatLong Haired27Sandra Bullock, Kris Christophensen, Bruce Willis - Job LinksNot Acting Bartender28In Yemen after a wedding what lasts an average 21 daysThe wedding feast29Who featured on the cover of the first Rolling Stone magazineJohn Lennon30What was Christopher Deans job before Ice SkatingPoliceman31An average of 708 what in the USA each yearTornados32At German country weddings the couple had to do what togetherSaw through a log33Schubert always slept with what onSpectacles - in case hegot idea34Satori is a term in which religionZen Buddhism35What is the fastest swimming ocean fish over 60 mphSailfish - Marlin36If you were taking a class in pistology what are you studyingFaith37Pine Eyes is the literal translation of which characters namePinocchio38Feline cats - Bovine Cows - Aquiline whatEagle39What is the translation of the Greek name VanessaButterfly40Who refereed the 1876 Sharky Fitzsimmons fight with a gunWyatt Earp41The Algonquin Indians believed the earth was on whatGiant tortoise42A gazette - is obvious what was a gazetta where word comesA small Italian coin pay for news43What country has the highest voting age 25Andorra44Two out of 3 adults in the USA suffer from whatPiles45Where was the first public library opened in 1747Warsaw Poland46In Atlanta Georgia what is it illegal to do to a giraffeTie it to tel pole47Federal law prohibits the recycling of used - what in USAEyeglasses48What did a clue originally meanBall of Thread49What animal is the symbol of long life in KoreaDeer50New Orleans USA - Southampton GB same nick football teamSaintsPage 4210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 21Answers51The Japanese believed Earthquakes caused by underground whatGiant Spider52Los Angeles alone has more than the whole of France - whatJudges53In Florida women can be fined for falling asleep under whatHair Drier54In 19th century Florence it was illegal for women to wear whatButtons55What is the official state food of TexasChilli56What was the name of Rip Van Winkles dogWolf57Woodbury soap was the first to show what in its advertisementsFull length nudewoman 193658Danakill tribe Ethiopia - mans grave 1 stone for each what he didMan Killed5924% of American adults admitted to participating in whatIllegal Gambling60In what sport is the Charles Brownlow award for fairest playerAussie Rules Football61All living things contain whatWater62In ancient China what meat was reserved for the EmperorPork63The name Mark translates a whatHammer64Who was the Queen of SpartaHelen of Troy65Noologists study whatThe Mind66What is known as Radishes in DenmarkCartoon strip Peanuts67What common item in India are RoundPlaying Cards68In New York it is illegal to shoot what from a moving trolley carRabbits69What animal was the symbol of freedom in ancient RomeCat70In what sport did Prince Leopold of Bavaria competeMotor Racing71Where did the Angel falls get its namePilot Jimmy Angel crashed 193772SOS the distress message stands for whatNothing - NOT saveour souls73In Japan what is Yomiyuri ShimbunNewspaper worldsbest seller74What is the national drink of PolandMead75What is the worlds most popular first nameMohammed76Old Joe was the name of what on whereCamel on CamelCigarettes77What is never shown in a Las Vegas CasinoThe Time - No Clocks78In Mork and Mindy what was the capitol of OrkKork79The name Gregory is from the Greek meaning whatWatchman80In what sport did Jeffery Archer win an Oxford Blue (USA Letter)Athletics81Pope Clement VII made it illegal for anyone else to eat whatMushrooms82The Emperor Augustus banned his men wearing silk - whyIt was Effeminate83The Average American does what 22 times a dayOpens Fridge84What was the first movie to have a sequel - 1933King Kong - Son ofKong85Who made a TV advertisment for Southern Maid DoughnutsElvis Presley86Time Magazine named what as the Man of the Year 1982The Computer87The first official baseball hat was made of whatStraw88The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band first USA group to do what 1977Tour USSR89In Queensland Australia pubs must still have whatHitching rail forhorses90Baseball is not sport - state of mind - cant learn it - what authorJohn Steinbeck91What animals teeth were used as knife blades by the IndiansBeaver92The word tragedy is Greek what does it literally meanGoat Song - used tosacrifice goats93H14 N2 is a poisonous alkaloid consumed daily by millions whatNicotine94Timbucktoo is in which countryMali95Mr Cat Poop was the Chinese translation what Nicholson filmAs Good as it Gets96What food item are most people allergic toCows Milk97Two out of every five American women do whatDye their Hair98A duffer is Australian slang for whatCattle Thief99What common 4 legged animals never walk or trotRabbits100L'Equipe is French daily newspaper covering mainly whatSportPage 4310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 22Answers1In what game would you see Stamen, Blackwood and GerberBridge2What was the name of John Steinbeck's dogCharley Standard Poodle3The male of what species explodes on mating - then diesHoneybee4From what modern country does damask come fromSyria5Anethum tastes a little like aniseed - what herb is itDill6If you were studying Iatrology what would you be studyingScience of Medicine7In Wisconsin its against state law to serve apple pie without whatCheese8In York its legal to kill a Scotsman (not Sunday) what weaponBow and Arrow9What comes in varieties called Duncan, Burgundy and MarshGrapefruit10The United Nations in New York were originally whereSan Francisco11What is the last element - AlphabeticallyZirconium12In what country is the northernmost point of AfricaTunisia13What kind of animal is Jormangard in Norse mythologySerpent14Assassin Magazine and Sofa come from which languageArabic15In what book did we meet the Eoli and the MorlocksThe Time Machine HG Wells16In what film - Charlie Chaplain have his first speaking part 1940The Great Dictator Adenoid Hinkel17Where was Harry Houdini bornBudapest Hungary18Ville Marie was the original name of whereMontreal19Omphalitis is an infection of what part of the bodyNavel20In Call of the Wild by Jack London what was the dogs nameBuck21Charles Bingley was a character in what classic novelPride and Prejudice22What are formed by OrogenyMountains23Ha'aretz is a newspaper in which countryIsrael24Vootery is the practice of whatDeceit or Lying25Which is the worlds busiest metro systemMoscow26Fluctat nec Mergitor - Wave tossed but not sunk - Cities MottoParis27In New Jersey what is it illegal for a man to do fishing seasonKnit28What job would a Foley Artist doIncidental moviesound effects29What links Caprino Ziegenkase and GaiskasliGoats Cheese30What Prophet in the Bible had a talking donkeyBalaam31Who did Perseus turn into stone with the Gorgons headAtlas32What are a Boomer and a Blue FlierAdult Male FemaleKangaroo33What is Kabuki in JapanCommon peoplestheatre34Quinsy is the inflammation of which body organ due to abscessTonsils35In what religion are the Vedas a central partHindu36St Boniface is the Patron Saint of which countryGermany37Which boys name means - he who resembles GodMichael38Scrambled Eggs was the working title of which Beatles songYesterday39Abracadabra comes from what languageHebrew40Le Poireau is what type of vegetablesLeek41In Switzerland what device is illegal on SundaysLawnmower42Edith Knight wrote which classic story (later filmed)Lassie come home43In what country does Disney's Beauty and the Beast take placeFrance44The ancient Egyptian word for cat was mau - what does it meanTo see45In what game would you use a squidgerTiddlywinks Bigdisc46Trouw is a newspaper in what countryNetherlands47In Hood river Oregon what do you need a licence to doJuggle48Who is the Patron Saint of housewivesMartha49What common word comes from the Latin for who are youQuiz50What is unusual about mating in the whiptail lizardNo Males - females clone Page 4410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 22Answers51In Alberta what are you not allowed to Paint (its illegal)Wooden Log52Dish served A la Crecy is garnished with whatCarrots53What is studied in AerologyPlanet Mars54Why did sailors wear tattoosPrevent Catching Pox55What were early diaphragms IUD - Dutch cap made fromOrange skin - Half an orange56In Greek myth who was the first womanPandora57M31 is the nearest galaxy to us - what is its other nameAndromeda58Napoleon had a fear of what - AelurophobiaCats59Where are the most expensive seats at a bullfightShade - Sombra60Where does the word COP come fromConstable on Patrol61Who had the motto Non Sans Droit - not without rightWilliam Shakespeare62What is the oldest known scienceAstronomy63The Louvre Museum - Palace - but what was it firstFort64If you committed Vaticide who would you have killedProphet65If you graduate with a degree in music what colour tassel wearPink66Scandinavian aquavit is flavoured with whatCumin or Caraway67In Main what is it illegal to step out of Flying Plane68In the Bible who built the ancient city of BabylonNimrod69Matador and Sniff are two varieties of what gameDominoes70Paul Morel was a character in which classic novelSons and Lovers71Ananas is French for what foodPineapple72What fictional archaeologist trained under Prof Abner RavenwoodIndiana Jones73What singer did Elvis Presley say was the greatest in the worldRoy Orbison74To whom is the Wizard of Oz dedicatedThe Young in Heart75In Wyoming in June it is illegal to take a picture of whatA Rabbit76What is the name of Alice's cat Disney Alice in WonderlandDinah77Burke and Hare supplied which doctor with cadaversDr Knox78Fran Philps of Canada was the first woman to do whatReach the North Pole79What was the first team sport played in the modern OlympicsWater Polo80Philadelphia cream cheese was introduced in what cityNew York81What was Barnaby Jones usual tippleMilk82Alopecia meaning baldness comes from Greek word for whatFox - Mange = Bald83In Chicago it is illegal to eat in a restaurant that is whatOn Fire84Who played Commodious in the Oscar winning GladiatorJoaquin Phoenix85What was the first USA team to win the Stanley CupSeattle Metropolitans86What actress said "I acted vulgar - Madonna is vulgar"Marlene Dietrich87In Pennsylvania it is illegal to sell fireworks to whoPennsylvania residents88Clamart means what food will be used in the dishPeas89Arthur Flegenheimer became notorious under what nameDutch Schultz90Old superstition - a sneezing cat means whatIt will rain91What does the family name Perkins meanThe Rock92What instrument does Grumpy play in Disney's Snow WhiteOrgan93Vienna is the setting for what Shakespeare playMeasure for Measure94What was discovered at QumranDead Sea Scrolls95The giant Kvasir in Norse mythology has what powerWisdom96Annuit Coeptis - Novis ordo seclorum - mottos on what itemReverse Great SealUSA97Kimgazer is a newspaper in what countryCyprus98Rawdon Crawley was a character in what classic novelVanity Fair99In Minnesota what pleasurable activity is totally illegalOral Sex100If you practice Encraty what are you doingAbstinence or Self RestraintPage 4510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 23Answers1By law in China to go to school you must be whatIntelligent2Three Scottish kings and eight Popes share what nameAlexander3What Latin word means elsewhereAlibi4Pompeii was buried by Vesuvious in AD 79 - what other cityHerculaneum5What emergency safety device was first used in 1945Ejector Seat6What is the literal meaning of GraffitiScratched Drawings7Russian word means dissolute - nickname Gregory EfimovitchRasputin8What is the only French speaking republic in AmericasHaiti9What Italian word means swankMafia10By law in Denmark before driving you must check car for whatChildren Underneath1151 what were destroyed by the Great fire of LondonChurches12And who was commissioned to rebuild themSir Christopher Wren13Lusitania was the Roman name of what modern countryPortugal14What was the first day of the year in the Roman calendar25th March15What is the royal house of MonacoGrimaldi16What boys name would be signalled in Morse by six dashesTom17What Spanish title is equivalent to princessInfanta18What Japanese word means good for nothingYakuza19Who played The Talented Mr RipleyMatt Damon20In Israel on Saturday its illegal to do whatPick Your Nose21Yggdrasil is what in Norse mythologyTree22A haemodializar is a mechanical whatKidney23Kerkira is the Greek name for what IslandCorfu24Who signed the Magna Carta at RunnymeadNo One - John sealedit illiterate25In what country was Bonnie Prince Charlie bornItaly26What does Karaoke literally meanEmpty Orchestra27Who was the first French women's designer to design for menPierre Cardin28What is the bass Xylophone calledMarimba29Gladys Mary Smith became famous under what nameMary Pickford30By law what unpopular thing must prostitutes now do in HollandPay Income Tax31What would you do with your koko in JapanPlay it Musicalinstrument32Around the alter of which God were the early Greek plays doneDionysus33Geococcyx Californicus is what (cartoon) animalRoad Runner34A Scotsman tosses his caber - what does caber literally meanPole35Mintonette was the original name of what sportVolleyball36Tia Maria - Vodka and Coke make what cocktailBlack Russian37Clarence Birds Eye had what jobFur Trader38In what country did stamp collecting startFrance39Which Shakespeare play has an English placename in its titleThe merry wives ofWindsor40By Law Portland Oregon a minister cannot marry a couple whereIce Rink41What's the name of the worlds first National theatre Paris 1680Comedie Francaise42Who wrote The Witches of EastwickJohn Updike43E H Shepherd illustrated which series of storiesWinnie the Pooh44Albrecht Durer drew what - without ever seeing oneRhinoceros45Bam Yat and Holon are in which countryIsrael46Where do the White and Blue Niles joinKhartoum - in Sudan47What appears in the middle of the Rwandan flagCapital R48Kakiemon is what Japanese productPorcelain49Aotearoa is Maori name for New Zealand - what's it meanLong Daylight50By Law Lexington Kentucky what can't you carry in your pocketIce CreamPage 4610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 23Answers51What two sports use malletsCroquet - Polo52C2 H5 OH is the formula of whatAlcohol53In what country is LegolandDenmark54Who was assassinated by her own bodyguard in 1984Indira Ghandi55Who said - Remember time is moneyBenjamin Franklin56Which of Jesus disciples was the treasurerJudas Escariot57In the Old Testament who married his cousins Leah and RachelJacob58Aegis belonged to Zeus what was AegisA Shield59What disease is spread in minute water dropletsLegionnaires Disease60By Law - Nebraska Barbers can't do what between 7 am 7 pmEat Onions61Who was the governor of New South Wales in 1808Captain William Bligh62Who said "necessity is the mother of invention"Ovid63Which metal gets its name from Swedish for heavy stoneTungsten64Solanum Tuberosum is the Latin name for what plantPotato65What are young bats calledPups66What plant has flowers but no leavesCactus67What is the Latin word for liquid produced by the Ficus ElasticaLatex68Where in a woman would you find the pisiform boneWrist69In Greek mythology who were the guardian spirits of the seaNeriads70By Law in North Carolina you can't do whatSing out of Tune71In what country are the ports Oran and BoneAlgeria72St Luke followed what profession before joining JesusMedicine73I will please is the Latin translation of what medical treatmentPlacebo74What mountain - Greeks believe was the home of the MusesHelicon75Who was Led Zeppelins original lead singerRobert Plant76Beverly Hillbillies Bank managers secretary - full nameJane Hathaway77Nick Nolte played the Poor Man who played the Rich ManPeter Strauss78The character Lieutenant Pinkerton appears in what workMadam Butterfly79Which metallic element atomic no 83 soothes Gastric UlcersBismuth80By Law In Washington it is illegal to do whatRide an ugly Horse81In what city is the worlds largest medieval cathedralSeville82Who was the Roman Goddess of peacePax83In wacky races what were the gang of criminals calledThe Ant Hill Mob84I get around was a hit for which groupBeach Boys85Inspector Bucket appears in which Dickens novelBleak House86UK band involved in a US court case - Subliminal messages 80sJudas Priest87Vodka and orange makes up what cocktailScrewdriver88Who plays Data in Star Trek the Next GenerationBrent Spiner89What is the SI unit of illuminationLux90By Law in Massachusetts what can you not do to a pigeonScare it91Stanley Burrell became famous as whoMC Hammer92Who created the cartoon character DroopyTex Avery93Who wrote The Prime of Miss Jean BrodieMuriel Spark94What is the Latin name for the North StarPolaris95What is a TragopanA HimalayanPheasant96What is a baby squirrel calledKit or Kitten97Marduk was the creator of the world to what ancient peopleBabylonians98Who said - "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation"Henry Thoreau99What links Colorado and WyomingRectangles on USAmap100By law in Boston what is banned from the back seat of a carGorillasPage 4710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 24Answers1By Law in Tulsa you need a licensed engineer to open whatSoda Bottle2Alphonso D'Abruzzo became famous as whoAlan Alda3Who had a job as a Grave DiggerRod Stuart4Who is Warner Brothers oldest cartoon characterPorky Pig5July 14th is a national day of celebration in what countryFrance - Bastille Day - from 17896If you are born in March what is your FlowerViolet7What should be given on the 9th wedding anniversaryPottery - some saywillow849% of Americans go out to dinner on what dayTheir Birthday9CANAM is a major competition in what 'sport'Cheerleading10By law Las Cruces New Mexico can't carry what in mainstreetLunchbox11Who would use a Pig'in StringCalf Roper Rodeo Tie its feet12One eighth of the US population have done whatWorked inMacDonald's13Do This constantly 9 year 11month 3day 43 min power = A bomb what Pass Wind - Fart14Do this 11 yr 6mn 18 day 12 min - power to heat a cup coffeeWhat Shout15Eight Arms To Hold You - working title - what movieBeatles Help16Roger Bresnahan introduced what to baseball in 1907Shin Guards17What is the only word in English that ends in mtDreamt18What city was once called YorkToronto - by Britishgovernor 179319What star once sold lingerie door to doorBurt Lancaster20What type of candy is banned in Washington stateLollypops21David Robert Hayward-Jones became famous as whoDavid Bowie22What sport is legal in only 16 American StatesGreyhound Racing23What is a VitrineGlass Display Cabinet24Grevys and Burchells are types of what animalZebra25What was Fonzies favourite magazineHot Rod26In what American state do most people walk to workAlaska27What was Bugs Bunnies original nameHappy Rabbit28Who was Ben Casey's bossDr Zorba2991% of Americans do what regularlyLie30In Alabama it is illegal to be what while drivingBlindfolded31Top USA food consumption days - Xmas Thanksgiving and whatSuper Bowl Sunday32What word spelled the same French, English, German, SwedishTaxi33Hamburgers were invented in what countryChina34Lalo Schifrin composed which famous TV series themeMission Impossible plus others35Eureka - is the state motto of what stateCalifornia36Clinophobia is the fear of whatBeds37You dot your i - what is the dot calledTittle38What star had a job as aircraft factory inspectorMarilyn Munroe39Ernest Evans became famous under what nameChubby Checker40In Montana it is a felony for a wife to open her husbands whatMail41Where could you see or do an Ollie and a McTwistSkateboarding42What country does French toast come fromItaly - Rome43What boy scout merit badge is earned most oftenFirst Aid44Who was the wise cat in TS Eliot's book of catsOld Deuteronomy45What company first guaranteed satisfaction or your money backMontgomery Ward187446What actor did time on a Georgia Chain Gang - Escaped 6 daysRobert Mitchum Vagrancy47One in four Americans has done whatAppeared on TV48In 1974 Somalia created its first ever whatWritten language49What is the birth flower for JanuaryCarnation50In Arkansas it is illegal to keep what in your bathtubAlligatorPage 4810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 24Answers51In Georgia what can you not keep in your bathtubDonkey52Leonard Sly became famous as whoRoy Rodgers53Perry Como the singer once worked as whatA Barber54What colour did Ida McKinley ban from the White HouseYellow55Who said "computers are useless they only give you answers"Pablo Picasso56What country has a Bible on its flagDominican Republic57What animal can smell a virgin same type from miles awayGypsy Moth5867% of the worlds population have never done whatMake a phone call59In Albany NY in winter children were arrested for what illegal actSledging and sledgeswere broken60What county first used pepperChina61In Florida public singing is illegal if you are wearing whatSwimsuit62What was the first USA TV series screened in the USSRFraggle Rock63Every year 8800 people injure themselves with whatToothpick6498% of Japanese citizens are whatCremated65What is the only number in English that has letters in alpha orderForty66Silvester in Germany is what day in USA / EnglandNew Years Eve67What is the worlds largest herbBanana68What is the only river that flows both north and south of equatorThe Congo69An average American consumes 600 what a yearCans of Soda70Clark Gable had what job before actingTelephone Repairman71In Beaconsfield Quebec it is illegal to own whatLog Cabin72Who said "Too much of a good thing is wonderful"Mae West73What games name literally means To Grope FranticallyScrabble74What is the most ordered seafood item in a restaurantShrimp75Schmuck in German literally means whatJewellery76In Providence Rhode Island its illegal to buy what on a SundayToothbrush77What is Bart Simpson's middle nameJoJo78What was created in Canada in 1923 for first time criminalsA Spanking Machine79There are 42 what in a standard deck of cards (exclude jokers)Eyes80Mary Cathering Collins became famous as whoBo Derek81In Minnesota it is illegal to wear what in bedNothing ie be naked82Raquel Welch was once a whatWeathergirl83What happens to 12% of Americans each yearArrested84In 1983 a Japanese artist copied the Mona Lisa in what materialToast85In US on what Day are most collect calls reverse charges madeFathers Day86What was Jimmy Hoffas middle nameRiddle87What country has the most doughnut shops per capitaCanada88Poona was the original name of what sport/gameBadminton89Who sang the theme song for The Love BoatJack Jones90What links Pauldron Crisse Gorget and TassleKnights Armour91In Cheyenne Wyoming its illegal to do what on a WednesdayTake a shower92Who invented ScissorsLeonardo Da Vinci93What is the name for 100th of a secondA Jiffy94Who said "never kick a fresh turd on a hot day"Harry S Truman95Who was the first African American to play in a NBA gameEarl Lloyd9610% (by weight) of the worlds land animals are what speciesAnts97Where is the Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame locatedAbilene Kansas98Diane Belmont became famous as whoLucille Ball99What star was once a vacuum cleaner salesmanRock Hudson100In Texarkana it s illegal to ride a horse at night without whatTail LightsPage 4910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 25Answers1In Connecticut a pickle must do what to be legalBounce2What links Sergeant Joe Friday and Babe Ruth714 - Fridays badgeno Ruth record314% of Americans could not identify which country on a mapAmerica4What is the only bird with a fully formed penisSwan5In the film Gremlins what is the true name for Gizmos raceMogwi6What are the ridges on corduroy calledWales7What is the official sport of MarylandJousting8In Italian translation who is Mr Kiss Kiss Bang BangJames Bond9It is against the law to do what to the Mayor of ParisStare at Him10Old apothecaries weights 20 grains in a whatScruple11In Hartford Connecticut it is illegal to educate whatYour dog12The milk of what creature will not curdleCamel13Collective nouns - what are a group of apes calledShrewdness14What do cockroaches do every fifteen minutesFart15The initials pc on a medicine means it should be taken whenAfter Meals16Where could you find a rundleLadder - it s a rung17In what city was the first US circus April 3rd 1793Philadelphia18Babies are born without whatKnee Caps - form at 2- 6 years19What animal eats rests and sleeps on its backSea Otter202% of Americans admit to doing whatAffair with Postman21In Vermont it is illegal to do what under waterWhistle22What was the worlds first X rated cartoonFritz the cat23Twinkies originally contained what flavoured creamBanana Changedww2 - no bananas24Enola Gay dropped the first A bomb - what plane dropped 2Bocks Car25Local law - Atwood con - cant play what if waiting politician speakScrabble26Mr Spocks blood was green - but what groupT - Negative27Sigmund Freud had a phobia - what was he afraid ofFerns28In ancient Egypt what food was reserved for the PharaohsMushrooms29Noah's Ark had two of everything including what featureWindows30Thomas Holden was the first to top what listFBI ten most wanted31In Portland Maine it is illegal to put what under a girls chinFeather Duster32Methacrylate resin is used to make whatProsthetic eyes3380% of Americans say they believe in whatMiracles34In what city was the worlds first blood bank opened 1940New York RichardCharles Drew35The Invisible Empire is better known as whatKlu Klux Klan36A castrated male reindeer is known as whatBull37What is the most played song on radio USA in 20th centuryYou've lost that lovingfeeling38Between 1804 - 1873 1676 patents issued for what itemWashing Machine39Often a bridesmaid never a bride advertised whatListerine40What does WD stand for in WD 40Water Displacer41In Baldwin Park California where is it illegal to ride your bikeIn a Swimming Pool42If you were caught pandiculating what were you doingYawning431 in 20 women say they have never touched whatShovel44Persian Sultan Selim hanged 2 doctors - advised him stop whatDrinking Coffee45White Fungus is the best selling canned what in ChinaSoup46What is the most popular meal ordered in US restaurantsFried Chicken47In what country are Fuji Film rolls madeGermany48D D Palmer was the worlds first whatChiropractor Osteopath49What animals head appears on the label of Gordon's GinBoar50What happens every 45 seconds in the USAHouse FirePage 5010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 25Answers51In Germany what can you not wear during a strikeA Mask52What colour toothbrush do most people haveBlue53Homichloriphobia is the fear of whatFog54What is Pennsylvania's official drinkMilk5560% of English women cannot orgasm without whatVibrator56Who was Time magazine man of the year 1952Queen Elizabeth II57In what film was the first flushing toilet seenPsycho58The word vinegar come from French meaning whatSour Wine59In ancient Rome by law prostitutes had to do whatDye blond or wearblond wig60In Athens they can remove your driving licence if found whatPoorly dressed orunbathed61In Paris what has been defined as a deadly weaponAshtray6280% of vibrator using English women don t do what with itInsert it63In Bavaria what is defined as a staple foodBeer64There are more what in Italy than Canadians in CanadaBarbie Dolls65What animal has a forked penisPossum66What did the word bald originally meanClean or White67In what Hitchcock film does he NOT appearLifeboat68What colour is a Grasshoppers bloodWhite69The average male loses a lb (weight ) of what in 10 yearsBeard7039% of women admit doing this to their boyfriendThrowing a shoe at him71In Saudi Arabia by law women may not become whatA Doctor72What country eats the most cereal per capitaTurkey73Most blue eyed cats are whatDeaf74Humphry Bogart played Rick in Casablanca - Rick WhoFleming75There are one what for every 6 people in CanadaRiver76Ancient Egyptians worshiped what food itemCabbage77America what is the second most common word said before dieShit78What cartoon character was born April 1st 1980Bart Simpson79What was the first ocean liner to have a swimming poolTitanic80The word for soda in Japanese when translated means whatPoisoned Water81In California it is illegal to eat what while bathingOranges82What is unusual about a Racoons penisContains a bone83Eskimo culture encourages male visitors to do whatSleep with hosts wife84What is South Carolinas official state danceThe Shag85Who was the first US to have indoor plumbing installedHenry WadsworthLongfellow86Who started life as Dippy DawgGoofy87Who is the Patron Saint of bricklayersSt Steven88Whose horse was called TravellerRobert E Lee89In Texas it is illegal to have oral sex with whatA Chicken90Saudi Arabia law women get divorce if husband don t give her itWhat? - Coffee91Who was the first female monster to appear on filmBride of Frankenstein92The back of what item is called a goreA Sock93What is Homer Simpson's middle nameJay94In 1000 bc Israelites paid their taxes in whatRaisins95In 1999 470 Chinese were injured by whatExploding beer bottles96The word Calendar comes from Latin and means whatTo Call Out97In what musical note do most toilets flushE Flat9885% of women do whatWear wrong bra size99In Maine it is illegal to bite your own whatLandlord100We've only just begun was background music advertising whatBank - R Carpenterheard itPage 5110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 26Answers1In California it is illegal to do what in a hotel roomPeel an Onion2The numbers on what if added come to 666Roulette wheel3What do chimpanzees do when nervousMasturbate4The average person does what 16 times a daySwear5Every year 11000 Americans are injured doing whatTrying out bizarre sexpositions6Pigs Eye was the original name of what Minnesota citySt Paul7What links Fantasy Devils Coral and ChristmasIslands8Who was the founder of the Quakers (both names)George Fox9What actor links Von Ryan's Express - Magnificent SevenBrad Dexter10In Michigan illegal woman do what without husband permissionCut her hair11What was a Spiney PearPineapple12What happens every 30 seconds in AmericaTeenage pregnancy13In China if you order white tea - what do you getBoiled Water14What was the original scumbagCondom15The name of which animal means does not drinkKoala16Who wrote the novel SHE (both names)Rider Haggard17Ennio Morricone wrote the music for what film seriesGood bad ugly etcSpaghetti westerns18Who was poisoned - shot - and drowned river Neva 1916Rasputin19Franklin was a US state till 1796 what's it now calledTennessee20In Saskatchewan it is illegal to watch what if drinking boozeStrippers ExoticDancers21Name only non electrical musical instrument invented 20th centSteel Drums22Who are Mickey Mouse's nephewsMortie and Ferdie23Suomi is the name the natives give to what countryFinland2437% of women prefer what to sexShoe shopping25What creature has a penis 20 times the length of its bodyBarnacle26Thomas Edison had a phobia what was itThe Dark27Who had a dog called BoatswainLord Byron28Collective Nouns - a Convocation of whatEagles29What TV character lived in Waratah National ParkSkippy 30In Arkansas it is illegal to serve what drink at a partyPetrol - Gasoline31What was the name of the horse before Silver in lone rangerDusty32On an average day in USA 40 people are hurt doing whatTrampolining33Armand Tarmizan is the 'real' name what cartoon characterPrinciple Skinner34In proportion which animal has the largest eyeCat35Canada is an Indian word meaning whatBig Village36Walt Disney had an obsessive compulsion with whatCleanliness - washed hands every 5 min37What links Kelly Highway Block and WalesClint Eastwoodcharacter names38Who sang the theme song in From Russia with LoveMatt Munroe39There are 16 bottles of Champagne in a what Balthazar40It is illegal to cross the Iowa state boundaries wearing whatDuck on your head41Married men do it twice as often as single men whatChange Underwear42What is the most commonly used descriptive word on menusMom43What is Lieutenant Colombo's first namePhilip44What American building has double - needed toilets -segregatedPentagon45Pigs can become what - like humansAlcoholics46What shape is Anelli pastaRings47In UK its 10 USA its 8 Continental Europe its 38 what isWomen's dress size48What was the name of Abraham Lincolns dog Stabbed to deathFido49Terra Psittacorum was an early name for which countryAustralia50In Switzerland it is illegal to do what in an apartment after 10pmFlush ToiletPage 5210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 26Answers51Vermont woman cant wear what without written husbands permitFalse Teeth52What is the German word for poisonGift53Chicago comes from a native Indian word that means whatPlace that smells bad54Walt Disney in an interview admitted he was scared of whatMice5598% of Americans feel better about themselves after doing whatFlushing Toilets56Its cold enough to freeze balls off a Brass Monkey - what is itStack brass cannonballs57Dom Perignon invented champagne - what elseCorks in bottles58Which nationality drinks the most coffee per person per daySweden59What links Helicon Hutchinson Macmillan and PenguinBook Publishers60In France it is illegal to sell what dollET - Dolls human faces only61How many ponies did the pony express use weeklyNone - They used only horses6283% of all Americans purchase what productPeanut Butter63Madrid there are more what in one street than all of FinlandBars64A Woman to Remember was the worlds first what in Feb 1947TV Soap Opera65Collective Nouns - a Cast of whatFalcons66What links Jack Loving Girls and NurseCarry on Films67What does the girls name Rebecca meanNoose68If you landed at Carthage airport where would you beTunis69Who is the Patron Saint of Young BoysSt Pancreas70In Salt lake city it is illegal to carry an unwrapped what in streetUkulele7196% of American children can recognise - whoRonald MacDonald72It is estimated that at any give time 1% world s population is whatDrunk73The first puck used in an ice hockey game was made of whatFrozen cow shit74A Gandy Dancer has what jobRailroad repair gang75What links Grey Bean Canada Brent Barnacle Types of Goose76What is 3 for a child 6 a woman 9 for a manFuneral Bell Tolls77Moses 10 plagues on Egypt - what was the fourthFlies78The Blur Max medal was named after Max whoMax Immelmann79Berlin stands on which riverSpree80In Texas its illegal to put graffiti on your neighbours whatCow81What country introduced the secret ballot for government 1856Australia - Victoria 27 - 8 - 185682Where does the American flag fly 24 / 7 never taken downMoon83Who wrote Sleeping beauty, Mother Goose, Puss in BootsCharles Perrault84Married men in France use more what than their wivesCosmetics85In Animal Farm Benjamin was what type of creatureDonkey86What does Trivia literally meanThree Roads87There are 12 bottles of champagne in a whatSalmanazar88If you landed at Schipol airport where are youAmsterdam89What shape is Farfallini pastaSmall Butterflies90In Knoxville Tennessee it is illegal to lasso whatFish91To an Australian what is an eskyPortable Beer Cooler92What country eats most turkey per capita annuallyIsrael93The W H O recons there are 100 million what each daySex acts94On average man uses 2000 - woman 7000 what a dayWords95Collective nouns - A Troubling of whatGoldfish96Who founded the Samaritans in 1953 (both names)Chad Varah97What links Hong Kong Singapore Rio and UtopiaRoad Films9852% of Americans would rather spend a week in jail than WhatBe President99What was Jimmy Stuarts middle nameCrane100In America what colour is the Green CardWhitePage 5310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 27Answers1What is the non obvious link Superman 1 and the GodfatherMario Puzo write bothstories2Collective nouns - A bloat of whatHippotomi3Champagne bottles - 6 bottles of champagne are in a whatRheoboam4Fiochetti is what shaped pastaBows5Calvados or Apple Brandy and Dubonnet make what cocktailBentley6What city stands on the Hooghly riverCalcutta7Chloe the girls name means whatGreen shoot8Cockney rhyming slang what is elephants (trunk)Drunk9Philippe Pages became famous as whoRichard Clayderman10What links Ygrana - Valentino and CerruttiParis fashion houses11Who is the Patron Saint of cooksSt Laurence12Where was Rin Tin Tin setFort Apache - Arizona13If you landed at Capodichino airport where are youNaples14The Merryman and his Maid alt title what G&S operettaThe Yeomen of theGuard15Americans consume 2 billion lbs of what each yearChocolate16A bear is ursine - what bird is pavoninePeacock17What European countries flag is squareSwitzerland18Where would you find your lunulaFingernail - white part19What European capital city is NOT on a riverMadrid20Who only author to have a book in every Dewy-Decimal categoryIsaac Asimov21What is an octothropeThe # symbol22Only female humans and what have hymensHorses23Hari-Kari is vulgar name Seppuku - what's it literally meanBelly Splitting24Captain Jean Luc-Picard keep a fish called whatLivingston25In I love Lucy what was Lucy Ricardo's maiden name McGillicuddy26Tigers have stripped fur - what colour is their skinStripped27What were Cinderella's slippers originally made fromFur - changes to glassin 1600s28Where would you find a porcelatorSink - it s the topdrainhole29Whose final words were "It hurts"Charles De Gaulle30Collective nouns - A parcel of whatHinds31Wine barrels - There are 83 gallons in a whatPuncheon32Mafalde is what shaped pastaCorrugated Strips33Vodka - Triple Sec and lime juice make what cocktailKamikaze34Frankfurt stands on what riverMain35Thomas the boys name means whatTwin36Michael Dumble-Smith became famous as whoMichael Crawford37Who is the Patron Saint of learningSt Ambrose38Turnov Rusty and Bobo appear in what stage musicalStarlight Express39Which nation invented sauerkrautChinese40Henry Fords first car lacked something we expect - whatReverse gear41What bird has the most feathers per square inchPenguin42One death per day is caused by whatWrong prescription / dose handwriting43400 what per week permanently close in the USAChurches4450% of 17 year old Americans can't do what according 700 clubRead45In 1979 what did President Carter apologise to Australia aboutSkylab falling on theircountry46A dog is canine - what animal is ovineSheep47How did Liverpool football club get AnfieldEverton evicted notpaying rent48Old Eng law - you can't beat wife with anything wider than whatYour thumb Thus rule of Thumb49If you landed at Cannon airport where are youReno50Cockney Rhyming slang what is Mutt (mutt and jeff)DeafPage 5410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 27Answers51What links Iguanas, Koalas and Kimono DragonsTwo Penises52Who wrote the Dune series of SF novelsFrank Herbert53What would you use you zygomaticus muscle forSmiling54In what city is the Encyclopaedia Britanica based and publishedChicago55These were invented - 51 years later us president got one - whatTelephone on his desk56David Cook became famous as whoDavid Essex57What capitol city stands on the Tagus River Lisbon58White creame de menthe and brandy make what cocktailStinger59Barrel sizes - there are 18 gallons in a whatKilderkin60Collective nouns - An array of whatHedgehogs61Routine is what shaped pastaWheels62Amy the girls name means whatBeloved63Who is the Patron Saint of TVSt Clare64Wakame Tengusa and Mozuku are Japanese whatEdible seaweed65Tennis what links Coke Rolex Slazenger Robinson's Barley waterOnly advertsWimbledon Centre 66Who rode RocinanteDon Quixote67What US president was nicknamed Miss NancyJames Buchanan68If you landed at Hanedi airport where are youTokyo69On what common object would you find a sleeve and a trayA Matchbox70Jonathan Buttall is well known in art by what nameGainsborough's BlueBoy71Only two elements liquid room temperature - mercury and whatBromine72Alfred Nobel invented dynamite what did father Immanuel inventPlywood73What was checkpoint Charlie named afterCharlie PhoneticAlphabet74Where would you find Saracens Bluestones and TrilithonsStonehenge75In Japan what is JigaliFemale Suicide76Thomas Harris created what characterHannibal Lector 77George Hoy-Booth became famous as whoGeorge Formby78In Cockney rhyming slang what is a butchers (butchers hook)Look79Corzetti is what shaped pastaCoin shaped80What city stands on the Maas River Rotterdam81A cat is feline - what animal is murineMouse or Rat82Mildrid Harris Lita Grey Paulette Goddard Oona O Neil - LinkCharlie Chaplainswives83What was first work of fiction blessed by the PopeBen Hur LewWallace84What Hollywood actress was the Laurence Olivier of OrgasmsHedy Lamarr85What is considered the most successful poem of all timeIf - Rudyard Kipling86Brand name was translated as Bite the wax tadpole in RussianCoca Cola87What was the first Beatles song licensed for use in a Nike addRevolution88What was the name of Dorothy Parkers ParrotOnan - He spilled hisseed on the ground89What is the Greek word for EgyptianCoptic90Teaching what subject banned Oxbridge Unis King George VIAstrology91The Aztecs Ayecotl is a forerunner of what current foodHaricot Beans92The King of Barataria alternative name what G&S operettaThe Gondoliers93If you landed at Lindberg airport where are youSan Diego94Who is the Patron Saint of Young VirginsSt Agnes95John Simon Richie became famous as whoSid Vicious96George the boys name means whatFarmer97Gin - lemon Juice - Sugar - Soda make what cocktailTom Collins98Tubetti lunghi is what pasta shapeElbows99Barrel sizes - there are 216 gallons in a whatTun100Collective nouns - An army of whatCaterpillarsPage 5510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 28Answers1Who wrote Three Men in a BoatJerome K Jerome2Who owned Rin Tin Tin in the seriesRusty3Collective nouns - A sleuth of whatBears4What was the name of the horse in Animal FarmBoxer5Barrel size - what beer barrel contains 108 gallonsButt6Bozzoli is what shape of pastaCocoons7Khons was the Egyptian god of whatMoon8What countries national anthem is The Bayambo songCuba9What film star was born in Sakhalin SiberiaYul Bryner10The Rimac river runs through what cityLima Peru11Who is the Patron Saint of ArtistsSt Luke12What does a Yellow Flag Red stripes mean in motor racingSlippery Track13If you landed at Merignac airport - where are youBordeaux14In The Beverly Hillbillies what was the name of Ellie's ChimpCousin Bessie15Name the book - first line - It was a pleasure to burnFahrenheit 451 RayBradbury16What is the worlds biggest professionTeaching17An Enologist studies whatWine18Who said "ability is useless without opportunity"Napoleon19In heraldry if an animal is passant what is it doingWalking20What is in the tyres of a commercial airlineNitrogen - Air freezes217% of Irelands annual barley crop is used for whatMaking Guinness22There are three parks in the USA dedicated to whatButterflies23YKK Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha worlds largest makers whatZips24Collective nouns - A sute of whatBloodhounds25Where was Keanu Reeves bornBeirut - Lebanon26Whose original name was JasperTom - From Tom andJerry27What common word in Morse is -- --- --MOM28What does the boys name Neil meanChampion - Irish29What links AP AUP CP ReutersNews Agencies30International dialling codes - what country has 61 as codeAustralia31Hitchcock film he did not appear Lifeboat 1944 who female starTallulah Bankhead32What composer wrote the Pomp and Circumstance marchesEdward Elgar33Rich Duncan Robert Whittle Thomas Suchanek champs sportHang Gliding34What bird has the maximum recorded life span 36 yearsHerring Gull RoyalAlbatross35The Golden Rain is the common name of what tree Laburnum36German wine is made from mainly what grapeRiesling37What is the flower of SeptemberAster or MorningGlory38What links Vespasian Titus Domitian NervaRulers Roman Empire69 - 9839What was the Italian Umberto Nobile first to do in 1926Airship CrossingNorth Pole40Dermaptera are what species of insectsEarwigs41In Blythe Ca. you cant wear cowboy boots unless you own whatMinimum 5 head ofcattle42Who rode a horse called DiomedDuke of Wellington43In Bonanza Hoss Cartwright was afraid of whatThe Dark44What links Hof Malomo Zagreb Belgrade Porto Varna VeveyInternational filmfestivals45Natasha Gurdin became famous as whoNatilie Wood46On average the French eat 20 million what a yearFrogs47What countries nation anthem is Land of Two RiversIraq48Collective nouns - An obstinacy of whatBuffalos49Who sang about Sylvia's MotherDr Hook50Barrel size - what wine barrel contains 126 gallonsPipePage 5610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 28Answers51What shape is Fusilli pastaCorkscrews52What famous person was born in Ahmaddnagar IndiaSpike Milligan53Who is the Patron Saint of SpainSt James54If you landed at Shannon airport where are youLimerick55What book starts with the words - Call me IshmaelMoby Dick 56In Massachusetts its illegal to have what in the bathroomA lightswitch57The FIS governs what sportInternational SkiFederation58Queen Alexandria's is the worlds largest whatButterfly 1 foot wing59France Chevalier Germany Ritter Spain Caballero what EnglishKnight60Who would use a chimere and a rochetBishop - parts of dress61VH international airline registration letters what countryAustralia62In USA 20s Mary 50s Linda 70s Michelle what most pop 90s nameAshley63What does a CAT scan stand forComputerised AxialTopography64What does the girls name Irene meanPeace - Greek65What's is the correct name for a female BadgerSow66Collective nouns - A train of whatCamels67What does a blue flag white cross mean in motor racingGive way or bedisqualified68In the Flintstones what was Betty Rubbles maiden nameBetty Jean McBricker69Samuel Hahnermann developed what type of therapyHomeopathy70What film won the best picture Oscar in 1967In the heat of the night71What are the Aki - Dai-shimizy - Seikan in JapanTunnels72Something Happened 74 Picture This 88 Closing Time 94 authorJoseph Heller73James Leblanche Stewart became famous under what nameStewart Granger74Who painted - A Girl Asleep - The Letter - The Kitchen MaidJan Vermeer75In what game do countries play for the Venice cupContract Bridge76BA British Airways AA American Airways what is AIAir India77In Roman mythology Faunus was the god of whatProphecy78Rosetta Jacobs became famous under what namePiper Laurie79What does the girls name Linda meanSerpent meaningwisdom80Myosotis is the Latin name for what blue flowerForget me Not81The WWSU governs what sportWorld Water SkiingUnion82Susan Abigail Tomalin became famous as whoSusan Saradon83International dialling codes - What country has 33 as its codeFrance84What links Augsburger - La Stampa - El Pais and DumaNewspapers GermanyItaly Spain Bulgaria85What countries national anthem is The Patriotic SongRussia86Who rode a horse called MagnoliaGeorge Washington87What pop singer was born in Lucknow IndiaCliff Richard88In Bonanza what was Hoss Cartwright's characters first nameEric89Who said "The child is the father of the man"Wordsworth90A Jocko is what type of animalChimpanzee or ape91Cockroaches will eat anything except whatCucumbers92Book It was a bright cold day in April and clocks were striking 131984 George Orwell93If you landed at Mirabel airport where are youMontreal94What sport would you see at Arthur ParkGrand Prix Racing95Who is the Patron Saint of huntersSt Hubert96Who sang Come on EileenDexies MidnightRunners97William the boys name means whatResolute Protector98What shape is Millerighi pastaTubes99Barrel size - what wine barrel size contains 10 gallonsAnker100Collective nouns - Team Plump Flush Safe Smeath of whatDucksPage 5710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 29Answers1What does the girls name Amy meanFit to be loved fromFrench2Rabbit 32 - Cat 62 - Ferret 42 - Squirrel 44 - Hedgehog 40 whatGestation days3The Tilia is the Latin name for what type of treeLime4What grape variety is used to make champagneChardonnay5What is the traditional gift for a sixth wedding anniversarySugar6In heraldry what shape is a pileInverted Pyramid7International Aircraft Registration what country is SUEgypt8What word is spelled out in Morse by - .. - dash dot dot dashTIT9What author was born in Petrovichi USSR in 1920Isaac Asimov10In 1964 Jett Bock composed the music for what hit showFiddler on the Roof11USA courts spend half their time with cases involving whatCars12In Greek what does the word climax meanLadder13In Australia what is the no 1 topping for pizzasEggs14What is the derivation of the word vanillaFrom Latin Vaginaresembled pod15Smell of lavender liquorice chocolate doughnuts increase whatBlood flow to penis16Bamboo harvester was the real name of what TV characterMr Ed17What animal has a prehensile penisDolphin18According to a survey what is Americans favourite smellBananas19Dismus and Gestas were whoRobbers next to Jesus20Collective nouns - a streak of whatTigers21Women do it 4 times to a mans once - whatShoplift2274% of American women say what is biggest dating turn offSwearing FoulLanguage23In Disney's Fantasia what is the Sorcerers nameYensid Disneyreversed24What is the major export of LiechtensteinFalse Teeth25What does the girls name Deborah meanBee - from Hebrew26What bird has the longest fledging period 360 daysKing Penguin27If you were eating a Malus Pumila what would it beApple28In Hazledon Pen a lecturer can't legally do what while workingSip CarbonatedDrinks29Daysypgal people suffer from whatHairy Arse30What creatures sex act lasts exactly two secondsMosquito3199% of India's Truck Drivers can't do whatRead Road Signs32What was the subject of the first book printed in EnglandChess33Who once had a job as a coffin polisherSean Connery34What has 12000 eyesA Butterfly35What does Scotland export to Saudi ArabiaSand36What's the most unusual official sporting event in ChinaGranade Throwing37What is opened somewhere every 4 secondsCan of Spam38A spat is a baby whatOyster39Only 55% of men do whatWash hands aftertoilet visit40What country is the worlds largest exporter of Frogs LegsJapan41In Idaho you cant give a citizen something more than 50lb - whatGift of candy42On average what contains 5 - 7 caloriesSingle ejaculation43Brasco is Australian slang for whatToilet44Queen Victoria said it the saddest place in all Christendom whereMearsyside45What is India's National FlowerLotus46What is The Daily Planet in AustraliaBiggest Brothel Listed company47What is Kimogayo in JapanNational Anthem48Penis comes from the Latin meaning whatTail4945 is the International Telephone dialling code for what countryDenmark50What does the girls name Donna meanLady - From LatinPage 5810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 29Answers51There are over 130000 species of what on earthButterflies52Quercus is the Latin name of what TreeOak53What is the most common plastic surgery performed USA menBreast Reduction54What river did the Pied Piper drown the rats inWeser55What did the first issue of Playboy in 1953 not haveDate - unsure if itwould continue56Every citizen of Kentucky must do what by law annuallyTake a bath57Why do lawyers traditionally wear blackMourning QueenMary Scotland58What gives piggy banks their namePygg - type of claytheir made from59What was the name of the Monkeys only film made in 1969Head60What snake builds a nestKing Cobra61what musical play - find a character called Magnolia HawksShowboat62The fable The Hare and the Tortoise - what animal judges raceThe Fox63What happened July 15 1815 on HMS BellerophonNapoleon surrendered64Who was Humphry Bogart's first wifeHelen Mencken65Herb Caen is credited with inventing what wordBeatnik66Collective nouns - a knot of whatToads67In England it is illegal to drive a car without doing whatSitting on front seat68RCA released the first LP in 1959 without artists name - who Elvis Presley69What was James Bonds fathers nameAndrew70ET drank which brand of beerCoors71Vladivostok stands on what body of waterSea of Japan72Who wrote the poem Kubla KhanSamuel TaylorColeridge73What is Little Red Riding Hoods nameBlanchette74If you were eating a Prunis Domesticia what would it bePlum75What does the girls name Zoe meanLife 76What is the traditional gift for a 13th wedding anniversaryLace77Who live in Frostbite falls MinnesotaRocky and Bullwinkle78The French call it L' Herbe Royal what do we call itBasil79Who was the star of The Sixth SenseBruce Willis80In North Dakota if you are in a covered wagon you can do whatShoot mountedIndians81Ismene and Antigone are whose daughtersOedipus82Ben Veeren played what character in Arthur Hailey's rootsChicken George83Where would you have found Binky Inky Pinky and Clyde Pac Man Ghosts84What type of food is Otak Otak in MalaysiaGrilled Fish Pate85What was the first film Paul Newman directedRachel Rachel86Bentlet Drummle appears in which Dickens novel Great Expectations87Who is The Incredible Hulks girlfriendBetty Ross88At Woodstock 1969 5550 what happenedBirths89Who appeared for the first time in Beetons Christmas AnnualSherlock Holmes90Who wrote the novel HeidiJohannes Spyri91Gulyas soup is a delicacy in what countryHungary92What is the correct name for a Hawaiian GooseNene93In 1845 Boston it was illegal to do what without a doctors noteBathe94In James Bonds books what was Dr No's first nameJulius95Collective nouns - A bale of whatTurtles96Who wrote the play Waiting for Godot in 1954Samuel Beckett9790 is the International Telephone dialling code what countryTurkey98In heraldry an animal reguardant is doing whatLooking backwards99What is the more common name for the BuddleiaButterfly Bush100What does the boys name Paul meanSmall - from LatinPage 5910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 30Answers1Lycopersicum esculentum is what common foodTomato2International Airline Registrations N is what countryAmerica320s Robert 50s Robert 70s Michael what US top boys name 90sMichael4What is Top Kanal in PolandCommercial TVstation5Rice-Kellogg invented what in 1924Loudspeakers6Breakfast at Tiffanies - famous film - who wrote the bookTruman Capote7Cecil B De Mille the film director had what middle nameBlount8If music was played leggiero how should it be doneLightly9Who sculpted Rima, Genisis and Ecco HomoJacob Epstein10The Fool in French and the Runner in German what in EnglishChess Bishop - Fou Laufer11In what game/sport is the McRobinson shield played forCroquet1253 is the international dialling code for what countryCuba13Nut - Neuth - Nuit alterative names Egyptian goddess of whatSky14In heraldry animals addorsed are in what positionBack to Back15The locals call it Al-Magrib what do we call this countryMorocco16Traditionally what should be given on an 11th anniversarySteel17Barbara, Carignan, Cinsaut, and Nebbilo are verities of whatItalian wine grapes18If you landed at Balice airport where would you beCracow Poland19Galt MacDermot wrote what 1967 musical stage showHair20What planet in our system is not named after a godEarth21By US Congress law 1832 citizens should do what annuallyFasting and prayer22What book was banned in Ireland in 1932Brave New World Aldus Huxley23In Breton Alabama there is a law against riding what down streetMotorboat24Who would use a claqueActor - Paid audienceclappers2518% of USA coins 7% of notes have what on themDangerous Bacteria26Oryza sativa is what staple food itemRice27Catherine the Great kept who in an iron cage in her bedroomWigmaker28The Selenas Valley was the rejected title what Steinbeck bookEast of Eden29Azote was the original name of what elementNitrogen30What animals cannot swimGorillas31In Riverside Cal its illegal to kiss unless both wipe lips with whatRose Water32What USA city is also a slang name for a pineappleChicago33What was banned in US movie theatres in the 1920sPopcorn - too noisy34If you were performing a fillip what are you doingSnapping Fingers35What unusual flavour did the Jell-O company try in 1942Cola36The interior of what is called the pasteCheese round37What was Robin Williams paid for Disney's Aladdin in 1982Scale $485 day +Picasso Painting38More than 40% of USA women were once whatGirl Scouts39What uses 28 calories if done for one minuteKiss40In 1820 what was taxed in MissouriBachelors41What is the official drink of the state of OhioTomato Juice42The Russian composer Alexander Borodin had what other jobChemistry ProfessorSt Petersburg4318% of animal owners do what with their petsShare beds44The UIT govern what sportInternational shootingunion4590% of Americans consider themselves whatShy46In Minnesota it is illegal to tease what animalSkunk47She is the Chinese name of what year (animal)Serpent48Who wrote The Deceiver 1991 and The Fist of God 1993Frederick Forsyth49What does the name Stephen mean - from the GreekCrown50International Airline Registrations SX is what countryGreecePage 6010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 30Answers51Sport variable ground size 120x150yd min 170x200 maxAussie rules football5250% of Dutch men have never done whatFlown in a plane 28%fear it53If you Absterse something what do you doClean it54Musa acuminata is what favourite food itemBanana55In a year the average person walks four miles doing whatMaking their bed56What was the first film to use stereophonic soundDisney's Fantasia57The letter B comes from Egyptian hieroglyphics meaning whatHouse58in 1995 13 books every minute sold in US were on what subjectStar Trek59There are more telephones than people in what cityWashington USA60In the middle ages you could be fined four pence murdering whoTravelling Musician61What food Scots once refuse to eat cos it was not in the BiblePotato6233% of what are fake in the USABlondes63What holiday islands have no rivers or lakes - rain water onlyBermuda64If you suffered from Chirospasm what have you gotWriters Cramp65What links Bob Hope John Huston Ryon O'Neil Bo DiddleyBoxers early in life66Little Jumping Flea literal trans of what Hawaiian instrumentUkulele67In Alaska it is illegal to look at a moose from whereWindow of anyaircraft68More that I/3 adults do what average 3 time each morningHit Snooze button onalarm clock69A furfy is Australian slang for whatFalse story or rumour70Who said China is a big country inhabited by many ChineseCharles de Gaulle71In a recent survey women disliked what part of male body mostFeet72The US had 5% world population and 70% of worlds whatLawyers73In 1902 What did Mary Anderson inventWindscreen Wipers74If you landed at Arlanda airport where would you beStockholm Sweden75The FEI govern what sportEquestrian76Traditionally what should be given on a 20th anniversaryChina77In Somalia its illegal to carry old chewing gum whereStuck on your nose78What food did the Romans call Pointed StickBroccoli - fromBrocca79Name the pet alligator in Miami ViceElvis80In California 22 " is the minimum legal length of saleable whatHalibut81On any given day half of Americans are on whatA special Diet82Gondolas in Venice are traditionally what colourBlack83Benjamin who was the first Lord Mayor of DublinGuinness84What country declared itself first atheist state in 1967Albania bannedreligion85Where was Bacardi originally madeCuba86What is six inches in height and no bigger by the rulesTable Tennis Net87Until 1862 there was a tax in England for those who used whatSoap88a Paralian always lives near whatThe Sea89The US uses up 7000 tons of what annuallyCurrency - it isshredded90Allium cepa - one of the lilicaea - world most used food itemOnion91International Airline Registrations OO is what countryBelgium92What vegetable was considered a cure for sex problems in old EgyptRadish93In Milan citizens can be fined $100 if they don t always do whatSmile - Not Hospitaland Funerals94What does the name Barbara mean - from GreekStrange or Foreign95The locals call it Misi what do we call this countryEgypt96Sport is played on a variable ground 50x100yd min 100x130 maxAssociation Football(soccer)97Cavalier in French Springer in German what in EnglishChess Knight 98Woodwind Instrument size between Clarinet and BassoonCor-anglais99Who wrote Of Human Bondage and The Moon and SixpenceSomerset Maugham100What is the Roman numerals for 3000MMMPage 6110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 31Answers1The lack of calcium in the diet causes what conditionRickets2Where would you find Lunate Triquetral and HamateBones in Wrist3What are Jean Bernard, Pierre St-Martin and Berger in FranceWorlds deep caves4Dallol Ethiopia has what claim to fameWorlds hottestaverage place 945Where are Bay of Heats and Bay of Dew Sinus Aestuum - RorisNear side of Moon6The star constellation Lepus has what English nameThe Hare7Lauris Nobilis is the Latin name of what common herbBay8If you suffered from varicella what have you gotChickenpox9Chi is the Chinese year of whatCock10A Comte France Landgraf Germany Conde Italy what EnglandEarl11In heraldry what is a vertical line dividing a shield calledPale12The Templeton prize is awarded annually for progress in whatReligion13International car registration letters what country is ZASouth Africa14In England what is the most popular girls name of the 90sRebecca15Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are dead - name playwrightTom Stoppard16Lucy Johnson became famous under what nameAva Gardner17What is a Tam TamOrchestral Gong18FITA are the governing body of what sportArchery19Denzil Washington's first film as director was whatFinding Fish20What is Canada's oldest city founded in 1608Quebec21In the Jewish religion what's banned during The three weeksMarriage or Haircut22Who wrote the hymn Hear my PrayerMendlesson2338 million Americans one in five don t like whatSex24Alan Ginsberg is credited with inventing what 60s phraseFlower Power25Where would you find a pintleHinge - it s the pinholding it26Who created Woody WoodpeckerWalter Lantz27Winston Churchill had a dog - what typeMiniature Poodle28Who was born in Chicago 5th December 1901 died 1966Walt Disney29What is the name of Paul McCartney's official fan clubClub Sandwich30By US government figures people have tried 28000 ways of whatLosing Weight31If you suffer from Tinea Pedis what have you gotAthletes foot32What colour is Llamas milkYellow33In Alberta its illegal to play craps if you are using whatDice34Narcotics comes from the Greek - what it literally meanElectric eels - put onforeheads35What did Pope John XX1 use as effective eyewashBabies Urine36Rhodopsis original Egyptian Cinderella had what jobProstitute - bird stoleher shoe37Whose attendance compulsory at priests banquets in EgyptMummies deadreminded short life38Siddhartha Gautama became better known as whoBuddha39In ancient Greece young brides had to sacrifice whatTheir Dolls showthey were grown up40Caer-Lud was the former name of what capitol cityLondon414% of women never do what according to surveyWear Underwear42In superstition if you marry on Saturday you will have whatNo luck at all43What was the first million dollar seller paperbackI the Jury MickeySpillane44Who founded Methodism in 1738John Wesley45What was the ancient Egyptian cure for haemorrhoidsBeer - lots of beer46Middle ages Monks denied meat on fast days ate whatRabbit Foetuses Said were eggs47Where was Ice Cream inventedChina48Brittany Spears - what is her favourite drinkSprite49What job does Charlie Browns father doBarber50International direct dialling codes what country has 353Republic of IrelandPage 6210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 31Answers51What is the main food of walrusesClams5230% of people quit this job in USA each year - what jobSchool Bus Driver53Napoleons life was saved by a dog what breed and he hated dogsNewfoundland saved from drowning54In 1821 Jacob Fusel worlds fist commercial factory making whatIce Cream55The star constellation Grus has what English nameThe Crane56International aircraft registration letters what country is PP or PTBrazil57What was the first 30 minute animated Disney showDuck Tales58A renaissance doctor - what treatment excluding bleedingEnemas59You could be executed for drinking what in ancient TurkeyCoffee60Where did the ancient Egyptians paint pictures of their enemiesFoot of Sandals61What is found in one third of American homesScrabble62Bowling for lizards was whose favourite TV programFred Flintstone63The name Jesse means what in HebrewWealth64According to strain theory crime is mainly committed by whoThe lower classes65In what country was the longbow inventedWales66Who makes PringlesProctor and Gamble67What airline started 24th September 1946 single DC3 - BetsyCathay Pacific68What are a swallowtail and a burgeeFlags69What is the most common sexually transmitted disease in USAHerpes70Who was the Angel in Milton's Paradise LostBeelzebub71300000 American teenagers get what every yearVenereal disease72Francesco Seraglio invented what in Australia in early 1960sThe Woolmark logo73What was Socrates wife's nameXanthippe74Who "Loved not to wisely but too well" Shakespeare playOthello75What did Anna Sage "The lady in Red do"Betray John Dillinger76Who makes Kleenex tissuesKimberly Clark77Poon Lim holds the record of 133 days doing whatSurviving on a raft78Holden Caulfield - Catcher in the Rye - where JD Sal get nameMovie marquee WHolden J Caulfield79Marcus Garvey founded whatRastafarians80Ancient Roman brides wore a wedding dress - what colourYellow8164% of American teenagers have what in their bedroomsTelevision82Charles Stratton became famous as what circus actTom Thumb83What is the most common sexual complaint of females over 50Vaginal Dryness84Who makes Miller Lite beerPhilip Morris85The name Calvin has what unfortunate Latin meaningBald86What author was the first published by Bantam paperbacksMark Twain Life onthe Mississippi87In ancient India what was cut off adulterersNoses - and they triedto hide it88In British Columbia is illegal to kill whatSasquatch89The Spear Leek was the original name of what food itemGarlic90What was the name of the first Wings albumWild Life91Who started Laugh O Gram productionsWalt Disney92Sigmund Freud used a dog to help his psychoanalysis what breedJo-Fi a Chow 93In a 1988 survey 12 million Americans don t know whatWashington DC wascapitol94Lobster Newberg was invented at what famous restaurantDelmonicos95In 18th century England what would you do with whim whamEat it Cream sponge96The FIC govern what sportCanoeing97In England what is the most popular boys name of the 90sDaniel98International car registration letters what country is ISIceland99In heraldry what is a horizontal line dividing a shield calledFess100The star constellation Ara has what English nameThe AlterPage 6310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 32Answers1Which Roman Emperors name means little boatsCaligula2In England what can you not hang out of your windowA Bed3The constellation Norma has what English nameLevel4Chu is the Chinese year of what animalBoar5Vor was the Norse Goddess of whatTruth6OB is the international aircraft registration letters what countryPeru7Who composed the classical piece Peter and the WolfSergei Prokofiev8In what sport do women compete for the Uber cupBadminton9What was the last sequel to win best picture awardSilence of the Lambsto Manhunter10How did Stonewall Jackson dieShot by own troops by mistake11What are The Chiuhauhan Nubian and AlaskanDeserts12International dialling codes what country is 86China13Thieves Liars Magicians and who were in Dantes 8th circle HellPoliticians14Alphabetically what is the first element in the periodic tableActinium15What order of insects contains the most speciesBeetles16What famous battle was fought at PancenoitWaterloo - (four milesaway)17What colour is natural cheddar cheeseWhite it s dyed red18Where was the first Pony Express set upOuter Mongolia19What animal originated Groundhog DayBadgers - in Germany20Abraham Zapruder made the most scrutinised film all time whatKennedyAssassination21Aesculus is the Latin name of what type of treeHorse Chestnut22Where were bagpipes inventedIran then Persia 23What is Rice Paper made fromA Tree - The RicePaper Tree pith24Jorn Utzon of Denmark designed what landmarkSydney Opera House25What is the most popular pizza topping in South KoreaTuna26Which people used to settle legal disputes by head buttingInuit - Eskimo27Hitihita is a character in what book and filmMutiny on the Bounty- Tahiti chief28How does a male koala attract a mateBelching29Bohemian Rhapsody was on what Queen albumA Night at the Opera30What is a BoodieA Marsupial relatedkangaroo rat31What character on TV and film must have sex every 7 yearsMr Spock32What was the name of Hamlets fatherHamlet33Bugs Bunny was a caricature of what actorClark Gable34Sherlock Holmes lived in Baker St - What other Detective didSexton Blake 189335Spumador was whose horseKing Arthur36In what American state do most fail to graduateGeorgia37Names from Jobs - what in the middle ages did a walker doClean Cloth38Alfred Butta invented what in 1941 - marketed 1948Scrabble39Phobos and Deimos are moons of Mars - what do names meanFear and Terror40What colour is a giraffes tongueBlack41Erica is the Latin name for what shrubHeather42What is the capitol of FijiSuva43Disney's Sleeping Beauty what is the name of the Queen witch Maleficent44What is the name of Shakespeare's first playTitus Andronicus45Regnat Populus - The people rule - motto of what US stateArkansas46A Cow Moos - A Cock Crows - What does an Ape doJibber47The IHF govern what sportInternational HandballFederation48Levi Stubbs Renaldo Benson Abdul Fakir Laurence Payton WhoThe Four Tops49The constellation Lacerta has what English nameLizard50Collective nouns - An Army of whatFrogsPage 6410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 32Answers51What US state has no mottoAlaska52Babs Gorden is better know as what heroineBatgirl53Jim Thorpe won Olympic pentathlon 1912 who was fifthGeneral George SPatton54First Impressions was the original title of what classic novelPride and Prejudice55What country spends the most per capita in casinosAustralia56In India in 1994 who were finally allowed to voteEunuchs57In what language was the first complete bible in US printedAlgonquin Indian58John Wayne called what film "The most un-American thing ever"High Noon59What country produces the most tobacco in the worldChina60Collective nouns - A Business of whatFlies and Ferrets61If you were eating Olea Europea what would it beOlive62What is Jane Fonda's middle nameSeymour63Who is the Roman Goddess of flocks and herdsPales64Where were the first winter Olympics held in 1924Charmonix France65Which album is on the Billboard top 200 the longest since 1973Pink Floyd Dark sideof the Moon66David John Moore Cornwell became famous as whoJohn Le Carre67In The Hobbit what colour is Bilbo's doorGreen68In what game might you use a flat stick called a kipTwo Up69Where was Holmes pal Dr Watson wounded during the warShoulder70Collective nouns - A Husk of whatJackrabbits71Black and Blue play Red and Yellow at what gameCroquet72What rank was George Armstrong Custer when he was killedLieutenant Colonel73Old superstitions - it is bad luck to do what in the morningSing74Who said "Bigamy is one husband too many like Monogamy"Erica Jong - Fear ofFlying 197375What colour were ETs eyesBlue76What is the smallest species of penguinThe Fairy Penguin77What do Fromologists collectCheese labels78In the original Wizard of Oz what colour were the slippersSilver79The Beverley Hillbillies came from what Ozarks townHooterville80Collective nouns - A leap of whatLeopards81International dialling codes what county is 20Egypt82What US states name means long river in IndianConnecticut83What country has the most elephantsTanzania84In WW2 the Graf Spee was forced into what harbourMontevideo85Who were the first Australian group to sell a million recordsThe Seekers Ill neverfind another you86What was James Deans middle nameByron87Collective nouns - A Float of whatCrocodiles88In Romeo and Juliet what day is Juliet's Birthday31st June89George C Scott - what does the C stand forCampbell90In Italy a man can be arrested if found wearing whatA Skirt91The Arcocarpus altilis was involved in a mutiny - what is itBreadfruit92In what European country have most land battles been foughtBelgium93Gwizador in Poland is who in EnglishSanta Claus94In what sport is The Lugano Trophy awarded every 2 yearsMen's National TeamWalking95Who composed the ballets - The Firebird and The Rite of Spring Igor Stravinsky 96OD international aircraft registration letters of what country Lebanon97Bragi was the Norse God of whatPoetry98Myrastica fragrens is what common spiceNutmeg99The constellation Mensa has what English nameTable100Collective nouns - A family of whatSardinesPage 6510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 33Answers1Who was the first woman to receive The Order of Merit 1907Florence Nightingale2In terms of hair what does FSH stand forFollicle StimulatingHormone3On a prescription the Latin expression Ter in Die means whatThree times daily4What was Sherpa Tensing surnameNorgay5Kolduns popular in Russia as analysts in America what are theyWitches6What month was named after Latin for to openApril7What is the more common name for AlkaneParaffin or Kerosene8How long can a bedbug live without foodOne Year9What is a CaryatidBuilding supportwoman shaped10In Portugal if you bought sem chumbo what is itUnleaded Petrol11What Japanese name means fried food often at the tableTempura12What is Nelson Mandela's middle nameRolihlahla13What thin net of silk or Rayon named after French place it madeTulle14What French word literally means little skipCabriolet15Bib-label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda better known as whatSeven Up16In Slovenian if you heard Na Mesta Pozor Zdaj what sportAthletics - Marks setGo17What country has the most Post Offices India18Who said about his songs "some are 10 minutes long some are 6"Bob Dylan19Who would use a punty in their jobGlass blowers rod20Who would use an ankus in their jobMahout to goad anelephant21What is the correct name for the honey bear or pottoKinkajou22The Marino sheep originated in what countrySpain23What was the first battleship powered by steam turbines 1906HMS Dreadnought24Dick Tracy the comic strip started life as what namePlainclothes Tracy25Carson City in Nevada - dubious distinction first what 1924Gas Chamber used26What magazine started in America March 1923Time27Tenzin Gyatso became what in 1937Dali Lama28In what country was Mother Theresa bornAlbania29In 1918 what were Jelly Babies renamedPeace Babies30Who was Prime Minister of China 1949 to 1976Chou En-Lai31The Egg and I was whose first filmMarilyn Munroe32What British Motor vehicle displayed at 1948 Amsterdam showLand Rover33Who first appeared in All Star Comics in 1941Wonder Woman34What fashion designer was responsible for "The New Look"Christian Dior35The British Patent Office since 1949 banned patents for whatPerpetual MotionMachine36What colour was Ian Flemming's typewriterGold37Which Canadian won the 1957 Nobel Peace Prize for SuezLester Pearson38Who was the first commoner to appear Royal Mail pack 1964William Shakespeare39What did Canada's Grand Falls change their name to 1964Churchill40Which comic character was dynamited to death in issue 428Robin41What happened to Charles Brooks in 1982First legal deathby lethal Injection42What artist was nicknamed "Jack the Dripper" action paintingJackson Pollock43In what George Bizet opera do Zugra and Nbadir appearThe Pearl Fishers44Charles Adrian Wettach became famous as what clownGrock45Martin Fallon Hugh Marlow James Graham Harry Patterson whoJack Higgins46Who created PopeyeElzie Seger47The film The Madness of King George III Dropped III - whySo Americans don tthink it s a sequel48Who had the part of Dirty Harry - hurt hand - dropped outFrank Sinatra49What are Demy, Medium, Royal, Double CrownPaper Sizes50Collective nouns - A Chatter of whatBudgerigarsPage 6610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 33Answers51What word from the Persian means perfumedAttar52What is a collection of penguins known asRookery53A place name including worth Tamworth what's worth meanHomestead54Cum Granlo Salis is Latin for what phraseWith a grain of salt55What does a crapulent person suffer fromDrunkenness56We have used a cassette but what does it literally meanSmall Box57Reykjavik translates into whatSmoky Bay58Chambre means what when referring to wineServe at roomtemperature59What is a SR N4Hovercraft60What is Christmas DiseaseMild Haemophilia61Who wrote the 1994 biography "Princess in Love"Anna Pasternak62Clemantine Campbell became famous under what nameCleo Lane63An Ortaline is a cross between what two itemsTangerine - Orange64What US state is the magnolia stateMississippi65The Glis Glis was fattened and eaten by the Romans what is itEdible Dormouse6672% of what country is covered by forestFinland67What was Woody Allen's first film as writer/actorWhat's New Pussycat68On what are the worlds smallest paintings paintedPin Heads69What city used to be known as BytownOttawa70Mare Nostrum was the Roman name for whatMediterranean Sea(Our Sea)71Kong Zi is better known as whoConfucius72The Romans called it Cambria - what do we call itWales73The Red Rose City has what more common name in JordanPetra74The Pirate Khair-ed-Din had what Italian name meaning redbeardBarberossa75Chopin played what instrument as a childPiano76In what Shakespeare play does the character Caliban appearThe Tempest77Cerumen is the technical name for what body partEarwax78If a dish is served Florentine what will it containSpinach79Frank Gorshin played what role in a 60s series filmsThe Riddler80Which Puccini opera featured Nessun DormaTurendot81British Standard BS2724 might protect what body partEyes - Sunglasses82If you saw Cave Canem written what would you knowBeware of the Dog83Who was the minstrel that found Richard I imprisonedBlondel (De Nesle)84What is a negus - named after inventorPort Lemon hot sweetspiced85Stingray Bay named by Cook is now known as whatBotany Bay86Sextilis was the original name for whatAugust87What does a copoclephist collectKey Rings88Who is the Patron Saint of florists and gardenersSaint Dorothy89Jobs from names - what did a Wayne doWagon Maker90What countries highest award is The Order of the ElephantDenmark91What is Thalassophobia a fear ofThe Sea92Who does a Filicide killSon or Daughter93From the Greek meaning apple what do we call this fruitMelon94What creature gets its name for the Spanish for slowlyRemora95Name Def Leopards one armed drummerRick Allen96Mr Mybug was only interested in sex with Flora in what bookCold Comfort Farm97Where would you find your CoxaHip Joint98Bad before a German town name means whatIt s a Spa Town99What name from the French to quibble means a no trump handChicane100Collective nouns - what is a group of swansHerd or BevyPage 6710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 34Answers1Who had a no 1 Album 60s 70s 80s 90sBarbara Strisand2What was Spencer Tracy's last filmGuess whose coming to dinner3Who was the third and favourite son of David in Old TestamentAbsolom4Who had a hit with "Son of my Father" in 1972Chicory Tip5What fish was the subject of dispute Spain Canada in 1995Turbot6Ratatosk was what animal in Norse mythology - relayed insultsSquirrel7What ship was blown up at the end of The African QueenThe Louisa8Richard Carlisle invented an early vending machine selling whatBooks9Nevada means what when translated from IndianSnow10Where is the oldest known restaurant in the worldMadrid11Who is the Roman Goddess of orchards and gardensPomonia12In a recent survey what % of US wives thought husband cheatingNinety %13What was the first country to recognise the US as independentMorocco14What soft drink was developed as a hangover remedyPepsi Cola15Edinburgh Castle stands on Arthur's Seat what was Arthur's seatVolcano16Who should have played Indiana Jones and dropped outTom Selleck17The San Andreas is what type of geological faultConservative18Name any of the demonstration sports at the Sydney OlympicsBallroom Dancing Snooker19Where was the first Miss World contest held in 1951London20And what country won itSweden21Japanese hi tec toilets auto wipe buts using whatLasers22In Greek legend who turned men into swineCirce23After California what US state produces the most wineNew York24What series was voted the best fiction of the 20th centuryLord of the Rings25What US state was the last to ratify abolition slavery 1990sMississippi26Hippopotomonstrosesqui ppedaliophobia is the fear of whatBig words27Every day in the US people steal $20000 from whereVending machines28C17 H21 N04 is the chemical formula for whatCocaine29Who fired the first shots in the 1970 film MASHThe Football gameTimekeeper30What is the worlds most widely eaten fishHerring31Beveley Hills Cop was Eddie Murphy but who was it intended forSylvester Stallone32What is the literal meaning of KangarooI don t understand33A digitabulist collects whatThimbles34Who said "I ve watched a lot of baseball - on the radio"Gerald Ford35Collective nouns - a group of police officersA Mess36In Norse mythology Tyr is the god of whatWar37Brave Belt was the original name of what groupBachman TurnerOverdrive38The Hula Hoop was illegal in what countryFinland39Leonato is the main character in what Shakespeare playMuch ado aboutNothing40Who wrote the book Forest GumpWinston Groom41What product uses the most silverCamera Film42What was the former name of the Chrysler CorporationMaxwell Motors43In the Bible who was the father of AbrahamTerah44What was the name of the shepherd that got Tremponina PallidiumSyphilus45What sport was called Harpastum by the ancient GreeksFootball46Who was the male star when The Mousetrap first playedRichard Attenbourough47Who was the first actress to endorse a product commerciallyLilly Langtree48What is a CalderaDepression left byvolcano49Who wrote the opera ZaideMozart50What was 1993s biggest selling singleIll do anything forlovePage 6810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 34Answers51What is a dhotiAn Indian male loincloth52In Heraldry what is a mulletA Star53FINA is the governing body of what amateur sportSwimming5440% of Americans have never been whereTo a Dentist55What is Switzerland's official nameSwiss Confederation56Which drink was designed as a malaria cureBenedictine57What are lop cheongChinese Sausages58Who would use a barny to reduce noiseFilm Cameraman cosy over cam59In AFTs top 100 movies only 2 sequels - Godfather and whatFrench Connection II60King Thibaw - imprisoned by the British - last king of whereBurma61In 1929 the first what happened on an aircraftBirth62What is the name of the second highest mountain in AfricaMount Kenya63Who would use a SyllabaryArabs - their alphabet64What was David Leans first filmOliver Twist65The oldest written plan of government in effect is in what countryUnited States ofAmerica66Who wrote the poem "The Pied Piper of Hamlin"Robert Browning67In what film did Tommy Lee Jones make his debutLove Story - As Hank68In ancient Japan what was used to clean teethStale Urine69What can you shag in Georgia but its illegal in FloridaA Porcupine70Julian Dick George Anne and who make the famous fiveTimmy the Dog71Who was The Little Playful OnePocahontas72Where was Freddie Mercury bornZanzibar73What was the name of Thomas Jefferson's homeMontecello74Crazy Horse and Custer shared what childhood nameCurly75Bridge River Kwai - Bridges Toki Rio - what actor links filmsWilliam Holden76Who runs the Spirit Foundation - Aged Abused OrphanedYoko Ono77Thalia is one of the muses - what's her subjectComedy78In the Little Mermaid fairy tale what happens to herShe Dies79Why was Clark Kent rejected military service during WW2Failed eye test80Who wrote the title song for Live and let DiePaul McCartney81John Quincy Adams was the only US president to do whatMarry a nonAmerican woman82Who cut off Samson's Hair (King James Edition)An Unnamed Man83Who was the first woman to win an Oscar best actress 1928Janet Gaynor84What Sanskrit word means great kingMaharaja85Novel gave Hemmingway nick speaker of the lost generationThe Sun Also Rises86What is the name on fake credit cardsJ L Webb87What did Benjamin Franklin claim as his tradePrinter88Which US state gets the most overseas visitorsCalifornia Floridasecond89What is a wood pussySlang for skunk90Who wrote the epic poem Samson AgonitesJohn Milton91What is the state tree of IdahoWhite Pine92Who is the adopted son of Vito CorleoneTom Hagan93What was the name of the first presidential aircraftSacred Cow94Bill Medly was part of what groupThe RighteousBrothers95Who is DumbellaDonald Ducks sister96What flower is the symbol of cultureThe Lotus97What country consumes the most coke per capitaIceland98In Heraldry there are 60 varieties of whatCross99What does pp on a music score meanVery quietly100LOT is the national airline of what countryPolandPage 6910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 35Answers1In ancient India how were dead parents traditionally disposed ofEaten by offspring as a sign of respect2Phalacrophobia is the fear of whatGoing Bald3Humans lose 27 what a dayMoulted Pubic Hairs4Who would use a brannock or what forMeasure foot shoes5What is the smallest book in the Library of CongressOld King Cole thumbnail size6Lucille Langhanke born 1906 won an Oscar as who in 1941Mary Astor7Harrison Ford played CIA agent Jack Ryan - who else hasAlec Baldwin8The song I know him so well comes from what stage musicalChess9Lewis Ernest Watts became famous under what nameJohn Mills10Who had a hit with First Cut is the Deepest in 1977Rod Stuart11And who wrote the songCat Stephens12What is the thing that wives do that annoy most husbandsNag13And what's the top annoyance among wivesUntidiness14Name the author who created Brer Rabbit and Brer FoxJoel Chandler Harris15Zane Grey the western writer had what initial professionDentist16Vivaldi composed The Four Seasons - what's his first nameAntonio17In which Irish county is Bantry BayCork18Burning potassium has what colour flamePurple19De'cappo means what in musicRepeat from start20Name first animated film to be nominated for best picture OscarDisney Beauty andthe Beast21Jazz Trumpeter John Birks was better known as whoDizzy Gillespie22Jacinth or Hyacinth are alternative names of what mineralZircon23Nanook is a Canadian word for what animalPolar Bear24In what prison did Nelson Mandela spend 19 of 27 years in jailRobben Island25What should you give on a 35th wedding anniversaryCoral26The Punjab is an area of India meaning whatFive Rivers27In Morse code one dash four dots what numberSix28What country has the worlds largest merchant navyLiberia29Until computers replaced it who would use a BloggoscopeOS Map Makers fromAerial photos30Where did Mathias Rust land his Cessna in 1987Red Square Moscow31What does AMSTRAD stand forAlan Michael SugarTrading32St Sithney is the Patron Saint of whatMad Dogs33What was Super Mario's original nameJumperman34Pitcairn Airlines were the first to provide what in 1922Air Sick Bags 35Sotheby's sold a 200 year old bit of Tibetan what $1500 in 1993Cheese36What caused the first Rednecks to be RedneckVitamin D Deficiency- poor diet37What is VirgaRain the don t reachground38A Pullicologist is an expert in whatFleas39During their lifetime the average person eats four whatSpiders in their sleep40Smith most common English surname what's the JapaneseSuzuki41Annually 2500 left handed people die doing whatUsing right handedproducts42All windmills turn counter clockwise except whereIreland43The word melee comes from what sportFootball village play44On the PH scale what does PH stand forPotential Hydrogen45In Michigan it is illegal to chain what to a fire hydrantAn Alligator46Magnifera Indica is the Latin name of what fruitMango47What Searchers hit was written by Sony BonoNeedles and Pins48What was Robert Browning's pet name for his wife ElizabethPortuguese4931% of people said what was the most disgusting personal habitSpitting50What song links Little Eva and Kylie MinogueThe LocomotionPage 7010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 35Answers51What colour Tuesday did the Rolling Stones sing about 1977Ruby52What is the extinct animal Megantheron better known asSabre Toothed Tiger53Harvey Lee Yeary II became famous under what nameLee Majors54Oikophobia is the fear of whatHouses55In 1998 there were 508 hospital causing injuries what sportSnooker Pool56If someone Inpissates a soup what have they doneThickened it57In The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe whets the Lions nameAssan58Lutitia is what the Romans called whereParis59Where would you buy a Steinlager beerNew Zealand60Who sang the theme song for RawhideFrankie Lane61Gjetost is the national cheese of what countryNorway62Philippe Pages is the real name of what pianistRichard Clayderman63Who rode a horse called AethenothLady Godiva64If you suffered from ozostomia what have you gotBad Breath - Halitosis65What colour are French letter boxesYellow66The Roman Apian Way went from Rome to whereBrindisi - Brindisium67What was the code name for USA landings Morocco in 1942Operation Torch68What was the name of Haile Salassie before he was crownedRas Tafarri69Jayne Austin had five brothers and one sister name herCassandra70What happened in Britain Sept 3rd 1752Nothing - day neverexisted71Complete the Quote "Alas! Poor Yorick! I knew him, ?"Horatio72What colour is caffeineWhite powder73Who wrote the first song "Come On" Rolling Stones recorded 63Chuck Berry74What was the name of Felix the Cats girlfriendPhyllis75Verdi's opera Aida is set in what countryEgypt76Jerome Siberman became famous as whoGene Wilder77What battle does the French Legion Celebrate AnnuallyCamerone - A Defeat78What is FalakaTurkish feet beating79Hrvataska is what the natives call what countryCroatia80What job Michael Cane Uma Thurman Sidney Poitier commonDish washers81Who sang for Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have NotAndy Williams82What animal has the worlds shortest spermHippopotamus83Magnum PI wore a baseball cap supporting what teamDetroit Tigers84The Swathling Cup is played for in what sportTable Tennis85Robert Redford, Steve McQueen Paul Newman reject $4m roleSuperman - C Reevepaid 200K86Saint Lydwina is the Patron Saint of what sportIce Skating87Where was the worlds first televised baseball gameTokyo88Itamae have what job in JapanChef - In Front ofcutting board89Chuck Berry Art Garfunkle Robert Redford had what jobCarpenters90In The Muppet Movie who sang for Miss PiggyJohnny Mathis91What country consumes the most tea per capitaIreland92In Australia what is a Willy-WillyWhirlwind93Table Tennis competitions only two coloured balls allowed whatWhite and Yellow94Eye for Eye - Tooth For Tooth what comes next Hand 4 Hand - Foot 4Foot Ex 21 2495Demetria Gene Guynes became famous as whoDemi Moore96What colour was Tweety Bird originallyPink97In what country would you buy Kingfisher lagerIndia98A Quidnunc is a what - from the Latin Quidnunc what nowGossip - used to be allpoliticians99What was Sheena Easton's original nameShenne Ore100The French musical instrument The Viola has what other nameThe AltoPage 7110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 36Answers1Female bathing caps were invented to prevent whatClogged up Drains2Clinton Oklahoma see two having sex in car what's illegal you doIf you Masturbate3Name Australia's highest mountainMount Kosciusko4What colour is malachiteBrown5Who won the first Oscar for a musical in 1943James Cagney6In The film Reservoir Dogs what song was discussed at the startLike a Virgin Madonna7Who was the Beatles original Bass PlayerStuart Sutcliffe8Which native Indian tribe never signed a peace treaty US governSeminoles9Ralph Wonderone became better known under what nameMinnesota Fats10Shovelhead, Knucklehead, Panhead types of whatHarley Davidson11Murphy's Oil soap is most often used to clean whatElephants12In Singapore you can be publicly caned for failing to do whatFlush Toilet after use13Cathy Rigby was the first woman to do whatPose Nude sportsillustrated14What flavour sweet was created for Ronald ReganBlueberry Jelly Babies15Lemniscate is the correct name for what symbolInfinity16Corduroy literally translated means whatCloth of the King17What is the only USA state without a natural lakeWest Virginia18Lauds Prime Tierce Sext Nones what comes nextVespers19What colour was Mrs Bates dress in PsychoPeriwinkle Blue20What was Napoleons mothers nameLaticia21Terry Bollea became famous under what nameHulk Hogan22In Wisconsin its illegal to do what during your wife's orgasmFire a Gun23What is the only breed of dog that gets goutDalmatian24What country has the worlds oldest National AnthemNetherlands25William Blake Winston Churchill John Lennon what linksOrdained Druids26What domesticated pet is never mentioned in the BibleCats27Kellogg's Corn Flakes were invented to do whatReduce Masturbation28In Texas its illegal to swear in front of whatA Corpse29What was Alfred Hitchcock's first sound filmBlackmail30What was known as Arabian WineCoffee31What does the black and white BMW logo representSpinning Propeller BMW made planes32In Arizona you must register with state before becoming whatIllegal Drug Dealer33Where are the Luxemburg gardensParis34What was Maxwell Smarts coverGreetings Cardsalesman35What is the state insect of TexasMonarch Butterfly36PD James wrote thrillers what does PD stand forPhyllis Dorothy37In what Bible book is "The love of money is the root of all evil"Timothy 6:1038In the Beverley Hillbillies what was a potpasserPool Cue at fancyeating table39Jack Haley played the Tin Man what was the Tin Mans nameHickory Twicker40Disney question - who are Daisy Ducks three niecesApril May June41Brassiere comes from an old French word meaning whatArm Protector42Trimontaine was the original name of whereBoston Massachusetts43In 1861 Dows Ginger Ale was the first to be whatSold in a Bottle44In Louisiana what personal act is illegal in publicGargling45What breed of dog bites the most humansGerman Shepherd Alsatian46Only humans and what primate can have blue eyesBlack Lemurs47What creature is the symbol of BacardiBat48In which country are condoms most commonly usedJapan49What was the name of the saloon in GunsmokeLongbranch50A Vigule or Solidus is what characterSlash / - notbackslashPage 7210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 36Answers51Sourj is Armenian for whatCoffee52Who wrote Heart of DarknessJoseph Conrad53In the movie what is Shafts first nameJohn54In Pennsylvania legally a man needs written permit from wife do whatPurchase Alcohol55Grilled on a Ploughshare literal meaning what Japanese dishSukiyaki56Frank Heyes 1923 on Sweet Kiss only jockey ever to do whatWin a race after death- heart failed during57In an authentic Chinese meal what is served lastSoup - to swim theduck digestion58Topolino in Italy is who hereMickey Mouse59Holland 1634 1000lb cheese 4 ox 8 pigs 12 sheep bed 1 whatViceroy Tulip Bulb60Where in the body is the labrynthEar61In Shakespeare's Hamlet what herb is said to be for remembranceRosemary62What is Papins Digester - Invented Denis Papin 1679Pressure Cooker63A web site with sa in the name is in what countrySaudi Arabia64Julius Caesar Hamlet Macbeth Richard III links not ObviousAll plays containghosts65In Denver Colorado it is illegal to lend what to your neighbourVacuum Cleaner66Where were Chinese Checkers inventedEngland67What was the first film given the title BlockbusterJaws68What was the third leading cause of death in 1900Diarrhoea69Where would you find your GlabellaSpace between youreyes70Until 1990 what was still legal tender in East GermanySausages71On what hobby is most money spentGardening72What city has the worlds biggest taxi fleetMexico - over 60000734000 people each year are injured by what household itemTea Pots74What is the current no 1 aphrodisiac (reputedly)Asparagus75In Delaware it is illegal to pawn whatWooden Leg76What animal is mentioned most in the BibleSheep77What links Socrates Aristotle Janis JoplinBisexuals78What is the most common fear people havePublic Speaking79After the US what country imports the most scotchFrance80In Kansas City its illegal for children to buy whatCap Guns butshotguns are OK81 What is officially the poorest US stateMississippi82And what is officially the richestDistrict of Columbia83Smith Johnson Williams Brown Jones next US common surnamesMiller84The US eat most ice cream per capita what country secondNew Zealand85In Indiana what is illegal in winterBathing86In what country did the rumba originateCuba87Kitty the most common cats name in US what's the secondSmokey88According to Homer Simpson what is a felineAn Elephant89Who sang Shattered Dreams in 1987Johnny Hates Jazz90In Tucson Arizona it is illegal for a woman to wear whatPants91Scottish clan were traitors and caused the Glencoe massacreCampbells92Who played Sarah Conner in 1984s TerminatorLinda Hamilton93What country consumes the most calories per capitaIreland94What species of fish is caught mostAnchovetta - Anchovy95It is illegal to use what to plough cotton fields in North CarolinaElephants96What is the top New Years ResolutionLose weight97What US state has the most murdersCalifornia98What crime causes the second most number arrests in USADrink Driving99Where did doughnuts originateHolland100E W Hornung created which fictional characterRafflesPage 7310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 37Answers1In Baltimore it is illegal to take what to the moviesA Lion2The word Matrix in the Bible means whatWomb3What links Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon - not the obviousBoth Quakers4Who is Homer Simpson's brotherHerb Powell5In Dallas Texas it is illegal to possess a realistic whatDildo6What country drinks the most beerGermany7What is the most common breeding bird in the USRed Winged Blackbird8Public Speaking is the most common fear what's the secondHeights9Over 28 million Americans are whatHearing Impaired10In Oklahoma it is illegal to bite some else's whatHamburger11In Israel what unexpected item is certified KosherPostage Stamps12What was shown over parliament on a Canadian 2 dollar billAn American Flag13What links the Cassowary Kakapo and the KaguFlightless Birds14On the TV show Frazier what was the dads dogs nameEddie15Between October and March what is illegal in IndianaTaking Baths16Sylvester and Tweety Pie - Cat Bird started out as whatClown and Baby17Potatoes were fist sold as whatOrnamental Plants18What is Dennis the Menace's last nameMitchell19Ancient China Treason Robbery Adultery what punishmentCastration20It is illegal to sell what in Lehigh New EnglandDoughnut Holes21What does the Australian slang word Hooroo meanGood bye22Seven million of these are thrown away each day - whatPennies23Vampire bats prefer to bite what part of a sleeping personToe24In what language was The Communist Manifesto writtenGerman25In Natchez Missouri it is illegal to provide beer to whatAn Elephant26A Parthenophobe has a fear of whatYoung Girls - Virgins27Who received 800000 fan letters in 1933Mickey Mouse28Who recorded their first song under the names Tom and JerrySimon and Garfunkle29Monology is the study of whatStupidity30In Utah where is it illegal to fishFrom Horseback31What is the penalty for drunk driving in SumatraLoss of a hand32Stag Party was the original name of whatPlayboy Magazine33What is the name of Fred Flintstones paperboyArnold34The word Sahara is Arabic for whatDesert35Montana its illegal to have what in your cab without chaperoneA Sheep36In cooking six drops equal one whatDash37What was the name of the skunk in BambiFlower38What do toads do before matingSing39What country is the worlds oldest functioning democracyIceland40In Miami it is illegal for men to be seen in public wearing whatAny strapless gown41What President appears on the US $100000 billWoodrow Wilson4280% of the worlds population wears shoes made in what countryChina43A study in shades of grey in the name of what pictureWhistlers Mother44What is the worlds oldest snack food - 610 ADThe Pretzel45In Fargo North Dakota you can be jailed for dancing with whatYour Hat on 46In 1839 what innovation was added to bicyclesPedals47Who was Time Magazines first man of the year (1927)Charles Lindbergh48Who lived at 1431 North BeachwoodThe Monkeys49What is the most eaten food in the USMilk and Cream50Until 1998 by law The QE hotel must do what if you rent a roomFeed your horse freelyPage 7410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 37Answers51By law every fifth song on Canadian Radio must be whatBy a Canadian52In The Simpson's what was the name of the Barbie type dollMalibu Stacey53What country consumes the most fish per capitaJapan54MacDonald farm Sheep Cows Pigs Chicks Ducks Donkeys and whatTurkeys55Hamida Djandoubi in 1977 was the last one - whatPerson Guillotined inFrance56In Cheyenne Wyoming what is illegal on WednesdayTaking a Shower57What was the first product sold in aerosol spraysInsecticides58What was the first magazine to publish a hologram on its coverNational Geographic59What food was regarded as an aphrodisiac in the Middle AgesChicken Soup60In Arizona you can have no more than two what in a houseDildos - any more andit s a brothel61Nonpariel Mission Caramel Neplus Peerless types of whatAlmonds62What is a Bunt a part ofSection of sail63Who had a hit with November RainGuns n Roses64What is the provincial bird of YukonRaven65In Columbus Ohio it is illegal to sell what on SundayCornflakes66What was the first toy advertised on TV in USAMr Potato Head67John Benyon Harris became famous as what S F writerJohn Wyndham68Sukkot is a festival in which religionJewish69If you suffered from pyrexia what have you gotFever70In Morrisville Penn a woman must have a permit to do whatWear Cosmetics71In Germany what are the NeubaustreckeHigh Speed Railways72Where could you see a likeness of Pharaoh Khafres headOn the Sphinx73FDA regard 5 Fruit fly maggots 3oz per can acceptable - whatCanned Mushrooms74What are Puli Sloghi and KuvaszokExotic dog breeds75In Oklahoma it is illegal to wear what in bedYour Boots76What are Misty Rain Sunshine Blue Honey RosePorn Stars77Gin Triple Sec (quantreau) and pineapple juice what cocktailAloha78Silent night the Christmas carol was first played on whatGuitar79During US recessions which group have the most unemploymentAutomobile assemblyworkers80In Florida what is banned in public places after 6pm ThursdaysFarting81Where would you find the phrase Annuit CoeptisDollar Bill God favoured our undertakings82Nine inches in nautical measure is called whatA Span83Bibendum is whose real nameMichelin Tyre Man84What is a logogram - a $ sign is oneSign representing acomplete word85In Tennessee it is illegal to drive if you are whatAsleep86We know what lasagne is - what is a lassagnum its named fromA Cooking Pot87What colour M&M is most prevalent in each packetBrown - 30%88Who is Woodie Woodpeckers girlfriendWinnie Woodpecker89What product sells best in US of shoppers Toilet paper90In Ackworth Georgia all citizens must own what by lawA Rake91What are Zap Spirit Crazylegs and ChucklesG I Joe figures92What is the name of Toys R Us GiraffeGeoffrey93Santa Clause works in USA but who delivers gifts in SyriaA Wise mans Camel94What are a Jalpa Jarama Shamal and MerakItalian Sports Cars95What famous reference work is illegal in TexasBritannica - It showsbeer making96Rheoboam is a bottle size but also the last king of whereIsrael97What is the state bird of WisconsinThe Robin98The Primes and The Distants merged to form what groupThe Temptations99What country drink the most milk per capitaIceland100In Boise Idaho where by law are you not allowed to fishFrom a Giraffes backPage 7510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 38Answers1Who is Yogi Bears girlfriendCindy Bear2What fashion designers symbol is a swanGloria Vanderbilt368% of Americans do what (Trying to be punctual)Set their watchesahead4What animal is the mascot of the US Naval AcademyGoat5Who drives a car licensed 6YZ643Fred Flintstone6Where was volleyball inventedFrance7Miso a traditional Japanese cooking ingredient is whatSoybean Paste8What is mosquitoes main foodNectar from flowers9In the Winnie the Pooh books what name is over Poohs doorMr Sanders10What is the name of Superman's SupercatStreaky11What is the most common name in the BibleZachariah12International dialling codes - where is 672Antarctica13Newspeak - Portable Handheld Communications TranscribersA Pencil14Who is Dick Tracey's girlfriendTess Trueheart15What was first man made object to exceed sound barrierTip of a whip16What seven letter word do all Americans pronounce wronglyWrongly17What is the main ingredient of mock turtle soupCalf's Head18What would a German do with a GravensteinEat it - a yellow apple19How many pints will the 27 inch Americas cup holdNone - its bottomless20Where would you find your purlicueSpace between thumband finger21Who was Barbara Streisands first husbandElliot Gould22What is the name of Porky Pigs fatherPhineas Pig23Nathan Burnbaum became famous under what nameGeorge Burns24In Japan what is ShogiJapanese Chess25Who killed his grandfather with a quoit at the Larrisan gamesPerseus26Shaddock is another name for whatGrapefruit27What was built by the inmates of Changi Prison CampBurma Railroad28In Greek legend what was eaten on the Island of JerbaLotuses29Who was Dr Zhivago s loveLara30In the Modern 1896 Olympics what was the first event decidedTriple Jump31What was the name of Australia's first girlie magazine in 1936Men32Where did the British Brown Bess musket get its nameThin line of uniformbrown rust33Luke wrote two Bible books Luke and whatActs34What was the only remake to win the best picture OscarBen Hur35Soylent Green the band took name from film and book by whoHarry Harrison36Prescribed as cure Beri Beri it cured scrotal dermatitis - whatMarmite37Colonel Tom Parker Elvis's manager had what earlier actDancing Chickens on hot plate38What large animal has a less than two inch erect penisGorilla39According to 36% of Americans they have done whatSpoken with God40By Indonesian law what is the penalty for masturbationDecapitation Whichhead? :o)41By law in Guam who are not allowed to marryVirgins - They paymen to pop em42Lorne Green has only one what (an alligator ate the other)Nipple4321% Americans don t do it every day 5% never do it - whatMake their bed44Name the country that starts with A but does not end with AAfghanistan45Collective nouns - a group of what is a charmGoldfinches46Who refused the leading male role in Gone With the WindGary Cooper47In Florida its illegal for a housewife to do what more 3 times dailyBreak a dish48In America its noise is B flat in England its G what isBuzz of ElectricRazor49In what US City is most blond hair dye soldDallas Texas50How many sheep are used to produce one angora sweaterNone Angoracomes from rabbitsPage 7610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 38Answers51What is fumetConcentrated stock5285% of American people will eat what this yearSpam53Manu National Park Peru has 1300 different species of whatButterfly54Who is Olive Oyls brotherCastor Oyl55Montezuma's nephew Cuitlahac name means whatPlenty of Excrement56What make was the first car with air conditioningPackard57In Bristol England an old law says dogs can do whatWatch sex in your bed58The name of what product - German water Greek olive OilVaseline WasserElaion59What killed half the US soldiers in WW11918 Flu Epidemic60In Denmark what is a SvangerskabsforebyggendemiddelA Condom61What was the first TV show in colourThe Cisco Kid6233% of American women lie about whatTheir Weight63What does the word Grizzly mean - as in Grizzly bearGrey - but they are yellow brown64Collective nouns - a Trip of whatGoats65Wilhelm Steinitz was the world's first what in 1886Chess Champion66Telesphobia is a fear of whatBeing Last67Irish Proverb - If you want to be criticized do whatMarry68Cher Ami a homing pigeon won the DSC and had what itemA Wooden Leg69Who are the DiascuriCastor and Pollux 70Nichole Dunsdon was the last what in October 1992Miss Canada71Emperor Claudius passed a law legalising what at banquetsFarting - for publichealth72President Andrew Jackson's funeral 1845 who removed swearingHis Pet Parrot73There are more the 38000 types of whatMushrooms74What country has the most bookshops per head populationNew Zealand75Chase and Sandborn first sold what in tins in the USCoffee76What is the opposite of PlenumVacuum77Strontium 90 was the original name of which bandThe Police78In Massachusetts it is illegal to duel with whatWater Pistols79Charles Jung invented what in AmericaFortune Cookies80Whose last published novel was Murder from the PastAgatha Christie81A Queef is the name for whatFanny Fart82If an Australian had a Bingle what would it beCar Accident83Who declined a Pulitzer Prize for his book ArrowsmithSinclair Lewis84Lotta and Vassar were the first two brands of whatWrigley's Gum85The Jelbukk is a Swedish Xmas decoration - what is itStraw Goat86Where is David Livingstone Buried (Two Places / countries)Westminster Abby /Tanzania87Sunglasses were invented in China to do whatHide a Judges eyes88The Italian Date is a common name of what fruitTamarind89Graham Kerr became famous under what nicknameGalloping Gourmet90What was the name of the last silent movie made 1929The Four Feathers91What US President said I Promise instead of I swear inaugurateRichard M Nixon92What is banned by law in Japanese restaurantsTipping93What is measured in Scroville UnitsHeat of Chillies94If an Australian had trouble with his donk who would he call onMechanic - Donks anengine95In Kentucky a man cannot purchase what without his wifeA Hat96What country issued a banana shaped stampTonga97Who was the first male to appear on the cover of playboyPeter Sellers98What colour are an American porcupines teethOrange998% of people in the world have an extra whatRib100Leader of the Iroquois Indians same name as what carChief PontiacPage 7710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 39Answers1If you were drinking castle beer in what country would you beSouth Africa2President Hayes 1878 started which annual White house eventEaster Egg Roll3Issac and Willian Fuld invented and patented what in 1892Oiuja Board FrenchGerman Oui Ya4What product only sold 1200 bottles in its first yearLiquid Paper - Tippex5German kids wear what round neck for good luck on New YearPretzels6If an Aussie called you a Bananabender what would he meanYou were fromQueensland state7What is the closest living relative to the T RexThe Chicken8Who was the Roman Goddess of the landTerra9Mao Muka Neko Pisica are what Chinese Gypsy Japan RumaniaCats 4 languages10Bonnie Booth (38) used what to remove a corn from her foot410 shotgun afterrazor hurt11In Michigan it is illegal to put what on your bosses deskA Skunk121949 Popular Mechanics said that future ones less tons?Computers13Who said "Iv'e never had an accident worth talking about"Captain E J Smith ofthe Titanic14What is Joeys favourite food in FriendsSandwiches15Where was the worlds first oil well drilledPennsylvania16In any given 6 month period 40% of Americans are whatAffected by mentalIllness17Who said "A Single death is a tragedy a million a statistic"Joseph Stalin18A Weaner is a baby whatElephant Seal19Collective nouns a rhumba of whatRattlesnakes20What product sold 330 in the US in its first yearVW Beetle21In Biker Slang what is a Belly ShoverA Racing bike22What do humans get from the CassavaTapioca23If you are on the Choke mountains what country are you inEthiopia24In the language of flowers what does the cucumber flower meanCriticism25Who is the Patron Saint of desperationSt Jude26How often must one perform a quotidian taskDaily27Brave New World - Aldus Huxley - where name fromShakespeare's TheTempest28Gail Borden invented what food itemCondensed Milk29Where do men play each year for the Challenge CupWimbledon30Fried fish lettuce spinach is a traditional Xmas eve meal whereArmenia31An average American eats 28 what in their lifetimePigs32Who live at 742 Evergreen TerraceThe Simpson's33In Baltimore it is illegal to scrub or wash whatA Sink34US 1900 census people with 2 or less what were lower mid classServants35Who was the pilot in the first fatal air crashOrville Wright36What is the scent of an artificial hare at greyhound tracksAnise37Name two sports where the winner moves backwardsRowing - Tug of War38There is one gallon of water in every cubic mile of whatFog39In Australian slang what are apricotsTesticles40What product only sold 8 in its first year in the USARemmingtonTypewriters41Scottish Hebrides island is defined a big enough sustain whatOne Sheep42Who said "The internet is a good way to get on the net"Republican candidateBob Dole43What makes a noise middle octave key of FHousefly buzz44Lyssophobia is the fear of whatGoing Mad45What capital city translates as Capital City in the native tongueSeoul - South Korea46What flavour is framboise liqueurRaspberry47Collective nouns a rag of whatColts48Two out of 3 visits to an American doctor are for what problemsStress Related49In Biker Slang what is a CouponTraffic Ticket50If you were drinking Tiger beer in what country would you beSingaporePage 7810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 39Answers51Who said "People only see what they are prepared to see"Ralph W Emmerson52In Utah you can get a licence to hunt whatDinosaurs53Epistemophobia is the fear of whatKnowledge54Which magazine declared bankruptcy in the early 1990sSuccess55What food are astronauts prohibited before a missionBeans - Farts damagespacesuits56What product sold 25 bottles in its first year for $50 cost $75Coca Cola a 50% loss57To what Patron Saint would you pray if you had a headacheSaint Dennis58JFK was actually baptised JFFK what was the other F forFrancis59What is the punishment for drunk driving in NorwayThree months ofGovernment lectures6096% of all what are purchased by womenCandles61What did Oliver Pollock invent in 1778The dollar sign $62What are Waist OverallsJeans - Levi Struss63In the language of flowers giving a mushroom meant whatSuspicion64ORD are the identification letters of what airportO'Hare Chicago65What woman has the most statues of herJoan of Arc 4000066Choo Kiko Wapi - what have I asked in SwahiliWhere is the toilet67In Helsinki Finland what's the police alternative to parking ticketsDeflate cars tyres68What word did non-English speakers say sounded prettiestDiarrhoea69If you were drinking Cobra beer in what country would you beIndia70In Aussie slang what are Bum NutsEggs71In Palding Ohio police officers can legally do what to dogsBite them to quiet72New Jersey has a museum with 5400 exhibits of whatSpoons73What does a myrmecologist studyAnts74Equator's favourite dish is Seco de Chivo - what is itGoat stew on rice75What is a Pygmy BlueSmallest butterfly76Emelio Marco Palma was the first to do what in 1978Born in Antarctica77After homes and jobs where do Americans spend most timeShopping Malls78Which US place name translates Indian as place of drunkennessManhattan79Luchiano Paverotti has what in his pocket for luck when singingBent Nail80Ill Never Forget Whatshisname 1968 film first said fuck whoMarianne Faithful81Philematology is the science of whatKissing82What is the most popular name for a boatObsession83Collective nouns - A Labour of whatMoles84If You were drinking Rolling Rock lager what US state are you inPennsylvania85In Biker Slang what are GibletsChrome add ons86In Minnesota its illegal for a woman dressed as what on streetSanta Clause87What word comes from the Latin phrase to crowd togetherConstipation Con StaPay Shun88In 1999 Dallas Texas passed a law banning what from cityRoosters noise pollute89On Scooby Doo what was Shaggys real nameNorville90Who failed his music class at schoolElvis Presley91Who or what was Black BetsyBabe Ruth's 44ozBaseball Bat9220% of Japanese publications are whatComic Books93What was the first music CD burned in AmericaSpringsteen's Born in the USA94In ancient Japan public contests were held to find what Best Farter loud andlong95What are scutesSnakes belly scales96If a Ghanian says Afishapa what have you been toldMerry Christmas97St Gerard is the Patron Saint of whoPregnant Women98In the language of flowers giving mint meant whatVirtue99Collective nouns - A cloud of whatGnats100There is a museum in Philadelphia 211 North 3rd Street to whatPretzelsPage 7910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 40Answers1What is the most frequently accessed article World EncyclopaediaSnake Information2Where would you find a coiffe or museletBottle wire cork hold 3Men average 12 a year women 18 a year - whatRead Books4What classic novel sold only 50 copies authors lifetimeMoby Dick5The average human has seven what each daySex Fantasies6If an Australian called you a cadbury what would he meanCheap Drunk7In the language of flowers what does straw meanAgreement8A young what is called a CheeperGrouse PartridgeQuail9Who is the Patron Saint of authorsSaint Paul10What does a Caligynephobe fearBeautiful Women11Collective nouns - A group of beavers is whatColony1258% of people like what during sexDirty Talk13What is a braquetteFake Dick extension14th century14The Walibri tribe central Australia greet each other howShaking Penises15In Tremonton Utah illegal for a woman not man what in ambulanceHave sex16In Islamic law after having sex with a lamb mortal sin to do whatEat its flesh17US Fed laws specify what colour underwear for Crash DummiesTea Rose18Where is your Popliteal FossaBack of Knee19What is the national dish of the Faeroe IslandsPuffin stuffed withRhubarb20What is Kumiss made from in AsiaFermented Cows Milk21A Mai Tai is a cocktail literally meaning what in TahitianOut of the World22What is chiengoraDog Hair spun intoyarn23Only 30% of women do whatSwallow24The chupacabra is a legendary Mexican animal what in EnglishGoat Sucker25In Franz Kafkas Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa wakes up as?An Insect26Danny Zuko was a main character in what filmGrease27If you ordered Tori Udon in a Japanese restaurant you get whatThick Noodles brothwith Chicken28Who said "Canada? I don't even know what street Canada is on"Al Capone29What links Jerry Garcia Buster Keaton Boris YeltsinMissing a bit of finger30What is the literal translation of haute coutureHigh Sewing31The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of whoHelios the sun god32Market research says what colour makes people spend moreLight Purple33Hack - Hog Line - House are terms in what sportCurling34What do Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones have in commonAt Harvard Together35Collective nouns - A tiding of whatMagpies36You can get 5 years in Kentucky for sending a friend whatBottle beer or booze37Hipopota Agravis or guasano is what in Mexican Tequila Not Worm ButterflyCaterpillar38What is the name for a special vibrator worn with strapsA Butterfly39What is a toqueA Canadian winter hat40What movie had the line "We're on a mission from God"The Blues Brothers41What is the fourth most common language in the USAASL American SignLanguage4260% of women experience whatMenstrual Cramps43What is Linus last name in the Peanuts cartoonsVan Pelt44In what movie did Whoopee Goldberg make her debutThe Colour Purple45Who turned down the Bogart role in CasablancaRonald Reagan46What token was added to Monopoly in 1999Sack of Money47Alcohol comes from the Arabic word Al Kohl meaning whatThe Essence48In Washington state it is specifically illegal to have sex with whoVirgins49Who is the Patron Saint of brewersSaint Nicholas50If an Australian called you a Gumsucker what would he meanYou were fromVictoria statePage 8010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 40Answers51In the language of flowers what does oak leaves meanBravery52What does a Coprophobe fearCrap - Shit - Faeces53Collective nouns - a leash of whatGreyhounds54In Lebanon it is legal to have sex with who / whatFemale animals males death55Kan Pei - Terveydeksi - Op Je gazonheid 3 ways saying whatGood Health - Cheers5625% of women regularly do whatShave off pubic hair57Who tell of the mythical Bunyips that eat peopleAustralian Aboriginal58Who wrote One flew over the Cuckoos NestKen Kesey59Japanese Soya noodles are made from whatBuckwheat60What word in English has the most synonymsDrunk61What English word comes from Latin for Sheath for a SwordVagina62At the end of TVs MASH what character stayed in KoreaCorp Maxwell Klinger63April 20 1896 was the first time people paid to do whatSee a movie in NY64There are 33 words on the back of a bottle of what beerRolling Rock65Brigham Young University offers what unusual MajorBallroom Dancing66What product was originally called Baby GaysQ Tips67Women do it twice as often as men - whatBlink68What is the only flavour Jell-o containing any real fruitCranberry69Einstein never wore what if he could avoid itSocks70What is a tucket Baseball organ music71Beethoven's 9th was his interpretation of what work by SchillerOde to Joy72A standard what contains eight holesHorseshoe73What city was chosen but refused the 1976 Winter OlympicsDenver74Where in Europe can you find wild monkeysGibraltar7570% of Americans have done whatVisited Disneyland /world76What is the name of the Flintstones catBaby-Puss77Muscatel literally means what in ItalianWith Flies on it78A average male will have 2000 what during his lifetimeMasturbatedEjaculations79What is polentaCornmeal and water80Egg Fu is the enemy of what super heroWonder Woman81Who was the first honorary US citizenWinston Churchill82What links Bill Clinton Fidel Castro Alb Einstein Jimmy HendrixLeft Handed83According to a survey what is the US top family foodSpaghetti thenChicken84Urea is only found in humans and what other animalDalmatian Dogs85What group were once called The WarlocksThe Grateful Dead86What colour is a sunburned turnipGreen87On Average a West German goes 7 days without doing whatWashing hisunderwear88What product put its logo on Dover cliffs - Act Parliament get offQuaker Oats Man89Approximately 3 million women in the USA have whatTattoos90Harold Sakata was badly burned playing what characterOdd Job in Goldfinger91In the Flintstones in what county is BedrockCobblestone County92Ariztid Olt was what early name used by a famed actorBela Lugosi93Who said "Once you are dead you are made for life"Jimmy Hendrix94What does Vodka literally meanLittle Water95In Kingsville Texas its illegal for who/what to shag on airport landPigs96Collective nouns - a hedge of whatHerons97What does a Erotophobe fearSexual Love98Who is the Patron Saint of GoutSaint Andrew99In the language of flowers what does yellow lily meanFalsehood100What is the Roman Numerals for 4000MMMMPage 8110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 41Answers1Put the worlds most common forename and surname togetherMohammed Chen2King James the IV practiced what (and charged) on subjectsDentistry3At the Festival of the Cleaver Spartans nailed what to the wallSausages for oldermen to gnaw443% of Americans regularly do whatAttend church5Chachi was a character in Happy days whats it mean in KoreanPenis6Frank Sinatra John Wayne Paul Newman rejected what roleDirty Harry Callahan7Who was the first man to set foot on all five continents Captain Cook8What idea began in London in 1764House Numbers9Only humans and what have hymensHorses10In Connecticut by law restaurants must provide separate whatNose blowing notblowing tables11DELAG was the worlds first what Oct 16 1909Airline - by Zeppelin12Do ahashya da is Navaho for whatI am Stupid13Here comes the judge is from what TV showRowan and MartinsLaugh In14What is a Hindi in TurkeyA Turkey15Each day 3000 Americans do what for the first timeStart Smoking16Apart from Star Trek Kirk Scott Spock Sulu (actors) what progThe Twilight Zone17Elizabeth I had anthrophobia what was she afraid ofRoses18What did Beethoven do before composingPut head in cold water19What gives onions their distinctive smellSulphur - taken inwhen growing20Where was the first police force established in 1667Paris21Who is the largest toy distributor in the worldMcDonalds22The average chocolate bar has eight what in itInsects legs23Zorro the heroes name means what in SpanishThe Fox24In Chicago its illegal to fish wearing whatYour Pyjamas25Vegetarians do what more than carnivore / omnivoresFart26What county has a national dog (only one country has one)Netherlands27What is the leading cause of death in ChinaRespiratory Disease28What product is consumed most in CaliforniaBottled Water29What flavour is kirshwasser liqueurCherry30Farina is Italian for whatFlour31Moons of the faithful is the Chinese translation of what fruitApricot32What science ficton author wrote about The Cities in Flight seriesJames Blish33What literary character was born on September 22 1290Hobbit Bilbo Baggins34Patsy Mclenny became famous as whoMorgan Fairchild35What fruits do Elephants eat to get pissed ( ferment inside )Marula3630% of women have done it but only 10% do it regularly - whatMultiple Orgasms37Its illegal to do what in the French vineyardsLand a Flying Saucer38What word come from the Latin phrase "to be ashamed of"Pudenda39The Travelmate was designed to allow women to do whatPee Standing Up40What TV program first used the word hellStar Trek lets get thehell outa here41Termites eat wood twice as fast if what is happeningHeavy Metal MusicPlaying42What distinguished the 9th and 10th CavalryAll Black Regiments43Choroti women are expected to do what during sexSpit in their partnersface44What links horses rabbits and ratsCannot Vomit45An average American does it times a week whatVisit a Supermarket46How did Queen Victoria ease her menstrual cramp painUsed Marijuana47George Washington carried a portable whatSundial48What make and model of car was Christine in the book and filmPlymouth Fury49What liqueur is prepared from cumin and caraway seedsKummel50In Kansas its illegal to eat cherry pie with whatIce CreamPage 8210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 41Answers51Tamarack Idaho can't buy what after dark without sheriff permitOnions5273% of what is produced and consumed in the USAInternet Pornography5397% of all paper money in the USA has traces of what on itCocaine54Catch 22 had what original name - publisher changed itCatch 1855Half the population of China is whatShort Sighted56What animals name comes from the Sanskrit to stealMouse - Musha57Telephone poles are mostly made from what woodChestnut58The Spanish word Esposa means both wife and whatHandcuffs59What book was given to all officers in the Confederate armyLes Miserables60What Canadian city has the most bars per capitaHalifax Nova Scotia61Ninkasi was the ancient Egyptian goddess of whatBeer62Who was the voice of Scooby DooMickey Dolenz63In Glendale Arizona it is illegal for a car to do whatReverse - Back up64Who said "Sometimes too much drink is barely enough"Mark Twain65Joan Peters became famous as whoCarol Lombard66Hawaiian Pia Polish Piwo Hungarian Sor - what is itBeer67All commercially bred turkeys are whatArtificiallyInseminated males oversized68Wimpy was the working title of what classic moviePsycho69The longest section American slang dictionary what subjectVomit70Climbing boys were banned what did sweeps drop down chimneysLive Chickens71What was the Bikini originally calledThe Atom72In Huston Texas they do it most times per week - whatEat Out73What magazine has the largest unpaid circulation in the USDisney Channel Magazine74More than 100 women make a living from impersonating whoMarilyn Monroe75In Omaha Nebraska its illegal for a barber to shave whatA mans chest76Ancient Chinese thought what fruit a symbol long life immortalityPeach77Fried Chicken Strawberry Shortcake trad Xmas eve meal whereJapan78Calgary University offers a two day course in whatIgloo Building79Cleopatra sometimes wore a fake whatBeard for OfficialDuties80in 1980 the Yellow Pages listed a Funeral Home under whatFrozen Food81Most Jell-o contains crushed whatHooves82What colour are the Amazon river dolphinsPink83What pop group said "Were only in it for the volume"Black Sabbath84Phonetically spelled out what does Esso mean in JapanStalled Car85If you had aprosexia what would be impaired or reducedAbility to study8690% of New York cabbies are whatNew immigrants87In Massachusetts it is illegal to deliver what on SundaysDiapers - Nappies88Name the first mailman in PhiladelphiaBenjamin Franklin89US school buses are Chrome Yellow but they used to be whatOmaha Orange90Harold Edgerton has taken all the worlds photos of what US nuclear bombexplosions9115% of American males are what - so are bullsColour Blind92Seattle Rome Edinburgh Sheffield what links themBuilt on seven hills93There are over 800 brands of what for sale in the USABottled Water94In what country do they answer the phone by saying I'm listeningRussia95Who captured the first confederate flag in the US civil warGeorge ArmstrongCuster96Bourbon Miss restaurant by law what must be served with waterOne Small onion perglass97Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton became famous as who Dorothy Lamour98Who said "More people would be alive if we had a death penalty"Nancy Reagan99The Chinese apple is another name for what fruitPomegranate100Massachusetts in April the law states that dogs will have whatRear Legs TiedPage 8310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 42Answers1What is Daffy Ducks middle nameDumas2In downtown Lima Peru there is a brass statue of whoWinnie the Pooh343% of women want to try sadomasochism after smelling whatVanilla extract426% of McDonalds Ontario employees admit doing whatPutting bodily fluidsin food5What is the name of the elephant headed god in IndiaGanish6The foghorn of the QE2 plays in what noteA Flat7McDonalds and Burger King put what on their friesSugar to brown colour8Where is a horses pollBetween its ears9Who rejected the role of Riddler in Batman ForeverRobin Williams10The Victorians began circumcision of male babies to stop whatMasturbation11What conc. product carried in tankers has a hazardous signCoca Cola12In Georgia its illegal for a barber to do whatAdvertise Prices1325% of sexually active people have tried whatAnal Sex14Who said "Losing my virginity was a career move"Madonna15Hemeroticism is whatSexual fantasy16Depeche Mode the 80s groups name translates as whatFast Fashion17Marathon runners have on average 14 a week - whatAlcoholic drinks1841% of American women believe what nationality best husbandsCanadian19On Average North American women do what 83 times a yearHave Sex2046% of women say this is better than sex - whatA good nights sleep21Where is the fourth most popular place on a ship to have sexThe lifeboat22And what is the firstThe Whirlpool2310% of men claim to do this regularly whatShave their pubic hair24The word negligee is French and suggests wearer does whatAvoids refrains fromhousework25In Tennessee it is illegal to sell what on a SundayBologna26Volney was in hundreds of films where can you see himMGM films he wasthe lion27Alces Alces is the Latin name for what animalMoose28Where do Cuckoo clocks come fromBlack Forest Germany29What used to be measured in GillettesLaser Strength noblades drilled30O'Shey Jackson became better known as whoIce Cube31A talus is what geographical featureBoulders fallen frommountain32What is a Godeminche Penis dildo with balls33In Virginia its against the law for people to bribe except whoPolitical Candidates34In ancient Greece aristocratic women were deflowered with whatStone Penis35JRR Tolkein wrote The Lord of the Rings what the JRR stand forJohn Robert Reuel36A Hop Low is the world smallest - whatMushroom37What has 121 holesChinese Checkerboard38What was the first video played on MTV EuropeMoney for Nothing Dire Straits39Thurl Ravenscroft is the voice of whoTony the Tiger40What was Ghengis Khans first jobGoatherd41In film making what is a martini shotLast of day before pub42What flavours root beerSarsaparilla4330 million people in the USA have diasima - what is itGap in front teeth44In Chaucer's England a mussel was slang for whatVulva45In New Jersey what can't be sold on a SundayCabbage46What is the name for a male ferretJack47Woodpecker Scalps - Porpoise Teeth - Giraffe Tails what linksAll been used asmoney48What was the city symbol of PompeiiA Winged Penis49In Old English what is a frieosanA Sneeze50Who was supposed to play Betelgeuse in the movieSammy Davis JuniorPage 8410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 42Answers51Psychologist say when a woman wears red she wants whatAnother Woman5267% of dog owners do what at holiday timeBuy a present for dog53in 1994 314 Americans had what type of surgeryButtock Lift54English ships carried limes protect scurvy what US ships carryCranberries55How many tail feathers has a KiwiNone56What gem was Cleopatra's signetThe Amethyst57Cagney shoves grapefruit Mae Clarke face was going to be what An Omelette58In North Carolina its against the law for who / what to fightCats and Dogs59Who said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"Sigmund Freud60The word stymie originated in what sportGolf ball blocking you61What is silvicultureForestry62Rosalind Julia Portia Viola Cymbeline what links not obviousHeroines dress as men63What medal shows 3 naked men hands on each others shouldersNobel Peace Prize64J Worthington Foulfeather was the name of what Disney characterThe Fox in Pinocchio65What was the only film about Vietnam made during the warThe Green Berets66What did archers at the ancient Olympics use as targetsTethered Doves67What national flag has the largest animal emblem - a lionSri Lanka68If not a bird magician or a spitfire engine What is a MerlinArtificial vagina69What is the Badger stateWisconsin70In Michigan married couples can be imprisoned unless they whatLive Together71Arturo Toscanini played what instrument before conductingThe Cello72After the Bible what book did Americans rate as their favouriteSears RoebuckCatalogue73What are the names of the two cats in Disney's Lady + TrampSi and Am74What is the oldest registered trade mark still used in USARed Devil Undewoods devilled ham75Whose legs were banned from metro posters too distractingMarlene Dietrich76Where would a soldier wear a HavelockHead in Desert77Where are the glasshouse mountainsQueensland Australia78What was Napoleon Bonaparte's official emblemBumblebee79The USA call her the Maid of Honour what do the British call herThe Chief Bridesmaid80What airport has the code MMEMarseilles81In Missouri a man must have a permit to do whatShave82Clomipramine an anti depressant had what unusual side effectOrgasm when yawn83What is the name of Madonna's ChiuhauhaChiquita84Ilich Ramirez Sanchez became notorious as whoCarlos the Jackal85To a golfer what's a frostyScore of 8 on a hole86What is XylographyWood Engraving87What is Fonzies full name on Happy DaysArthur HerbertFonzerelli88Jacque Cousteau's ship Calypso used to be what before he got itMinesweeper89What books original title was Murder in the Calais CoachMurder on the OrientExpress90What in reality was Dr McCoy's medical scanner in Star TrekA Salt Shaker91In Phoenix Arizona you cant walk through a hotel wearing whatSpurs92What is tripsophilliaArousal from massage93Name first monochrome film converted electronically to colourYankee DoodleDandy94What does the name Mesopotamia meanBetween two Rivers95What was the name of the baby in Three Men and a BabyMary96What is a Winter BananaA variety of Apple97In what movie did Richard Drefus make his one line debutThe Graduate98What is the meaning of the Sioux word Tonka - used for toysGreat99What are or were Wix Fibs and FaxBrands of Tampons100By law In Washington State a concealed weapon must be whatUnder 6 foot long bigger is illegalPage 8510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 43Answers1In Louisiana by law who can't be charged more than 25c haircutBald Men2What is Corvus another name forFellatio (Blowjob)3What links fire escapes windshield wipers bullet proof vestsInvented by women4Growing Up Skipper Mattel doll 1970 what happened arm turnedBreasts Grew5Spain Portugal and Algeria are three top produces of whatCork6What building in New York has 43600 windowsWorld Trade Centre7Where is the worlds largest bullfighting ringMexico City8A Klazomaniac cant stop doing whatShouting9A sheep duck and rooster were worlds the first whatPassengers in hot airballoon10What American state has the most outhousesAlaska11What tough guy actor has a real first name of WalterBruce Willis12What toy is manufactured to a tolerance of 5 thou of a millimetreLego13What job is most likely to make the practitioner an alcoholicBarbers14All hospitals in Singapore use what brand name productPampers15Colgate (the toothpaste) translates to what in SpanishGo hang yourself16In the next 7 days 800 Americans will be injured by whatTheir Jewellery17British politician John Montigue is credited with inventing what4th Earl of Sandwich18How did Bobby Beach - broke all bones over Niagara in barrel dieSlipped Banana skin19Who's Christian names inc Johannes Chrysostomus TheophilusWolfgangus Mozart20In Oklahoma by law baseball teams cannot do whatHit ball over fence outof ground21What is OrduneArousal by nude pics22Why were Mothers called mama or mommy in many languagesFrom mammary or tits23What is Sekkusu in JapanSex24Half the worlds population has seen at least one whatJames Bond Film25With what song did Status Quo opened the Band Aid concert Rocking all over theWorld26An accolade is something of praise what was original meaningShoulder swordtouched knighting27Where would you find your shankSole of foot28September 22 is National what appreciation dayElephants29The is no known language without a word for this creature - whatButterfly30There are butterflies that smell like whatChocolate31What does a tsiologist studyTea32Who was the first American to make $100 million a yearAl Capone3399% of American households have at least one whatTV34In Denver Colorado it is illegal to mistreat who / whatRats35Any sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magicArthur C Clark Report planet 33670% people would stamp barefoot broken glass that watch what Riverdance for 24hours3756% of Americans believe there is what in heavenBaseball38In Ancient Mesopotamia people worshiped whatPigeons39Lachanophobia is the fear of whatVegetables40In Kansas by law you cannot drive what down the streetBuffalo41What is ipsism another name forMasturbation42In any one month 36% of Americans eat what for breakfastCold left over pizza43What job has the longest lifespan in the USA average age 77Nuns44Nyse in Swedish Tusszents in Hungarian Kychat in Czeck whatSneeze45Faith Hope Charity Fortitude Justice Prudence what's missingTemperance46Morris Frank brought Buddy from Swiss in 1928 what was BuddyFirst Seeing eye dogin USA47Stephanie Powers was Girl from UNCLE characters nameApril Dancer48In what city was Americas first stock exchange builtPhiladelphia49We know what a fez is but what does fez mean in TurkishHat50What product can be found in four out of five American homesWD40Page 8610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 43Answers5145% of Americans use what each dayMouthwash52USA favourite computer passwords are love and sex what UKFred53William Moulton Marston Lie Detector and what comic characterWonderwoman54On the Munsters what was Lillie's maiden nameLilly Dracula55What did D H Laurence do with his horse Aaron when it diedHad the skin made aDuffel Bag56What in Japan is a MawashiSumo wrestlers belt57What links George Patton Jayne Mansfield Margaret MitchellDied in car crashes58A Badger gets its name from badge meaning whatWhite mark on face59Collective nouns - a descent of whatWoodpeckers60In Florida its against the law to put what on the school busLivestock61What is Lygeristia (a limiting thing)Arousal in darkness62Who appeared on the first cover of TV guide 3 April 1953Desi Arnaz Jr63Who said "To many of our imports are from abroad"George Bush64The Rambunctious and Clever Ones what films name in TaiwanWayne's World65What ingredient causes the shine in expensive eye shadowFish Scales66What do you call the cap on a fire hydrantA Bonnet67Who is the Roman Goddess of sorcery hounds and crossroadsTrivia68Only three Angels are named in Bible Gabriel Michael and whoLucifer69What is the name of Data's cat in Star Trek Next GenerationSpot70What word starts and ends with undUnderground71In what sport would you find a HoselGolf - Hole in clubshaft fits into72What was banned by law 16th 17th century VeniceHigh heels Prostitutes drowned73The Nullarbor desert is in Western Australia what's it meanNo Trees Null Arbor74Collective nouns - a mustering of whatStorks75Caterpillar comes from the old French what's it literally meanHairy Cat76What links Cary Grant Mohammed Ali Prince CharlesAll amateurMagicians77In 1923 what new optional accessory was offered on carsA Radio78What is Indiana Jones first nameHenry79What first appeared on the USA domestic market in 1960Canned Coca Cola80In North Carolina it is illegal for what to race down the streetRabbits81What job has a pudentacuristShapes pussy hair82Two weeks after hatching what is 3000 times its birth weightMonarch Butterfly83In 1919 in the USA you could be jailed for doing what in PublicSneezing84The Merry Go Round is Broken Down - whose melody is thatLooney Tunes85Mark Chapman was carrying what book when he killed LenonCatcher in the Rye86Paramount Pictures logo has 22 whatStars87Why did Ancient Egyptians shave their eyebrowsMourning death cat88Other than fruit what is the only natural food made without killingHoney89Who is known as Tuhkimo in FinlandCinderella90The first Apple Mac hard disk was how big5 Megabytes91Who was the first Marvel Comics superheroHuman Torch92The word rodent comes from the Latin rodere meaning whatTo Gnaw93What was the first video played on MTVVideo killed the RadioStar94The Chinese pictogram for trouble also means whatTwo women undersame roof95An Intente is a players manager in what sport Jai Alai96Collective nouns - A gang of whatElks97Peladophobia is the fear of whatBald People98After water what is the most consumed beverageTea99What is pompoirVaginal musclecontrol100In West Virginia its illegal to cook what - because of smellCabbage - Can go toPrison for itPage 8710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 44Answers1In Norse mythology Odin traded an eye for whatWisdom2Who wrote the poem It was the night before ChristmasClement Moore3What is a pismireAn Ant4In Arthur C Clarks Childhoods end the aliens look like whatDevils5What animals name translate from Arabic as He who walks fastGiraffe fromXirapha6The worlds what museum is at 19 Green belt North York OntarioContraceptive7At her beheading Marie Antoinette wore what colour shoesPurple8What country has the worst roads averaging 10 deaths per milePortugal9Magnus Huss (a Swede) coined which word Alcoholism10In Vancouver a city law says all cars must carry whatAn Anchor Emergency brake11Who made his screen debut in Mad Dog Col 1961 as a copGene Hackman12Ernest Breaux a chemist created which product in 1921Channel No 513What flowers name derives from the Greek word for testicleOrchid14who told the evil king Schahriah storiesSheherazade15Spanakopia is a Greek pie filled with whatSaut ed Spinach16What is in a Ballini cocktailPeaches and BrutChampagne17John Pierpoint wrote what seasonal dittyJingle Bells18Where is the world's oldest belltower AD 1069St Benedict's ChurchRome19What is in the Red Data BookEndangered Species20April is the cruellest month - which poet wrote that lineT S Elliot it refers toincome tax21Tyrian Purple is a strong dye made from whatMussels and Whelks22What countries women most likely to have sex on a first dateAustralia 13%23In 19th century England what was a SnickerdoddleCookie24Joan Sandra Molinsky became famous as whoJoan Rivers25If you were acomoclitic what would turn you onShaven Pubes26Who wrote the book - Call of the WildJack London27What was the name of Frank Zappas first bandThe Ramblers28Who was nicknamed "Queen of the Swashbucklers"Maureen O' Hara29What Italian stew literally translates as Bone with a HoleOsso Bucco30If you had Cynophillia what type of sex turns you onSex with dogs31Who directed the movie Wall Street 1987Oliver Stone32In what US state is area 51Colorado33What is BelleekType of Pottery34What 6th century Greek poet is the father of drama Thespis35Who was the main plotter in the Gunpowder Plot 1605Robert Catesby36In Red Dwarf what did the H stand for on Rimmers headHologram37Illinois State law its illegal to speak what languageEnglish onlyAmerican is legal38What US president spent between 11 and 15 hours asleep dailyCalvin Coolidge39Janette MacDonald was nicknamed the Iron whatButterfly40Where is the Star Fleet Academy locatedSan Francisco41What countries women are most likely to have sex dailyRussia 20% 74%satisfactory 42What is the main ingredient of tahini used in the Middle EastSesame seed (paste)43What is the name of the scale measuring depth of coma (GCS)Glasgow Coma Scale44Which 19th century battle UK / USA fought after peace signedBattle of New Orleans45What place is nicknamed "The City of Lilies"Florence46In San Jose California where is it illegal to sleep without permitNeighbour's Outhouse47What is a TamburaAn Indian longnecked lute48In what literary work would you find the yahoosGulliver's Travels49In Chinese mythology what is TaimutA Dragon50A Hodophile gets sexually aroused by whatTravellingPage 8810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 44Answers51Greek mythology what underground river souls drink and forgetLethe52Jane Peters became famous as who - ( Clark Gables wife )Carol Lombard53In the Canterbury Tales why were the pilgrims travellingTo visit Thomas a'Becketts Tomb54The locals call it Metohkangmi what do we call itAbominable Snowman or Yeti55What translates as The fist foot wayTaekwondo56The furcula is what part of a birdWishbone 57What is an Oklahoma / Arizona / Harlem credit cardPetrol Siphon hose58Lucius Tarquinius Superbus was the last king of whereRome59What is measured with a Snodgrass grathodynamometerStrength Shark Bites60In LA by law you can't hunt what at night in streetlightMoths61In Greek mythology who gave the "eyes" to the peacockArgus62A couple dogging are having sex with others watching whereIn their car63Harry Alan Robert Stewart made redundant Britain 1960s JobOfficial Hangman64Orbis non Sufficit - World is not enough - whose family mottoJames Bond65In Tejo a S American game players throw stones at buried whatGunpowder - try toexplode it66What come in varieties Norway Oriental Sitka White SiberianSpruce Trees67Wilhelm Beer and Johan von Madler first good map where 1830The Moon68A musical instrument and the French word for paper clip whatTrombone69What links Yul Bryner Burt Lancaster WC Fields Joe E BrownCircus Performers70Outfit/costume first seen 1914 film Kid Auto Races at VeniceChaplin's Tramp outfit71Evening Star no 92220 was the last whatSteam Loco built byBritish Railways72Who was found dead in Hollywood's Landmark Hotel 4 Oct 1970Janis Joplin73June 1611 what English navigator was cast adrift by mutineersHenry Hudson74Rams Horn Wandering Bladder Prickly Herald types of whatFreshwater Snails75Who sent Stanley to Africa to look for LivingstoneNew York Herald76Who was "The father of magazine science fiction"Hugo Gernsback77San Francisco by law unleashed what can't walk down market streetElephants78A phalophilliac has a fetish about whatLarge Penises79Who first appeared in the film A Tale of two Kitties in 1942Tweety Pie80Word for slight of hand comes from the French for nimble fingerPrestidigitation81What links Steve McQueen Ian Botham Spike MilliganAll called Terence82A Primagravida is whatFirst Pregnancy83Baron de Coubertin won Gold at the Olympics 1912 for whatLiterature84In Norse mythology what was Audulma - wet nurse of giantsCow85In nautical terms what five letter word means duty at the helmTrick86San Francisco by law you can't clean your car with whatUsed Underware87In the Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue 1811 what is a waspAn infected prostitute sting in tail88What was the first film musical based on a Shakespeare playThe boys from Syracuse C of Error89Zerelda was the first name of what outlaws wife and motherJesse James90Robert Record in the mid 16th century invented what signEquals =91Nathan Bedford Forest a confederate general was the first whatGrand Wizard KKK92Name the first British actress to appear on a British stamp 1985Vivien Leigh93Patricia Holm is the girlfriend of what famous fictional characterSimon Templar TheSaint94Comic strip character 1920s name means meek person in USACasper Milquetoast95Sylvester Stallone film shares name with Paris art movementCobra 96What fictitious murderer first appeared in String of Pearls 1840sSweeny Todd97In what film were Aldeberan Antares Atair Rigel seenBen Hur - horses onhis chariot98What place was nicknamed "The Pearl of the Orient"Manilla - Philippines99A Retifist has a fetish about whatShoes100In Pueblo Colorado its illegal for what to grow in city limitsA DandelionPage 8910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 45Answers1In Lebanon Virginia its illegal to do what to your wifeKick her out of bed2Illustrator Florence K Upton created what (now not PC)Golliwog3Name the first Alsatian dog film star 1921Strongheart - Rin TinTin 19224In what play do we follow Aaron a Moor beloved of TamoraTitus Andronicus5Boreas Eurus Notus Zephyrus were whatClassic Winds NESW6What space craft mapping Venus named 15/16 century explorer Magellan7Where would you find A Wall The white line and BarsHorses foot8Name the aboriginal detective in the novels of Arthur W UpfieldNapoleon Bonaparte9Who was the first British SF author to win a Hugo awardEric Frank RussellAllamagoosa10If you suffered Harpaxophillia what turns you onBeing Robbed11What foods name comes from the Tamil words for Pepper WaterMulligatawny12Operation Dracula in WWII freed what cityRangoon Burma13What are you doing if you performed Applejack Chaos Rev upLine Dancing14What islands name is Australian slang for a football shirtGuernsey15In Huston its illegal to sell what on SundayLimburger Cheese16In what Agatha Christi book does Poriot DieCurtain17What Japanese dish consists of Tofu Beef and vegetablesSukiyaki18Marengo was Napoleons horse but he rode who at WaterlooDisiree white Arabian19What book of the old testament has the least chapters (1)Obadiah20Johan Schober the first president of what organisation in 1923Interpol21What is singer Elaine Paige's nicknameLeather Lungs22What was the name of Sancho Panza's donkeyDapple23Who spent 18 months in 1940s as no 3188 home wayward boysSteve McQueen24Who was the last English King to die on the battlefieldRichard III25What countries name translates as lion mountainsSierra Leone26Where could you hear the Cuckoo SongLaurel Hardy filmtheme song27What Roman soldier defeated and destroyed SpartacusCrassus - not Pompey28Between 1916 and 23 Clarence Saunders opened 2800 whatPiggly Wiggly selfservice stores29Harold Leek became famous as whoHoward Keel30If you suffered Hierophillia what turns you onSacred Objects31In 1954 George Cowling was the first British TV whatWeatherman32In Dyersberg Tennessee its illegal for a woman to what to a manCall for a date33What does a croque Madame have that a croque monsieur don tEgg on top CheeseHam Toast34What TV series had a signature tune called Liberty BellMonty Pythons Flying Circus35Name of the Roman hippodrome used for chariot racesCircus Maximus36What's the triangular Indian pasty containing spiced meatSamosa37Candlemaker soapmaker merged in Cincinnati 1837 making whatProcter and Gamble38Whisky and Drambuie mix to form what sickly cocktailRusty Nail39what are Wa Cha Wej Vagh Hut Soch and chorghNumbers - In Klingon40The British call it Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) what in FranceMardi Gras41In Nicholas Nickleby name the headmaster of Dotheboys HallWackford Squeers42Ilium is the Latin name for what ancient cityTroy43If you had hemicrania what would you be suffering fromMigraine44What was a Pikelhaube used in WW ISpiked GermanHelmet45How is the cucurbita pepo better knownMarrow46The roadrunner belongs to what family of birdsCuckoo47Cyesolagnia is a fetish about whatPregnant women48What's was the nickname of New York's 28th street in 1920sTin Pan Alley49What started in 1935 when a doctor and a stockbroker metAlcoholicsAnonymous50In Newport Rhode Island its illegal to do what after darkSmoke a pipePage 9010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 45Answers51Who started his film career as Anglo Saxton type 2008 in 1930sDavid Niven52What mythological animal was the insignia of UK Airborne WW IIPegasus carryingBeleraphon53What's the word for the luminous mist that surrounds a saintNimbus54Who created the character Walter MittyJames Thurber55What Wimbledon single champ had a part in a John Wayne filmAnthea Gibson LukeyHorse Soldiers56Where would you find a MihrabMosque Niche showMecca direction57Who would write a decratal or rescriptThe Pope58Mother Carey's Chickens sailors slang for what bird(s)Storm Petrels59What wondrous creation was built by Sostratus of CnidosPharos of Alexandria60If you have Iantronudia what turns you onFlashing a physician61What WW II British medal carries the words For GallantryGeorge Cross62In what film did Sean Connery sing Pretty Irish GirlDarby O Gill and the Little People63In Salem Oregon its illegal for women to do whatWrestle64What symbols name derives from Greek for starAsterisk65Chocolate crisp introduced in 1935 was renamed what 1937Kit Kat66In the novel Goldfinger name the boss of The Cement MixersPussy Galore67What drink was named after 5th child Henry 8 Catherine of AragonBloody Mary 68What Shakespeare play is set in Massina and has Claudio in itMuch ado about Nothing69Who could win a PATSYPicture Animal TopStar of Year70Feijoada is the national dish of what countryBrazil 71Nikioli Poliakoff became famous under what nameCoco the clown72Name the term for the length of a hawks legs from thigh to footIn Falconry its an Arm73What in Arthurian legend was the Siege PerilousEmpty Chair for grailfinder74Who starred in 1950s Circus Boy then moved on to pop musicMickey Dolenz75If you have Dorophillia what turns you onAnimal Skins or furs76Where would you find a TaoiseachEire - Head of State77In Strongville Ohio what book is banned by lawCatch 2278What was the eighth month in the ancient Roman CalendarOctober79What Egyptian word means life force was on title Wheatly novelKa 80What fictional character was "The Napoleon of Crime"Professor Moriaty81What Queen of Ogygia detained Odysseus for seven yearsCalypso82Blitz Boondock Bristol Scrunge Squop terms in what gameTiddlywinks83In what sport are ten pieces of wood separated by a chainCricket84Who's aliases John Willard Eric Gault George Ramom SneydJames Earl Ray killed M L King85Stanley Gibbons started as a chemist but changed to whatStamp Dealers86What is the US slang term for formal male evening dressMonkey Suit87What countries monetary unit is also the bird on its flagGuatemalan Quetzal88What word the highest string on an instrument and a mushroomChanterelle89In Ashville North Carolina its illegal to do what on the streetsSneeze90Who wrote the surreal novel TarantulaBob Dylan91Who wrote the novel Invisible Man in 1952Ralph Waldo Emerson92If a woman maritates what is she doingFemale Masturbating93What does a Jingling Johnny do in AustraliaManually shear sheep94What can be Vulgar Common Simple Improper or properFractions95Lili Hayden played a character (not seen) in a spin off from whatColombo (Mrs)96David Harold Mayer became famous as whoDavid Janssen 97Gregory Peck played Lt Joe Clements in what 1950s filmPork Chop Hill98The Chronic Argonauts was the original title of what SF bookThe Time Machine99What word can mean a RC prayer Blood Clot extra calendar dayEmbolism100In Raton New Mexico its illegal for a woman to ride wearing whatA KimonoPage 9110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 46Answers1In St Croix Wisconsin its illegal for women to wear what publiclyAnything Red2Harmatophobia is the fear of whatSexual Incompetence3In Greece who were the HetaeraeHigh class Prostitutes4French revolution what did the prisoners travel to the guillotine inTumbrels5In 1880 Smiths Patent Germ Bread changed its name to whatHovis6Who won Oscars for Jaws ET Star Wars Schindlers ListJohn Williams (music)7What is a Gambrel - One of two answersSloping Roof orButchers Hook8Shakespeare play set in Ephesus has two pairs identical twinsComedy of Errors9Shingle was the codename for what WW II Allied landingAnzio10What sport introduced the term southpawBaseball11Sindonology is a debate concerning the origins of whatTurin Shroud12Who appeared as the infant Moses 1956 film 10 commandmentsFrazer Heston Charlton's son13Butterfly Chisel Lead Pipe Mallet Occult Willow all types of whatBone Fracture14Name the dance that means new voice in PortugueseBossa Nova15In West Virginia Nicholas County its illegal to do what in pulpitTell Jokes16If you had Psygophillia what would arouse youContact with buttocks17Elmo Lincoln was the screens first what 1918Tarzan18Who would use or what are TittumsBellringers changes19Gus Wickie Pinto Colvig William Pennell Jackson Beck - LinkBluto in Popeye20If you were drinking Red Stripe lager what country are you inJamaica21What masked hero first appeared 1919 The Curse of CapistranoZorro22Who had a hit no 5 in US 1971 with Bridge over Troubled WaterAretha Franklin23Margaret Hookham changed her name famed as whoDame Margot Fonteyn24Reuben James was the first what 31 Oct 1941US warship sunk by submarine in WW225What minty confection is a boys name - in reverseTrebor mints - Robert26In The Italian Job Noel Coward played what character in prisonMr Bridger27Where is John Frost bridge shown on A Bridge too FarArnham - it was renamed after him28Butterfly Falcon Fun Glen Lark Penguin If Topper types of whatYacht Dingy Classes29What's the Australian slang name female man trainee sheep farmJillaroo30In South Dakota its illegal to show movies that picture whatPolice getting beaten 31What area of London did Jack the Ripper frequentWhitechaple32Michael Henchard better known as what eponymous literary heroThe Mayor of Castorbridge T Hardy33What word can go before Work Yard Laying Bat to make othersBrick34What was the name of Roy Rogers dog (now stuffed)Bullet35What authors (unused) final two names are Bower YinLeslie Charteris36Albanian money and a grouse's mating display same word whatLec37In what 1998 did film David Bowie play Pontius PilotLast Temptation ofChrist38What is the IkurrinaBasque Flag39German mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller named whatAmerica afterAmerigo Vespucci40What word for a cigar type is also Italian for a small loafPanatela41What is the name of the Australian Film Institute AwardLongford (Raymond)42What countries presidents Yusof Bin Ishak and Wee Kim WeeSingapore43What city in the USA means First People in IndianBiloxi44The first cartoon character on the Beano was Eggo what was heOstrich45In Newark its illegal to sell what after 6pm unless Drs note shownIce Cream46Klysmophillia is arousal from whatEnemas47What independent states name has 10 letters only one vowelKyrgystan48Florence Nightingale Graham better known as whoElizabeth Arden49Crown - Ring - Shank - Stock - Fluke parts of whatAnchor50Andrew John Woodhouse in fiction was who - Ira Levin novelRosemary's Baby Page 9210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 46Answers51Steve McQueen played Hiltz Great Escape what's first nameVirgil52Whose members get "Promoted to Glory" on their deathSalvation Army53What is the common name of Eucalyptus microthecaCoolabah tree (waltzing mathilda)54William Sydney Porter is better known as who (literature)O'Henry55In Trenton NJ its specifically illegal to throw what in streetBad Pickle56Luke Halpin Sandy Tommy Norden Bud what 1960s TV showFlipper57Who wrote The Caine MutinyHerman Wouk58Where can you drive your car on the Nippon Clip OnAuckland Harbour Bridge 59Lampy is the worlds oldest 1840s insured 1 million oldest whatGarden Gnome60Albert Harry Jack and Samuel Eichelbaum known as whoWarner Brothers61What is a Merkin - There are two possible correct answersArtificial Vagina Pubic Wig62What authors only detective work was The Red House MysteryA A Milne63Ignoring USA whose motto is E Pluribus UnumBenfica Football Club64What Australian slang for a simpleton is also a cockatooGalah65What 19th century explorer translated the Kama SutraSir Richard Burton66Real names Susan Alexandria Stage name from Great GatsbySigourney Weaver67What was the Titanic's last port of callQueenstown Cobh (1922) Cork 68In Eureka Nevada its illegal for moustached men to do whatKiss Women69Janine Deckers suicided 1985 had top 10 hit 1962 as whoThe Singing Nun Sister Luc Gabrielle70Seawise University burned 9 Jan 1972 used to be called whatQueen Elizabeth71What are Berner Florin Parisian frill types ofCanaries72A Lady Paramount judges at what sportArchery73What Shakespeare play is "The Green Eyed Monster" mentionedOthello74Fatty Arbuckle was the first filmed recipient of what in 1913Custard Pie75In Scandinavian mythology what bridge linked heaven and EarthBifrost76What was Supergirl's secret identityLinda Lee Danvers77In the UK The Elder Brethren of Trinity House manage whatAll Lighthouses78Who danced with Gene Kelly in Anchors Aweigh in 1945Jerry Mouse79What do Yoni worshipers worshipFemale Genitals80In the streets of Elko Nevada walkers are meant to wear whatMasks81Bob Fitzsimmons world boxing champion had what middle namePrometheus82Who was the only unidentified person awarded the Victoria CrossUS unknown soldier83In what sport would you perform an AdolfTrampolining forward twists84The French call it "La Train Sifflera Trois Fois" what film is itHigh Noon85Town Australia is named after the wife Sir C H Todd postmasterAlice Springs86In Italy what is a "Zuppa Inglese"Desert87What is the tail fin of a fish calledCaudal Fin88Francis Octavia Smith rode Buttercup in 1950s TV who was she Dale Evans Mrs Roy Rogers89In Germany who were known as "Dick und Doof"Laurel and Hardy90In Omaha Parents can be arrested if child does what in churchBurps91What desert wine is a normal ingredient of zabaglioneMarsala92In his profession who's entitled to wear the "traje de luces"Bullfighter93African French Bur Fig Marsh Pot types of what plantMarigold94What was known as the Ox Box Xerox Photocopier95James L Herlihy wrote what novel - Oscar winning filmMidnight Cowboy96An area of London got its name from a hunting call whatSoho97Leslie Sebastian Charles is better known as whoBilly Ocean98What ship meaning new land carried Scott to the Antarctic 1910Terra Nova99If you had Naphephillia what turns you onBeing Touched100In Minnesota woman can get 30 days for impersonating whoSanta ClausPage 9310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 47Answers1What actor dropped out university to be a dishwasherWarren Beaty2What links a Sylvester Stallone character and PanamaBalboa Panama cashRocky name3In Nevada it is illegal to drive what on the highwayA Camel4Acmegenesis is a fancy name for whatOrgasm5Who was the leader of the wolves in Kipling's Jungle BookAkala 6Jill Oppenheimer changed her name to become famous as whoJill St John TiffanyCase in Bond film7Manya Sklodowska became famous under what nameMadam Curie8What vegetable gets its name from old French / Latin for milkLettuce9Cr me de Menthe Cr me de Cacao an light cream what drinkGrasshopper10Cry Freedom was Richard Attenborough's film about whoSteve Biko11In WW2 what was the German codename for invasion of RussiaBarberossa12In The African Queen what was the name of the steam launchThe African Queen13FIDE govern what gameChess14Girls name can mean big fruit basket or a meeting whaling captainsMolly15Who did Fess Parker play in on TV 1964Daniel Boone16In Mississippi it is still legal to kill whoOnes Servant17Who was dropped by 20th cent Fox for being too uglyMarilyn Munroe by Darryl Zanuck18Acrotomphillia is having sex with who or whatAmputees19Everest climb 1953 put flags UK UN Nepal and where on topIndia20Who won the formula 1 championship after death at MonzaJochen Rindt - 197021Where would you find a TerretDogs Collar ringlead fits on22He was R C Robinson in 1948 what name famous as nowRay Charles23What was invented by Henry D Perky 1893 Denver ColoradoShredded Wheat24Margin Guaging Angle Corner Flooring types of what toolTrowel25Who was the last British king born outside the UKGeorge II - Hanover26What US ports name means in Choctaw long haired peoplePensacola in Florida27Caractacus Potts drove what carChitty Chitty BangBang28What comes in types Rock Ball Greentree Indian ReticulatedPythons29In Yugoslavia if you asked for Pljeskavice what do you getHamburger30In Minneapolis what is the maximum penalty for double parkingThe Chain Gang31A Curofact is a sexual fetish about whatLegs32Roman orator Marcus Tillius nicknamed what for wart on noseCicero33Who failed an audition for Fame because was not pretty enoughTom Cruise34What character in the Jungle Books name means frogMougli35What is a UmiakEskimos large openskin boat36What's the more common name for prepatellar bursitisHousemaids Knee37Who wrote Whip Hand Proof and Flying FinishDick Francis38Who served under Nelson commanding the Glatton 1801William Bligh39What sport in Belgium people compete in the Fleche WalloonsCycling40What Rock group are named for a split paper match splif holderJefferson Airplane41Musical instrument is named from the Greek wooden soundXylophone42What Hollywood star was the inspiration for Bugs BunnyClark Gable43Amatripsis is what sexual practiceFemale masturbationrubbing labia44Who developed the method school of actingKonstanstin Stanislavsky45In France Pate De Grives a la Provencal is made from whatThrushes46Under Michigan State law who are officially classed mechanicsDentists47Brother Benedict translated name of what port and food productFray Bentos48Iceland Glima Iran Kushti Turkey Yagli Russia Sambo what is itWrestling49Joseph Hobson Jagger broke it in 1886 broke whatBank at Monte CarloPage 9410000 general knowledge questions and groups demo rejected by EMI in 1965 cos not own songsThe WhoNoQuestions Quiz 47Answers51What sporting trophy is named after the US sec of war 1920sDavis Cup DwightFilley Davis52The density of what is measured on the Rngelmann scaleSmoke53What English word meaning disaster comes from Italian for flaskFiasco54What was Auguste Bartholdis most famous work 1886 Statue of Liberty55In literature who taught at the Marcia Blain school for GirlsMiss Jean Brodie56What was the full name of the butler in soap - later spin offBenson Dubois57What girls name is also a pass made by a bullfighters capeVeronica58Amomaxia is having sex whereParked Car59In Fort Madison Iowa Firemen must do what before attending firePractice for 15 minutes60Who would be scored on the Apgar scaleNewborn Babies61Joel Chandler Harris born December 1848 better known as whoUncle Remus62What was the name of the regimental tune of the 7th cavalryGarryowen63Mintonette was the original name of what sport in 1891Volleyball64In traditional pantomime who is the sweetheart of HarlequinColumbine65Shellac dissolved in alcohol makes what type of varnishFrench Polish66What actress/singer once worked in a doughnut shopMadonna67Arthur Flegenheimer died Oct 1935 was better known as whoDutch Schultz68What is the magazine of the Jehovah's Witnesses calledThe Watchtower69Richard Roundtree played what detective in three 70s filmsJohn Shaft70Defecolagnia is sexual arousal from what actCrapping71Writer who created Hannah Massay Maggie Rowan Tillie TrotterCatherine Cookson72What African countries capitol is named after a US presidentLiberia - Monrovia James Monroe73In New Jersey it is illegal to frown at whoPolice Officers74Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich ze Schluderpacheri - whoHerbert Lom75What is a TallithFringed prayer shawlJewish76The French call it La Mort aux Trousses what Hitchcock film is itNorth by Northwest77What did alchemists seek to turn base metals into goldPhilosophers Stone78According to the poem who dug the grave for cock robinThe Owl79Lily Cauchoin became famous as whoClaudette Colbert80Who dropped out of Harvard in 1975Bill Gates81According to English Church what's legal only tween 8 am 6 pmGetting Married Canonical Law82Ipsisism is what common sexual practiceMasturbation83The Soldiers Song is the National Anthem of what CountryRepublic of Ireland84Who created The Scarlet PimpernelBaroness Orczy85Who was meant to play Annie Okley but was replaced in 1950 Judie Garland Annieget Your Gun86What WW2 resistance movements name is Italian for thicketMaquis87Programming language named after 17th cent French mathematicianPascal - Blaise Pascal88Inciticus was a horse (and Senator) owned by whomCaligula89Who would wear a Hachimaki - or headbandKamikaze pilots90In North Dakota it is illegal to sleep with what onYour Shoes91Edmund Dante is what eponymous heroThe Count of Monte Christo 92Thumb Lock Mongolian Release Mediterranean Draw what sportArchery93What was the name of Papa Doc Duvaliers secret police HaitiTonton Macoute94Old Testament two non humans can speak the serpent and whoBalsam's Ass Numbers 2295The Sea Cook was the original title of what famous novelTreasure Island96Bearbrass founded by John Batman the original name of whereMelbourne97What branch of mathematics is named for the Latin for pebbleCalculus98The Island of Sheep was the last novel of what Buchan HeroRichard Hannay99Eonism is what sexual practiceCross DressingPage 9510000 general knowledge questions and 's first film (THX1138) flopped in 1971George LucasNoQuestions Quiz 48Answers1Who wrote the novel Ben HurLew Wallace2Mario first appeared in which video gameDonkey Kong3Gynecomania is what compulsionFemale sex partners4What food item literally translates as little donkeyBurrito5Who directed the film The African QueenJohn Huston6In Yuma Arizona what is the punishment for citrus fruit thievesLots of Castor Oil7What light operas name literally means Honourable GateThe Mikado8The Paramours changed their name to what gaining fameRighteous Brothers9Action Comics 720 after 58 years who returned engage ringLois Lane toSuperman10Who born US Edu UK Expelled West Point Died Baltimore 40Edgar Alen Poe11What is a ParadiddleDrum Roll12What European countries national anthem has no official wordsSpain13Name of Shakespeare's simple constable in Measure for MeasureElbow14What line on a map connects places of equal rainfallIsohyat15Corson and Stoughton are the inventors of whatCS Gas16Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar famous under what nicknameEl Cid17Cyprieunia is sex with who or whatA Prostitute18Vladimir Nabokov wrote Lolita in what languageEnglish19In Quitman Georgia its illegal for a chicken to do whatCross the Road20At what farm does Aunt Ada Doom go on about nasty woodshedCold Comfort Farm21What palindromic grass grows at the seashoreMarram22What biblical towns name means House of Bread in HebrewBethlehem23Where would you find your pollersHands its your thumbs2423 29 31 first 3 impossible numbers in what pub gameDarts - cant score 1dart25For what sport is the Camanachd cup contestedShinty26Who wrote the novel The African QueenC S Forester27In Roman times what were Falerian Setine Alban SorrentineWine Regions28Whose motto is " Nation shall speak peace unto Nation "BBC29What was KFCs Colonel Sanders first nameHarland30What outlaws last words were supposed to be " such is life "Ned Kelly31Ondinism is arousal from whatUrine32In Zion city Illinois its illegal to do whatMake ugly faces atanyone33Danes Overst Senap Spanish Marques de Marina what in UKColonel MustardCluedo34What puppet was based on the creators former wife SylviaLady Penelope35The word amnesia (forgetfulness) derives from what languageGreek36What is Mexico's largest seaside resortCancun37What playwright wrote The Three Sisters and The Cherry OrchardAnton Chekov38Who composed and played the score for the film GenevieveLarry Addler39What 17th Century pirate ended up a governor of JamaicaSir Henry Morgan40Avron Hirsch Goldbogen changed his name to whatMike Todd MarriedLiz Taylor41October 1939 what UK battleship sunk torpedo loss 800 livesRoyal Oak42In the bible who slew a quarter of the worlds populationCain killing Abel43What indoor football game is named after the Latin Hobby FalconSubbuteo44In Britain what is The AndrewThe Royal Navy45Parascopisim is what sexual behaviourVoyeurism throughbedroom windows46Susannah Yolanda Fletcher became famous as whoSusannah York47Blanco Gaucho Excelsior Nutcracker Cassette types of whatWorld Cheeses48What Japanese word ironically means " May you live forever "Banzai49In Iowa state laws prohibits charging admission to see whatOne armed piano players50Name the triangular cotton headscarf or Russian grandmotherBabushkaPage 9610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 48Answers51Who wrote the novel The PiranhasHarold Robbins52What country calls itself Republika ShqiperiseAlbania53Name Dennis the Menace dog Hank Ketchum comics 1950sRuff54What species of mammal can come in fairy or giant sizeBanded Armadillo55Who was the last Indian chief to die in battle at Wounded KneeBig Foot56What is the name of the Turkish aniseed liqueur trans lions milkRaki57What car manufacturers slogan is forward through technologyAudi VorsprungDurch Technik58What does a Stupprator prefer sexuallyVirgins59What are Black Bulger Lawyers Wig Penny Bun types ofFungi60What East Indian herb of the family Pedaliaceae linked Ali BabaSesame61What girls name is a type of Australian throwing stickKylie62In Lawrence Kansas its illegal to carry what in your hatBees63UK what sized by Grains Peas Singles Doubles Trebles CobblesCoal64What sport has Crumb Gatherers Followers Rovers and WingsAussie Rules Football65Name the word an anti mine device towed from bows of a shipParavane66What is a Major MitchellAustralian Cockatoo67What French actors catch phrase Come with me to the CasbahCharles Boyer inAlgiers68What boys name means Rich GuardEdward or Edmund69What is the UKs best selling chocolate snack barKit Kat70Who first appeared in The Mysterious Affair at StylesHercule Poirot71What is a SybianVibrating saddle dildo72What's the term for the geographical dividing line N/S Korea38th Parallel73What New York edifice is named after an Italian navigatorVerrazano NarrowsBridge74Whose epitaph says "If you seek his monument look around you"Sir Christopher Wren75Who wrote a series of novels about the Ballentines of AfricaWilber Smith76Mary Isobel Catherine O'Brian born 1939 better known as whoDusty Springfield77In Maryland it is illegal to take what to the moviesA Lion78In USA early last century what were Comet Star Sun MoonMotor CarManufacturers79Who was the only horse ever to beat the legendary Man O WarUpset 12 August 191980What South American cities inhabitants are called portenosBuenos Aires81Churchill It s a Riddle wrapped in a Mystery in an Enigma whatRussia82What event supposedly occurred in the Coenaculum or CenacleThe Last Supper83Miss Ellen Church was the worlds first what in 1930Air Stewardess84What Roman Emperor was the first to convert to ChristianityConstantine - the great85What sort of sexual practice is LectamiaCaressing in bed nocoitus86Army Greatcoat Horn of Plenty Diamond Kimono types of what Napkin Folds87What were H47 and L12 that collided causing deaths in 1920sSubmarines88What US film was based on Thomas Dixons The ClansmanBirth of a Nation89In Woodstock NY it's illegal to walk what without a leashA Bear90What capitol city means Bay of Smoke in the local languageReykjavik91What area in NY is named after a barrier built to keep out IndiansWall Street92Bahina de los Cochinos is better known as whatBay of Pigs93Family lived small farm Walnut Grove Plumb Creek MinnesotaIngles - Little Houseon Prairie94Laurence Skikne changed his name to what and found fameLaurence Harvey95What's the more common name of the Crux GammataSwastika96Shakespeare character in The Tempest is the son of SycoraxCaliban97Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu born Skopje 1910 other nameMother Theresa98What was banned in Horneytown North CarolinaMassage Parlours99If you were suffering from Preblysis what have you gotPremature Ejaculation100Who wrote The Hitchhikers Guide to the GalaxyDouglas AdamsPage 9710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 49Answers1In The Caine Mutiny Bogart played Cap Queeg who first choiceRichard Widmark2Gynelophilous people get aroused from whatPubic Hair3In Los Angeles its illegal to do what on the witness standCry4Israel Beer Josaphat founded what famous service in 1851Reuters5What is the main ore of aluminiumBauxite6What sport is played 11 a side on ice with a ball - variable pitchBandy7Famous 20th century novel is set mainly on fictional PianosaCatch 228What US city is named after vice president of the mid 1840sDallas9Capitol city - Cathedrale Notra-Dame - statue Marron InconnuPort au Prince Haiti10Who took over as Fuhrer after Hitler's death till his arrest 1945Admiral Karl Donitz11Rex Stout created what corpulent orchid loving private eyeNero Wolfe12C'est manifique mais ce n'est pas la guerre 1854 about whatCharge Light Brigade13What planet did Gustav Holst omit from the planets suiteEarth14Born January 21st to February 19th what star sign are youAquarius15Stanley Kubricks Full Metal Jacket was filmed in what LocationLondon's Dockland16In what fictional vessel are characters Starbuck Stubb FedallahPequod in Moby Dick17What weapon is named from musical instrument inv Bob BurnsBazooka18What does a hyperphiliac suffer fromGreat desire for sex19Ventura county California who/what cant have sex without permitCats Dogs20What in US are Ambassador Ben Franklin George WashingtonSuspension Bridges21What is an Entr'acte in FranceInterval in Theatre22In what game/sport terms Bobble Boom Drop Giraffe Pique TwistReal Tennis types ofservice23Link Danny Fisher Charlie Rogers Vince Everett Chad GatesElvis Presleycharacter names24Alice Dormouse Mad Hatter who is missing from the Tea PartyMarch Hare25The Harlem Globetrotters had what signature tuneSweet Georgia Brown26What countries dialects has varieties called Twi and FantiGhana27Sabastian Melmoth died in Paris 1900 better known as whoOscar Wilde28What was designed and built in Iowa 1930s by George NissanTrampoline29Link Achtung Adagio Bravo Butterfly Gong Polo Rondo ZebraTypefaces or Fonts30Kiki Haakenson a policeman's daughter was the worlds first whatMiss World31Who wrote Last Tango in Brooklyn his third novelKirk Douglas32Irrumation is what sexual practiceFellatio - Blowjob33Alexandria MN if wife asks man must do what before sex by lawBrush Teeth34In what HG Wells novel does Dr Griffin sometimes appearThe Invisible Man35Who said about criticism " I cry all the way to the bank "Liberace36What kind of animal is Beatrix Potters Mrs Tiggy WinkleHedgehog37What Australian Prime Minister drowned near MelbourneHarold Holt 17December 196738Odysseus captured by Cyclops Polyphemus what false nameNobody39Old Irish law what boys name give to fine murderer paid compoEric40What confection named for a French field marshal chef made itPraline41Who got best actor award for the character Charlie AllnutBogart - The AfricanQueen 195142Who was the Roman god of field boundariesTerminus43What is The Adi GranthSacred ScripturesSikhs44What was the first American state to enter the union 7 Dec 1787Delaware Pennsylvania second45Knismolagnia is sexual arousal from whatTickling46Missouri has an unusual inalienable right - whatDrunkenness47What famous religious hymn by Augustus Montague TopladyRock of Ages48Sport control amateur level Federation International de QuilleursTen Pin Bowling49What African country and its currency have the same nameZaire50Funeral March of a Marionette theme tune to what old TV showAlfred HitchcockPresentsPage 9810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 49Answers51Eunectes Murinus largest of its kind in South America - whatAnnoconda52Whose nicknames included " The Idol of the American Boy "Babe Ruth53Film based PK Dick story We can remember it for you wholesaleTotal Recall54Isobella Mary Mayson born 1836 remembered as whoMrs Beeton55Who sang Move em out head em up head em up move em onFrankie Lane Rawhide56Zymurgy is a branch of chemistry concerning what processBrewing fermentation57Famous fictional character first appeared in Meet the Tiger 1928Simon Templar Saint58What was the name of the old man in The Old Man and the SeaSantiago59In Merryville Missouri woman cannot by law wear whatCorsets - men haveright to admire60What sexual practice is maritateFemale masturbation61What fictional doctor employed a butler named PooleDr Jekyll62Jean Francois Gravelet is better remembered as whoBlondin Tightropewalker63What popular bird derives its name from Abo for Good to EatBudgerigar64What screen cowboy rode Tony the Wonder HorseTom Mix65Andy Fletcher Dave Gahan Martin Gore Alan Wilder what groupDepeche Mode66Who was the English man of religion founded Society of FriendsGeorge Fox67What was the second colour film to win best picture Oscar 1951An American in ParisGone with the wind 168What animal in The Jungle book is also a type of uncut velvetBagheera69Who was the US equivalent of Alf GarnetArchie Bunker70Curtis Sliwa founded what in 1979Guardian Angels71An Aria from a Handel opera is Ombra mai fu - what other nameLargo72In Elko Nevada sex without what is illegalCondoms73Maschalophilous people get sexually aroused by what Armpits74What does a Pangram containAll letters in alphabet75Ragdoll Korat Sphinx Tiffany - types of whatCat Breeds76Who would wear a ZucchettoCatholic Clergy hatlike Biretta77France named it Chapeau Melon et Bottes de Cuir what UKThe Avengers78With whom is Ludwig Ritter Von Kochel best associatedMozart - catalogued Knumbers79What was the first UK TV series filmed in colour 1964/5Stingray - a puppetseries80What island group is named after a type of crocodileCayman81In the man from UNCLE who were their enemiesTHRUSH82What does a Geophage doEats earth83Joyce Frankenberg born 1951 changed her name to whatJane Seymour84Nadsat was a made up language in what book and filmA Clockwork Orange85What planet is nearest in size to EarthVenus - 5% smaller86In Schulter Oklahoma nude women cannot do whatGamble87In sexual terms what is a mastixFemale Sadist88Norman Maine is a character in what remade twice filmA Star is Born89Alhambra is a strong lager brewed in what countrySpain90Prokofievs opera War and Peace has what first to its credit 1973First one done SydneyOpera House91What eponymous Dickens character born with a caul over headDavid Copperfield92Where would you find a Fumerole or SolfataraHole side Volcano93Halcyon is a poetic name used for what birdKingfisher94Whose designer leisure wear carry the symbol of a crocodileRene Lacoste 95Paddie's Wigwam nickname of the RC cathedral what UK cityLiverpool96The French call it Pas de Calais what do the English call itStraits of Dover97Who walked the Via Dolorosa - literally Dolorous WayJesus from court toCrucifixion98What is the common two word name for Yuca BrevifoliaJoshua Tree99In Willowdale Oregon a man cant do what while shagging wifeCurse swearing illegal100What sexual practice does a mazophallate enjoyTit WankPage 9910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 50Answers1What animal comes in types spotted striped and brownHyena2In UK tennis where is the Stella Artois tournament heldQueens3What author wrote about Adrian MoleSue Townsend4Who is the unit of sound named afterAlexander GrahamBell - Decibel5What group of people meet at Kingdom HallsJehovah's Witnesses6What international rugby team perform The Hakka before matchAll Blacks7Kolpeuryntomania is what sexual activityStretching the vagina8Punk Drummer Chris Miller what name when he Damned in 70sRat Scabies9Wayne Brazel shot and killed what Western figure in 20th centPat Garret10North Andover Massachusetts its illegal to have what weaponSpace Gun11Mickey Mouse's Pluto had what name when he first appearedRover12Hebrew and what are the official languages in IsraelArabic13Rita Kuti Kis represented Hungary in what sportTennis14Jackson Whipps Showalter was a US champion at whatChess15Who wrote The Hunchback of Notre DameVictor Hugo16Tsaritsyn in Russia used to be known as whatVolgagrad Stalingrad17Violetta Valery is better know as who in the world of operaLa Traviata - by Verdi18Sarah Jane Fulks - Anne Francis Bobbins both married whoRonald Reagan JWyman N Davis19What Australian town used to be called Stuart until 1925Alice Springs20Lagnoperissia is a fancy name for what sexual conditionNymphomania21In Little Rock Arkansas men/women can get 30 days jail whatPublic Flirting22Alfred Bailey started what annual publication in mid 19th centuryWhos Who23What pop star served a football apprenticeship with BrentfordRod Stuart24Iron statue of Vulcan looks down Red Mountain what US cityBirmingham Alabama25Whose autobiography was entitled The Sport of QueensDick Francis26Who made his name with Jimmy James and the Blue FlamesJimmy Hendrix27In The Arabian Nights what was Ali Babas jobWoodcutter28Coco Channel a fashion star had what real first nameGabrielle29An Aficionado originally followed what sportBullfighting30Sir Henry Cole got John Callcot Horsley design ? to save timeChristmas card 184331Who was murdered in Bohemia in 929Good King Wenceslas32In Long Beach California where is specifically illegal to curseMiniature Golf Course33The Indestructible Iron man fights against the Electronic GangHong Kong translation of whatfilm A View to a Kill34Name the Editor in Chief New York Herald sent Stanley to AfricaGordon Bennett35if you Manuxorate what are you doingMale masturbatingwith hand36The brutal treatment of Billy Hayes was the inspiration what filmMidnight Express37In Greek mythology Atlas was a member of what groupThe Titans38Fritz Von Werra was the only German pilot WW2 to do whatEscape - The one that got away39What word - last arrow in archery contest or the final outcomeUpshot40Nicky Chinn Mike Chapman wrote Suzi Quatro No 1 UK songCan the Can 197341Oscar winner was rejected as Honey Rider Dr No too small titsJulie Christie byCubby Broccoli42What nationality was first person in space not US or RussianCzech VladimirRemek Soyuz 2843J K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series what do the JK meanJoanne Kathleen44In Connecticut it is specifically illegal to dispose of whatUsed Razor Blades45Mary Cathleen Collins changed her name to whatBo Derek46Wesley Snipes and who starred in the film Money Train 1995Woody Harrelson47In what Elvis film does he play a hillbilly garage handLoving You48Where did John Lenon marry Yoko Ono (place name)Gibraltar - Flew fromParis - back49What US president was born in CorsicaWilliam HardingCorsica Ohio50Mastigothymia is sexual arousal from whatFlagellation whippingPage 10010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 50Answers51What pop group saw their first 5 singles enter UK charts at No 1Westlife52In 1949 the Thought Police first appeared in what novel1984 George Orwell53Photographic inventor suicided 1932 said my work is done why waitGeorge EastmanKodak Brownie54Who was born at Daisy Hill Puppy FarmSnoopy Peanuts55In Portacello Idaho concealed weapons are illegal unless whatThey are openlydisplayed56Operation Market Garden WW2 involved the invasion of whereArnham 57What 1969 film last line Clint Eastwood "I fall off em everywhere"Where Eagles Dare58What game Johnny Archer Chang Feng-Pang been world champsNine Ball Pool59Who was the first Englishman to die in an aircrashCharles Rolls60Moriaphillia is sexual arousal from whatTelling dirty jokes61The Wadomo tribe in Zimbabwe have what physical oddityTwo toes each foot62Long Legged Hannah and Marty's Express what pastime involvedLine Dancing63In WW2 what came between Sword and GoldJuno - D Day Beaches64Benjamin Briggs captained what mystery shipMarie Celeste65John Lowe Oct 1984 got 102000 first to do what on TVNine dart 501 game66What was invented 1970 US Dr Buddy Lapidus marketed 1975Odour Eaters67Marilyn Louis born 1922 changed her name to what star of 40sRhonda Fleming68In Guernee Illinois women over 200lb are banned from what Riding Horseswearing shorts69A menial working class in Old Japan and Greek letter what wordEta70Phil Collins played what character on the London stage 1960sArtful Dodger71On the Omen series Damien was the devil - what second nameThorne72What was RJ Mitchell's contribution to WW2Designed the Spitfire73In what sport are bacon hamburgers chips prunes spuds termsMountain Bikinginjury / damage 74What characters first appeared in Entertaining Young Gussie Jeeves and Wooster75Omolagnia is sexual arousal from whatNudity76Fabled creature Head Man Body Lion Tail Scorpion Pork quillsManticore77Inspecting Galvaynes Groove tells you whatAge of horse it s on its teeth78French German Italian 3 official languages Switzerland what 4thRomansch79Graham McPherson changed his name to what Suggs from Madness801910 act illegal to transport woman state line immoral purposesMann Act 81Paris born Philippe Pages changed his name to whatRichard Clayderman82In Brainard Minnesota every man must do what by lawGrow a Beard83Richard Attenbourough what character in The Great EscapeBartlett84What was superhero Green Lantern vulnerable toAnything Yellow85What was The Liberty Bell manufactured 1900s Charles FeyFruit Machine86Who played Dr McCoy in the original Star Trek seriesDeforest Kelly87German film of the 1920s starred Max Schreck as a vampireNosferatu88A Renifleur gets aroused from doing whatSniffing underwear89What song gave a 9 year old US a UK No 1 lots weeks 1972/73Long haired loverfrom Liverpool90Who was the first American to receive the Nobel Literature prizeSinclair Lewis91Hercules had to clean the stables in one night - whoseAegean Stables92What US state named in 1664 in honour of Sir George Cateret New Jersey Cateretdefended Jersey93Name of the "cow town" Joseph McCoy developed in the 1860sAbaline94In Ghandi who played the General caused massacre AmritsarEdward Fox GeneralReginald Dyer95Sting Vogue Moschino Adidas Police Wires Ice types of whatSpectacles - Glasses96Film The Dead Heat Merry go Round 60s what stars first 1 lineHarrison Ford97Edgar Cuthwellis was option but the author chose another whatLewis Carrol98Operation Chastise during WW2 better known as whatDambusters Raid99In Columbus Ohio its illegal for shops to sell what on SundaysCornflakes100A Sitophilliac gets sexually aroused from whatFood in sex playPage 10110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 51Answers1Sacrofricosis is what sort of sexual behaviourPocket holes publicmasturbation2According to law what must all London Taxis always carryBale of hay for horse3Im Westen Nicht Neues what famous novel 20s later filmAll Quiet on theWestern Front4Anreas Cornelis van Kujik was who s managerElvis Col Tom Parker5What was unique about all the mens foil winners 1952 OlympicsAll Left Handed6Maryland No1 Montana No 1 Minnesota No 3 types of what Pigs American Breeds7What aria from Madam Butterfly is a Michelle Pfeiffer 1996 filmOne fine Day8Ei-Hajj Malik Ei-Shabazz better known as whoMalcolm X9What opera premiered in Paignton Devon 30th December 1879Pirates of Penzance10Name the first space probe to land on the moon 13 Sept 1959Luna 211In what film did Paul Robeson sing Old Man RiverShowboat12In El Monte California its illegal for who/what to sleep in bathtubHorse - unless ridden13Who compete in the Maccabiah GamesJewish world athletes14What TV family lived at 1124 Morning Glory Circle Westport ConStevens in Bewitched15Poland has a coastline along which seaAdriatic16Colonel Paul W Tibbets did it first - whatDropped Atom Bomb17What fish has its head at right angles to its bodySea Horse18Kate Mulgrew plays who in a Gene Roddenbery based seriesCapt KatherineJaneway Voyager19What is the oldest bridge over the Seine in ParisPont Neuf20An Ochlophilliac gets sexually aroused from whatBeing in crowds21In Oxford university what can you not take into the library by ruleSheep22An Asian gecko and a sweet European wine what word fits bothTokay23What common word comes from the French for purse or walletBudget24Daimants Sur Canape French translation of what filmBreakfast at Tiffanys25Tracy Marrow a former convict born 1958 changed name to whatIce-T26Marmolada nearly 11000 feet highest peak what mountain rangeDolomites27Dr George Wander invented what drink in Switzerland 1860sOvaltine28Broadway 59 music Ordinary Couple, Preludium, ProcessionalThe Sound of Music29Rhus Radicans shrub green flowers white berries common namePoison Ivy30Fulton John Short - Later John Fulton first US to do whatQualify as Matador31In Malibu California its illegal to do what in a theatreLaugh out loud32In fiction who's mother Monique Delacroix died when he was 11James Bond33Charles Henry Stuard Gmelin was the first UK what 6 Apr 1896Olympic competitor4th 3rd heat 100 m34Salvatore A Lombino used Ewan Hunter what famous pen nameEd McBain35What song on the Rubber Soul album became No 1 OverlandersMichelle - 196636Palindromic word means raise to the ground or a mine passageLevel37The Mexican bearded and what are the only venomous lizardsGila Monster38In WW2 Germans used a Schlusselmaschine E what do we call itEnigma codingmachine39Away we Go was the original 1942 title what musical show/filmOaklahoma40Gemellus is a fancy name for whatTesticles41Where would you find the Ponte de SospiriVenice - Bridge ofSighs42In Rosemead California its illegal to eat what with a fork in publicIce Cream43Hierosolymitan is of Greek origin and pertains to what cityJersualem44Not Indians what links Cherokee Apache Arapaho ComanchePiper Aircraft45Brilliant Bumper Bubbles Bigheart Boofuls Baby Bonny are who Jelly Babies46E J Allen led spy team to South Civil war what name better knownAlan Pinkerton47Gene Kelly Michael York Joss Ackland all played whoD'Artagan48Who wrote The Last Frontier first published in 1959Alistair Maclean49In what TV series did we see Del Floria tailors shopThe man fromUNCLE50Kenneth Weekes nick Ban Ban born Boston only US do whatPlay Test matchcricket West IndiesPage 10210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 51Answers51Glen Morris was the last Olympic gold medallist to do what 1938Act Tarzan in TarzansRevenge 193852In Mexico it is illegal for the police to sell whatTheir Guns53Hydrated Magnesium Silicate is better known as whatMeerschaum or Sepiolite54Seen on Egyptian rivers what is a Shadoof used forWater bucket on pole55Old Arabic word for palm of the hand is what in modern sportRacket56What General Motors plastic bodied car was built in TennesseeSaturn57George W Trendle and Fran Striker created what Western heroThe Lone Ranger58Biblical city was the code for RAF bombings of Hamburg WW2Gomorrah59What musical was produced on London stage 30 years after filmSinging in the Rain Tommy Steel 198360What was Vivian Leigh s character won Oscar in her 30sBlanche Dubois61In what Italian town can you find the Piazza del ErbeVerona62What author married Leon Trotsky s secretary in 1924Arthur Ransom63In Delaware by law a newlywed must do what if wife asksTake her Shopping64Where would you find an OrcadianOrkney Islands65The Venice Cup is for women only playing whatBridge66What is Supergirls Kryptonian nameKara67Name the hero Len Deightons Ipcress File and Funeral in BerlinNot named in books Harry Palmer in films68Who commanded Bill Jukes Cecco Noodler Skylights StarkeyCaptain Hook69Anna M Jarvis of Philadelphia instituted what she never qualifiedMothers Day May1908 Childless70Robert Brown M Caroline Bliss Moneypenny who was BondTimothy Dalton71What countries head of state has been dead for yearsNorth Korea - Mr Kim72If you were using Highroller Snooker 7 Lukki what are you doingFishing artificial flies73 Can you see Lenny Bruce E A Poe Karl Marx H G Wells etcSergeant Peppers74In Key West Florida what are barred from racing in city limitsTurtles75What began 24 Jan 1848 thanks to John Marshall at Sutters millThe Gold Rush inCalifornia76Who played by Luther Adler Roy Goldman Peter Sellers etcAdolf Hitler77What is the SI unit of power equal to horsepowerKilowatt78Anna Maria Louisa Italiano changed her name to whatAnne Bancroft79In Scandinavian mythology what is the day of final doom calledRagnerok80His campaign slogan was vote for AuH20 whats his nameBarry Goldwater81Organisation in the US was co-founded by Ballington BoothVolunteers ofAmerica82Paul French George E Dale pseudonyms for what SF authorIsaac Asimov83In what country is the worlds largest pyramidMexico - Quetzalcoatl84What was/is the giant Musashi built in Japan in 1974A Crane85In sporting terms loose on left Tight on the right who is in centreHooker in Rugby86In Frankfort Kentucky its illegal to shot what off a policemanHis Tie87Dybowski's Formosa and Japanese are types of whatSika or Saki Deer88In what area of Washington does the State Dept hang outFoggy Bottom89Who made his debut in a 1955 Warner Brothers cartoonSpeedy Gonzales90What is the English title of Voyna i MirWar and Peace91The stuff that dreams are made off - last words in what filmThe Maltese Falcon92Nessiteras Rhombopteryx Latinised name of what - as a HoaxLoch Ness Monster93In the game of Bridge what are the first six tricks won calledThe Book94Batrachophobia is a fear of whatFrogs and Toads95What was the name of Alistair Macleans first best selling novelHMS Ulysses96Name the superspy man from played James CoburnOur Man Flint97In what sport would you see a ChisteraPelota98In Washington its illegal to buy what on SundayA Mattress99Who wrote the musical The Desert SongSigmund Romberg100Eddie Slovak only American to do what 31/01/1945Executed desertion WW2Page 10310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 52Answers1In Wyoming it is illegal to wear what in a theatreA Hat if others can t see over it2In New Zealand what is a PungaA Fern 3In Feng Shui what colour inspires passionPink4In English superstition what bird should you wish good dayMagpie else bad luck5What city was known as Christiana until 1925Oslo - Sweden6William Hartnell was the first to play what TV characterDr Who7Who wrote the play " What the Butler saw "Joe Orton8In 1998 the space probe Luna Perfecta found what on the moonIce9What sea is directly north of PolandBaltic sea10What was the original filling of the savaloy sausagePigs Brains11Carlos Menim was elected president of what country in 1989Argentina12In Natoma Kansas illegal to throw knives at people wearing whatStripped Shirts13What is the Tibetan Yab YumA sexual position14Crossair originated in what European countrySwitzerland15What does a Zamboni doMachine cleans icehockey games16What is the name of the cranial bone just above your earTemporal17Who led the Soviets when they invaded Hungary in 1956Nikita Khruschcev18What tennis player made it to finals US open 8 times in 80sIvan Lendl19What musical direction comes from the Italian meaning cheerfulAllegro20What nationality was Fredrick ChopinPolish21Which Nobel Prize is not awarded annually in StockholmPeace22What book translates as My StruggleMein Kampf23When a satellite is closest to Earth its position is called whatPerigee24In 1659 Massachusetts outlawed whatChristmas - it wasillegal25What can keep for up to 4 years if stored in a cool dark placeStandard Condoms26What French relish sounds like a machine gun firingRatatouille27Fundador is a potent brandy made in what countrySpain28Who directed SerpicoSidney Lumet29Type of precious stone has a name literally means blue rockLapis Lazuli30Middle ages it was believed birds picked mates what Saints day14th February SaintValentine31A Russian space programs name meant East what was itVostok32Which Greek hero finally tamed PegasusBellerophon33What is the Western ( cowboy ) name for a motherless calfDogie34The PH scale measures acid or alkali what's PH stand forPotential of Hydrogen35What character Tamed the Shrew in the Shakespeare playPetrucchio36In St Louis Missouri its illegal for a fireman to rescue whoUndressed women full dress only37Casanova ate fifty each morning to increase potency 50 whatOysters38In sport what stands four feet by six feetAn Ice Hockey Net39What name is given to the smallest type of liquor glassCordial40What was Heindrich Himler's job before lead Gestapo in WW2Chicken Farmer41What author criticised evangelism in his novel Elmer GantrySinclair Lewis42What was the first man made object to leave the solar systemPioneer 1043What holiday is called Head of the World in the Jewish faithRosh Hashanah44What gemstone has a name literally meaning not intoxicatedAmethyst45Who starred in Ceiling Zero as a pilotJames Cagney46Italians often eat a whole what to cover garlicky breathCoffee Bean47What is the longest river in western EuropeThe Volga48In Oxford Ohio its illegal for a woman to disrobe whereBefore a mans picture49Celibate Egyptian priests were forbidden to eat what aphrodisiacOnions50What countries native name is Land of the long white cloudAoteraroa NewZealand MaoriPage 10410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 52Answers51Who would you expect to see in the LeftoriumNed Flanders shop The Simpson's52The Italian for tail what comes at the end of a musical scoreCoda53Caesar Salad originated in which countryMexico54In Schulter Okalahoma illegal for towel wearing women do whatGamble55Bacardi and Carioca rums come from what countryCosta Rico56In RKO movies what does RKO stand forRadio Keith Orphium57What golden yellow gem sounds like a fruit related to lemonsCitrine58What country finally adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752England59What was the name of John Glens first orbiting craftFriendship 760The murder of Gonzago was performed in what Shakespeare playHamlet61What's the collective noun for a group of gullsColony62In astronomy what are rapidly rotating neutron stars calledPulsars63Nicknamed The Tiger who lead France at the end of WW1George Clemenceau64What microscopic animals name comes from Greek little StaffBacteria65Goddess sprang full grown from the forehead of her father ZeusAthena66In Morrisville Pennsylvania women need permit to wear whatCosmetics67What are put into an omelette in a Hangtown FryOysters68What English brand of sherry is considered the King desert wineHarvey's BristolCream69Mickey Rooney made a series of films based on what familyHardy family70What gemstone was reputed to heal eye ailmentsEmerald71What Russian revolutionary founded PravdaLeon Trotsky72What country is ruled by King Hans Adam IILiechtenstein73In 1856 John C Freeman was the first whatRepublican candidateUS president74What are ratite birds the only ones not to doFly75In 1959 Able Baker first put out in space by USA what were A/BSpider Monkeys76According to Christian religion what happened at EpiphanyWise men visited77In South Carolina what's barred Fountain Inn without wear pantsHorses78Who wrote The Poseidon AdventurePaul and Pedigree whiskeys made by what Canadian companySeagrams80Noel Coward gave what director his start on In Which we ServeDavid Lean81How many spices are mixed in allspiceNone it s single spice82What was Richard Wagner's second Opera - idea during sea tripThe Flying Dutchman83According to its name what major Italian city is the new cityNaples - short forNeopolis84What is the only flag permitted to be flown over the US flagUnited Nations Flag85Where was Mark Twain bornFlorida - Missouri86What is the name of the ruling house of MonacoGrimaldi87The word Atom comes from the Greek meaning whatIndestructible88From Memphis restaurants its illegal to take what away Any Pie89What gems name means sea water in LatinAquamarine90Danish variety caraway flavoured liquor driest and most famousAquavit91What Soviet leader seized control from Khrushchev in 1964Leonid Brezhnev1984 till died 9292A primate called a Galago has what more common nameBush Baby93What Shakespeare King was killed at Pontefract CastleKing Richard III94Name the Lieutenant Colonel who was first black US in spaceBluford95What is a ShofarCarved Rams HornJewish faith96Who directed Spartacus and LolitaStanley Kubrick97An Ounce whisky glass and a small keg what same namePony98California Valley and a Chinese cabbage what word means bothNapa99In the Simpsons who is the godfather of the Springfield mafiaDon Vittorio100In Mesquite Texas its illegal for children to have whatUnusual HaircutsPage 10510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 53Answers1Who rode a horse called PhantomZorro2Who sang the theme song in the Bond film For Your Eyes OnlyShena Easton3What actor died during the filming of GladiatorOliver Reed4Who would perform the Maha MantraHari Krishnas5Mould board Disc and Rotary are types of whatPlough6In the US flamingos are only outnumbered by what similar thingPlastic flamingos7What's unusual about Ernest Vincent Wrights 50000 word novelNo letter E8What film star role was played by over 48 different animalsBabe the Pig9Collective nouns a Blessing of what animal groupUnicorn10In New York where is it illegal to talk to a strangerAn Elevator11The average one has 248 muscles in its head - whatCaterpillar12In WW2 what linked members of the Caterpillar clubLife saved parachute13What cartoon character was 5 foot 6 inches tallPopeye14What part of the body is most bitten by insectsThe Foot15In sport what is exactly 5 foot 8 inches off he groundBullseye on Dartboard16An average person does it six times a day - whatGoes to bathroom17What is the oldest known cultivated vegetableThe Pea18Name Elvis Presley's twin brotherAaron19What causes an Iatrogenic illnessDoctors or treatment20In Florida it is illegal for a single woman to do what on SundaySkydive21What French cheese is ripened in cavesRoquefort ewes milk22Term literally jointed foot applies to insects spiders and crabsArthropods23In what European city was the first book in English publishedBruges - Belgium24In what US state is the town of Maggie's NipplesWyoming25The Musee de Orsay in Paris was originally whatRailway Station26Meridian is a shade of what colourGreen27In what country was John McEnroe bornGermany28Who was offered and rejected the role of Indiana JonesTom Selleck too busy29Juliet Gordon Low founded what in Savannah Georgia 1912Girl Guides30California illegal to shoot game from moving vehicle except whatWhale31Where is your PuricleSpace thumb extended forefinger32What European country has no head of stateSwitzerland33Almonds - the nuts - are members of what general familyPeach34Name the first US president to serve ice cream at a state dinnerThomas Jefferson35What was pirate Captain Kidd's first nameWilliam36The cob nut is the fruit of what treeHazel37The Rikkesmuseum is in what European cityAmsterdam38A shark is the only fish that can do it - do whatBlink with both eyes same time39In Italy what is ProvoloneSmoked hard cheese40In Hartford Connecticut its illegal to do what to wife on SundayKiss her41Not obvious colours - what links orange silver purpleCan't rhyme in English42The are 336 on a standard one 336 what on whatDimples on a Golf Ball4390% of bird species are whatMonogamous44In Yorkshire in 1872 what took 3 days to pass bySwarm of Ladybirds45In 1985 William Beckman paid no tax on 100000 profit whyWilliam was a dog cant pay tax4650% of the US annual rainfall falls in what monthApril47In what country would you dance The SirtakiGreece48What is the common name for a birds VentriculusGizzard49Where on your body would you find your RascetaCreases on inside of wrist50In Oregon it is illegal to wear what on clothing in publicThe Number 69Page 10610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 53Answers51What animal is in the hassen in hassenpfefferHare or Rabbit52What city in the USA has the fewest % of native born residentsHuston - Texas53In some parts of China what is the Long Nosed GeneralPigs - unlucky tomention pig54What creature in nature is most sensitive to heatRattlesnake organs between eyes55In London in 1985 a man was convicted of stealing two whatCrime PreventionPosters56Who wrote The Last Picture ShowLarry McMurty57Who was nicknamed The Bronx BullJake LaMotta58What male name comes from Greek meaning defender of menAlexander593 chemical elements most % human body O 65% C 18% and ?Hydrogen 10%60In Charleston by law carriage horses must have whatDiapers on61A Polyorchid has at least three whatTesticles62In 1963 what finally ended in AlaskaMail by dog sled63Who played the role of Miss Hannigan in the film AnnieCarol Burnett643 countries on 2 continents Russia Turkey (Asia Europe) and ?Egypt - Africa andAsia65What kind of car was Kitt in Knight RiderPontiac Trans Am66In the first voyager program who were the Maquis fightingThe Cardassians67Who are Patience and Fortitude at New Yorks Public LibraryStone Lions Outside68What happened to Laika first dog in spaceSuffocated no airburned re-entry69Tartuffo in Spain Kartoffel in Germany and Russia what isPotato70In Virginia its illegal for a man to do what to his wifePat her Derrieres71What are male crabs known asJimmies72What female name comes from the Greek for foreign womanBarbara73What is the oldest soft drink in the USADoctor Pepper74Who or what could win a Golden Clio awardAdvertising film75If you were indulging in Sciomanchy what are you doingImaginary Combat76What could an Australian win a Stanley forCartooning77Name Hopalong Cassidy's horseTopper78What food stuffs name come from the Italian for Pick me UpTiramisu79A Librocuricularist does what in bedRead80In Seattle women can get six months for doing what to menSit on lap bus/trainwithout pillow81Two villains first appear in Batman Comics 1 - Joker and whoCat - Later calledCatwoman82In Astrology what is the ruling planet of communicationMercury83What singer sang the song Spank MeMadonna84In what state did the 1862 Sioux uprising startMinnesota85In 1988 there was a shortage of what exotic food fishSwordfish86What male name comes from Greek meaning lover of horsesPhillip87If you suffered from a luxating patella what wrong with youMoving Kneecap88Musashi was the first Japanese to use two what simultaneouslySwords - famous for it89White ribbed red cabbage is named from Italian for ChicoryRadicchio90In Wyoming its illegal for women to stand within 5 feet of whatBar when drinking91Someone who dibbles is drinking like whatA Duck92George Armstrong Custer was court martialed in 1867 for whatHit a fellow officer93Name the Australian film about the pianist HalstadtShine94What is a CharacinSmall Fish95What actor began his career doing Doctor Pepper commercialsBruce Willis96In cookery a ganache is made from cream and whatChocolate 97What kind of car was the General Lee in Dukes of HazardDodge Charger98What male name comes from the German meaning army ruleHarold99What spice is essential in a New England Clam ChowderThyme100In West Virginia its illegal to snooze whereOn a trainPage 10710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 54Answers1In SF California by law what is guaranteed to the massesSunshine2In Star Trek what is the name of Spock's fatherSarek3What company produces Olympia beerMiller in USA4What vegetable is found in the dish chicken divanBroccoli5In what country is the car model the Treka producedNew Zealand6Whose slogan was plop plop fizz fizzAlka Seltzer7What actor is the spokesman for the National Rifle AssociationCharlton Heston8What would you find on Pink SheetsBid Asked pricesOTC stocks9Name the first web browser publicly availableNCSA Mosaic10In Kansas the law prohibits shooting rabbits from whereA Motorboat11In MASH who planted the vegetable gardenFather Mulcahy12Dragon Stout is brewed in what city / countryKingston Jamaica13What company introduced the first commercial minicomputer 65DEC14What was Mae West sent to the workhouse for in 1926Writing starring inplay called sex15Aurore Dupin b 1804 changed her name what 19th cent authorGeorge Sand16What was the name of Juliet's cousin killed by Benvolio in R+JTynbalt17Jockey / Author Dick Francis what injury on his wedding dayBroken collar bone18Mary Kelly was the last known whoVictim Jack Ripper19Name the person who caused Chicago kids to get school milkAl Capone20In New York by law the death penalty is required for what actJumping off abuilding21In the Superman comics name the shrunken city in a bottleKandor22What beer is represented by a goatBocks Beer23What fish is known as poor mans lobsterMonk Fish24What movie actor was (among other jobs) a bridge painterPaul Hogan 25What was the most commonly occurring name on the internet Bill Clinton26What astrological star sign covers July 24 - August 23Leo27What song is about a sheep stealing suicideWaltzing Matilda28Who wrote The Screwtape LettersC S Lewis29Name the first car model with transverse engine front wheel driveAustin Mini30In Texas its illegal to shoot a buffalo from whereHotel second story31In the Flintstones Dino was Fred's pet who was Barnie'sHoppy32Ouagodougou is the capitol of what countryBakina Faso33Roy Rogers girlfriend Dale Evans rode what named horseButtermilk34Goyanthlay (one who yawns) famed under what Mexican nameGeronimo35What does the initials NMT on a prescription meanNot More Than usually narcotics36What is the world tallest horseShire Horse37In WW2 the Germans launched operation Bernhard - whatCounterfeit Britishnotes38What is the ruling planet of the astrological sign TaurusVenus 39What bird lays the largest clutch of eggsThe Grey Partridge up to 1640In Texas by law criminals must give their victims what24 hours advancewritten notice41On ER what is the character name of Mark Greens daughterRachel42What Zimbabwe beer is named after a riverZambezi43In what part of New York did the Great Gatsby liveWest Egg44Name Merlin's owl in Disney's Sword in the StoneArchimedes45Jerry Yang and David Filo created whatYahoo46Who was the leader of the notorious Gambino Mafia familyJohn Gotti47Name William Shakespeare sonHamnet48What is Barbara Streisands middle nameJoan49What is CarambolaStarfruit50In Thailand its illegal to step on whatNation's CurrencyPage 10810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 54Answers51In Lynch Heights Delaware its illegal to do what in an airplaneSneeze52Victor Buono played what Batman villain in the original seriesKing Tut53What Ferrari model was named after the makers sonFerrari Dino54Actor was known as Singing Sandy (dubbed) early in careerJohn Wayne55A Stag with 12 point antlers is known as a whatRoyal56In what state was the largest cavalry battle in the civil warVirginia BrandyStation 20000 men57In the Bible Jesus walked on water who else did thisSt Peter - to Jesusfrom boat58What was Motowns biggest hit in 1968Heard it through theGrapevine59The Kung San people live in what area of AfricaKalahari Desert inBotswana60What is the most popular Mexican beer in the USACorona61In Kansas its illegal to eat what on SundaySnakes62In the Beverly Hillbillies what did Jethro get Jed for his birthdayElectric Pencilsharpener63Whose cusine would offer you LeberkasGerman it s liver64Where did Hamlet send his girlfriend OpheliaA Nunnery65What was the police chiefs name in the first two Jaws filmsMartin Brody66What group sang about a Suicide BlondeINXS67What African country gained independence in 1980Zimbabwe68Where were the 1964 winter Olympics heldInnsbruck Austria69In Sioux language the Paha-sapa is what placeBlack Hills - Dakota70What Wimbledon finalist (loser 1879) murdered his wifeSt Leger Gould71In Topeka Kansas its illegal to install what in your houseBathtubs72Simpson's what was Homers nickname as baseball team mascotDancing Homer73What companies cars are nicknamed moparsChrysler74Rhett Butler of Gone With the Wind was born whereCharleston75The King Cobra is the only snake that does whatBuilds a Nest76What does a hotwalker doWalks a hot racehorse77In what county did the Aryan race originateIndia78What 80s band had a hit with Tainted LoveSoft-Cell79What is a Texas Ruby RedGrapefruit80What is used to flavour Kriek Belgian beerCherries81In Halstead Kansas doing what is illegal at the airportWalking and loudburping82In Life of Brian what name does Stan want to be known as nowLoretta83"Its all Greek to me" comes from what Shakespeare playJulius Caesar84What was the name of the high school in the movie GreaseRydell85In what city was the first playboy club opened in 1960Chicago86In the Bible in what city did Jesus perform his first miracleCana - John 2 into wine87What was the Mark Twain in WW2A Bombsight 88Charcarodon Carcharias is the Latin name for what creatureGreat White Shark89If a prescription said what would it meanTwice Daily 90What Indian tribe did the army most often use as scoutsCrow91In Brockton Mass you must have a licence to enter whereTowns Sewers92Happy Days was a spin off from what US TV showLove American Style93What river in Africa carries the most waterCongo - Zaire94HG Wells invisible man had what physical oddityAlbino 95Who was known as The King of PopMichael Jackson96Measure for Measure deals with what contemporary themeAngelo harassesIsabella sexually97Where is the base city for Porsche carsStuttgart Germany98What is GohanJapanese Rice99What does Mit Hefe on a German beer bottle meanWith Yeast100In Detroit wilfully destroying your old what is illegalRadioPage 10910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 55Answers1In Montreal you cannot park a car blocking whatYour own driveway2What US city hosted the final of the 1994 football world cupPasadena3Dr David Hessian 2nd Catherine Cookson what type his booksGardening4In Indian cookery what dish literally translates as Red JuiceRogan Josh5Sol Sacs created what classic US TV show of the 60s 70sBewitched6Who was the first president to be televisedF D Roosevelt Worlds Fair 19397What's the more common name of the thyroid cartilageAdams Apple8Adolph Hitler had a phobia - whatClaustrophobia9How did Karmuala Searlel - an early Tarzan dieMauled by Elephant10In Guelph Ontario a by-law makes what illegal in the cityPeeing A no Pee zone11What links Paul and Ringo in the BeatlesLeft Handed12A Chinese eunuch invented what in the second centuryPaper13Hannibal had only one whatEye after Rome attack14A mature Japanese sea squirt eats whatIt s own Brain15Collective nouns - what's a group of donkeysA Herd16What bird can see the colour blueAn Owl17Construction hard hats were first used on what project in 1933Hoover Dam18In Victoria Australia by law only electricians may do whatChange a lightbulb19Rudolf Rasendil is the hero of what novel and filmThe Prisoner of Zenda20Beijing drivers fined 40 Yuan doing what at pedestrian crossingStopping its illegal21All US presidents have worn whatGlasses - not in public22Holiday resort of Marmaris is in what countryTurkey23The White House has 13092 of them - whatKnives forks andspoons24Lil'folkes was the original name of what comic stripPeanuts25Where on your body are the most sweat glandsFeet26What's the most popular name for a female pet catSamantha27Kangaroos and Emus can't do whatWalk backwards28Dan Emmett a northerner wrote which songDixie29What's the correct name for a male turkeyTom30In Denmark there is a 20 Kroner fine for not reporting whatYour own or anyoneelse's death31Pennsylvania was the first colony to legalise whatWitchcraft32Ignoring obvious what links Jupiter Neptune Uranus and SaturnAll have Rings33Two most commonly sold items in stores are sodas and whatBreakfast Cereals34Your eyeballs are whatSalt35Rafflesia flowers smell like what to attract pollinatorsRotting Meat36Where would you find an ideo locatorMap - You are herearrow37Why did Ghengis Khans soldier ride female horsesTo drink their milk38G Roddenbery Star Trek 2 radical ideas Spock's Ears and whatWoman second inCommand39What country had three presidents - in the same dayMexico40In England it is specifically illegal to be drunk whereIn a pub41What mammal has hair - on the soles of its feetPolar Bear42Harvard University was originally called whatCambridge Harvardgave 400 books43There are 300 distinct different types of what foodHoney44The are 16 of these on a dollar bill - 16 whatNumber One45What is the coldest capital city in the worldUlan Bator Mongolia46Janette Rankin in 1917 first to do whatWoman elected toCongress47The average person in a lifetime grows 7 foot of whatNose Hair48Hotfoot Teddy was the original name of what iconSmokey the Bear49Victoria Australia law illegal wear pink what after noon SundayPink Hot Pants50Collective nouns - a tribe or trip of whatGoatsPage 11010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 55Answers51England its illegal for a lady to do what on a public conveyanceEat Chocolates52What country has three capital cities Admin Legislate JudicialSouth Africa53The human bodies got 45 miles of them - whatNerves54The Best or Nothing is the motto of what companyMercedes-Bentz55Johnny Depp is afraid of whatClowns56Samuel Morse the inventor was originally what till he was 46Portrait Painter57What dog has the best eyesightGreyhound58Who cut the US flag to pieces and was honoured for itRobert Peary left bitsat North Pole59A Vexilliologist is an expert in whatThe history of flags60England its illegal for a boy under 10 to see a naked whatMannequin61What is banned by public schools in San Diego Hypnotism62Unusual words - What's the only word 4 double letters in a rowBookkeeppers63In Tokyo there is a restaurant restricted to whoDogs64The average person does it 17 times a day - whatLaugh65What is the most common sexual fantasy actOral Sex66The Eggplant is part of what family of plantsThistle67What Canadian province has been virtually rat free since 1905Alberta68What ancient languages writing has no spaces between wordsAncient Greek69Collective nouns - a group of swans are called whatA Bevy70In England placing what upside down is considered treasonA Postage stampMonarchs head71Duffel bags were made in Duffel - what countryBelgium72What happened French President Fronsois Faure on dying 1899Whore contracted sohad to cut off penis73Born Aug 24 to Sept 23 what star signVirgo74In Star Trek who would go to Sha Ka ReeVulcans it s heaven75What makes Kirminski church in Finland uniqueWorld biggest woodenchurch76January in the USA is National what monthSoup77Name the Monkeys only film made in 1969Head78What was French frigate Isere's most famous cargoStatue of Liberty7956% of men have had sex whereAt Work80In Scotland its illegal to be drunk in possession of whatA Cow81Where does the dollar sign come fromU on S bottom Udropped out $82They are only found in Lake Nicaragua - what areFresh water sharks83The Chinese only do it every 10 years whatCelebrate Birthdays84Roschfort was a baddie in what book and (many) film versionsThe Three Musketeers85James Doohan became famous playing what characterMontgomery Scott86Name Popeye's hungry friendJ Wellington Wimpy87Countries name means Place where one struggles with GodIsrael88November 18th is who's birthdayMickey Mouse8916th century where the most fashionable place to wear a ribbonPomaded grownfemale pubic hair90In Singapore you can be fined 10% of income for not doing whatFlushing public toilet91What country is the world leader in Cobalt MiningZaire92What is the national religion of ScotlandPresbyterianism93The average West German does it every seven days - whatChanges washesunderwear94How did Lavan in Utah get its nameIts Naval backwardsmiddle of Utah95What should be done with a used worn out flagBurned96Small country has more 1000 dialects and two official languagesPhilippines97What was the first daily comic strip in the USAMutt and Jeff98Review This show suspends all belief it will never work what ?Original Star Trek99What's the most popular name for a male pet catTiger100In South Korea traffic police must report whatTourists bribes takenPage 11110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 56Answers1In Elkhart Indiana it's illegal for a barber to threaten to do whatCut off youngstersears2George Bush removed what from the White House menusBroccoli3in 1907 who was the first English writer win Nobel prize literatureRudyard Kipling4Name the science fiction writer who lives in Sri LankaArthur C Clark5What pop group were dedicated followers of fashionThe Kinks6CaCo3 is the chemical formula of what common itemCalcium Carbonate Chalk7Name Elvis Presley's fatherVernon Presley8In what novel does Dr Hannibal Lecter first appearRed Dragon9The Ionian islands are nearest what countryGreece10In Portsmouth Ohio who does the law rank with vagrants thievesBaseball Playerssuspicious chars11In WWW terms what does mean on a domain nameIreland12Seawood's Folly is better known as what todayAlaska13What is a RoastchafferA Beetle14What Pope started the InquisitionGregory 9th15Ecuador was named after who / whatThe Equator16Liza Minelli played what character in CabaretSally Bowles17Who wrote the scripts for Hill street BluesSteven Bochco18What European language is unrelated to any other languageBasque19In the 70s The Bahamas gained independence from whoGreat Britain20In Kentucky people wearing what on streets get police protectionBathing Suits21In what country did bongo drums originateCuba22Stewart Goddard changed his name to become what pop hitAdam Ant23What's the main feature of a Chong Sang skirtSplit up side24The Davis Strait lies between Canada and whereGreenland25Henri Charrier is better known by what nicknamePapillion TheButterfly26What fashion designer is credited with the Bob hairstyleMary Quant27Melba sauce is made from what fruitRaspberries28Who was with Macbeth when he met the witchesBanquo29Children take SATs what does SAT stand forStandard assessmenttasks30In Winston-Salem N Carolina its illegal under 7 year olds do whatGo to College31A lion and a sword appear on what countries flagSri Lanka32A carbonade is a dish that must contain whatBeer33What company owns Rolls Royce motorsVolkswagen34What was Oscar Wilde's only novelThe picture of DorianGrey35What writer lived at hilltop near Hawkshead now museum to herBeartrix Potter36French artist Edward Degas noted for what particular subjectBallet Dancers37Who is the Greek God of the sky and the universeUranus38Collective nouns - a Dule of whatDoves39The pharaoh hound is the only dog that does whatBlushes - Nose andears redden40In Blue Earth Minnesota illegal under 12s do what without parentTalk on Telephone41Fallstaff first appears in what Shakespeare playHenry IV part 142What is a rokerA foot long ruler43A vestiphobe is afraid of whatWearing Clothes44In what film would you find The OrgasmitronWoody Alan's Sleeper45Racing driver James Hunts nickname was Hunt the whatShunt46In 1906 the John Gable Entertainer was the first whatJuke Box47In the food industry what is TVP - what's it stand forTextured VegetableProtein48Who wrote the book ComaRobin Cook49What country designed and developed the bayonetFrance50In Massachusetts its illegal to put what in clam chowderTomatoesPage 11210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 56Answers51Collective nouns - A Descent of what creaturesWoodpeckers52What's the words most popular brand of malt whiskyGlenfiddich53Prospective Italian grave diggers have to take what testExhume - dig up abody54Who was the lead singer in Herman's HermitsPeter Noone55According to Elvis Presley who / what was Little ElvisHis Dick or Penis56In US Emergency rooms what toy is often found in rectumsBarbie mostcommon doll up ass57What is CalvadosApple Brandy58Who first appeared on TV December 17th 1989The Simpsons Episode 1 in USA59Turf Stone and Hedge are all types of whatMazes60A Seattle ordinance says goldfish in bowls must do what in busesStay still - not move61What animals are likely to die first from global warmingPolar Bears62In the film Tommy who played The Acid QueenTina Turner63What is a goat suckerA Bird64Where would you find the Spanish stepsRome65Five named Beatles on Abbey Road cover J P G R and whoVolkswagen66Bennie Hills Ernie fastest milkman in the west - name his horseTrigger67How did Van Gogh dispose of his earGave it to prostitute68According to survey what European country has the vainest menBritain69Who would spin a Gob on their nose endGlassblower70In Albany New York what's it illegal to do in the streetsPlay Golf71Collective nouns - What are a group of greyhounds calledA Leash72Who first played Flash Gordon on filmBuster Crabbe73What basic skill is lacking in most Royal Navy entrantsThey cannot swim74What common word comes from Knights after the CrusadesFreelance75What was the most valuable thing ever stolenThe Mona Lisa76The Intelligent whale was the nickname of an early whatSubmarine77What welsh singer used to work as a condom testerShirley Bassey78What speed record has remained unbroken since 1938Steam Train - Mallard79The annual Hackademy awards are given for whatSmoking in films80Idaho Falls Idaho its illegal for over 88 year olds to do whatRide a motorcycle81Old times mid eastern women swallowed what as contraceptiveFoam from camelsmouth82Who narrated Jeff Wayne's War of the WorldsRichard Burton83What was invented 1963 150 billion made sinceRing Pulls on cans notcans84What used to be caught in a fanny trapFoxes Mid ages femfox nick fanny85What toy was first launched as The Magic ScreenEtch - A - Sketch86Originally a Toss Pot did a lot of whatDrinking - Alcohol87Amanda by the Sea was a US version of what UK comedy showFaulty Towers88A is Alpha is the international alphabet but A used to be whatAble89According to psychologists the happiest people watch what TVSoap Operas90In Tampa Bay Florida its illegal who who/what to leave shipsRats91Men women compete 3 Olympic sports Equestrian Shooting ?Yachting92If you were Cock Throppling what you be doingBending a horseswindpipe93What animal has the best hearingBats94In what film did Mary Poppins - Julie Andrews bare her Scatologist studies whatExcrement Crap - Shit96How was Tristram Shandy (fictional character) circumcisedA Sash window fellon it97Men must toss what at least 3 times during Olneys Great RaceA Pancake98What have men played with for longer than anything elseDice99Collective nouns - A Down or Husk of what animalsHares100In Urbana Illinois its illegal for who/what to enter the city limitsA MonsterPage 11310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 57Answers1In Russia by law the homeless must be where after 10pmAt Home2Name the racehorse decapitated in the GodfatherKhartoum3In the opera Tosca what was Tosca's professionOpera Singer4Where will the 2002 Winter Olympics be heldSalt Lake - USA5What is the US equivalent of the UK Anglican churchEpiscopalian6Paper Porter Dresser Mud Dauber types of whatWasp7In the theatre what do the initials FOH stand forFront of House8Name Irelands oldest licensed whiskey distilleryBushmills9Name the capitol of LibyaTripoli10In New Jersey 1879 stopping a constable doing what $25 fineCatching a runawaygoat11What links Mozart's Don Giovanni and Bizet's Carmen location Set in Seville in Spain12West End Girls was the debut hit for what pop duo in the 80sPet shop boys13Who sculpted the four lions in Trafalgar SquareSir Edwin Landseer14In what modern country is mount AraratTurkey15Walter Gropius founded what art / design movementBauerhus in Germany16Elizabeth Bennett is the central character in what novelPride and Prejudice17What are Ingrid Marie and Blushing GoldenVarieties of Apple18Edward Ricardo Braithwait wrote what novelTo Sir with Love19Who was the court portrait painter of Henry the EighthHans Holbein20In Massachusetts by law bars cannot offer whatHappy hours21In 1887 who solved his first caseSherlock Holmes22In the 19th century what was known as inheritance powderArsenic as poison23What did model manufacturers Airfix first makePlastic Combs24In what TV series did we meet Admiral NelsonVoyage to the bottomof the sea25How would you feel if you were forswankedIt means very tired26What kind of wood is used on Rolls Royce dashboardsWalnut27In the rhyme who married The Owl and the PussycatThe Turkey28Which US actor woke up when a elephant crapped on his headWilliam Shatner29In Cornwall where would you find two legged knockersTin Mines goblins30In North Carolina $50 fine for having what furniture on front porchUpholstered31What would you do with a blue willieRaise it - it s a flag32USSR saying No ugly women in world just shortage of whatVodka33What two things are used to stuff a welshmanCheese Leek pastie34In Old England what would you do with your tittiesIts an old word forSisters35What creature has seven penises assorted shapes sizesCockroach36What English king was killed with a red hot poker up his arseEdward 2nd37Parachutes were invented for what useFire escapes peoplejump38What colour is pukeDark Green39What is the most commonly prosecuted illegal actSpeeding40In Florida it's illegal to molest whatA Trash Can41In Old English what kind of person often had a 'shite'Gossip - phrase ChitChat from it42If the vestal virgins were caught having sex what punishmentBurried Alive43What act do the French call The English PerversionWhipping Flagellation44What cartoon characters first name is QuincyMr Magoo45In USA by law only 2 paid services limited to one sex - whatSperm Doner WetNurse46In the olden days what would you put in a large BosomClothes - it s a chest47What activity is featured in the magazine Winkers WorldTiddlywinks48In the Terminator film who was the boy who would be the leaderJohn Conner motherSarah49Leather Apron was an alternative name for what famous figureJack the Ripper50In Wisconsin by law you must carry fire insurance on whatA Jet SkiPage 11410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 57Answers51English law males should do it 2 hours week watched by vicarArchery Practice521836 Mr Gray a gasfitter 10 years penal servitude stealing whatOne Rabbit53What does a Belly Man do for a livingA Piano Tuner54In parts of Siberia wives threw what at men to show wanted sexWorms or slugs55What animal has the most taste buds over 27000Catfish56What is sometimes nicknamed Adams ProfessionGardener57Until 1955 in England you needed a licence to take what on roadLawn Mower58Who is known in Argentina as The Filthy Satanic WhoreMadonna59In what European country are the villages Vomitville and FukkingAustria60A Illinois law prohibit men from doing what in publicHaving an erection61According to a survey what people have the most hated job UKDouble GlazingSalesmen62Idi Amin of Uganda excelled at what sportRugby63In a poll newlyweds spend most time on honeymoon doing whatArguing or Fighting64What profession makes regular use of vibratorsPotters - remove airfrom clay65What was used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1971Tie Break System66What part of the body ages the fastestThe Hands67Mr Doberman developed the breed protection at work - what jobTax Collector68Elvis Presley Adolf Hitler Errol Flynn all had what kinky habitPeeping Toms69Apart from drinks what used to be stored in pub cellarsCorpses - cold place70In Memphis Tennessee beggars must have what before begging A $10 begging licence1996 law71How do you catch a PhartWith a net it s a fish72What can be rigid, semi-rigid, or non-rigidAirships73A Capriphiliac has sex with who or whatGoats74What was The King of Trains and The Train of KingsThe Orient Express75Who used to do naked cartwheels to amuse the English settlersPocahontas76In brewing what do the initials OG stand forOriginal Gravity77What sport can take place on sand ice or waterWind Surfing78Florence Nightingale took what cos she was around young menBromide79The sweetener saccharin is made from whatCoal Tar80In Maryland its illegal to frighten who or whatA Pigeon81What is the word Taxi short forTaximeter8256% of men cannot tell you the colour of what in their houseVacuum Cleaner83Sportsman are most likely to get diseased anuses / rectumWater Skiers84After his death what bit Walter Raleigh did his wife carry aroundHis Head85What kind of person would have had a twat onA Nun part of habit86The character Marion Crane died in what filmPsycho in the shower8716th century husband had to stop doing what to wives after 10pmBeating Them88What company was the first to mass produce watches in 1893Ingersoll - sold $1each then8948 extras from what Oscar win film died within a year making itBabe - all pigs90In Tennessee age of consent is at 16 unless the girl is whatA Virgin then its 12?91James Edgar in 1890 was the worlds first store whatSanta Clause92What is the correct name for a male red deerHart93In what country were Trabant cars madeEast Germany94P L Travers created which famous characterMary Poppins95For which Olympic athletic event is there no official world recordMarathon samedistance diff courses96RCA and what other company launched the first vinyl recordsColumbia97Excluding cars what the most commonly used 4 wheel devicesSupermarket Trolleys98Where on a woman is her J spotNape of the neck99In 17th century if you got Xmas clap what have you been givenA Kiss underMistletoe100Indiana smoking banned in the legislature building except whenBuilding is being usedNoQuestions Quiz 58AnswersPage 11510000 general knowledge questions and Bexley Ohio its illegal to put what in an outhouseSlot Machines2Well known phrase Mad as a Hatter - but what made them madMercury Poisoning3Pluto Greek god of the underworld - what was Plutus god ofWealth4Victoria was not Queen Victoria's first name - what wasAlexandrina5Indoors 6 players a side outdoors numbers vary what sportVolleyball6Scapegoat meaning blame taker comes from what religionJewish Yom Kippur7What is the correct name for a dandelion seed ballA Clock8Dianne Fossy the naturalist is famed working with what animalsGorillas9In musical notation there are five lines in a whatStave10Silverwood Michigan its illegal to kill what using your handsA Bear to impress agirl11What is the correct name for the flower the Michaelmass DaisyAster12Round, flat, filbert or sword types / shapes of what toolPaintbrush13Who wrote the novel The Seventh ScrollWilber Smith14The song Mack the Knife comes from what stage showThreepenny Opera15Johnny Rotten describe sex as five minutes of whatSquelching16An Arizona prostitutes organisation is called TWATS meaningTucson Whores and Tricks17An elephants penis is shaped like whatLetter S18Where was the worlds first air raid in 1849 from hot air balloonsVenice19What is a Rocky mountain canaryA Donkey20In Haifa Israel its illegal to take what to the beachA Bear21In medicine what is nicknamed a blue pipeA Vein22What did Farters collectPigs - its an oldEnglish word23Psychologists say men who prefer small breasts what mentallyDepressed24What country had the first banknotesSweden China papernot banknotes25A Blue Tits breast is what colourYellow26What sport was called The Royal SportCock Fighting27What British author was offered 250000 to write book of ETJeffrey Archer28If you were given a French Gobelin what would you have hadA Tapestry29What cities underground has the most stationsNew York30In Lang Kansas illegal ride a donkey in public unless it has whatA Straw hat on31What creature make the loudest noise - 188 decibelsBlue Whale32What gets nine inches longer when its upConcord heatexpansion33What was Lady Chatterlys first nameConstance34Enid Blyton character name changed to white beard for PC USABig Ears35Mans formal dress coat called tails is named after what birdSwallow36Christine Jorgensen in 1952 was the worlds first whatSex Change Operation37Name the first chocolate bar created by Forest Mars in 1923Milky Way38In the poem who dug cock robins graveOwl with his trowel39In what athletic event is it illegal to carry weightsLong Jump40In Arkansas a man can only do what legally once a monthBeat his wife41The fish eating bulldog is what type of creatureA Bat42What has been called The most unnatural of all perversionsCelibacy43What are the most commonly ordered item from sex cataloguesNovelty Condoms44What creature will only mate if the females mouth is fullSpiders45Knickerbockers used to be the residents of whereNew York46What is the name for a chicken less than one year oldA Pullet47British playwright wrote the screenplay for The French Lt WomanHarold Pinter48What explorer wrote the history of the word in prison in 1600sSir Walter Raleigh49British king was known to family friends as David his last nameKing Edward the 8th50At the Alamo its illegal to drop what nut shells on the groundPecanPage 11610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 58Answers51In Brookings South Dakota its illegal for a cat to live whereIn a dogs house ifdogs there52What police resource was first used in the Jack the Ripper caseBloodhounds53The Algarve is in what countryPortugal54The term red herring comes from what activityFoxhunting55The Egyptian god Horus had the head of what creatureFalcon56In 1964 who was the first non royal to appear on a UK stampWilliam Shakespeare57Name the Hong Kong stock exchangeHang Seng58In what city was Mozart bornSaltzberg59Margaret Thatcher day is 10th January in what areaFalklands Islands60Buckroe Beach Virginia illegal put what in someone's swimsuitA Dead Fish61What is a bandy bandyA Snake62What did Brian Epstein manage before the BeatlesA Record Shop63What was Bogart's full characters name in CasablancaRick Blain64What fruit is used to flavour Southern ComfortPeach65What 70s pop group was originally called The Engaged CouplesAbba66St Snithney is the patron saint of whatMad Dogs67What would you do with a soft cockWear it - it s a wig68What is Warren Beatty's first nameHenry69What is the fastest creature raced for sportPigeon70In Jones Chapel Alabama illegal guy take gal where till 4th dateHorseback Riding71What is a CattaloBuffalo and cow cross72US Pres mom said Looking at my children wish I'd stayed virginJimmy Carter73Name Lancashire town first test tube baby bornOldham74The New Testament originally written in what languageGreek75What would you do with a Romeo's RouserDrink it - its a real ale76Where did Cajun music originateLouisiana771727 Helen Morris put in asylum for putting what in a newspaperLonely Hearts Advert78Grolsch lager comes from what countryHolland79Who wrote the Savoy OperasGilbert and Sullivan80In Okalahoma City its illegal for a prisoner to wear whatPink BikiniUnderwear81Steven the 1st founded what country in 1000 adHungary82What was originally called Eskimo PieChocolate Ices83Cab is a shortened version of what wordCabriolet84If silence is golden what is silverSpeech85What queen banned mirrors as she got olderElizabeth 1st86Starts with F ends with K if you cant get one you use your handFork87What is the main ingredient of an edible faggotLiver88What is the only Christian country in AsiaThe Philippines89In Christian myth man was created from dust what in IslamClots of Blood90In Bristol Rhode Island its illegal to smoke during what eventPublic Hanging intown square9113th century Paris brothels were the first to have whatRed Lights92In what country did Bridge originateTurkey93A snake has two penises but only one what other organLung94Canaan Banana was the first president of whereZimbabwe95What hairs are the last to lose their colour with ageEyelashes96Ignoring obvious what links Venus and MercuryNo Moons97In golf what is the penalty for playing with your opponents ballTwo strokes added on98What insect in Spain is known as La CucarachaThe Cockroach99In what country was Che Guevara bornArgentina100In Kansas City its illegal to what with more than 12 potatoesJuggle with themPage 11710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 59Answers1In Texas it's illegal for what profession to be communistsPharmacists2The Black Death came to England from what portCalais3Which coin weighs exactly one Troy ounceKrugerrand4The Perils of Penelope and Dastardly and Mutley spin offs whatWacky Races5The Mantu and Heath tests check for what infectious diseaseTuberculosis6Which US state has a buffalo or bison on its flagWyoming7What would you do with a nan prick in ThailandEat it - It s a hot sauce8In 1895 the world's first disposable item made - what was it Razor Blade KingCamp Gillette9In Odessa Texas Star of David and Peace symbol are whatBanned satanicsymbols10Porn star Candida Royale was named after whatA vaginal yeast infection11The Brownies ( junior Girl Guides) used to be named whatThe Rosebuds12Brass is an alloy of copper and whatZinc13R D Blackmore wrote which classic novelLorna Doone14In what country was Greenpeace founded in 1971Canada15In squash what colour dot indicates the slowest ball usedYellow16A statue of Lady Godiva stands in the centre which English cityCoventry17Eddie Irvine is contracted to drive for which car company in 2001Jaguar18The Bazuki is a traditional musical instrument of what countryGreece19The word athletics comes from the Greek athlos meaning whatContest20Aphallatosis is a mental disorder caused by the lack of whatSex life21Jeri Ryan plays what character in the Star Trek seriesSeven of nine inVoyager22In 1925 the worlds first what opened Luis Obispo CaliforniaMotel - Called Motel1Inn23Norma Talmage in 1927 made the first - the first whatFootprints concreteGrumman theatre24According 1890s doctors women eat mustard vinegar do whatMasturbate too much25What countries language is MagyarHungary26Where is your zygomatic boneCheek27What item used in offices was voted the product of the centuryThe Paperclip28What is named after Dr Ernest GrafenbergThe G spot29The horned dinosaur Torosaurus had the biggest what on landHead - Skull nine feetlong30The US IRS manual gives the plan for collecting taxes after whatNuclear War31Where was the worlds first supermarket built (country)France32Bubba is Yiddish for whatGrandma33In the USA where would you see a crossbuckX on railroad crossing34Los Pedernales is a Spanish translation what TV showThe Flintstones35Palas is the correct name for what playing cardQueen of spades36According to Hite report masturbating women like to use whatCandles37Collective nouns - a spring of whatPheasants38Cous-cous is Iranian for whatVagina39Brings your ancestors back to life - translated advert for whatCome alive with Pepsi - in China40A doromaniac had a compulsion to do whatGive gifts41Detroit, Skokie Illinois St Paul Minnesota what official instrumentAccordion42A temple in Sri-Lanka is dedicated to whatBuddha's tooth43Church law once mandated death for believing in whatA vacuum44The Phoenician symbol for mouth is now what letter of alphabetP theirs was Pe45What US city buys the most blond hair dyeDallas Texas46Name two self cleaning organsEye Vagina47What cities gothic cathedral started 1386 was completed 1805Milan48Who wrote the series of Palisair novelsAnthony Trollop49Alcoholics get the DTs what does it stand forDelirium Tremens50Flying fish is the national dish of which countryBarbadosPage 11810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 59Answers51Dr Susan Lark recommend what cure for menstrual crampsOrgasm increasedblood flow helps52Bunc was the first name for what productCoffee53200 years ago all white people knew what were deadly poisonTomatoes54In East Anglia England what put in house walls to ward off evilMummified Cats55The Greek word meaning The writings of prostitutes now whatPornography56According to the ancient Chinese what cures headachesSwinging your arms57In 1904 May Sutton Brandy was the first US woman to do whatWin Wimbledonsingles58All American umpires wear whatBlack underwear59Texans consume 40% of farm grown what in the USACatfish60Most of these animals are bisexual - what animalGiraffe61People answered the first telephones by saying whatAhoy there62St Boniface is the Saint of whatSodomy63Frass is the correct word for whatInsect faces - bug shit64What is the fastest growing religion in IrelandBuddhism65One person in Texas is killed annually doing whatPainting road lines66Bob Dylan said you should never trust anyone what?Over 3067Rocket USA is going to produce a wind up doll what figure 2002Homer Simpson68What body of water separates Australia and Papua New GuineaTorres Strait69George Washington Thomas Jefferson Sam Adams all did whatBrewed own beer70In California more what are raised than in any other stateTurkeys71Hebrew comes from a Babylonian word meaning whatVagrant72Ejaculation comes from the Latin meaning whatThrowing Out73A cat is feline but what's leporineRabbit74In some religions mistletoe represents God's whatTesticles - balls to you75Patricia McCormick became USA first what January 20th 1957Bullfighter CiudadJuarez Mexico761894 Orville Gibson started worlds oldest company make whatElectric Guitars77What country has the lowest teen pregnancy rate Western worldNetherlands78What shop outnumbers MacDonald's 3 to 1 in the USAAdult Bookshops79Corie Ten Boom was the first licensed female what in HollandWatchmaker80The first what was installed in Antarctica in 1997ATM cash pointmachine81In 1897 who were the first baseball team introduce a ladies dayWashington Senators82The President of Gabon banned the use of what word in countryPygmy83Which domesticated pet animal is never mentioned in the BibleCats8450 years ago Texas giving advice on what was prison sentenceBirth Control85What activity burns up 140 calories per hourStanding86There are over 32000 known species of what in the worldSpiders87May 21st 1881 Clara Barton founded whatAmerican Red Cross88If a dog is canine what is cirvineDeer89Pliny the philosopher believed dead souls went into whatBeans90An arenaceous plant grown in what type of soilSandy91Who wrote the book The Complete Angler in 1653Isaac Walton92Back Blanket and Button Hole types of whatStitches93There are over 1000 recognised slang words for whatVagina94What USA state drinks the most beerCalifornia95Who or what was "strong to the finish"Popeye - cos he eats his spinach96For $150 you can become a licensed what in TexasDead animal hunter97In 1917 Lucy Slowe was the first US whatBlack tennischampion98The Aetherius Society believes who is alive and living on VenusJesus Christ99China Sun-Fin-Chin, Russia bayan, Norway trekspill what is itAccordion100What animal's penis is four feet long when erectGiraffePage 11910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 60Answers1Bulls Blood wine comes from which countryHungary2The North and South Islands of New Zealand separated by whatCook Strait3In what Dickens novel is there a case of spontaneous combustionBleak House4In the game Tomb Raider what's Lara Crofts professionArchaeologist5In 1979 who sang about Walking on the MoonPolice6What links tulip balloon and fluteTypes of glasses7What is the currency of EgyptThe Pound8Martina Navratilova won most doubles with which partnerPam Shriver9Names Cook Baker obvious what did a Chandler doMake Candles10Rod Taylor starred in a 1960 version of which HG Wells storyThe Time Machine11Liam Devlin often appears in novels by which authorJack Higgins12Name the Duke of Wellingtons horse at WaterlooCopenhagen13There are 72 scenes on what famous articleBayeaux Tapestry14Chinese bean sprouts are usually the sprouts of which beanMung bean15Locomotive 4472 is better known by what nameFlying Scotsman16At Prince Charles's wedding who was the best manNobody brotherswere supporters17Which famous ship had a total crew numbering 430Star ship Enterprise Captain Kirks18What takes place in Happy Valley Hong KongHorse racing19Imperial Airways in 1925 was the first to do whatShow an in flightmovie20And what was that movieConan Doyle's TheLost World21Where is the grave of Oscar SchindlerJerusalem22Which magazine uses the winged horse Pegasus as it's logoReaders Digest23Which English King was crowned on Christmas dayWilliam theConqueror in 106624In traditional wedding anniversaries what is given on the eighthBronze25Collective nouns - a sneak of what animalsWeasels26Which country grows the most sugarBrazil27Who would use a technique called pleachingGardener twinebranches to hedge28Glycyrrhiza Glabra is better known as whatLiquorice29A kamikaze shooter contains Vodka Triple sec and whatLime juice30If you saw a hummock off your port bow what are you looking atIce broken from berg31Name Alfred Hitchcock's first sound film as directorBlackmail32Chernoble is in which Russian provinceUkraine33Who does Adrian Mole lust afterPandora34Where did the philosopher Plato teachAcademia35The Moluccas are better known as whereSpice Islands36What used to be called (in Europe) Arabian wineCoffee37Who was killed in The Little BastardJames Dean - his carsnickname38What character did Disney add to Winnie the Pooh not in booksGopher39Heinrich the lion founded what cityMunich40J H Robertson invented whatAutomatic Gearbox41Name bar John Wilkes Booth got pissed in before killing LincolnStar Saloon42In Prokoviev's Peter and the Wolf what instrument is the wolfHorn43Garlic and Chives belong to which plant familyLilly44There are two general types of skiing Alpine and whatNordic45Adolf Dasler created which companyAdidas46Cents in a Dollar Pennies in a Pound what in a French FrancCentimes47What is extracted from the ore cinnabarMercury48Hugh Lofting created which fictional characterDr Dolittle49In what city is the Uffizi art galleryFlorence50Orient Express restarted in 1982 going from London to whereVenicePage 12010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 60Answers51Collective nouns - a romp of what animalsOtters52Which King was the intended target of the Gunpowder plotJames 1st53BB King gave his guitar what nicknameLucile54The town of Banana in Queensland is named after whatA huge bullock55In traditional wedding anniversaries what is given on the seventhWool56In what country was the espresso machine invented in 1822France57Who wrote CandideVoltaire58What type of wine was Napoleons favouriteBurgundy Chambertin59The average person has 1460 what each yearDreams60Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1972Nobody61Name Santa Clauses (St Nicholas) French brotherBells Nichols62Name the largest Mediterranean islandSicily63Bambi was the first Disney film without whatHuman characters64Highway 9 is the official name of what thoroughfareBroadway New York65Film character played by 4 people head body voice breathingDarth Vader 66Mizaru Mikazaru and Mazaru are better known as whoThree Monkeys67A weavers knot is known by seamen as a common whatSheet Bend68By law every Swiss citizen must have access to whatPersonal bomb shelter69Who played the alien in Predator jumping and climbing scenesJean-Claude VanDamme70Clark Gable used to do it 4 or more times each day - do whatShower71Who in US was given Hitler's Supreme Order of German EagleHenry Ford72It's illegal in the USA for any citizens to have contact with whoExtraterrestrials or their vehicles73In Madagascar its illegal for pregnant women to do whatWear Hats or Eat eels74After English what's the most widely used language on the netGerman75Two thirds of the worlds geysers are found whereYellowstone Park76What town and stream in West Australia same name pop groupAbba River77Which European airport has the international code LISLisbon78AMSTRAD companies name comes from what what meanAlan Michael SugarTrading 79Where were the worlds first paved streetsRome 170 bc80What kills 100000 Americans each yearReactions to meds81The word Angel derives from the Greek meaning whatMessenger82What profession has four times the average aids in USACatholic Priests83Venus is the only planet that does whatRotates Clockwise84On average what weight nine poundsCremated Ashes85Name the first film to have its sequel released in the same yearKing Kong - Son of Kong86There is approximately one what for each person in the worldChicken87What is Europe's largest portRotterdam88Craven Walker invented what 60s fashionable iconLava lamp89In Missouri it's illegal for anyone to do what on SundayPlay Hopscotch90In 1973 Roland Ohisson was buried in a coffin made of whatChocolate91Where in the world can you see the sun rise Pacific set AtlanticPanama on Isthmus92Name the first cartoon character made into a parade balloonFelix the Cat93What's unusual about the moons of UranusNamed Shakespearecharacters94What common word comes from two Greek art/craft area studyTechnology tekhnelogia95In 1925 two men first drove round Australia in what make of carCitroen 2 seater96T H White wrote the book for which Disney animated featureSword in the Stone97Egypt Masbout - Armenia Sourg - Japan Koohii what is itCoffee98Marie Tussaud was born in what countrySwitzerland99In traditional wedding anniversaries what is given on the 14thIvory100Collective nouns - a giggle of what animalsHyenasPage 12110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 61Answers1The Windmills of your Mind was a theme song in what filmThe Thomas CrownAffair2Astronauts cannot do what in spaceCry - no gravity fortears to flow3Admiral Horatio Nelson suffered from what common conditionSeasickness4On common ailments Charles Osborne had what for 69 yearsHiccups5February 1865 only month ever not to have whatFull Moon6What was the shoulder patch US Army 45th in WW2Swastika7What was first used at the 1904 St Louis Olympic gamesGold medals silverwas first before8Where is The Popliteal FossaBack of Knee9Texas prisons have banned death row prisoners last whatCigarette - bad fortheir health10Ward Green wrote the story for which famous filmLady and the Tramp11Kinpaku-iri sake contains what unusual ingredientFlakes of gold12Down, husk, trace, trip all collective nouns what creatureHares135 African Mediterranean countries share what languageArabic14Which of King Arthur's knights survived his last battleSir Bedavere15What can be Safety, Tableaux or SwagCurtains in theatre16Name 18th Century playwrite of The Rivals, School for ScandalRichard BrindsleySheridan17Of what are Raucous, Spadefoot or Bounties Dwarf typesToads18What links The Friend, The Tablet and The UniverseReligious publications19Wool sorters disease is actually whatAnthrax20What Disney animated feature was the first with end creditsAlice in Wonderland21In 1939 which countries invaded PolandGermany - Russia22Name Stanley Kubrick's last film as director before his deathEyes Wide Shut23Taal is an alternative name for what languageAfrikaans24What is the French phrase that means already seenD j vu25Turks head, Granny and Bowline are types of whatKnot26What character first appeared in the film The Wise Little HenDonald Duck27And who was his original voiceClarence Nash28Martina Hinges represents what country at tennisSwitzerland29In food labelling what does GM meanGenetically Modified30Derived from Greek what does alias literally meanOtherwise31Russian blue and Turkish brown are types of whatCats32What impressionist painted different views Rouen cathedralClaude Monet33In what Indian city is the Taj Mahal locatedAgra34Horses are Equine from the Greek Equus what's it meanQuickness35Since 1991 Crufts London dog show has been held whereBirmingham NEC361979 at Clifton suspension bridge Britain's first what happenedBungee Jump37Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris appeared in which Disney filmFreaky Friday38Tudor England mans apron shows job white cook what checkedBarber39Jane Taylor 1783 1824 wrote what famous verseTwinkle-Twinkle Little Star40In Astrology Aquarians are ruled by what planetUranus41Parathesia is a medical condition with what common termPins and Needles42What would you be watching if you saw a round or waggledanceHoney Bees43J D Sallenger wrote Catcher in the Rye what's the J D stand forJerome David44Collective nouns a group of geldings is called whatA Brace45Apart from a compass what is always found in a ships binnacleMagnets46Zipporah was the wife of who in the BibleMoses47Elizabethan women had three what modest, rascal and secretPetticoats wornmodest outside48Marcellite Garner was the first voice for what Disney characterMinnie Mouse49Ancient Aztecs of Mexico used a rabbit scale to measure what Drunkenness few to40050The highest USA rank killed WW2 Lt General who killed himUS Army Air CorpsPage 12210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 61Answers51In Indiana it's illegal for liquor stores to sell whatCold milk/soft drinks warm ok52Camille Pizarro the impressionist was born in which countryWest Indies53William Kemmlar in 1890 was the worlds first whatExecuted by electricchair54Mandoura Greece Zampogna Italy Corenmuse France what is itBagpipes55What country awards the Nobel peace prizeNorway56Who is Harry Potters main enemyLord Voldemort57Product name from the words Durability Reliability Excellence Durex condoms58What sport appears in the phonetic alphabetGolf59What colour is the number 10 on 10 Downing streetWhite60Where in your body is the labyrinthEar61Traditional French blend "fines herbes" parsley chives chervil ?Tarragon62The dinosaur apatosaurus used to be called whatBrontosaurus63The rover the last is red the rest are white in what sportCroquet hoops64What Disney film was released on December 21st 1960Swiss FamilyRobinson65Mythological beasts name comes from the Greek chimney manSalamander66Allergic Rhinitis has what more common termHay Fever67Who plays Ali McBealCallista Flockhart68What sort of ship was the Marie CelesteBrigantine69What philosopher stated "Hell is other people"Jean Paul Sarte70Ecophobia is a fear of whatHome71What was the first Bond film not to be titled from a Bond bookLicence to Kill72Collective nouns a bask of what creaturesCrocodiles73What Olympic event was dropped in 1920Tug of War -1900 to192074Where is the TV space alien ALF fromMelmac7566% of Americans reading on the toilet read whatReaders Digest76Women do it 4 times more often than men - do whatShoplift77Louis Washkansky was the first to do what in 1967Get a heart transplant lived 18 days78What is a gharialFish eating NileCrocodile79What did Scott find at the North PoleNothing - he neverwent there80The flowers of the curry plant are what colourYellow81What did Paceard and Balmat conquer in 1786Mont Blanc82In Kiplings Jungle Book Mang was what type of creatureBat83Collective nouns an erst of what creaturesBees84What Bond film was entitled The Dead Slave in JapanLive and let Die85No US president has ever been whatAn only child86Al Borak was a flying horse owned by whomMohammed87What links Pacer Burton, Chad Gates, Walter GulikElvis film characters88What Disney character was voiced by Pinto ColvigSleepy89What boxer was nicknamed The Ambling AlpPrimo Carnera90The Witches Curse alternative name which G&S operettaRuddigore91Where was the original Crystal Palace builtHyde Park in London92What is a spoodleKitchen instrumentspoon ladle cross93In Kiplings Jungle Book Ikki was what type of creaturePorcupine94What animal is responsible for most deaths in the USA annuallyDogs95What was Hitchcock's last film made in 1976The Family Plot96In the sport of archery what are the arrows usually made fromAluminium tubes97Greeks Romans regarded what herb as symbol immortalityTansy98Who was the first male to appear on the cover of PlayboyPeter Sellers99In Welsh Cwrw pronounced koo roo is whatBeer100What sank German submarine U120 in WW2Broken toiletPage 12310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 62Answers1In Globe Arizona it's illegal to play cards in the street with whoAmerican Indian2What is the most common mammal in the UKBrown Rat3Name the second most commonly spoken language in AustraliaItalian4Which athletic event requires five judgesTriple Jump5Victoria is the only Australian state without whatLetter S in name6What TV show was set in Wentworth Detention CentrePrisoner Cell Block H7In the rhyme about magpies what do 5 representSilver8Who voiced Mr Spock in the cartoon version of Star TrekLeonard Nimoy9Europhobia is the fear of whatFemale Genitals10In Maryland it's illegal play what Randy Newman song on radioShort People11In Greek mythology who was the first womanPandora12Which timepiece has the most moving partsEgg timer13What is the official language of EgyptArabic14Which literary character lives at 4 Privet RoadHarry Potter15Rio's Maracarria stadium has what unusual featureA Moat16What natural phenomenon can never be seen at noonRainbow - sun mustbe 40 deg or less17In Elizabethan England rich people carried their own folding whatSpoons to Banquets18In ancient China what was hung outside a bad doctors houseLantern for each deadpatient19In the Balanta tribe women stayed married until what happenedWedding dress woreout20In Massachusetts it's illegal to wear what without a licenceGoatee21Suzy was a star of a 60s TV show what character did she playFlipper the dolphin22The average child wears out 730 by age ten 730 whatCrayons23In a survey what food did Americans say they hated mostTofu24What vegetable was Emperor Nero's favouriteThe Leek25What nation invented the toilet seatEgyptian26Virginia Woolf always did it standing up - did whatWrote her books27Mount Teide is the highest mountain in which countrySpain it's on Tenerife28In what film did the character Regan McNeil appearThe Exorcist29Who rejected the 1964 Nobel prize for literatureJean Paul Sarte30In Alaska it's legal to shoot bears but illegal to do whatWake up for photo31George Jung of Los Angeles in 1916 invented whatFortune Cookies32John Paul Getty, world's richest man had what in his houseA Payphone33What was unusual about the drawings of artist Cesar DucornetDrawn with feet hehad no arms34Who was the only English King crowned on the battlefieldHenry VII35In 1901 Dr Dausand demonstrated what that never caught onSilent Cinema forthe blind36In some areas of Paris what is provided for dogsPrivate flush toilets37What countries brides get the most diamond engagement ringsCanada38What area in the US translates from the Dutch as Broken ValleyBrooklyn39In ancient Egypt men and women did what opposite to todayPeeing - men satwomen stood40In Youngstown Ohio it's illegal to run out of whatGas or petrol41Who links a western gambler and a private eyeJames GarnerMaverick Rockfort42How did Bunito Mussolini ward off the evil eyeTouch his testicles43Both sexes get them but men more often - get whatHiccups44Who would use an orange stickManicurist45Jacob German in 1899 got the worlds first what in New YorkSpeeding Ticket 12mph46Mary Somerville said "It wont last, a flash in the pan" what Television 47China 300 bc you could not speak to the Emperor without whatClove in your mouth48In what US city do they watch the most TV evangelists per capWashington DC49Egyptian embalmers replaced the bodies eyes with whatOnions50According to a 1997 survey what nation are the best kissersItalianPage 12410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 62Answers51In South Dakota it's illegal to fall down and sleep whereCheese Factory52Who was the last living person on a US postal stampNobody it's illegal53What is the main ingredient in a Navarin stewMutton or Lamb54What elements name comes from the Greek word for violetIodine55VH is the international aircraft registration for which countryAustralia56Phyllophobia is the fear of whatLeaves57What is a cachalotA Sperm Whale58What would the ancient Greeks do with an ApodesmWear it type of bra59What is an onychophagistA nail biter60In Auburn Washington men can get five years for doing whatDeflowering Virgins61Where in Canada is its DildoNewfoundland Town62Topo in Italian Fare in Turkish what in EnglishMouse63Who did Babe the pig work forFarmer Hoggett64What sexually arouses a JactitatorBragging about sex65Nebkheperura was his first name what do we call him todayTutankamen66What creature gets its name from the Greek word for wombDolphin from Delphis67In 1885 Canada sold what to US for $150000Niagara Falls68By what more common name do we know Major BoothroydQ in the Bond films69Woman's are faster than men's, they usually have more - whatHeartbeats70In Illinois you can get three years for eavesdropping on whoYour conversation71What modern word comes from the Latin Dilatare - open wideDildo72West Indian cricketer Laurence Rowe gave up 1976 mid test whyAllergic to Grass73What do the EPPY awards honourElectronic editions ofnewspapers74The electric light first available product what's secondElectric Oven75What's the only city today split in two by a wallNicosia Cyprus76What's the only movie Alfred Hitchcock make twiceThe man who knewtoo much77What is the Latin word for poisonVirus78Orienteering began in which countrySweden79What would you expect in a Japanese No Pan Kissa restaurantMirror floorknickerless women80In Massachusetts what's illegal unless bedroom window lockedSnoring81The Emperors cup is awarded in what sportSumo wrestling82What famous film maker was first to use the close upDavid Wark GriffithBirth of a Nation83Chinese cooking what's special about Wolfs hearts Dogs lungsOnly things not used84The 1961 Mercedes 300sx had two firsts name eitherGull Wing doors fuel injection85Who wrote the official biography of Lester PiggottDick Francis86What hotel has been the target of the most take over bidsThe Ritz - Paris87In Russia the national product is called Soldatsky what is itBread88In airline slang what is a 365Eggs Bacon servedany day or time89In what case did Perry Mason make his first appearanceThe case of the VelvetClaws90By law who require a cert. of health before entering KentuckyBees must have one91Romans used a sharp pointed stick to drive cattle Modern wordStimulus92Chokan Moyogi Shakan Han Kengai and Kengai styles of whatBonsai - styles93Albert Sauvy coined what term in the 1950sThe Third World94What trio were originally called The RattlesnakesThe Bee Gees95The Fields Medal is equal to a Nobel prize in what areaMathematics96Novices are called tumblers experienced shiners what jobWindow Cleaners97What is the Hebrew word for adversarySatan98What is the capitol of VenezuelaCaracas99What was unusual about Joe Davis the World Snooker ChampBlind in one eye100What's round in London and Paris but Square in New YorkUnderground / metro / tube tunnelsPage 12510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 63Answers1In WW2 what was unique about the US 222 Infantry battalionAll Japanese orHawaiian immigrants2In which 1956 film did Elvis Presley make his debutLove me Tender3Lepcha people Tibet consider it proper to pay teachers in whatAlcohol is acceptable4In medicine what is an Anomaloscope used forTest for colourblindness5 In the rules of golf what type of bad weather can stop playOnly Lightning6Name the Indian version of BarbieMonica7Name the Egyptian God of funeralsAnubis8Scrutinise Swirl Sniff Sip - what are you doingWine Tasting9What is the worlds oldest desert - country named after itNamib10What magazine says We are Number one in a field of OneMad11The band Steely Dan are named after whatSlang for Penis12Famous book divided into three parts Mosques Caves TemplesPassage to India13What term was coined July 17th 1942 issue of Yank magazineG I Joe14In 1947 it began at Callao Peru ended Tuamotu Island what didKon Tiki Expedition15Polyhexamethyleneadipamide is better known as whatNylon16In Greek mythology who built the labyrinthKing Daedalus17Name Disney's first film to win an Academy AwardFlowers and Trees18In what sport would you find a Tell TaleSquash - Tin strip ballcan't hit19What is the most redesigned appliance in the worldTelephone Handset20What started in early 1900s to improve sales sports newspaperTour de France LePetite Journal illustre21What come in types Transverse Scimitar and BarchanSand Dunes22What is the only counties national flag different both sidesParaguay23What is located on Boothia's peninsula in CanadaNorth Magnetic Pole24Morbi in Gujarat is where most of the worlds what are madeWall Clocks25John McLaughlin made sold McLaughlin's Belfast style whatCanada Dry Ginger26Christian Commercial Travellers' Association of America are whoGideons27In what sport would you find a BagelTennis - Set won 6-028Who turned down the TV role of Doctor KildareWilliam Shatner29Name only sports team to play professionally seven continentsHarlem Globetrotters30What is the traditional curse of Adam that affects most of usWorking for a living31"There and back Again" is an alternative title of which novelThe Hobbit32IBM is Big Blue Coca Cola Big Red who is Big BlackUnited Parcel ServiceUPS33According to the ad At Benneton the smallest garment is a whatCondom34In the Bible who came from GathGoliath35In Tennis where is the Australian Open playedFlinders Park36Hemmingway said there's only 3 sports Bullfighting Car Racing ?Mountaineering37What traditional Maori insult was seen in the film BraveheartMooning38What links Escalator, Kerosene, YoYo, Zipper and ThermosNames into language39Cosmetic brand gets it's name from Latin for as white as snowNivea40What was the first sport to be filmedBoxing by ThomasEdison 189441In the Tom and Jerry cartoons name the other mouseNibbles or Tuffy42What was the first LP record to sell over 1 million copiesCalypso by HarryBelafonte43Facts, Briefs, Destiny and Chance were early names for what Time Magazine44If you take a before meal aperitif what's an after meal one calledDigestif45Methyphobia is the fear of whatAlcohol46Tribology is the study of whatFriction47Name Leonard Nimoy's autobiographyI am not Spock48The Stoner Case was a Sherlock Holmes play - later what storyThe Speckled Band49In Iowa pouring what down a pub drain with cop there is illegalWater it becomes anillegal alcohol50Christobal Colon is better known as whoChristopher ColumbusPage 12610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 63Answers51What is measured on the Torro scaleTornados52Where would you find the Forte and the Foible strong - weakSword blade nearhilt and tip53President Woodrow Wilson May 6th 1919 first to do whatTake out Air accidentInsurance54In Australian slang what is a CoughieBad Umpiring 55Satan is Lucifer but what does Lucifer meanThe Light Bearer56Chapman Root designed it based on a Hoople skirt - whatCoca Cola bottle57What does a Grabatologist collectTies58Blind, Comb, Fine Line and Harrow are types of whatStamp Perforation59The Millennial Dawnists changed their name to what Jehovah's Witnesses60The name of this animal translates as ghost what is itThe Lemur61What country has two AK47 assault rifles on it's flagMozambique62In film who is the alter ego of Daniel HillardMrs Doubtfire63Who was the female star of Basic InstinctSharon Stone64In computing there are 8 bits to a byte what are 4 bits calledNibble65The Arabs call it Al-Maghrib what do we call itMorocco66The Vietnamese call it The Brother the Chinese The Friend whatBamboo67What is a male camel calledBull68Douglas Adams said what is the best spacecraft propellantBad News - it travelsthe fastest69William Tell was the best crossbow archer and what elseBoatman70In what country did tulips originatePersia71What is specifically defined as 1/48th of an inchA Hairsbreadth72Church bells of Maralnello Ring Sundays Public Hols and whenFerrari team win73Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms bans what word in addsRefreshing74Name the first British film studio set up in the 1930sPinewood Studios75In Hill Street Blues which character used to bite peopleAnimal - Mick76Where would you find a Dry BibleHeart chamber of aruminant77Quidnunc means an eager gossip but in Latin literally meansWhat Now78In the proverb Heaven protects children sailors and whoDrunken men79Poenosis is what medical conditionChilblains80Who in 1958 was the first British Formula one championMike Hawthorne81Carom is a form of what sport / gameBilliards82What Disney film features the song "Give a little Whistle"Pinocchio83What was on the B side of the Beatles 1968 "Hey Jude"Revolution84What country invented cheesecakeGreece85Gone to Texas by Forest Carter is the basis for what filmThe Outlaw JoseyWales86Which mammal has the fewest teethArmadillo - none87In WW2 Air corps non flying members given what nicknameKiwis - Non Flying88Collective nouns - what's a group of photographers calledA Click89What event in the Bible occurred at BethanyRaising of Lazarus90On a prescription what does QOD stand forTake every other day91Thomas and Martha were the parents of which heroBatman92In Greek mythology Clio was the muse of whatHistory93An IVP is used to detect what medical conditionKidney StonesIntravenuspylorigram94Don Quixote was the man of La Mancha what's it in EnglishThe Stain95Who was the first woman to win an Academy AwardJanet Gaynor 192996Where do they speak MalagasyMadagascar97What is a mud puppyAmerican Salamander98You can ski on the piste but what other sport uses the termFencing where thefight happens99Name Clint Eastwoods first film made in 1955Francis in the Navy(1955)100What is the main flavouring in a Greek Tzataili sauceGarlicPage 12710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 64Answers1What links Dr Spock Errol Flynn and Emperor NeroOlympics RowingBoxing Chariot2In what series of books did The Empress of Blandings appearJeeves and Woostera pig3What colour is iridiumSteel Grey4Who founded ASH ( Action on Smoking and Health ) in 1971Royal College ofPhysicians5What organisation opposes ASHFOREST6Who was the 1958 Cha-Cha champion of Hong KongBruce Lee7Who directed the 1962 film Lawrence of ArabiaDavid Lean8In mythology Romulus Remus suckled by a shewolf fed by whatWoodpecker9In Gustav Holsts Planets suite what planet is missingPluto not known then10If you went on the road to Mandalay what country are you inMiramar or Burma11Which cathedral has 4440 statuesMilan12Tarom Airlines is the national carrier of which countryRomania13What does an armadillo taste likePork14In what French district do most of the best clarets come fromMedoc15What was the first complete symphony to be recordedBeethoven's fifth16Thomas Minton at Stoke on Trent created what in 1789The Willow Pattern17What European nation was the first to drink teaThe Dutch18What's the worlds longest rail journey made no train changeMoscow Peking19What was first built in the Place de Greve in 1792The Guillotine20In what book does Humpty Dumpty first appearThrough the lookingGlass21Who was called The Man of DestinyNapoleon Bonaparte2219-19-19 who's vital statisticsOlive Oyl23Name both families in SoapTates Campbells24Where would you find a gemshornOn an Organ25The flower convallaria is better known as whatLily of the Valley26In what stage show does Frank N Furter appearThe Rocky HorrorPicture Show27Who invented the rocking chairBenjamin Franklin28Gerald Thomas directed what series of filmsCarry on Films29What did composer Berlioz originally studyMedicine30Ocean is NOT recognised International Hydrographic BureauAntarctic Ocean31In the Saint series of books what is Inspector Teal's full name Claude Eustace Teal32What is the most common Spanish surnameGarcia33The Slave of Duty is alternate title what G&S operettaPirates of Penzance34Aconite the poison is obtained from what plantWolf's-bane35What culture introduced hats and crackers at Xmas seasonAncient Rome36Chang 1st Wang 2nd what third most common Chinese nameLi37What word is derived from the Arabic mawsim meaning seasonMonsoon38What's the other name for the statue of Egyptian god HarmachisThe Sphinx39The French call it nature morte the Spanish bodegon what is itStill Life painting40Oporto in Portugal stands on what riverThe Duoro41What boxer was nicknamed The Boston Strong BoyJohn L Sullivan42Stage role, written for a man, took 80 years to be played by onePeter Pan RSC 198243Sicily is the traditional source of which elementSulphur44Name the main horse in Animal FarmBoxer45Strabismus is the correct name for what conditionA Squint46What languages appear on the Rosetta stoneEgyptian Greek47Who used the pseudonym Ellis BellEmily Bronte48Where were the first glass mirrors made in Europe circa 1300Venice49Who went to school at HogwartsHarry Potter50What was Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond film in 1995GoldeneyePage 12810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 64Answers51Who won the best actor award for Marty in 1955Ernest Borgnine52Name Helen of Troys husbandMenelaus53Who hired the Mormon Mafia to prevent contaminationHoward Hughs54Captain W E Johns invented which heroBiggles55The Passion Play is performed every 10 years whereOberammergau56What was the theme music to The ExorcistTubular Bells MikeOldfield57Who directed Full Metal JacketStanley Kubrick58In Judo if the referee calls Sono-mama what does it meanPlayers must freeze inposition59What mountain overlooks Rio de Janeiro harbourSugar Loaf60What is RomaicThe modern Greeklanguage61In what WW1 battle were tanks first used in 1916Somme62Who are Britain's oldest publisher dating from 1469Oxford UniversityPress63Who was called The Scourge of GodAttila the Hun64Victor Barna was world champion five times at what sportTable Tennis65What sort of wood was Noah's Ark made fromGopher wood66In Yugoslavian Belgrade is called Beograd what does it meanWhite City67Collective nouns - which creatures are a clamour or buildingRooks in a rookery68First public supply in Britain from river Wey in 1881 whatElectricity69In what city was Handel's Messiah first performedDublin70Who was the first person to wear a wristwatchQueen Elizabeth 1st71What colour is the wax covering Gouda cheeseYellow72In Norse mythology who was Odin's wifeFrigga73Six verified copies of his signature survive - who is heWilliam Shakespeare74What city is at the mouth of the Menam riverBangkok75In what sport is the Palma Match contestedShooting76Which musical stage show ( and film ) uses tunes by BorodinKismet77Ireland and New Zealand are the only countries that lack whatNative Snakes78In cricket how many times does a full toss bounceNone79Impressionism comes from painting Impression Sunrise - ArtistClaude Monet80Name the first self contained home computer - A Commodore Pet81What exploded in 1720The South Sea Bubble82Who named a city after his horse BucephalusAlexander the Great83Beethoven's ninth symphony is nicknamed whatThe Choral84In Spain St John Bosco is the Patron Saint of whatCinema85In 1928 Simon Bolivar was president 3 countries Bolivia and ?Columbia Peru86Who lit the flame 1956 Olympics and then broke 8 world recordsRon Clark87Ball point pen ink is made from dye and whatCastor Oil88Hans Lippershey made the worlds first practical whatMicroscope89In Hindu philosophy what does Yoga literally meanUnion90Which writer rode Devon Loch in the 1956 Grand NationalDick Francis91George Lazenby played James Bond once in which filmOn Her Majesty'sSecret Service92Who was the founder of JudaismAbraham93There must be 15 banked turns on what sporting courseChampionshipBobsleigh94What is a Lampyris Noctiluca better known asA Glow-Worm ( European )95Greek Myth Clotho spun Lachesis measured Atropos cut whatThread of a mans life96Who built The Flamingo hotel in Las VegasBugsy Siegel97What is the main language of LiechtensteinGerman98Vivaldi's concertos Opus 8 Numbers 1-4 better known as whatThe four Seasons99In Tarka the Otter what was Old NogA Heron100Which sea is sometimes called the Euxine SeaBlack SeaPage 12910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 65Answers1Roger Bannister ran the first sub 4 minute mile who ran 2ndJohn Landie of NewZealand2What can be types called chordate, needle and cruciformTree Leaves3Musca Domestica can cause disease in man - what is itCommon Housefly4Name the English chemist who first isolated sodiumSir Humphry Davie5Who wrote Moon River used in Breakfast at TiffaniesHenry Mancini6Name Stephen King's first published novelCarrie7The locals call it Kaapstad what do we call itCapetown8Interpol was founded in 1923 in what cityVienna9Musophobia is a fear of whatMice10The opera Aida was commissioned in 1869 to mark what eventOpening Suez canal11In ancient Greece what was a hopliteSoldier12In the Harry Potter books what is AragogChief Spider13Who wrote Goodbye Mr ChipsJames Hilton14Only 15% of French wines have what on the labelAppellation Controlee15What are blombergs, oak and fire bellied types ofToads16Sherlock Holmes paid 55 shillings for whatHis Stradivarius violin17What is an arrasA wall hanging Georgi is now Yussef Islam what other name had heCat Stevens19What literary prize ( worth 30000 ) is for women authors onlyOrange Award20The musical Chu Chin Chow is based on what fableAli Baba and the fortythieves21Where would you find a parlour, scriptorium, dorter and cellariumA Monastery22US tennis open held at Flushing Meadows used to be whereForest Hills23Where would you find VolansSouthern Sky ConstFlying Fish24The De Beaumont centre in London specialises in what sportFencing25Sir Francis Drake named it New Albion what is it todayOregon USA26Which artist painted sixty two self portraitsRembrandt Van Rinn27What elements name comes from the Greek meaning lazyArgon28Who directed Star Trek films 3 and 4Leonard Nimoy29Cretinism is caused by a failure of whatThyroid gland30In Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice name Shylocks wifeLeah31Gold Discs Platinum Discs but who won first Rhodium DiscPaul McCartney32What is a Fata MorganaType of Mirage33You can do a degree in brewing at Heriot-Watt University whereEdinburgh34Zimbabwe won its first ever Olympic gold in 1980 in what eventWomen's Hockey35What is or was the capitol of Hong KongVictoria36In Britain in 1746 what type of clothing was made illegalHighland Dress kiltplaid etc37What creature can live up to one year without eating ( you? )Bedbug38The worlds first was feet long and took a year to make ?Oil Well39What film began "Most of what follows is true"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid40The thickness of silk is measured in whatDenier41Charcoal Sulphur Saltpetre make whatGunpowder42The word Sofa comes from the Arabic meaning whatBench43What are Arran Pilot Homeguard and Ulster ChieftainEarly types of Potato44In 1961 Anton Geesink was the first non Japanese to do whatWin a Judo title45What colour is the most popular eye shadow of all timeMax Factor's PowderBlue46Where is the worlds oldest universityFez Morocco founded 85947Who was known in Germany as Der BingleBing Crosby48Ancient Carthage is in what modern countryTunisia49Who's first play was The RoomHarold Pinter50What type of creature was Salar - that Tarka would like to eatSalmonPage 13010000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 65Answers51The capitol of Nigeria was Lagos what is it nowAbouga52Who composed The Dream of GerontiusEdward Elgar53Captain Macmorris only ever Irishman in what Shakespeare playHenry V54Tintoretto did most of his painting in what cityVenice55What Olympic event only takes place at 70 and 90 metersSki Jumping officialramps56To whom are the Jews GentilesThe Mormons57Which plant gets its name from the Persian for turbanTulip58What does GP mean on a music score when all players silentGeneral Pause59What celestial body gets its name from the Greek long hairedComet60A petrologist studies whatRocks historyformation etc61Sir Wilfred is the real name of which eponymous characterIvanhoe62What are the Roman numerals for 505DV63The Daleks come from what planetSkaro64Who was voted most popular film performer in the USA in 1926Rin Tin-Tin65Name the river that flows through BaghdadTigris66Handel's Largo comes from which operaXerxes67What happened to Catherine Eddowes on 30th September 1888Met Jack the Ripper68Madam Hooch teaches what at Hogwarts schoolQuidditch6990% of all thoroughbreds are descended from what horseEclipse70Who's first book was "Down and Out in Paris and London"George Orwell71What killed 23 people in Rostov Russia in July 1923Giant Hailstones72What does a librettist doWrite words to opera73How did Dr Watson's first wife dieDiphtheria74Beethoven's third symphony is nicknamed whatThe Eroica75To whom was the Eroica dedicatedNapoleon Bonaparte76In medieval France a persons rank was shown by the length of ?Shoe pointsbigger=higher77Women's international gymnastics Beam Box Floor and whatAsymmetric bars78What song did Rick ask Sam to play in CasablancaAs Time Goes By79Pali is the sacred language of whoBuddhists in India80In WW1 what were Lucifer'sMatches81In legend who killed the mobster GrendelBeowulf82Who stole the English Crown Jewels was pardoned Charles IIColonel Blood83She died at 28 but her book on household management famousMrs Beeton84The Hindu trinity are Shiva Vishnu and whoBrahma85Name Hercule Poirot's valetGeorge86Charles S Stratton became famous as who General Tom Thumbwith Barnum87In mythology who slew the nine headed hydraHercules88What country holds the Olympic polo championshipArgentina lastcontested 193289In Gulliver's Travels name the flying islandLaputa90Who wrote Never Love a StrangerHarold Robbins91What city has the most canalsBirmingham92Where was Oceanus Hopkins born in 1620On the Mayflower93In China big wigs have four but lesser men only two whatOutside Pockets94What is the world's warmest seaThe Red Sea95Who played Beau Geste in the 1939 filmGary Cooper96Who composed the Christmas OratorioJ S Bach97In Animal Farm what was the name of the farmManor Farm98Who owned a chimp called Chee-CheeDr Dolittle99Who's directorial debut was with Reservoir DogsQuentin Tarantino100Where was pizza first inventedMilanPage 13110000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 66Answers1Odele and Odette appear in what Tchaikovsky balletSwan Lake2In what country is The Duma part of parliamentRussia3Nonage is what reason to stop a marriageUnderage one or both4Kier Auro is good morning in what languageMaori5In what sport does herringboning take placeSkiing6What is a marcupiumA marsupials pouch7At you would find information about whatFood or Restaurants8What does a konimeter measureDust9A stellate object is shaped like whatStar shaped10What is MMM minus MDMD 3000-1500=150011Balsa wood gets its name from Spanish what's literal meaningRaft12Who is the Patron Saint of AccountantsSaint Matthew13In what country did the Sabines liveItaly14Who often solved a three pipe problemSherlock Holmes15The tumblebug is an alternative name for which insectDung Beetle16St Stevens Tower is usually misnamed whatBig Ben17What type of clothing article is a BelcherNeckerchief18Who was kidnapped in Robert Louis Stevenson's KidnappedDavid Balfour19Jewish boys have a Barmitsva at 13 what do girls get at 12A Batmitsva20What European capitol stands on the river AareBerne Switzerland21In which Dickens novel does Little Nell appearThe Old CuriosityShop22Name Harry Potters non magical cousinDudley Dursley23Which real person took name meaning Man of SteelJoseph Stalin24What are woolly and spider types ofMonkey25Where do boy scout leaders get their names fromThe Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling26Where would you find a Mott Bailey and KeepA Castle27In what country was fashion designer Yves St Laurent bornAlgeria28What common British river name come from Celtic for riverAvon29Jayne Austin is famous but who reigned Britain when she wroteGeorge III30What composer was the there of the 1947 film Song of LoveJohannes Brahms31Who is known as The father of PoetryHomer32Who was the first US president to be sworn in by a womanLyndon B Johnson when JFK killed33Who sometimes used the pseudonym Al BrownAlphonse Capone34What does Monaco get most of its income fromGambling Casinos etc35Professor Kelp transformed into whoBuddy Love JerryLewis Nutty Professor36What is the commonest item traded internationallyPetroleum and its byproducts37Lake Tittikaka is in Peru and what other countryBolivia38Who was the first British monarch to visit AmericaGeorge VI in 193939Collective nouns - A nye of whatPheasants40Where was the Hesperus wreckedMassachusettsNormans Woe 's oldest existing Trade Union was founded in 1747 what tradeBrushmakers and General Workers42In the creation myth on the fourth day God made whatSun Moon Stars43All PCs have a BIOS what does bios stand forBasic Input OutputSystem44British soldiers mentioned in despatches get which bronze awardThe Oak Leaf45In 1967 an Australian had one 11lb in weight - what Carrot46Sissy Jupe adopted by Thomas Gradgrind which Dickens novelHard Times47Operation Thunderbolt was the nickname given to which raidIsraeli raid on Entebbe48In Japan what is RakuBiscuit fired Pottery49Skimbleshanks was a T S Elliot cat what was his areaThe Railway Cat50What is the largest Island in The Greater AntillesCubaPage 13210000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 66Answers51What country used the first aircraft equipped bomber in warItaly Italian Turkish war 191252In what sport would you find a coffinCross country ridingit s a fence53John Huxham in 1750 invented which wordInfluenza54TABSO is the national airline of which countryBulgaria55Who wrote the comic opera Robinson CrusoeOffenbach56What was Didus Ineptus better known asThe Dodo57What sport featured in the 1980 film Breaking AwayCycling58Ambigu was an early form of what card gamePoker59The cast iron plant is another name for which pot plantAspidistra60What does the name Tokyo meanEastern City61Sir Walter Raleigh found what odd lake in TrinidadLake of Tar orAsphalt62Worlds oldest existing treaty of 1373 between England and whoPortugal63Bargasse is what type of vegetable matterSugar Cane Pulp64Who was Hiawatha's fatherMudjekeewis TheWest Wind65Kitty, fire, draw and tuck in are terms in what sportGreen Bowls66Ordinary seaman Able Seaman what comes nextLeading Seaman67What was Thin Lizzies first hit in 1973Whiskey in the Jar68The sprat belongs to what fish familyHerring69The Horned Planet is better known as whatVenus70Who did the painting on the cover of The Bands first albumBob Dylan71Carrantual is the highest peak in which countryIreland72Who wrote The Symphony of a ThousandMahler his eighth73What is Greece's second city after AthensSelonika74What was Paul the Apostles real nameSaul75When is Superman's birthday29th February76John Young, Gemini 3, 1968 first to do what in spaceEat a hamburger77What is the CuriaAdministration of the Catholic Church78The locals call it Firenze what do we call itFlorence Italy79What common sign derived from the Medici family crestPawnbrokers balls80What is a sound below 20 cycles a second calledA Woof81Goldaming in Surrey was the first English town to have whatElectric street lighting82Jim Bakus supplied the voice of which cartoon characterMr Magoo83Who speaks QuechuaPeruvian Indians84Generally cornflowers are what colourBlue85Starting highest write the Roman Numerals in descending orderMDCLXVI or 196686Yoi, Yame, Seremade and Hantai terms in what sportKarate87Africa's four great rivers Nile, Congo Zambezi and whatNiger88Catriona was a sequel to which famous novelKidnapped R LStevenson89Who sang the original version of Blue Suede ShoesCarl Perkins90What kind of material is guipureLace91Name a quadruped beginning with the letter NNewt - Nutria Nagli92Unusual (for him) role Bogart play in The Return of Doctor X 1939A Vampire93In Norway what is a brislingA Sprat94Who composed the Symphonies FantastiqueHector Berlioz95Mediolanum was the Roman name for what Italian cityMilan96Which British city had the first pavements (sidewalks) in 1688Edinburgh in High Stand Cowgate97What is considered to be the worlds fastest team gameIce Hockey98What song did Marilyn Munroe sing in the film Bus StopThat Old Black Magic99Which King was the first to use the Royal WeRichard the Lionheart100The locals call it Shqiperia what do we call this countryAlbaniaPage 13310000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 67Answers1What star sign is Harry PotterLeo2The word Mongol means what in MongolianBrave3In the USA it s the Oscars what is it in FranceCaesars4What is the correct name for a virgin (uncalfed) cowHeifer5In the USA what is Marine OnePresidents Helicopter6In the Bible who climbed Mount NeboMoses to seepromised land7Where could you spend your GourdeHaiti8What sausage gets it's name from the Italian for OnionChipolata9What does a cadastral map showLarge scale individualproperties10In what area of France is champagne madeReims11The longest recorded one lasted minutes - whatTennis rally1029strokes12Who was the first British Royal to become a motoristPrince of WalesEdward VII13Ford Prefect came from a star in which constellationOrion (Betelgeuse)14What makes Argon, Neon and Helium unique in chemistryNo compounds15In the Bible who put Daniel in the lions denKing Darius16Cheval-vapeur in France is equal to what in EnglishHorse power17The author of Moll Flanders wrote which more famous workRobinson Crusoe18On the Beaufort scale what is defined as force 11A Storm19The Spink standard catalogue lists information about whatCoins20If you suffer from diplopia what have you gotDouble vision21What Shakespeare play Course true love never did run smoothMidsummer NightsDream22All my Yesterdays is which actors autobiographyEdward G Robinson23Which type of full moon follows a harvest moonHunters Moon24Which pop singer was Glad to be GayTom Robinson25The Wheel Spins Ethel Lina White basis for what Hitchcock filmThe Lady Vanishes26On average it takes hours to do whatFully cremate a corpse27In Kiplings poem Gunga Din what job had Gunga DinWater Carrier28What began in 1877 but banned women until 1884Wimbledon Tennis29Who is the boss of UNCLEMr Waverley30Which cities public transport lost property office is the busiestTokyo31Name only boxer to win a world title who never had a managerJake La Motta32The opera The Tsar Sultan contains what famous musical pieceThe Flight of theBumblebee33Five tons are mined annually - five tons of whatDiamonds34In Venezuela lovers use pink whatEnvelopes - post halfprice35What country in distance is furthest from New ZealandSpain36Whose girlfriend had a pet snake called EnidAdolf Hitler37What word is in 1200 different languages without changingAmen38Whose horse was Black NellWild Bill Hickoks39Old Honiton Genoese and Mechlin all types of whatLace40Name the first teddy bear in spaceMishka 1980 Olympicmascot41In France who are nicknamed the Kepis blancsForeign Legion42Name Ernest Hemmingway's book dealing with bullfightingFiesta43Which animal pronksSpringbok 44In the Wizard of Oz name the Good Witch of the NorthGlinda45Britain France and who fought the battle of TrafalgarSpain46Who's first book was Pebble in the SkyIsaac Asimov47Whose original back up group were The Blue Moon BoysElvis Presley48Britannia female embodiment of Britain who is the French Marianne49Who wrote the line East is East and West is WestRudyard Kipling50Which American city used to be called Yerba BuenaSan FranciscoPage 13410000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 67Answers51What's capital of The Peoples Democratic Republic of YemenAden52Who played Louis Armstrong in 1954 film The Glen Miller StoryHe played himself53The Old Aztecs played ollamalitzi what game does it resembleBasketball54In literature who lived at 7 Savile RowPhileas Fogg55What is the only Shakespeare play that mentions AmericaThe Comedy of Errors(Act III Scene ii)56Jan Lodvik Hock changed his name to whatRobert Maxwell57What is the longest golf course to stage the British OpenCarnoustie 7066 yards58Atlanta burned in Gone With the Wind was what old film setKing Kong it neededclearing59What are Unaone, Soxisix and NovenineInternational phoneticnumbers 16960If something is caseous what is it likeCheese61William Herschel astronomer was a musician what instrumentOrgan62UK snooker players call it doubling what do US pool players sayBanking63In MASH what was the character Radars full nameWalter O'Reilly64Whose only novel was The Cardinals MistressBenito Mussolini65Jimmy Doyle died during a title fight in 1947 who was opponentSugar Ray Robinson66In 1900 Persian soldiers were paid with whatDonkeys67In Islington in London it s a 50 fine for sleeping whereThe Public Library68Dr Deidrich Knickerbocker invented which famous characterRip Van Winkle69What occupation would use a dibberGardener - to makeplanting holes70Which group of people first used gold fillingsIncas of Peru71Miss Lemon is what detectives confidential secretaryHercule Poirot72Name Alice's pet catDinah73In the siege of Mafeking who led the defendersRobert Baden Powell74Beethoven's fifth piano concerto is nicknamed whatThe Emperor75What did Aristotle claim as the most delicate of table meatsCamel76Which annual world championship is held at Coxheath KentCustard Pie throwing77In which film did Cliff Richard sing Living Doll in 1959Serious Charge78Which Lombardy town is famed for its cheeseGorgonzola79Which acid dissolves glassHydrofluoric Acid80Who wrote The female of the species more deadly than the maleRudyard Kipling81Musical terms - what does De Capo mean on a scoreFrom the beginning82What is a half of a half of a half of a halfA Sixteenth83Who recorded as Dib Cochran and the EarwigsMarc Bolan andDavid Bowie84In what country is TiahuanacoBolivia85What exactly are chitterlingsFried animals birdssmall intestines86What was Winston Churchill's codename during WW2Agent87There are gallons of ale in what containerPin88Of what did the poet John Milton dieGout89The musical instrument piccolo means what in ItalianSmall90In what country could you spend a tugrikMongolia91All the pictures of which king are always shown in profileKing of Diamonds92Pernell Roberts played which character in a TV western seriesAdam Cartwright931937 saw the first BBC TV broadcast of which eventWimbledon Tennis94Which orchestral instrument can play the highest noteThe Violin95Who was the runner up in the 1979 Le Mans 24 hour racePaul Newman96Airman T E Shaw in WW2 was better known as whoT E Laurence ofArabia97Italian painter Jacopo Robusti is better known as whoTintoretto98What were volitos first demonstrated in Soho London in 1823Roller Skates99Which Mozart opera is subtitled School for LoversCosi fan Tuti100In literature who married Mary MorstanDr John WatsonPage 13510000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 68Answers1Which game begins when the referee shouts drawLacrosse2What is litmus derived fromLichens3Hydrosis is the medical term for whatSweating4Misogamy is a dislike or hatred of whatMarriage5What car has been voted European car of the CenturyMini6In India what is a khidmutgarA Waiter7Who sang about Saturday Night at the MoviesThe Drifters8Who owned the sword JoyeuseCharlemagne9It was finally abolished in Britain in 1948 - what wasFlogging10Beethoven's sixth symphony is known as whatThe Pastoral11Which English King had the most legitimate children (18)Edward I12The windhover is an alternative name for which birdKestrel13Where is the US masters golf tournament always playedAugusta Georgia14Santa Cruz airport serves which cityBombay15Silver hallmarks - what object is stamped on Birmingham itemsAnchor16Graham Hill won 1968 world championship in which make of carLotus17Opaque 2 is a modern variety of which cereal cropMaize18Who was the first tennis player to achieve the grand slamDonald Budge19What are padmasana sirsasana and savasanaYoga Positions20What is strange about the Golden Queen hollyIt is male GoldenKing is female21What is the last book of the Old TestamentMalachi22Queen Mary II died at age 32 what killed herSmallpox23What metal is used in galvanizingZinc24A 25 to 31 mph wind on the Beaufort scale is called whatStrong Breeze25The false plane tree is better known as whatThe Sycamore26Baptista is Katherine's father in which Shakespeare playThe Taming of theShrew27Lepidoptera (from the Greek) literally means whatScaly Winged28In what sport might you see a stem-christieSkiing29Why a camel haired brushes (made from squirrel) called camelInvented by Mr Camel30What common item has 32 pointsThe compass31In 1823 the British army soldiers were first issued with whatTrousers32Who was the first American to win a Nobel prizeTheodore Roosevelt33In Shakespeare Hamlet who is Ophelia's brotherLaertes34What is the worlds largest airlineAeroflot35What is the brightest star always in the Northern skyVega3624% of British men have no whatReal teeth37Most people associate the colour green with which flavourMint38Mendelssohn's Wedding March comes from which workA Midsummer NightsDream39Whose autobiography was "Can you tell what it is yet"Rolf Harris40What did Joseph Gayetty invent in 1857Toilet Rolls41The Andaman Islands are in which bayThe Bay of Bengal42What colour are lobstersDark Blue/green pink when cooked43What does per capita literally meanPer Head44J G Galle discovered it in 1846 - discovered whatThe planet Neptune45Silent movie star Ben Turpin insured his what for $500000His Squint46What does a potometer measureWater intake47What was Winston Churchill's favourite participation sportPolo48The average person eats 800 in their lifetime 800 whatChickens49What is the central part of a backgammon board calledThe Bar50King Henry VIII trained as whatA PriestPage 13610000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 68Answers51What sports name translates as Little Game of WarLacrosse52What are Claymore, Thistle and PiperNorth Sea Oil Fields53What colour tranquillisers work bestYellow54In what city did 8 year old Mozart compose his first symphonyLondon55In Yiddish what is your PupikBelly Button56Who was Ben Hurs rival in the great chariot raceMessala57Britain's Frankie Wainman was world champion 1979 what sportStock Car Racing58John McEnroe won Wimbledon doubles with what partnerPeter Fleming59Pride, Avarice, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust what's missingWrath60On average it rains 4 days a week in what European capitalAmsterdam orBrussels wettest61What country used the ringgit as currencyMalaysia62What's the name of the Bar Restaurant in the TV show QuincyDanny's63In what Dickens novel does Alfred Jingle appearThe Pickwick Papers64Ajax was the trade mark of the worlds first whatFlush lavatory65What brass instrument is thought to be the most difficult to playThe French Horn66SF are the international car registration letters for which countryFinland67Jacques Garnerin made the first in 1797 the first whatParachute Jump68The British army used to wear puttees - what's it literally meanBandages from Hindu69The orchestra usually tunes up to what instrumentOboe70What is the most frequent cause of business errorsIllegible handwriting71Which magical city is located in the Valley of the Blue MoonShangri-La JamesHilton Lost Horizon 72In which European city is the Arch of TitusRome73Frank Oz was the voice of whoMiss Piggy in theMuppets74On a standard rainbow what colour is on the inside of the curveViolet75What musical term means playing with each note detachedStaccato76What animal stands for the longest periodAfrican Elephant over50 years77In what country did the word plonk meaning wine originateAustralia78Alfred Packer in the USA was convicted of what strange crimeCannibalism79Captain Flint buried his treasure where ( Ben Gunn dug it up )Skeleton Island80Who composed a symphony nicknamed The HenJoseph Hayden81In the Solar system there are 2 Mount Olympus's Greece and whereMars82Saint Lidwina is the Patron Saint of whoSkaters83Who would use a caretPrinter it s aninsertion mark84Who was the first woman to win 4 consecutive US tennis openChris Evert Lloyd85What is the lowest title handed down from father to sonBaronet86What is Britain's largest carnivorous animalBadger87How many women know the formula of Coca ColaNone - not allowed88Schubert's fourth symphony is nicknamed the whatTragic89What are Portland Vases made fromGlass90Where could you have a kip - then spend itLaos its currency91What is a corduroy road made fromLogs laid down onswampy ground92In 18th century England what was known as Old TomGin93In Goldfinger name the actress painted goldShirley Eaton94In 1949 what was introduced to cars for the first timeThe Ignition key95Who was the father of Alexander the GreatPhilip II of Macedon96The Italian Chianina is recognises as being the oldest whatBreed of Cattle97Which country makes the most films per yearIndia98In what Puccini opera does Scarpia appearTosca99Who wrote Travels with a Donkey on his honeymoonRobert LouisStevenson100The araucaria has what more common nameThe Monkey PuzzletreePage 13710000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 69Answers1Who was Douglas Elton Ullman better known asDouglas FairbanksSenior2In what does a steganographer write messagesInvisible ink3Charles Duff wrote the macabre Handbook of whatHanging4In The Dukes of Hazard who was the sheriffRoscoe P Coltrane5What would you do with a hecklephonePlay it - type of woodwind6In the famous song my true love sent me nine whatDrummers drumming7Richard Arkwright invented the Spinning Jenny what job had heBarber8What is or was a Portuguese moidoreA Gold Coin9A husband and wife won gold medals 1952 Olympics whoEmile Dana Zatopekmarathon javelin10Collective nouns - A Desert of whatLapwings11Which writer created the detective Lord Peter WimseyDorethy L Sayers12On the same subject who eventually married Lord Peter WimseyHarriot Vane13What is rayon made fromWood pulp14Yorick in Shakespeare's Hamlet had what job (when alive)Jester15Sir Eyre Massey Shaw hold what Olympic record from 1900Oldest gold yachting he was 7016What is the worlds third largest islandBorneo17Corporals Henshaw and Barbella report to which sergeantSergeant Bilko18The word electricity comes from the Greek word for whatAmber19Name the Motown star shot and killed by his father in 1984Marvin Gaye20Collective nouns - A Fall of whatWoodcocks21Leslie Hornby became more famous as whoTwiggy22September should be seventh month by name why is it ninthIts 7th year used to start in March23When introduced they were pockets for men only - what wereHandbags24What are or were The Adena, Cayuga, Haida and NootkaNorth Americannative Indian tribes25In traditional wedding anniversaries what is given on the twelfthSilk26What are Grenadier, Idared and Ellison's Orange types ofApples27Who fought at the battles of Bastia, Calvi and ToulonHoratio Nelson28A numismatist collects coins and what elseMedals29Where could you spend a KyatBurma30In what series of stories did Inspector Lestrade appearSherlock Holmes31Name the home city of the US football team nicknamed FalconsAtlanta32What Gilbert & Sullivan operetta subtitled The Peer and the PeriIolanthe33Hymen in Greek Genius in Roman Gods of whatFertility and Marriage34What can come in types Blue, Spear, Couch and ArrowGrass35Bees live in a hive what do seals live inA Rookery36Hercules performed twelve labours what was number sevenCapture of the CretanBull37A philomath has a love of whatLearning38A young what can be called a Boyet, Eyas or NyasHawk39What trade did Bonito, Calico Jack, and Dick Hatteraick followPirates40What takes place at Montlhery France and Zandvoort HollandMotor car racing41What is the literal meaning of the Spanish word tapas (snacks)Cover or covers42The martial art tai quon do translates literally as whatKick Art Way43Wings of Desire a foreign film remade as what with Nicolas CageCity of Angels44Scooby Do is what breed of dogGreat Dane45Which book of The Bible is also a title of a Bob Marley albumExodus46The Romans called it Eboracum name this English cityYork47Who wrote "To err is human to forgive divine"Alexander Pope essayon criticism48In England what can be private, public or approvedSchools49In what traditional entertainment does the dog Toby appearPunch and Judy50Where could you spend a SolPeruPage 13810000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 69Answers51What UK football team nick The Glaziers play at Selhurst ParkCrystal Palace52Thanatos in Greek Mors in Roman Gods of whatDeath53Robin, Rugby and Simple appear in which Shakespeare playThe Merry Wives ofWindsor54Where would you find A Pope Empress Hermit and JugglerThey are Tarot Cards55In traditional anniversaries what is given for the thirtiethPearl56Apart from a brand name what is a ReebokAn Antelope57Jason sailed in the Argo but who steered the shipArgus58What are pink, pram, snow, koff, buss, bark and dory types ofBoats or other watercraft59What was Boucan that gave Buccaneers their nameDried meat60Dacca is the capital of which countryBangladesh61What links a Gig, Spider and PhaetonHorse drawn carriages62What's parts include barbican, oilette and donjonA Castle63In London what are The Cavalry, Marlborough and SavilePrivate MembersClubs64What does a phillumenist collectMatchbox labels65Electric, Perse and smalt shades of which colourBlue66What links Sword, Square, Floral and BarnTypes of Dance67What is a Kerry BlueDog type of Terrier68In Heraldry what is a cantonA Corner69What links the trees Bodhi, Peepul and AilentoThey are all sacred tosomeone70Which fictional character lived at Montague street before movingSherlock Holmes71Chronos in Greek Saturnus in Roman Gods of whatThe Harvest72A Grice is a young whatWild Boar73International registration letters what country is ZRZaire74There are only two three letter herbs Rue is one what's the otherBay75In mythology who rode an eight legged horse called SleipnerOdin76Parr, Smolt and Grilse different names same thing whatSalmon - life stages77Name the raven in George Orwell's Animal FarmMoses78All US Presidents were Federalists Republicans Democrats or whatWhigs 1841 - 45 1850 - 5379Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Eli and Isaiah were all what in The BibleProphets80What family were the last ruling house of ItalySavoy81Where would you find a Bonnet, Course, Dabbler and DriverShip they are sails82Who said Tis better to have loved and lost etcAlfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam83What Gilbert & Sullivan operetta was subtitled Bunthorns BridePatience84Which poet wrote A thing of beauty is a joy forever in EndymionKeats85Copeland, Mason, Dux and Bow all types of whatPottery86In Greek mythology who was Queen of the underworldPersephone87Which writer created Tabitha Twitchet, Babbity Bumble, Mr TodBeatrix Potter88What links Bass, Messina, Hormuz and TorresStraits of water89What does a philologist studyLanguages90Which authors first (unsuccessful) book was Inland VoyageRobert LouisStevenson91Details of what can be found in The Blue BookUS Aristocracy92Backfall, diapason, pallet, gamba, sticker all parts of whatPipe Organ93Oedipus married his mother - who was sheJocasta94In Heraldry if things are accosted what position are they inSide by Side95Pintado, Pochard, Scaup, Scoter and Smee types of whatDucks96Name Shakespeare play Ariel, Miranda and Prospero appearThe Tempest97Xanthic, Fallow and Aureate shades of which colour Yellow98Brickbat, Pecorino, Mycella and Tilsiter all types of whatCheese99What is the capital of PanamaPanama100Name both the Greek and Roman God of Prophecy and PlaguesApolloPage 13910000 general knowledge questions and Quiz 70Answers1What popular party drink gets its name from Sanskrit meaning 5Punch - originally 5ingredients2London link Prince Edward's, Prince of Wales, Her Majesty'sTheatres3Which country borders Russia Sweden and NorwayFinland4What type of creature is an Orb WeaverSpider5Whose autobiography was called Tall Dark and GruesomeChristopher Lee6In publishing what is the versoLeft page - Recto rightpage7The British Raj in Ind

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