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Request For Quote Rfq Procurement Of Stationery

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REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ) Procurement of Stationery RFQ …

REQUEST FOR QUOTE (RFQ) Procurement of Stationery RFQ


2 GENERAL The quotation must be submitted before the closing date and time, in a sealed envelope, duly endorsed: Procurement of StationeryRFQ NO. 008-2014/2015.The name and address of the service provider must be written outside the envelope.

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RFQ/SANAS/PASTEL-EVOLUTION/2012/01 The South African ...

RFQ/SANAS/PASTEL-EVOLUTION/2012/01 The South African ...


A. Terms of Reference 1. Purpose The purpose of this Request for Quotation (RFQ) is to invite proposals for the provision of software upgrading and implementation services from Pastel Partner to Pastel Evolution for the South African

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